PHOTOGRAPHS FOLDER LIST (itemized list follows)

Box 145 























Box 145 BANQUETS AND RECEPTIONS (39 photographs) [1] Delaware State Society Benefit Dance: Senator & Mrs. Williams, Congressman & Mrs. Boggs, Washington, D.C., 03/09/47 Delaware Bankers Association, Rehoboth, 05/08/47 Civil Air Patrol Presidential Dinner, 05/11/49 Lincoln Day Dinner, Dover, 1949 American Small Business Organizations Conference: Williams, Frear, Others, Washington, D.C., 03/28/50 Women's Patriotic Conference on National Defense: Williams, Boggs, Others, Washington, D.C., 01/24/52 Annual VFW Meeting, 1953 Lincoln Day Program, Salisbury, MD, 03/25/55, (4 photos) National Association of Manufacturers, 01/11/56 (3 photos) Gubernatorial Inaugural Reception: Senator and Mrs. Williams, Senator & Mrs. Frear, Governor & Mrs. Boggs, Lt. Governor & Mrs. Buckson, 01/15/57 Gubernatorial Inaugural Ball: Senator & Mrs. Williams, Senator & Mrs. Frear, Governor & Mrs. Boggs, Others, 01/15/57 Delaware State Society Reception: Senator & Mrs. Williams, Others, Washington, D.C., 01/20/57 Vice President's Luncheon for the Queen of England: Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Phillip, Vice President & Mrs. Nixon, Senator Williams, Others, Washington, D.C., 10/17/57 Home Builders Banquet, Washington, D.C., 05/12/58 Reception For Senator Edward Thye: Senator & Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Richard Nixon, Senator & Mrs. Schoeppel, Others, 05/21/58 (5 photos) National Conference of Christians & Jews Banquet: Williams, Boggs, Carvel, 03/05/63 Reception for Governor & Mrs. Hanson (WY): Senator & Mrs. Williams, Others, 03/26/63 (2 photos) League of Women Voters: Williams, Boggs, Others, 05/08/63 Luncheon for Japanese Governors: Williams, Boggs, Carvel, Others, Washington, D.C., 05/01/64 (2 photos) Lunch with Senators Carlson, Ribicoff, Talmage, & Others from Trade Negotiation, Washington, D.C., 09/30/64 Governor's Committee on Employment of the Handicapped Awards Luncheon: Williams, Carvel, Others, 10/08/64 Cocktail & Buffet for Dirksen: Senator & Mrs. Williams, Others, Washington, D.C., 01/11/66 33 Degree Masons Luncheon, Washington, D.C., 06/28/66 33 Degree Mason Luncheon, Washington, D.C., 08/01/67 Presidential Prayer Breakfast, 02/01/68 50th Anniversary in the Senate of Mark Trice (Secretary to the Minority): Trice with Senator & Mrs. Williams & Senator Jordan, no date Mark Trice's Birthday Celebration, no date Senator & Mrs. Williams, Senator & Mrs. Frear, Others, no date Unidentified, no date (3 photos) CAMPAIGNS (23 photos) [2] 1952 Campaigners, Unidentified, no date (2 photos) Republican Headquarters, Nov. 1952 (2 photos) Reception: Senator & Mrs. Williams, Others, no date (3 photos) 1958 Billboards (2 photos) 1960 GOP Truth Squad Airplane, October, 1960 (2 photos) 1964 Williams, Goldwater, Miller, 08/07/64 (2 photos) Williams, Goldwater, Others, Dover, Oct. 1964 (3 photos) Williams, Nixon, Others, Wilmington, 10/08/64 (2 photos) Williams, Nixon, Others, no date Other Campaigns Williams & Cooper Benedict, Candidate for Senate, WV, 06/22/64 (2 photos) Williams & Dr. Ernest Wilkinson, Candidate for Senate, Utah, Sep. 1964 (2 photos) COMMITTEES AND HEARINGS (33 photographs in alphabetical order by committee) [3] "African Queen" Conference: Williams with Mayors of Delaware & Maryland Beach Towns, 03/18/59 Agriculture Committee Williams Testifying, 03/25/52 (2 photos) Williams & other Senators, 1953 Columbus