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Suitable for Cultivation
Suitable for Cultivation [exhibit
catalog], 1990.

The Unidel History of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture Collection contains over five thousand publications covering every aspect of the field of horticulture, from agriculture through floriculture, from art historical subjects such as landscape architecture and park design to more scientific ones, for example agricultural chemistry. The Collection contains early herbals and botanic works; eighteenth-century British agricultural treatises, eighteenth and early nineteenth century gardening dictionaries and manuals; British, French and German landscape works.

However, its great strength is in American imprints and practical and ornamental horticulture. The collection contains rare runs of early agricultural and horticultural society reports and periodicals, unique copies of seed catalogs issued by short-lived firms across the country as well as runs of major firms, nursery plate books, trade catalogs, and advertising ephemera. Monographic holdings covering the literature of vegetable and fruit culture, gardens and gardening are comprehensive, including every edition of many works, often in variant issues and bindings. The collection is strongest beginning in the 1820s, a time of enormous increases in American horticultural publishing, and continuing through the golden age of American horticulture in the decades following the Civil War. Thousands of seed, nursery, and agricultural implement catalogs range in date from the eighteenth to the mid-twentieth century.

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