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Fred Telford - Charles Polk Messick

1913 - 1972

Manuscript Collection Number: 108
Accessioned: Gift of Charles Polk Messick, 1971
Extent: 12 linear ft.
Content: Correspondence, reports, manuscripts, and printed materials.
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: 1990 by Kim Sebold; revised in June 1993 by Paul Dziewisz.

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5         Series III.  Manuscripts
               This series features several drafts of the works of Fred Telford and Charles
               Messick.  The material includes published and unpublished articles, papers,
               and books.  Correspondence regarding the manuscripts is also included.

          Series III.1.  Fred Telford

     F178-184  Telford Classification Manual
     F185-210  Position classification and pay handbook

6    F211-220  Position classification and pay handbook

        Personnel Management: The Science and the Art
     F221A-B   Correspondence regarding Personnel Management
     F222A-D   Drafts of foreword, introduction, and chapters 1-28
     F223-249  Drafts of individual chapters and sections
     F250-257  Drafts of individual chapters and sections

7    F258-262  Personnel Principles and Practices

     F263 "Characters seen on an inter-urban ride," 1908 Oct
     F264 "Having fun with a fifty dollar bill," 1912 Aug
     F265 "Municipal civil service from the other side,"  1923
     F266 "The Science of personnel management," 1925 May
     F267 "Relations of the Assembly and the Bureau," 1926
     F268 "Technique of developing and administering classification and pay loans," 1932
     F269 "Some ways which classification affects the budget," 1932 May
     F270 "Speech to the Eastern Regional Conference of the Civil Service Assembly of the
               United States and Canada," 1939
     F271 "Personnel situation in the national government," 1939
     F272 "Proposed credo for public personnelists," 1940
     F273 "Draft of a suggested credo for public personnelists," 1940
     F274 "Whys and hows of personnel administration," 1944
     F275 "Development, adoption, and administration of a classification plan for a
               government or business organization," 1947 Feb
     F276 "Little drops of water, little grains of sand, cut that income tax, balance that
               budget: a bill of particulars," 1948
     F277 "How to reduce the federal civilian personnel by a round million in 1953 and
               1954," 1952 Feb
     F278 "Patronage possibilities open to the incoming Republican administration," 1952
     F279 "Speech prepared for the Republican National Committee," 1952 Sep
     F280 "The personnel mess: its nature, cause and correction," 1953 Jan
     F281-286  "Human Enterprise Institute proposal," 1955
     F287-288  "Proposed personnel plan for the national government of the United
                    States," 1960 Oct
     F289 "Evaluation of the New Jersey Civil Service," 1965 Jul
          Interview with Fred Telford.
     F290 "Reducing the federal civilian personnel"
     F291 "Rough draft of the discussion at the personnel luncheon, Friday, February 24"
     F292 Manuscript for pay manual 
     F293 "Higher pay for top public officers"
     F294 "A quarter century of psychoanalysis"
     F295 "Making strikes and lockouts click"
     F296 "Suggested work program for a woman's club" 
     F297 "The way of the economizer is hard"     
     F298 "Women at work in a man's world" 
     F299 "Personnel planning"
     F300 "Some reflections on employee organizations in the federal government service"
          Written with Harvey Walker.
     F301 "The classification staff: a force for economy"
     F302-305  Four folders of untitled manuscripts on various topics and themes