Day Legislation Hearing: Williams, Boggs, Others, 08/12/64 (3 photos) Finance Committee 07/08/69 (4 photos) Williams & Senator Byrd, no date Foreign Relations Committee Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, 1963 (14 photographs) Foreign Relations Committee, no date SEE Oversized Photographs National Defense, Committee to Investigate the Williams & Senator Homer Ferguson, 11/05/47 (2 photos) Unidentified Committee, Photo-Montage, no date (2 photos) SEE Oversized Photographs Unidentified, no date (2 photos) DELAWARE (24 photographs in alphabetical order by location) [4] Bellanca Aircraft Corporation Bowers Beach, Fishing Delaware Memorial Bridge (2 photos) SEE Oversized Photographs Transferred to Drawers Dover Formal Gardens Old State House Old State House, oversized SEE Oversized Photographs Frederica, Barretts Chapel Indian River Inlet (2 photos) Lewes Zwaanendael Museum Zwaanendael Museum, oversized SEE Oversized Photographs New Castle, Old Immanuel Church Newark, International Latex Corp. ("Fiker Co. Newark") Rehoboth Beach (2 photos) Rehoboth Beach, oversized SEE Oversized Photographs St. George's Bridge Seaford Nylon Plant, E.I. Du Pont de Nemours Co. SEE Oversized photographs Smith Bridge, near Ashdale, Delaware Sussex County Apple Trees in Bloom Holly Wreath Workers Wilmington Atlas Powder Company SEE Oversized Photographs Delmarva Power & Light SEE Oversized Photographs Holy Trinity (Old Swedes) Church SEE Oversized Photographs Marine Terminal Views of (2 photos) Woodland Beach Wyoming, DE, Libby, McNeill & Libby Unknown Locations Delaware & Surrounding States Photographed by Appollo 9 Astronauts, December 1968 Delaware Peaches Farm Scene DELAWAREANS (Part 1) (35 photographs) [5] Sportsmen's Club: Williams, Boggs, Carvel, Others, Rehoboth Diner, 1948 (2 photos) Cherry Blossom Princess of Delaware with Williams, Boggs, Frear, Washington, D.C., 03/29/50 (2 photos) National Marble Champion Tilton Holt, Jr. with Williams, Boggs, Frear, Others, 06/29/50 (3 photos) Pushmobile Champion Billy Magrogan (Wilmington) with Williams, Frear, Boggs, 08/25/50 Boys' Nation Representatives David Lecrone & Leslie Werner with Williams, Boggs, Frear, 1951 Cherry Blossom Princess of Delaware, Alice Martin, with Williams & Frear, Washington, D.C., 04/06/51 Miss Delaware and Cherry Blossom Princess Joanne Sakowski, with Williams, Frear, Mrs. Richard Nixon, & Lee Meriwether, Others, Washington, D.C., Cherry Blossom Festival, 1955 (5 photos) Williams, former Senator John Townsend, Unidentified, 01/01/56 Governor & Mrs. Boggs, Washington, D.C., 01/21/57 Felton Brownie Troop with Williams, Frear, & Haskell, Washington, D.C., March 1957 (2 photos) Women's Club of Sussex County, March 1957 SEE Oversized Photographs Cherry Blossom Princess of Delaware, Marion Schaefer with Haskell, Frear, & Williams, 1957 New Castle Tercentenary, Williams, Frear, Boggs, Others, 06/16/57 Sussex County Farm Bureau, 07/16/57 (2 photos) Boys' Nation Luncheon, Bill Wood (Felton) & Roy Adams (Newport) with Williams, Frear, & Haskell, 06/22/57 Ursuline Academy, 1957 SEE Oversized Photographs Delaware Farm Bureau, Washington, D.C., 03/12/58 Girls' Nation "Senators" Rebecca Schuyler (Wilmington) & Nancy Records (Bridgeville) with Williams, 07/25/58 Cherry Blossom Luncheon: Princess Elizabeth Grier of Delaware with parents, Williams, Frear, Others, Washington, D.C., 04/06/59 Teenagers sponsored by the Wilmington Lions Club, Robert Kelly & Betty Belden with Williams, Others, Washington, D.C., 05/01/59 Boys' Nation Luncheon: Boys from Wilmington & Bethany Beach with Williams, Frear, Others, Washington, D.C., 07/20/59 Delaware American Legion in a Parade, 09/22/5 Delaware Federation of Women's Clubs: Senator & Mrs. Williams, Senator & Mrs. Frear, Others, 06/15/60 (2 photos) Cherry Blossom Princess Luncheon: Princess Clara Lou Frear, Williams, Boggs, Others, 04/03/61 (2 photos) Boys' Nation Representatives McMahon (Wilmington) & Hastings (Georgetown) with Williams & Boggs, 07/23/62 DELAWAREANS (Part 2) (51 photographs) [6] "Students in Office for the Day," Kathleen Dashiel & Terry Brian with Williams & Boggs, 01/29/63 (2 photos) Pushmobile Champ with Williams & Boggs, April 1963 4H Club Lunch with Williams & Boggs, 04/23/63 Lions' Club Scholastic Night, Wilmington, group with Williams, 05/13/63 National Youth Science Camp Representatives Taylor & Tanenbaum (Wilmington) with Williams, 07/18/63 Girls' Nation, Carolyn Clayton (Dover) & Vera Baldwin (Wilmington) with Williams & Boggs, 07/31/63 Voice of Democracy Winner Michael Walls with Williams, Boggs, Others, 03/10/64 (3 photos) Boys' Nation Representatives Michael Walls (Newark) & Thomas Povlitz (New Castle) with Williams & Boggs, 1964 4H Group with Williams & Boggs, Washington, D.C., 04/23/64 Betty Crocker Homemaker Barbara Maria Chambers, Wilmington, with Williams, 04/29/64 Brandywine High School Group with Williams & Boggs, Washington, D.C., May 1964 Unidentified, June 1964 Mt. Pleasant High School Yearbook Presentation: Senator Williams, Senator Edward Kennedy, & Students, July 1964 (2 photos) Boys' Nation Representatives with Williams & Boggs, 07/20/64 Cape Henlopen State Park Dedication: Williams, Carvel, Others, 10/17/64 (2 photos) Senate Youth Program: James Ellwanger (Georgetown HS) & Patricia Mahoney (Conrad HS) with Williams & Boggs, 02/02/65 4H Group with Boggs & Ralph Peters, 04/28/65 Boys' Nation Representatives with Williams & Boggs, 07/19/65 (2 photos) Girls' Nation Representatives Dorothy Hopkins (Lewes) & Rebecca McCann (Newark) with Williams & Boggs, 1965 Dedication of Civic Center, Rehoboth (?), 1965 Delaware Winner, Democracy in Action, Bill Englehart with Williams & Boggs, March 1966 Boys' Nation Representatives Thomas Capano & Robert Warren with Williams & Boggs, 07/25/66 Girls' Nation Representatives Diane Ambrose (Dover) & Pamela Dewey (Wilmington) with Williams & Boggs, 07/27/66 Bowling Champion Scholarship Winner Bruce Walley with Mother, Williams, Boggs, 08/10/66 (3 photos) Delaware Winner, Voice of Democracy, Diane Ambrose with Williams, Boggs, Roth, Commander James Wilgus, 02/28/67 (2 photos) Delaware Homemaker Gwen Anderson with Roth, Boggs, & Mrs. Williams, 04/18/67 Boys' Nation Representatives Charles Grassie (Hockessin) & Thomas Campbell (Wilmington) with Williams, Boggs, Roth, 07/24/67 Kiwanis Peanut Day: Williams, Boggs, Roth, 10/02/67 (2 photos) Senate Youth Bonnie Halliday (Wilmington) & Gerald Bunting (Millsboro) with Williams & Boggs, 01/24/68 VFW: Christine Crawford, Williams, Others, March 1968 Cadet William R. Clark receiving the Col. John A. Robenson Memorial Award, 06/04/68 Cherry Blossom Princess Sherron Harrison, 1968 Hearst Foundation Award Recipient Joe Accetta with Williams, 02/05/69 Betty Crocker Reception, Andrea Belasco, 04/22/69 Future Farmers of America: Williams & Boggs with Charles Postles, National Vice President, Milford; Robert Horsey, State