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E600: Methods of Research
Manuscript Editing Project

Selected Manuscript Sources - September 12, 2006

The University of Delaware Library's Special Collections Department includes strong holdings of literary and historical manuscripts that present a wide range of editorial problems. This small selection is arranged by manuscript collection number, suggesting many options for the E600 manuscript editing project.

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MSS 99 Miscellaneous Literary and Historical Manuscripts

F200 Reid, Thomas Mayne. Letters to Henry Lee, 1875-1876. 16 items.

F336 Bowles, Jane. Letters to Mary Lou Aswell, 1937-1968. 3 items.

F358 Crane, Nathalia. Letters to Louis Untermeyer, 1925, 1961. 3 items.

F360 Zaturenska, Marya. Letters to Louis Untermeyer, 1937-1965. 8 items. ca. 13 pp.

F364 O'Casey, Sean. Letter to Angela Barry, 1946. 6 pp.

F367 Ollier, Edmund. Letters to Alexander Ireland, 1880-1881. 3 items.

F368 Ollier, Edmund. Letters to Leigh Hunt, ca. 1850, n.d. 2 items.

F370 Swinnerton, Frank. Letters to Laurence Brander. 5 items.

F395 Ervine, St. John. Letters to William Armstrong, 1932-1937. 5 items.

F431 Tynan, Katharine. Letters to Aliston Mathews, 1929-1930. 4 items.

F432 Tynan, Katharine. Letters to Egan Mew, 1898. 3 items.

F449 Crofts, Freeman Wills. Letters to James Keddie, 1947-1956. 22 items.

F450 Montgomery, Robert. Letters to Charles Kent, 1849-1855. 11 items.

F467 Clifford, Lucy, Letters to, 1886-1890. 8 items

F473 Swinnerton, Frank. Letters to E.C. Bentley, 1936-1940. 3 items.

F474 Giorno, John. Letters to William Levy, 1965-1966. 10 items.

F478 Di Prima, Diane. The Discontent of the Russian Prince, n.d. 16 pp.

F481 Hazlitt, William Carew. Letters to F. Holland Day, 1867-1894. 7 items.

F488 Torrey, John. Letter to Amos Eaton, 1823. 4 pp.

F491 Gregory, Lady. Letters to Mrs. Henry LaBarre Jayne, 1920-1930. 6 items.

F492 Irving, Henry, Sir. Letters to Mrs. Ellicott and Lord Tennyson, 1875, 1880. 11 items.

F509 Holland, Thomas A. Letters to George Reid, 1845-1847. 18 items.

F517 Bell, Clive. Letters to Gilbert Seldes, 1921-1966. 6 items.

F518 Knight, Charles. Letters to Peter Cunningham and Mr. Bicknell, 1848-1862. 8 items.

F531 Loos, Anita. Letters to Ray, 1962-1979. 22 items.

F580 Cunard, Nancy, and Hugh Ford letters to David Garnett, 1928-1970. 8 items.

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Named Literary Collections

MSS 101 Mark Harris Papers

F451-452 Bellow, Saul. Correspondence and other research material relating to Harris's biography, Saul Bellow: Drumlin Woodchuck.

MSS 103 John Malcolm Brinnin Papers

F34-37 Bishop, Elizabeth. Letters, 1946-1980. ca. 100 items.

F64-65 Capote, Truman. Letters, 1946-1981. ca. 70 items.

F303-306 Porter, Katherine Anne. Letters, 1937-1979. ca. 50 items.

F315 Raine, Kathleen. Letters, 1951-1952. 9 items.

F422 Tate, Allen. Letters, 1944-1968. 22 items.

F544 Thomas, Dylan. Letters, 1953. 35 items.

MSS 105 Emily Coleman Papers

Expatriate American author Emily Coleman maintained a daily diary for most of her adult life. Her papers contain 329 individual diaries spanning the period 1929-1968. Several groups of significant correspondence are listed below.

F9-72 Barnes, Djuna. Letters to Emily Coleman, 1934-1974. 276 items

F74-78 Barnes, Djuna. Letters to Phyllis Jones, 1938, 1970-1981. 37 items.

