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Jonson, Ben, 1573?-1637.

The workes of Beniamin Jonson. [London] : Imprinted at London by Will Stansby, ano. D. 1616.

Ownership signature of D[avid?] Garrick, 9 March 1768, who received it from "... friend Palmer ..."; bookplate of John Gribbel; minor manuscript annotations.

LOCATION: Special Collections Folio PR2600 .C16 1616

Sidney, Philip, Sir, 1554-1586.

The countesse of Pembrokes Arcadia / written by Sir Philip Sidney. Now the sixt time published, with some new additions. Also a supplement of a defect in the third part of this history, by Sir W. Alexander. London : Printed by W.S. for Simon Waterson, 1627.

Contents: Countess of Pembroke’s Arcadia -- Certaine sonnets -- The defence of poesie -- Astrophel and Stella -- Her most excellent Majestie walking in Wansted Garden.

LOCATION: Special Collections FOLIO PR2342 .A5x 1627

Sidney, Philip, Sir, 1554-1586.

Some sonnets of Sir Philip Sydney from Charles Lamb's The last essays of Elia. Edinburgh : R & R Clark, 1910.

"Twenty copies printed"--Leaf [2].

LOCATION: Special Collections folio PR 2340 .A5 .L36x 1910

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Spenser, Edmund, 1552?-1599.

The Faerie Queen : the shepheard's calendar, together with the other works of England's Arch-poët / Edm. Spencer... London : Printed by H. L. for Mathew Lownes, 1617.

LOCATION: Special Collections Folio PR2352 .L68

The works of that famous English poet, Mr. Edmond Spenser: The Faery queen, Viz. The Shepherds calendar, The history of Ireland, &c.: whereunto is added, and account of his life: with other new additions never before in print, licensed October 24th 1678; Roger L'Estrange. London, H. Hills for Jonathan Edwin, 1679.

A summary of the life of Mr. Edmund Spenser.-- The Fairy queen [books 1-3].-- The second part of The Fairy queen [books 4-6].-- Two cantos of mutability.-- Prosopopoia: or, Mother Hubberds tale.-- The shepherds calendar.-- Colin Clouts come home again.-- The mourning muse of Thestylis.-- A pastoral aeglogue upon the death of Sir Philip Sidney.-- An elegie; or Friends passion for his Astrophel.-- Prothalamion; or, A spousal verse.-- Amoretti and Epithalamion.-- Four hymns, In honour of love, In honour of beauty, Of heavenly love, Of heavenly beauty.-- Daphnaida: an elegy.-- Complaints containing sundy small poems of worlds vanity: The ruines of time. The tears of the muses. Virigils gnat. The ruines of Rome, by Beillay. The visions of Petrarch. Letter of the author’s. A vision upon this conceit of The Fairy quuen.-- Brittain’s Ida. A view of the state of Ireland.-- Calendarium pastorale [Theodo Bathurst’s Latin version of The shepherd’s calendar].-- Glossary.

LOCATION: Special Collections Folio PR2350 1679

Spenser's faerie queene : a poem in six books ; with the fragment Mutabilitie / edited by Thomas J. Wise ; pictured by Walter Crane. London : George Allen, 1895-1897.

LOCATION: Special Collections Z 1024 .W57 Todd276a

LOCATION: Special Collections Folio PR2358.A3 C7

Banks, Mary Macleod, d. 1914.

Stories from the Faerie queene; with introduction by John W. Hales ; drawings by A.G. Walker. London : Wells Gardner, Darton, 1897.

Dodd, Mead publisher’s file copy.

LOCATION: Library Annex Special Collections Use Only PR2358 .M33x 1897

The Faerie queene disposed into twelue bookes fashioning XII. morall vertues, by Edmund Spenser. [Chelsea], Ashendene press, 1923.

Colophon: Printed at the Ashendene press, at Shelley House, Chelsea, in the county of Middlesex, by C.H. St J. Hornby assisted by I. Jenkins, compositor, and G. Faulkner, pressman ... One hundred and eighty copies have been printed on paper and twelve on vellum. The text ... is, with some few very minor alterations, that edited for the Oxford university press by J. C. Smith.

"The basis of the text ... is the quarto of 1590, for books I-III; and the quarto of 1596, for books IV-VI"--p. xxv. "One thousand copies have been printed of this edition, on handmade paper, for England and America"--p. [ix].

LOCATION: Special Collections Folio PR2358.A3 S6 1923

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Tyndale, William, d. 1536.

The whole workes of W. Tyndall, Iohn Frith, and Doct. Barnes : three worthy martyrs and principall teachers of this Churche of England / collected and compiled in one tome togither ... London : Printed by Iohn Daye, 1573.

Preface signed: Iohn Foxe.

Three title pages within architectural borders; head and tail pieces; initials; printer’s mark. Text in double columns with side notes; index in triple columns.

LOCATION: Special Collections folio BR304 .T95

Heylyn, Peter 1600-1662.

Ecclesia restaurata : or, The history of the reformation of the Church of England. London : Printed by R. B. for H. Twyford, J. Place, and T. Basset; and are to be sold by Thomas Randes, 1674.

LOCATION: Special Collections folio BR375 .H48 1674

Foxe, John, 1516-1587.

Acts and monuments of matters most special and memorable, happening in the church : with an universal history of the same : wherein is set forth at large, the whole race and course of the church, from the primitive age to these later times of ours, with the bloody times, horrible troubles, and great persecutions against the true martyrs of Christ ... / by the author, John Fox ; whereunto are annexed certain additions ... ; to which also is added the life of the author both in Latine and English. London : Printed for the Company of Stationers, 1684.