President, Laurel; and Keith Connelley, New Castle County Vice President, Newark, 07/20/70 Boys' Nation: Williams & Boggs with Seth A. Rafel (Wilmington) and Keith D. Bogette (Dover), 07/20/70 Delaware Interstate Highway: Williams, McDowell, & Others Girls Nation Representatives with Williams & Frear American Institute of Banking, Wilmington Chapter Unidentified (3 photos) HONORS AND AWARDS (50 photographs) [7] Certificates for Efforts in Behalf of Economy in Government: Williams, Boggs, Frear, Francis K. Gallagher, Chairman, Citizens Committee for Hoover Report, 06/02/50 National Commander of Irish War Veterans, Presentation of Shillelagh, 03/17/52 Wesley College Award, June 1952 (4 photos) Honorary LL.D., Lincoln Memorial University, Harrogate, TN, 06/08/53 (3 photos) Champion Expense Clippers, Williams, Boggs, Frear, 07/05/54 California Republican Assembly Award, 1956 VFW Certificate of Merit, 02/07/56 April Coronet Magazine presentation by Jack Shurman, (Lias Story) 03/19/58 Americans for Constitutional Action Award, May 1960 (4 photos) Circus Saints & Sinners Club Luncheon Honoring Senator Williams, 02/19/64 (14 photos) Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture Award, May 1965 American Farm Bureau Federation Award, January 1968 (3 photos) National Association of Businessmen's Award for Economy Voting, 10/03/68 (2 photos) Military Order of the World Wars, Certificate of Appreciation, 04/10/69 (2 photos) American Conservative Union Awards Dinner, December 1969 Federal Social And Rehabilitation Services Award for Support of Federal-State Vocational Rehabilitation Programs, July 1970 Watchdog of the Treasury Award, National Association of Businessmen, 09/30/70 American Academy of Achievement, Williams with John Rollins, 06/26/71 (color) Portrait of Senator Williams unveiled by Governor Peterson at Legislative Hall, Dover, 09/30/71 (6 photos) Friday Club of Wilmington Billboard honoring Williams, no date Unidentified, no date (4 photos) MEDIA APPEARANCES (14 photographs) [8] American Forum of the Air "What Does Little Business Want," Williams, Granik, & Maybank, 07/15/50 WDEL-TV, "May We Quote You," 10/25/51 "Keep Posted," Washington, D.C., 01/08/52 WDEL-TV, "May We Quote You," 10/02/52 "Youth Wants to Know," 08/21/54 "Youth Wants to Know," March 1964 "Face the Nation," 04/05/64 (3 photos) "American Forum of the Air," no date Unidentified, no date (4 photos) MISCELLANEOUS (12 photogaphs) [9] Aerial photographs from T.W. Murray, U.S. Airplane Carrier, 02/28/54 (2 photos) Cadet Chapel, USMC, West Point, 1954 SEE Oversized Photographs Burial of the Unknown Soldiers of WWII & Korean War, Photo Montage, 05/31/58 SEE Oversized Photographs U.S.S. Independence, signed by Captain R.W. Windsor, Jr., Commanding Officer, 08/13/64 Baseball Photograph with Comment from Bill Jenner, no date SEE Oversized Photographs "A Sunny Corner," art photograph by Norman E. Dewes, no date SEE Oversized Photographs "Larro Dairy," art photograph by Norman E. Dewes, no date SEE Oversized Photographs "The First Prayer in Congress," no date Unidentified, no date (3 photos) PORTRAITS OF COLLEAGUES (Part 1) (33 photographs in alphabetical order) [10] Aiken, George, VT, 01/03/58 Barkley, Alben William, KY, no date Barrett, Frank, WY, no date Bennett, Wallace, UT, 1960 Boggs, J. Caleb, DE, no date (2 photos) Bowring, Eva, NE, no date Bricker, John, OH, no date SEE Oversized Photographs Bridges, Styles, NH, no date Brooks, C. Wayland, IL, 