F134-149 Guggenheim, Peggy. Letters to Emily Coleman, 1934-1968. 140 items.

F209 Holms, John. Letters to Emily Coleman, 1930-1932. 16 items.

F216-340 Jones, Phyllis. Letters to Emily Coleman, 1934-1974 and 1982. 1,708 items.

F462-471 Maritain, Jacques and Raissa. Letters to Emily Coleman, 1942-1969. 156 items.

F481-482 Raine, Kathleen. Letters to Emily Coleman, 1953-1962. 9 items (33 pp.)

F556 Thomas, Dylan. Letters to Emily Coleman, 1937. 4 items. Accompanied by a 1962 letter to Coleman from Caitlin Thomas.

F560-582 White, Antonia. Letters to Emily Coleman, 1934-1969. 475 items (1,507 pp.)

Emily Coleman Diaries

MSS 110 Archive of Pagany

Editor Richard Johns's personal papers, 1925-1970 (bulk dates 1929-1933), and all known surviving material related to the publication of Pagany: a native quarterly. Includes extensive correspondence from Erskine Caldwell, Charles Henri Ford, Edward Dahlberg, Georges Hugnet, Robert McAlmon, Norman Macleod, Sherry Mangan, Ezra Pound, William Carlos Williams, and Louis Zukofsky.

Box 5 F134 ALS, D. H. Lawrence to Richard Johns, 1929 Oct 10, ALS 1p.

MSS 111 Louis Untermeyer Papers

Papers of the American poet, author, and anthologist including proofs, poems, etc. and correspondence with over one hundred American and English authors, editors, and publishers.

F5-9 Aiken, Conrad. Letters, 1919-1920. (72 pp.)

F43 Crane, Nathalia. Letters, 1925-1930. (13 pp.)

F49-51 Dell, Floyd. Letters, 1912-1923. (93 pp.)

F53 Eastman, Max. Letters, 1913-1917. (26 pp.)

F137-138 Robinson, Edwin A. Letters, 1916-1925. (26 pp.)

F143-147 Sandburg, Carl. Letters, 1915-1924. (69 pp.)

F149 Sassoon, Siegfried. Letters, 1919-1925. (32 pp.)

F160 Tate, Allen. Letters, 1929-1933. (17 pp.)

MSS 113 Alice Dunbar-Nelson

Literary, personal, and professional papers, 1895-1942, of the African-American author, educator, journalist, and political activist. After separating from her first husband, Paul Laurence Dunbar in 1902, she moved to Wilmington, Delaware.

Box 1 F25 ALS, Paul Laurence Dunbar to Alice Ruth Moore, 1897 Nov 19, 2 pp.

MSS 126 W. B. Yeats

Letters to Shri Purohit Swami, 1931-1938, 70 items.

MSS 143 Charles Johnson

Letters to John Gardner, 1974-1976. 29 items. Accompanied by various manuscripts.

MSS 146 William Carlos Williams Collection

Spanning the dates 1916-1973, consists of sixty-nine letters from Williams to several individuals, including Fred Miller, Orrick Johns, Emanuel Romano, and George Kirgo, as well as letters from his wife, Fred Miller, and other items.

F16 Portraits of Poets & Writers, Gotham Book Mart Gallery, New York, October 3-26, 1968

F15 TLS, William Carlos Williams to Emanuel Romano, 1952 Mar 25, 1 p.

MSS 163 Paul Bowles

Correspondence with friends, authors, publishers, other literary figures (William Burroughs, Alfred Chester, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Charles Henri Ford, etc.), as well as literary manuscripts.

F60-61 Letters to Jane Bowles, 1962-1968. 23 items.

MSS 172 Arthur Mizener

Papers, 1940-1977 (bulk 1943-1951). ca. 141 items. Correspondence from the author of the best-selling biography of Scott Fitzgerald, The Far Side of Paradise, related to this work, with Fitzgerald's Princeton classmate Edmund Wilson, and with short-story writer Delmore Schwartz.

MSS 182 Walter De la Mare

Letters to John Middleton Murry, 1920-1924, 1945. 33 items.

MSS 183 Diane Di Prima

Letters and poetry, 1957-1971. Includes 30 letters to her parents written between 1962 and 1971.

