.5 lin. ft.
Box 144

Contents: Correspondence, biographical notes, documents, publications.

Arrangement: The biographical files are arranged topically in six subseries: Biographical Material, Correspondence, Documents, Miscellaneous, Retirement, and Mrs. Williams. Contents of the correspondence albums and all folders are in chronological order.

Description: The first subseries contains material that is generally biographical in content. It includes two folders of standard biographical data released by the Senator's office for press information or public appearances. A genealogical record was compiled by a family relative, and a biographical essay was written by Chuck Lewis in 1974. It is not clear who Chuck Lewis was or why the essay was written. The transcript of the oral history is from an interview conducted by Charles T. Morrisey for the Association of Former Members of Congress. The whereabouts of the recording of the oral history is unknown.

The Correspondence subseries consists of two keepsake albums of correspondence compiled by Senator Williams. The albums contain letters saved for a variety of reasons--mementos from presidents, high-level government officials, and celebrities; letters documenting career milestones; and a few letters of more personal significance, such as those from his close friend, Virginia Senator Harry F. Byrd. Some of the names of the correspondents are Dwight D. Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Nelson Rockefeller, and Groucho Marx.

The documents subseries consists of a certificate of 1958 election returns, a facsimile of Senator Williams's 1947 Oath of Office, a broadside reflecting early Delaware politics, and a printed quote from Senator Harry Byrd.

The Miscellaneous subseries contains samples of Senator Williams's office stationery and miscellaneous publications. A 1976 bicentennial publication on the history of Millsboro includes pictures of the young couple, John and Elsie Williams on the boardwalk at Rehoboth Beach, and their daughter Blanche as a child playing amongst chickens in Millsboro. The subseries also includes a miscellaneous untitled manuscript by an unknown author that describes cases of financial waste in government, and particularly mentions Senator Williams's interest in the issue. The manuscript was possibly submitted to Senator Williams for comment.

Two folders of tributes from senate colleagues comprise the subseries on Retirement. The final subseries includes material related to Mrs. Williams. In addition to biographical data, there are two folders that reflect Mrs. Williams's activities with the Congressional Club.