1948 Bushfield, Harlan, SD, no date Butler, Hugh, NE, 04/22/49 Byrd, Harry, VA, no date Cole, Albert, KS, 04/07/49 Curtis, Carl, NE, no date Darby, Harry, KS, 1950 Dirksen, Everett, IL, no date Dworshak, Henry, ID, no date Ellender, Allen, LA, 03/04/48 Ferguson, Homer, MI 1947 Flanders, Ralph Edward, VT, no date Flanders, Ralph Edward, VT, no date SEE Oversized Photographs Frear, J. Allen, Jr., DE, no date Gillette, Guy, IA, no date Gruening, Ernest, AK, no date Gurney, John, SD, no date Hartke, Vance, IN, no date (2 photos) Hawkes, Albert Wahl, NJ, 1948 Hunt, Lester C., WY, 1949 Jenner, Bill, IN, 1946 Johnson, Lyndon B., TX, no date Jordan, Len, ID, no date Knowland, William, CA 01/16/57 PORTRAITS OF COLLEAGUES (Part 2) (30 photographs in alphabetical order) [11] Laird, William R., III, WV, no date Lodge, Henry Cabot, Jr., MA, no date Martin, Edward, PA, no date SEE Oversized Photographs McCarthy, Joseph, WI, no date McFarland, Ernest, AZ, no date McKellar, Kenneth, TN, no date SEE Oversized Photographs Morse, Wayne, OR, no date Payne, Frederick, ME, no date Pearson, James B., KS, no date Pepper, Claude, FL, no date Potter, Charles, MI, no date Purtell, William Arthur, CT, no date Rivercomb, Chapman, WV, no date Schoeppel, Andrew, KS, no date Seaton, Fred, NE, no date Simpson, Milward Lee, WY, no date Smith, Howard Alexander, NJ, 1955 Smith, Margaret Chase, ME, 1954 Symington, Stuart, MO, no date Taft, Robert, OH, no date Taylor, Glen, ID, no date Thye, Edward, MN, no date Townsend, John, DE, no date SEE Oversized Photographs Upton, Robert W., NH, no date Vandenberg, Arthur, MI (abstract drawing), 08/04/49 Warburton, Herbert, DE, Member of Congress, no date Welker, Herman, ID, no date (2 photos) Wiley, Alexander, no date Young, Milton, ND, 08/20/50 Unidentified, no dates (3 photographs) POULTRY (13 photographs) [12] Delmarva Poultry Industry Chicken Luncheon: Williams, Others, Washington, D.C., 06/09/48 Delmarva Chicken Festival, including Williams & Queen Joan Lynch, Dover, 06/14-15/50 Williams' Chicken Luncheon: Williams with Senator Butler and Congressman Miller (MD), Washington, D.C., 05/03/56 Institute of American Poultry Industry: Williams, Boggs, Dirksen, Others, 10/01/63 (5 photos) National Broiler Council Reception: Williams, Boggs, Others, 10/11/65 (2 photos) National Broiler Council "Broilercade": Williams, Boggs, Others, 03/08/66 Chicken Range, Newtons' Broiler Farm, Bridgeville, DE, no date Broiler Festival, no date PRESIDENTIAL AND VICE-PRESIDENTIAL (57 PHOTOS) [13] Truman President Truman addressing a Joint Session of Congress, 01/05/49 (from The Saturday Evening Post, 01/07/50) SEE Oversized Photographs Eisenhower Eisenhower Birthday Float, 1956 (2 photos) Inauguration, Williams & other Senators, 01/21/57 Inaugural Parade, Delaware Float, Governor Boggs, 01/21/57 (3 photos) Vice President Nixon's return from South America: photo-montage including Eisenhower, Nixon, & Williams with other Senators, 05/15/58 SEE Oversized Photographs Dedication of the Robert A. Taft Memorial: Eisenhower, Nixon, Hoover, Senator Harry F. Byrd, Others, 04/14/59 (3 photos) White House Breakfast: Eisenhower, Williams & other Senators, 04/29/60 Eisenhower's Return from Paris: Eisenhower, Williams, Others, 05/20/60 Return from Paris: Photo-montage including Williams with Eisenhower, Andrews AFB, 05/20/60 SEE Oversized Photographs Eisenhower with Nixon, Henry Cabot Lodge, & Williams, ca. 1960 Inauguration: President