MSS 184 Toby Olson

Letters to Carl Thayer, 1967-1983. 119 items. Correspondence from American poet and Temple University professor to his friend and colleague, including several drafts of poems with Olson's critiques.

MSS 246 C.W. Shirley Brooks

Letters, 1859-1874. 37 items. From the British author Shirley Brooks, who was a member of the staff of Punch from 1870 until his death in 1874.

MSS 258 Florence Reynolds Collection relating to Jane Heap and The Little Review

Includes an extensive group of letters from Jane Heap to Florence Reynolds, letters from Margaret Anderson, manuscripts, personal papers, and archival materials.

MSS 266 George Moore

Letters from the Irish author to the American novelist Marquise Clara Lanza, 1888-1889. 14 items, (ca. 120 pp.)

MSS 270 Ralph Delauney collection related to Tennessee Williams's Rose Tatoo

The playscript and revisions, correspondence, bills and receipts, budgets, clippings, notes, itineraries, theater programs, and sketches of the set for The Rose Tatoo, 1947-1953. The material was gathered by Ralph Delauney in his role as stage manager for both the 1950 world premiere at Erlanger Theatre in Chicago, and the 1951 New York run at the Martin Beck Theatre.

Box 1 F5 TS, Revised Ending, [1950], 2 pp.

MSS 285 Alfred Chester

Letters to Curtis Harnack, 1951-1958. 3 folders.

F1 TLS, Alfred Chester to Curtis Harnack, 1951 Jan 15, 2 pp

MSS 292 Charles Henri Ford

Letters to Ted Joans, 1964-1987. 46 items.

MSS 302 Sir Gerald Barry

Correspondence, 1925-1968, with friends and professional contacts of the British journalist and editor of the Saturday Review, Week-end Review, News Chronicle, etc.

MSS 305 Elizabeth Jennings

Letters to Barbara Cooper, 1961-1974. 34 items. Written to her close friend, Jennings's letters frankly discuss her anxiety, depression, and hospitalization following a nervous breakdown in 1963.

F1 ALS, Elizabeth Jennings to Barbara Cooper, 1961 Jan 15.

MSS 306 Elizabeth Jennings

Letters to Ruga Stanley, 1984-1990, 35 items. Letters of support and encouragement to her friend Stanley who was undergoing hospitalization, as well as Jennings's poem "To a Friend Recovered from Sickness," which was dedicated to Stanley.

MS 307 Elizabeth Jennings

Poetry manuscripts

F1 AM, Lauds ... [n.d.], 1 p.

MSS 309 Thomas MacGreevy

Letters to Eleanor and Frederick Reid, 1954-1966. 29 items. From Irish author, poet, critic, and Director of the National Gallery, related to the artist Jack B. Yeats but also regarding his personal life.

MSS 310 Jack B. Yeats

Eleanor and Frederick B. Reid Papers related to Jack B. Yeats, 1944-1957. 38 items. Correspondence and cards from Yeats, as well as letters from Mr. Reid to his wife written during a trip to Ireland to meet Yeats and view his paintings.

MSS 317 Wilbert Snow

Letters to Homer E. Woodridge, 1925-1951. 32 items. Letters from Maine poet and educator to his friend and colleague. Several of the letters include descriptions of Snow's visits with Robert Frost.

MSS 323 Paul Bowles

Letters to William Saroyan, 1937-1942. 12 items. Letters exploring collaboration with Saroyan on "Opera, Opera," a project that never materialized.

MSS 324 Paul Bowles

Letters to John Martin, 1975-1990. 89 items. Letters revealing personal friendship and editorial relationship of Bowles to publisher John Martin (Black Sparrow Press). Various personal news as well as discussion of publishing issues related to Bowles's work, his wife Jane Bowles's work, and those of Mohammed Mrabet. Includes eight Mrabet letters translated by Bowles.

MSS 337 Irving Rosenthal

Letters to Ira Cohen, 1964. 35 items.

MSS 344 James Leo Herlihy Papers

Letters to M.C. Richards, ca. 133 items.

Letters which touch on all aspects of his life, with mention of Tennessee Williams, Midnight Cowboy, Anais Nin, and Black Mountain, where he had been a student of Richards's.