7 Series III.2. Charles P. Messick F306 "If I were governor," 1919 F307 "Theory and practice of classification," 1921 Jun 8 F308 "Talks on civil service," prepared for the Camden Daily Courier, 1923 F309 "Questions relating to financial policies, standards, and levels," 1932 Jun F310 "Effective personnel administration in emergency government," 1934 Oct F311 "You and your government," 1934 Jan Part of a broadcast series on regeneration of local civil service over station WJZ. F312 Speech to the Connecticut State League of Women Voters, 1936 Oct F313 Article for The Shield, 1936 Dec F314 "In-service training in New Jersey," 1936 Dec F315 "New Jersey municipal government," 1939 Apr Broadcast over WNEW. F316 "Lay-off and re-instatement problems resulting from return of personnel from military leave," 1943 Oct Speech given at the 35th annual meeting of the Civil Service Assembly of the United States and Canada. F317 Statement of qualifications of Charles P. Messick for chairman of the Civil Service Commission, 1952 Dec F318 "Unfinished business," 1958 Apr Speech given before the New Jersey Chapter of Public Personnel Association. F319 Sixtieth Annual Conference of the Public Personnel Association, 1966 Oct F320 "Adventure in public administration," 1972 Aug F321 "Development and administration of classification and compensation plans in New Jersey" F322 "Address of Charles P. Messick" F323 "The Bureau of Public Personnel Administration" F324 "Public personnel administration in New Jersey" F325 "The Merit system as a means of achieving cleanliness in politics" F326 "A Conversation with Dr. Charles Messick" F327 "Learning by doing" F328 "The Place and the past of the personnel agency in public administration" F329 "Career systems and good government" F330 "Constructive planning and future taxation," 1925 Presented to the Fifth Annual Conference for Engineers F331 "Present status and probable future of public personnel administration" F332-335 Unidentified manuscripts presumed to be written by Messick 8 Series III.3. Public Personnel Studies The material in this subseries relates to the journal, Public Personnel Studies, published by the Bureau of Public Personnel Administration. F336 Memoranda concerning the Public Personnel Studies Magazine, 1925 F337 "Content, form, and arrangement of printed classification compensation plans," 1925 Written by Fred Telford. F338 Material towards individual issues of Public Personnel Studies, 1925-1928 F339 Proposed classification and compensation plans, 1928 F340 "University training of public officials," by Samuel May, 1928 Series III.4. Authored by others F341 "Elements of personal administration," by E.M. Cucking, 1942 F342 "The Problem of the personnel agency," by E.M. Cucking, 1936 Oct F343 "Draft of a proposed personnel creed and personnel program for the National Civil Service League," 1951 F344 "Report on salary and wage trend in various cities," by Norman N. Gill, 1941 F345 "Proposed plan for the Civil Service Commission's role in employee training in the federal service," by Milton Hall F346 "Predictive value of medical and physical tests," by W. Leonard Johnson F347 "Preferment in public employment," by Doris Haney Jones, 1939 Jun 15 F348 Talk by Malcolm Kerlin, Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of Commerce, before the Society of Personnel Management, 1940 F349 Various articles by J. N. Kimball F350 "Principles and procedure in public personnel administration," by Louis Kroeger F351 "Better servants for democracy," by Frank Murphy, 1939 Jun 15 F352 "Objectives of public personnel administration" F353 "Where we are and where we are headed under new executive orders," by Samuel K. Ordway, Jr., 1938 F354 Proposal for Dictaphone installation in the Department of Mental Hygiene, Rockland State Hospital, Orangeburg, New York, 1932 May F355 Statement on H.R. 7225 to Senate Finance Committee by W. Rulon Williamson, 1956 F356 "Some merits and defects of the British Civil Service in war and preparation for War" F357 "Police recruiting and training," by Donald C. Stone F358 "Suggestions as to the part of the Department of Civil Service in future classification work," 1932 F359 Miscellaneous manuscripts, Mae Telford Series IV. Classification Materials The series provides information on position classification, evaluation, and testing, the primary interests of both Telford and Messick. It contains articles on theory and practical examples. Series IV.1. General F360 "Tentative compensation schedules for estimate purposes," 1923 F361 Time reports, 1928 Jul-Aug F362 Memorandum of the study of institutional maintenance allowances and establishment of tentative appraised values, 1930 F363 "Considerations entering Into the selection of the agencies for carrying on the classification work," 1931 F364 "Form and content of class definitions," 1936 F365 Virginia State Health Classifications, 1936 F366 Virginia State Health Classifications, 1936 F367 Various classification definitions, 1938 F368 Schematic list of titles of classes in proposed classification plan, 1938 F369 Position classification and pay plans, 1939 F370 Material toward classification, 1939 F371 "Development and installation of a position classification plan," 1939 F372 Specifications for the class: Engine Lathe Operator 2, 1942 F373 Various classifications, 1947 F374 Explanations to be made to groups when there position descriptions are delivered to them, 1950 F375 Salary and job evaluation sheet, 1953 F376 Department of Personnel, 1954 F377 Classification listings, 1956 F378 General classifications for New Jersey F379 Manual of newspaper job classifications F380 Personnel consultant, Bureau of the Budget, Department of Labor F381 Definitions of the classes occurring only in the Department of Public Affairs F382 Various classification definitions F383 Specifications for the class: Pay Personnelist A F384 Various classifications F385 Specifications for