Eisenhower, Vice-President Nixon, Senators Williams & Byrd, & Mrs. Williams in group, no date SEE Oversized Photographs Eisenhower, Williams, Others, no date Eisenhower with Senators, including Williams, Goldwater, Others, no date Kennedy Inauguration Day, including Williams and former President Harry Truman, 01/20/61 (5 photos) Inauguration: Kennedy Swearing-in Ceremony & Address, 01/20/61 Presidential Coffee Hour: Williams with Kennedy, Johnson, Mansfield, Others, 03/23/61 Signing of Social Security Bill by Kennedy: Williams, Johnson, Others, 06/30/61 Presentation of Young American Medals: President Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Williams, Boggs, Muskie, Others 05/07/63 Williams in Group, 11/22/63 Kennedy Funeral 11/24-25/63 (2 photos) Address to Congress, no date Johnson Col. John Glenn & Family, Vice-President Johnson, Senator Cotton, Others, 1962 Meeting: President Johnson & Senators (card signed by the President), 01/16/64 SEE Oversized Photographs President Johnson, Herbert Hoover's Funeral, 10/23/64 "Off the Record" Discussion on Viet Nam, Williams in Group, 05/02/65 Signing Ceremony, H.R. 8371, (Excise Taxes), Williams in Group, 06/21/65 (4 photos) State of the Union Message, 01/10/67 SEE Oversized Photographs Luncheon: President Johnson, Williams, other Senators, 05/17/68 (5 photos) Reception for President Johnson, Senate Conference Room: President Johnson with Senators Williams & Eastland, 01/16/69 SEE Oversized Photographs Nixon Reception for the Vice-President: Senator & Mrs. Williams, Vice-President & Mrs. Nixon, 01/19/57 Nixon's Return from South America: Williams & other Senators, 05/15/58 (2 photos) Nixon's Return from South America: Photo-montage including Eisenhower, Nixon, & Williams with other Senators, 05/15/58 SEE Oversized Photographs Vice-President Nixon's Return from Moscow: Nixon, Williams, Others, 08/05/59 (4 photos) Vice-President Nixon with National President Ladies Auxiliary to VFW and Williams, 06/14/60 Vice-President Spiro T. Agnew, Signed Portrait, 12/24/69 SEE Oversized Photographs Signing Ceremony for H.R. 14705, Employment Security Amendment of 1970, 08/10/70 President Nixon with Williams & John Rollins at Rollins's Home, 10/05/71 PUBLIC RELATIONS (47 photos) [14] Wreath Ceremony: Williams, Frear, Boggs, Others, Washington, D.C., 04/18/50 Dining with Joan Lynch (Miss Delmarva, 1950): Boggs, Frear, Byrd, Others, 06/20/50 Kiwanis Congressional Dinner, 02/19/53 Williams with March of Dimes Poster Boy, 01/11/56 VFW Dinner, Sheraton Park: Williams, Frear, Others, 02/04/58 (3 photos) Star Rose Garden with Unidentified Girl, 1958 (5 photos) United Steelworkers & Williams, 06/03/59 Luncheon for Harmon Killebrew: Killebrew with Williams, Nixon (2 photos) Mrs. Gertrude Rhind, National President, Ladies Auxiliary to VFW with Senator & Mrs. Williams, Frear, Others, 02/23/60 (2 photos) 4H Group with Boggs & Ralph Peters, 04/25/62 DuPont Country Club Women, March 1962 National Grange, Williams Speaking, Fort Wayne, IN, 12/07/62 Betty Crocker Homemaker-of-Tomorrow Doris Betts with Williams, Washington, D.C., 04/24/63 Charlie Euder, Hercules, November, 1964 Betty Crocker Homemakers-of-Tomorrow Anne Louise Hampton (DE) and Katherine Douglas (MD), 04/25/65 League of Women Voters Coffee, 05/06/65 (2 photos) National Education Association Visitors, January or February, 1967 Millsboro Plant Dedication, NCR, 1969 (3 photos) March of Dimes Poster Boy Jimmy Boggles (AR) with