MSS 348 Gilbert Sorrentino

Letters to David Markson, 1988-1997. 209 items. Biting glimpse of the contemporary literary scene as provided by Sorrentino in the letters to his fellow American author, David Markson.

MSS 351 Cid Corman

Letters to David Giannini, 1990-1994. ca. 105 items.

MSS 362 Berta Ruck

Travel Journals, 1928 - 1937. 6 vols. Scrapbooks/journals/workbooks kept by popular Welsh writer.

MSS 369 Robert A. Wilson Collection related to James Purdy

1956-1998. Letters, cards, photographs, typescripts, galleys, reviews, newspaper clippings, publishers' announcements, publicity and ephemera from or related to the American author James Purdy.

MSS 370 James Purdy

Manuscripts, 1961-1978. The typescript of I am Elijah Thrush is perhaps most interesting from a scholarly standpoint because it contains extensive corrections and additions by the author.

MSS 371 Anne Thackeray Ritchie

Biographical Introductions to The Complete Works of William Makepeace Thackeray, 1897-1899. 29 items. Proofs, galleys, and letters regarding Anne Ritchie's introduction to her father's works.

MSS 396 Archive of The Park 1

1968-1969, 31 items. Letters and manuscripts submitted to British journal of contemporary poetry. The essay by Gilbert Sorrentino on Marianne Moore bears extensive revisions.

MSS 398 Ishmael Reed

Extensive papers of this African-American novelist, poet, publisher, and educator, 1980-1995.

Box 11 F316 The All Night Visitors, c. 1969

Box 11 F316 Black American Literary Forum, c. 1974

Three corrected typescript drafts of the poem, which is a review of Clarence Major's first novel, All-Night Visitors, with tear sheet of the published version.

MSS 441 Louis Untermeyer

Correspondence with John D. Weaver, 1938-1995 (bulk dates 1939-1977), documents an enduring literary friendship.

Box 1 F8 TLS, Louis Untermeyer to John and Harriett Weaver, 1956 Jul 11, 2 pp.

MSS 495 David T. Bazelon Papers

ca. 1941 - 1985. ca. 22 linear ft. Papers of author, critic, editor and teacher David T. Bazelon who made his literary start in 1940s New York with contributions to Commentary and Partisan Review. Includes correspondence with James T. Farrell (1942-1944) and Calder Willingham (1941-1958).

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Named Historical Collections

MSS 158 William Richardson

Collection, 1919-1947 (bulk 1941-1943). World War II letters to his mother in Newark, Delaware, from Richardson, who fought in the U.S. Army in North Africa, Sicily, and Italy.

MSS 170 James Maxwell

Papers, 1860-1949 (bulk 1867-1900). Newark, Delaware, resident who worked as a civil engineer on railroads in the western United States and South America. Professional correspondence, surveys, and photographs are supplemented with family correspondence and personal papers.

F8-13 Maxwell, Hattie. Letters to her husband James, 1883-1900. 59 items.

F14-17 Maxwell, James. Letters to his wife Hattie, 1886-1990. 32 items.

MSS 175 James Curtis Booth

Papers, c. 1772-1903 (bulk 1833-1888). Chemist and geologist, appointed Delaware state geologist in 1837 and conducted the first Delaware geological survey. Includes family correspondence and literary papers of his father George Booth, a minor poet, essayist, and playwright.

MSS 218 Eward A. Fulton

Letters, 1860-1877 (bulk 1860-1863). To his mother in Wilmington, Delaware, written while he served with the Union Army, 72nd Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers. ca. 40 items.

MSS 255 Albertson Family

Papers, 1774-1880 (bulk 1800-1862). Business and personal papers of this Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, family. Several interesting groups of correspondence and papers related to their membership in the Friends Meeting House in Plymouth.

F37 Albertson, Alice. Correspondence, 1828-1847, as well as her Butter Account Books, 1831-1839.

F47 Testimony of the Death of Hannah Hill, Jr., 1774

F50 Untitled Morality Play, n.d. Incomplete manuscript play of a dialogue between a blind man and Death, pp. 9-28.

