Box 149
    Committees and Hearings [1]
      Foreign Relations Committee, no date
      Photo-montage, Committee (2 photos), no date
    Delaware/Delawareans [2]
      Dover, Old State House
      Lewes, Zwaanendael Museum
      Rehoboth Beach
      Seaford Nylon Plant, E.I. Du Pont de Nemours Co.
      Wilmington, Atlas Powder Company
      Wilmington, Delaware Power & Light
      Holy Trinity (Old Swedes) Church
      Women's Club of Sussex County, March 1957
      Ursuline Academy, 1957
    Miscellaneous [3]
      Cadet Chapel, USMA, West Point, 1954
      Burial of the Unknown Soldiers of WWII & Korean War,
          Photo Montage, 05/31/58
      Baseball Photograph with Comment from Bill Jenner,
          no date
      "A Sunny Corner," art photograph by Norman E. Dewes,
          no date
      "Larro Dairy," art photograph by Norman E. Dewes, no
    Portraits of Colleagues/Presidential and Vice-
        Presidential/Republicans/Williams and Colleagues
      Bricker, John, OH, no date
      Flanders, Ralph, VT, no date
      Martin, Edward, PA, no date
      McKellar, Kenneth, TN, no date
      Townsend, John, DE, no date
      Inauguration:  President Eisenhower, Vice-President
          Nixon, Senators Williams & Byrd, & Mrs. Williams
          in group, no date
      Vice-President Nixon's return from South America:
          photo-montage including Eisenhower, Nixon, &
          Williams with other Senators, 05/15/58
      Eisenhower's Return from Paris:  photo-montage
          including Williams with Eisenhower, Andrews AFB,
      Inauguration:  Kennedy Swearing-in Ceremony &
          Address, 01/20/61
      Address to Congress, no date
      Meeting:  President Johnson & Senators (card signed
          by the President), 01/10/67
      State of the Union Message, 01/10/67
      Portrait of Williams signed by Lyndon Johnson,
          March, 1967
      Reception for President Johnson with Senators
          Williams & Eastland, 01/16/69
      Vice-President Spiro T. Agnew, Signed Portrait,
      President Nixon, Official White House portrait,
      Republican Conference, no date (2 photos)
      Williams, Boggs, & Unidentified, Rodney Room,
          Washington, D.C., no date
Folder 31
    Drawer 3
    Oversized--MSS--J.J. Williams Papers--Personal--
        Photographs.  Delaware Memorial Bridge (2 photos)
    Oversized--MSS--J.J. Williams Papers--Personal--
        Photographs.  The Congressional Club, Washington,
        DC, Golden Anniversary honoring Mrs. Eisenhower,