Williams & Boggs, no date Jack McDowell, Secretary of State, & Williams at General Motors 50 Millionth Car Celebration, Wilmington, no date Oklahoma Football Coach & Williams, no date (3 photos) Williams with unidentified students, no dates (2 photos) REPUBLICANS (23 photos) [15] National Convention, Philadelphia, June 1948 (2 photos) Delaware State Representative Albert Jones with Williams, Inauguration Day, 01/20/53 Republican Women, 04/24/53 Policy Luncheon Meeting, 01/17/56 Delaware Republican Women with Senator & Mrs. Williams, 04/02/57 Milford Republican Club First Anniversary, December 1957 (3 photos) Kent County Republican Meeting: Williams, Congressman Haskell, Lt. Governor Buckson, & Mrs. C. Douglas Buck, Jr., National Committee- woman, Dover, 02/14/58 Conference: Williams, other Senators, 01/07/59 Policy Luncheon: Senators Williams, Schoeppel, & Aiken, 03/24/59 Dinner: Williams with Haskell (National Committeeman) & Senator Townsend, 06/08/59 Policy Lunch: Senators Williams, Bush, & Fong, 03/23/60 (2 photos) Republican Women with Williams, 04/04/60 Policy Meeting: Williams with Art Burgess (Republican Policy Staff Director), other Senators, 01/08/62 National Federation of Republican Women: Williams, Boggs, January, 1963 (3 photos) Policy Luncheon with Nixon, Senators, 09/14/65 Republican Women Luncheon with Senator & Mrs. Williams, Boggs, & Haskell, 05/10/66 Governor Ronald Reagan, CA, & Williams, 05/20/68 Republican Senators (All Present), Oct. 1969 Art Burgess, Republican Policy Staff Director (?), & Williams, no date Williams Speaking, no date Republican Conference, no date (2 photos) SEE Oversized Photographs WILLIAMS AND COLLEAGUES (Part 1) (34 photographs) [16] New Senators with Gideon Bibles, 07/10/47 Secretary of Agriculture Ezra Taft Benson, ca. 1953 Swearing-in of Architect of the Capitol, George R. Stewart, 08/19/54 Joint Session, 01/06/55 Senators Malone, Kuchel, Potter, Dirksen, Others, 07/15/55 (2 photos) Dr. Billy Graham with Senators Flanders, Thye, Daniels, & Carlson, 03/19/56 Senator Townsend, 1956 Congressman-Elect Haskell, 1957 (2 photos) Senator Lyndon Johnson's Office: Senators Frear, Dirksen, Johnson, & Butler, 02/05/59 (2 photos) Senator Harry F. Byrd, August, 1960 Senators Butler & Young, January 1961 Senators Mansfield, Gore, Keating, Jackson, March 1962 Senators Townsend, Magnuson, Bush, McNamara, Jordan, 1962 Senator Bennett, 01/08/63 Senators Cooper, Jordan, & Curtis, 01/08/63 First Official Senate Photograph, Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, 09/24/63 (color) Senator Boggs, 04/24/64 (3 photos) Senator Len Jordon, October, 1965 (4 photos) Senate Candidate Anderson Carter, May 1966 Senator Griffin, 05/17/66 (2 photos) Veto Pen for President: Senators Hickenlooper, Dirksen, Saltonstall, 07/26/66 U.N. Representative Goldberg, 06/27/66 William V. Roth, Jr. and Senator Boggs, September, 1966 (3 photos) WILLIAMS AND COLLEAGUES (Part 2) (36 photographs) [17] Congressman Roth and Senator Boggs, 07/24/67 Senators Javits, Prouty, Brooks, Hanson, Bennett, Governor Romney, 08/16/67 (3 photos) Congressman Roth, Senator Boggs, October, 1967 Unidentified, November, 1967 (2 photos) Senators Chase & Allott, 1968 State of the Union, 01/17/68 (2 photos) Congressman Roth, Senator Boggs, 01/19/68 (2 photos) Senators Jordan, Carlson, Thurmond, 01/23/68 Carl Beck, March 1968 Senators Carlson, Dole, Others, Fall 1968 Governor Romney (NY), 01/07/69 Senator Boggs, Harry G. Haskell, Governor Peterson, Congressman Roth 07/30/69 Unidentified, Fall 1969 Congressman Roth, Sep. 1969 (2 photos) Senator Dirksen's Funeral, Senators Tydings, Jordan, Fong, Pearson, Carlson, 10/09/69 (2 photos) Senator Mansfield, December 1969 Carl Beck, March 1968 Capitol Dining Room: Senators Saxbe, Aiken, Hansen, January 1970 Senator Cook (KY) & Candidate for Senate (MO), July, 1970 Senator Curtis & Murphy with book, Didn't You Used to be George Murphy? 