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Herbier de France
Herbier de la France,

A number of related areas of study influenced the development of horticulture and agriculture, among them botany, botanic exploration, medical botany, dendrology, arboriculture and forestry. An expanding body of botanical knowledge and the introduction of new plant species have transformed what was cultivated in the garden and on the farm. Printed illustrations made possible the broad dissemination of botanical knowledge and stimulated further discoveries.

Special Collections holds over five hundred titles published from the early sixteenth century to the twentieth relating to the botanical sciences. This botanical collection is particularly strong in American publications between 1810 and 1870 and British works from the early seventeenth to the late nineteenth centuries. The collection also has representative examples of European imprints, including French, German, Dutch, Italian, Belgian, and Swiss works. Of these titles over a hundred and fifty relate specifically to trees and forestry. Special Collections also holds over a hundred and fifty titles relating to materia medica and medical botany, including herbals. These collections provide a rich resource for studying the development of botanical science and its integral relationships with horticulture and agriculture.

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