A. Audio Materials

1955 - 1977
Box 146

Contents: 3 audio-discs, 10 reels of audio-tape, 19 Edison Voicewriter recording discs (copied onto 4 reels of audio-tape); all audio recordings transferred onto a total of 15 audiocasettes.

Arrangement: Dated audio-tape recordings and audio-discs are in chronological order, followed by undated recordings. Edison voicewriter recordings, which have been removed from the office files, are arranged in order parallel to the series files.

Description: The audio recordings in the collection include speeches made by Senator Williams before political or civic groups, and on radio programs. Several of the speeches repeat themes (and jokes) that are outlined in the note cards in the Speeches series. One of the recordings is from the memorial ceremonies in the Rotunda of the Capitol for President Kennedy in 1963. The tape of tributes delivered at a dinner on the occasion of Senator Williams's retirement in 1971 reflects the high regard which was held by many for him. The statement by Governor Peterson expresses Delaware's pride in their Senator, and Senate Majority Leader Mike Mansfield's comments reflect the great respect of Williams's colleagues for his skill, dedication, and integrity.

Several of the recordings are copies of Edison voicewriter discs, discs similar to tapes from office dictating machines. These discs, originally filed in other series in the collection, have been transferred to the audio materials and copied to reels. The recordings have been maintained in order as they were removed from the files.

B. Visual materials

1959 - 1969
Box 147

Contents: Five 16 mm films; all films are copied onto a total of 4 videotapes.

Arrangement: No significant order.

Description: The films in the collection include copies of interviews recorded in the Senate Recording Studio in Washington, and those conducted by CBS for "Face the Nation" and by Reader's Digest. Also included is a short film of Senator Williams receiving the Watchdog of the Treasury Award.