1941 - 1970
Box 148

Contents: 1 folder, 16 volumes.

Description: The Williams papers originally included many books. Several of these were added to the general library collection, several were duplicates of publications available in the government documents section of Morris Library, and several books were transferred to the John and Elsie Williams Conference Center in Millsboro. The remaining books are related in some way to the contents of the papers.

The books in this series include miscellaneous titles of monographs related to subjects that interested Senator Williams, such as Bobby Baker or Lyndon Johnson; one book that refers to Senator Williams's economic opinions; the Senator's joke book; and Senate rules manuals and other government publications. A folder in this series includes a list of books that were transferred to the John and Elsie Williams Conference Center. The title pages of these books, and pages with personal inscriptions from the authors or friends who presented the books to Williams, have been photocopied and are also included in the folder. Among the interesting inscriptions is one in the cover of a hardbound U.S. budget from Lyndon Johnson which reads, "To my friend John Williams." Williams's differences with Johnson's financial policies were well known and one can only guess at the significance of this presentation.