MSS 287 Kay Boyle

Papers relating to Research on Irish Women, 1920-1981 (bulk 1976-1981). 2.3 linear ft. Collected by Boyle toward a book on Irish women that never materialized. Several drafts of chapters, interviews with Irish women, and correspondence. The collection also includes miscellaneous Boyle papers.

F20 Quinn, Bernadette, Letters, 1976-1981. 40 items. Irish activist and writer Quinn was a founding member of Ireland's Women's Liberation movement and the Action Information Motivation (AIM) group.

F20 TLS, Bernadette Quinn to Kay Boyle, 1976 Aug 13, 2 pp

MSS 304 Rockwell Kent

Letters to David Wesley, 1951-1969. 271 items. Kent records his reactions to the lingering political winter of cold-war era America and provides details of his warm relationship with the USSR.

MSS 314 Rush Family

Papers, 1798-1898 (bulk 1820-1860). .75 linear ft, related to prominent Philadelphia family descended from the Dr. Benjamin Rush of Revolutionary War fame. Includes unpublished manuscripts about the Rush family. "Dr. Benjamin Rush in the opinion of his revolutionary contemporaries, a reply to the interested prejudice of a recent writer" is Alexander Biddle's response to an historical controversy which came to be known as "the war of the grandfathers."

MSS 327 Biddle Family

Papers, 1766-1943 (bulk 1870-1927). 8 linear ft. In addition to correspondence from many members of this prominent Philadelphia family, includes a series related to Alexander Biddle with many drafts of his Civil War narrative and biography.

MS 372 George Morgan

Papers, 1914 - 1934. 60 items. Essays, poems, and newspaper clippings related to Morgan as well as the University of Delaware. A prominent journalist with the Philadelphia Record, George Morgan, LL.D., (1854-1936), was an enthusiastic supporter of the Univeristy (Class of 1875).

MSS 378 The Reverend John Alonzo Clark

Sermons, 1826-1842, 33 items. Evangelical sermons preached around the time of America's Second Great Awakening. The sermons were written by Clark, a member of the American Tract Society, and were preached at various locations, including churches in New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Boston, and Philadelphia.

MSS 380 The Reverend Nathan Stone

Sermons, 1705-1774, 31 items. Most of the sermons were preached at the Meeting House in Southborough, Massachusetts.

MSS 432 George Burton Pearson, Jr.

Personal and family papers, 1840 - 1999 (bulk dates 1880 - 1950), of Delaware judge who was reared in Middletown. Family photographs and correspondence between Pearson, his parents, and his aunt, Oka Cochran Warren, form the bulk of the collection.

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MSS 97 Diaries, Journals, etc. Collection

Item 006 Charles Boss.

Daily Report of Charles Boss: life and adventures on the frontiers, composed in field, jail, and escapes, prairie, mountains, rivers, Indians, pioneers, robbers, and murder stories, theft and desertion, District of Territories Expeditions from 1869-1876, 1877. 1 vol.

Item 007 Lucien Cyrus Boynton.

Journal, or a running record of some thoughts, feelings, and events of my life, 1835-1853. 1 vol. Introspective journal of a Northeasterner, from his seminary training at Andover to his unsuccessful teaching career to his pursuit of the profession of law.

Item 009 Richard Champney.

Journal of Travels commencing from the year 1798 through various parts of England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Spain..., 1798-1815. 4 vols.

Item 030 George Arthur Gray.

To China and Back...,1863-1866. 4 vols. Journal of a voyage to China and return to the United States at the close of the Civil War.

Item 032 John C. Grover.

Diary, 1861-1865. 1 vol. Diary kept by member of the 17th regiment of the Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry in Maryland and North Carolina.

Item 057 Jessie Southard Parker.

Journals, 1899-1916. 9 vols. Meticulously kept journals of Belmont, Massachusetts, resident with mementos of family life, social activities, cultural affairs, etc.

Item 104 Emily Shore.

Diaries, 1836-1837, 1838-1839. 2 vols. Seventh and twelfth (final) volumes of a multi-volume diary kept by a young nineteenth century English woman.

Item 116 Athaliah Voorhies.

Journal, 1838-1844. 1 vol. Early nineteenth century American journal of religious meditation and daily hardship.

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