LOCATION: Special Collections folio BR1607 .F5 1684

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Holinshed, Raphael, d. 1580?

The chronicles of England, Scotland and Ireland. [London, : s.n., 1587].

Titles within woodcut borders; initials, head and tail pieces; black letter; double columns.

Includes (in v. 2) "The Irish historie ... by Giraldus Cambrensis ... translated into English by Iohn Hooker" and "The description of Scotland written ... by Hector Boetius in Latine ... and now finallie into English by R.H. [i.e.W.H.]" originally appearing in the edition of 1577.

LOCATION: Special Collections Folio DA130 .H73 1587

Holinshed, Raphael, d. 1580?

Shakespeare's Holinshed : the Chronicle and the historical plays compared / by W.G. Boswell-Stone. New York : Duffield, 1907.

LOCATION: Library Annex Special Collections Use Only PR2955.H6 S7 1907

Chamberlaine, John, 1745-1812.

Portraits of illustrious personages of the court of Henry VIII / engraved in imitation of the original drawings of Hans Holbein, in the collection of His Majesty, with biographical & historical memoirs by Edmund Lodge, published by John Chamberlaine. London : Chamberlaine, 1812.

LOCATION: Special Collections Folio NC50 .H65 1812

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Hariot, Thomas, 1560-1621.

Wunderbarlicher doch Warhafftiger Bericht. Von der Landschafft Virginia inn der newen Welt, welche newlich im Jahr Christi 1585. Von den Engelendern erfunden ist. Erstlichen in Engelendischer Sprach beschrieben, durch Thomam Hariot, und hernach in Deutsch gebracht, durch Christophorum P. [Halle, Paull Grebern, 1598]

Translation of A briefe and true report of the new found land of Virginia, first published in London, 1588.

LOCATION: Special Collections DS708 .D77 1598

Raleigh, Walter, Sir, 1552?-1618.

Remains of Sir Walter Raleigh : viz. Maxims of state--Advice to his son--His Skeptick--Observations concerning the causes of the magnificency and opulency of cities--Sir Walter Raleighs observations touching trade with the Hollander and other nations--His Letters to divers persons of quality--The prerogative of Parliaments in England. London : Printed for Henry Mortlock, 1675.

LOCATION: Special Collections PR2334 .A1 1675

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Branca, Giovanni, 1571-1640.

Le machine : volume nuouo et di molto artificio da fare effetti marauigliosi tanto spiritali quanto di animale operatione arichito di bellissime figure conle dichiarationi a ciascuna di esse in lingua uolgare et latina / del sig[no]r Giouanni Branca cittadino romano, ingegniero & architetto ... In Roma : Ad ista[n]za di Iacomo Martuci ... per Iacomo Mascardi, 1629.

[3], 40, 14, 23 leaves : ill. (woodcuts) ; 24 cm.

Engraved t.p.; title within architectural border, head and tail-pieces, initials.

Leaves printed on both sides; illus. on recto of each numbered leaf, with accompanying text facing, on verso of preceding leaf; Italian text at top of page, with Latin version below.

LOCATION: Special Collections TJ144 .B75 1629

Dodoens, Rembert, 1517-1585.

Florvm et coronariarvm odoratarvmqve nonnvllarvm herbarvm historia, Remberto Dodonaeo mechliniensi medico auctore. Antverpiae, Ex officina Christophori Plantini, 1569.

Italic type with some German and Roman. Title vignette, printer’s mark. Manuscript notes. Many plates colored by hand at a later date.

Botany -- Pre-Linnean works.

LOCATION: Special Collections Horticulture SB91 .A2 D596 1569

Du Pinet, Antoine, sieur de Noroy, 1515?-1584?

Historia plantarvm: Earum imagines, nomenclatura, qualitates et natale solum. Quibus accessere Simplicium medicamentoru facultates, secundum locos & genera ex Dioscoride. Lvgdvni, apud G. Coterium, 1561.

640, 229, [25] p. ill., (woodcuts) 13 cm.

Imperfect: pp. 365-6, 403-4, 413-4, 635-6 wanting; all after p. 640 wanting.

Botany -- Pre-Linnean works.

LOCATION: Special Collections Horticulture SB91 .A2 D857 1561

Willis, Thomas, 1621-1675.

Diatribae duae medico-philosophicae : quarum prior agit de fermentatione, sive de motu intestino particularum in quovis corpore : altera de febribus, sive de motu earundem in sanguine animalium : his accessit dissertatio epistolica de urinis / studio Thomae Willis ... Amstelodami : Apud Gerbrandus Schaghen, 1663.

Originally published: Londini : Typis Tho. Roycroft, 1659. Title vignette; initials; head- and tail-pieces.

Fermentation -- Early works to 1800.

LOCATION: Special Collections QP601 .W55x 1663

Wirdig, Sebastian, 1613-1687.

Nova medicina spirituum : curiosa scientia & doctrina, unanimiterhucusq[ue] neglecta, & à nemine meritò exculta, medicis tamen & physicis utilissima : in quâ primo spirituum naturalis constitutio, vita, sanitas, temperamenta, ingenia, calidum innatum, phantasiæ vires, ideæ, astrorum influentiæ, [metempsychosis], rerum magnetissimi, sympathiæ & antipathiæ, qualitates hactenus occultæ, sensibus tamen manifestæ, aliaq ... Francofurti : Sumptibus Johannis Georgii Schiele, 1673.

Author’s presentation copy, dated Decemb. 11. 1673.

Medicine, Magic, mystic, and spagiric -- Early works to 1800.

LOCATION: Special Collections R128.7 .W57x 1673

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