07/22/70 C. Douglas Dillon, no date (2 photos) Goldwater, Boggs, Others, no date Senators Bennett & Byrd, no date Boggs & Unidentified, with The Inaugural Story, no date (2 photos) Boggs & Unidentified, no date Ray Williams, no date Williams, Boggs, & Unidentified, Rodney Room, Washington, D.C., no date SEE Oversized Photographs WILLIAMS AND STAFF (2 photographs) [18] Williams & Eleanor Lenhart, 1947 Dinner with Staff, 01/27/72 WILLIAMS, PORTRAITS OF (40 photographs) [19] News Article Photograph, 09/21/50 Wanamaker-Underwood, Sanborn Studio, no date (2 photos & photo stamps) Office Photograph, 02/14/52 International News Photos, 11/03/53 Harris & Ewing, 1958 (2 photos) Unidentified, no date Pix Incorporated, Ted Russell, Aug. 1958 (3 photos & proof sheet) King Syndicate Arts, 1958 (6 office photos) Harris & Ewing, no date (10 proofs) 06/06/64 (4 photos) 02/05/65 (3 photos) September, 1964 (3 photos) In Cap & Gown, Lewes, 1975 (color) WILLIAMS, PORTRAITS OF, BY RICHARD FREAR (15 photographs) [20] MRS. WILLIAMS AND FAMILY (33 photographs) [21] Mrs. Williams Senator & Mrs. Williams, Arrival at the Mayflower Suite, January 1947 Senator & Mrs. Williams at Home with Eleanor Lenhart, no date Mrs. Williams & Dolls, 02/27/48 Mrs. Frear, Mrs. Williams, & other Senate Wives Wearing Easter Bonnets, 03/15/51 Mrs. Williams, Portrait, 1953 Senate Ladies' Luncheon Honoring Mrs. Eisenhower, 1954 American Magazine Picture, Mrs. Williams Cooking Chicken, July 1956 Congressional Club Breakfast Honoring Mrs. Eisenhower: Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Eisenhower, Ethel Merman, Mrs. Nixon, & Mrs. Lawrence H. Smith, (Chairman, Congressional Club), 05/02/57 (3 photos) Mrs. Williams, Mrs. R. Ranston Elston, Mrs. Jack Gibbons, & Mrs. John B. Ray, 03/15/58 (2 photos) Republican Women's National Conference, 03/16- 18/58 Congressional Club Golden Anniversary Breakfast: Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Eisenhower, Others, 05/22/58 Congressional Club Golden Anniversary Breakfast, 05/22/58 SEE Oversized Photograph Transferred to Drawer Senate Ladies' Luncheon Honoring Mrs. Eisenhower: Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Bartlett, Mrs. Eisenhower, 05/21/60 Mrs. Williams, 2 Portraits, no date Blanche Williams Baker (Daughter) Blanche, Portrait, 1941 Blanche and J. Raymond Baker, no date Janet & Lora Baker (daughters), no date Janet & Lora Baker, 01/19/50 Janet, Lora, & Holly Baker (daughters), August, 1955 (3 Portraits) Janet, Lora, & Holly Baker, Mayflower Apartment, May 1956 Janet, Lora, & Holly Baker, Office, May 1956 Lora, Janet, & Holly Baker, 1958 Blanche and Daughters with Senator Williams, 1958 Miscellaneous/Other Family Williams' Home & Business in Millsboro, no date Williams Hunting with Granddaughters (?), no date Children, Unidentified, no date Senator's Grandnephew Randy Smith with Williams & Vice-President Nixon, 07/08/59 (2 photos) MRS. WILLIAMS, PRINTING PLATES (4 plates and 2 photographs) [22] John J. Williams Papers - 253A