State Works Personnel Officer F386 Various classifications F387 Various classifications F388 Various classifications F389 Schematic title index F390 Schematic list of classes F391 "Technical steps involved in developing and using a classification plan for the positions in a large organization" F392 "Position uses and advantages of a position classification plan" F393 Pay and classification lists F394 Job attribute grading system 9 F395 Salary scales for Portland, Oregon F396 "The Steward's job" Series IV.2. Performance Evaluations F397 Personnel performance reports, 1933 F398 Personnel performance reports, 1933 F399 Personnel performance reports, 1934 F400 Department of Labor memorandum on the preparation of employee service ratings, 1939 F401 Council of Personnel Administration interim report of the Committee on Service Rating, 1939 Jun F402 Instructions to rating officers F403 New York rating scales F404 University of New York tentative rating scale for stenographers, clerks and typists F405 Various rating forms F406 Various rating reports and brochures F407 New Jersey Civil Service Commission merit rating form F408 "Some problems involved in establishing a merit system" Series IV.3. Exams, Tests, and Questionnaires F409 Bureau of Educational Measurements and Standards. Army Group Examination Alpha, 1919 F410 Tests from Public School Publishing Company, 1922 F411 Professional tests for elementary teachers, 1926 F412 Partially standardized tests for patrolmen, 1926 F413 Alphabetical filing tests, 1927 F414 Outline of testing achievements prepared by W. H. Durost, 1942 F415 Proposed testing and placement program for FAD, 1942 F416 Test items based on the Classification Manual, 1942 F417 "Principles, practices, procedures and comments relating to the construction, standardization, and administration of tests, 1942 F418 Watson-Glaser tests of critical thinking, 1942 F419 "Standardized tests in public personnel," 1942 F420 Work Manpower Commission oral trade questions, 1944 F421 United States Armed Forces Institute tests of general educational development examiner's manual, 1945 F422 War Manpower Commission oral trade questions, 1945 F423 U.S. Civil Service Commission construction and analysis of achievement tests, 1947 F424 Tests of ability to use correct English F425 Various test materials F426 Various test materials F427 Various test materials F428 Tests for Public Personnel Administration F429 Test of mastery of language usage F430 City of Seattle, Civil Service Commission test for secretary and chief examiner F431 Commonwealth of Kentucky Merit Examination Committee. Unemployment Compensation Commission Department of Industrial Relations F432 Notes on statistical procedures F433 Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. Testing applicants for employment F434 Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. Forms used in employing and training college graduates F435 Post, camp, and station recruiting F436 Test construction manual, War Department, 1947 9 Series IV.4. Personnel Administration The material in this subseries relates to the general field of Public Administration. Issues are explored through papers, conference summaries, and official documents. F437 Summary of the proceedings of the Conference of District Personnel Officers of the Farm Credit Administration, 1935 F438 "Personal traits and succession in secretarial work," 1938 F439 "Organization meeting for the proposed Society for Public Administration," 1939 F440 Personnel discussion group, 1940 F441 U.S. Civil Service Commission. Uniform efficiency rating system, 1942 Mar F442 U.S. Civil Service Commission Efficiency rating manual, 1942 F443 Board of U.S. Civil Service examination, 1942 F444 "Instructions to supervisory officers and employees who review, propose changes, and create tentative allocation lists," 1950 F445 Suggested personnel program for the Sheridan Super Market, Inc., 1952 F446 U.S. Civil Service Commission Bureau of Department Operations, 1957 Aug F447 "Class specifications as a management tool" F448 "Draft of a bill for the creation of a personnel division in the office of the Mayor" F449 Suggested subjects for reports in the field of public personnel administration F450 "Questions and answers about some personnel matters" F451 Personnel regulations F452 Personnel management phase of Base Commanders Conference Series V. Printed material, 1919-1973 The series contains a collection of periodicals, books, and articles about public administration. The material is divided into two subseries, each arranged alphabetically. Series V.1. Books, reports, and pamphlets F453 American Bar Association. Section of Municipal Law, 1939 Jul F454 American Council on Education. The Citizens Conference on the Crisis in Education American Library Association F455 Section B of a report made to the classification of library personnel, 1925 Jun 30 F456 Classification and pay plans for municipal public libraries, 1938 Dec F457 Classification and pay plans for municipal public libraries, 1938 F458 American Management Association. Essential personnel records, 1925 F459 American University. Papers on organization and management, 1946 10 F460 Beard, Charles Austin. Philosophy, science and art of public administration, 1939 Sep Beckman, R. O. F461 Employee training in wide-spread organizations, 1934 Jun F462 How To Train Supervisors (NY: Harper & Bros. Publishers, 1949) F463 Bennett, Emmett. The Reform of presidential elections: a study of the Lodge Amendment, [1951 Dec 17] California F464 Classification and compensation plans for non-academic positions in the University of California, 1942 F465 The Inter-University case program. Cases in public administration and policy formation, 1956 Apr F466 Report of a leader training conference, 1940 Oct F467 Report of the Committee on salary classifications, 1939 Oct 10 F468 Canada. Civil Service of Canada. Report of transmission, 1919 F469 Catherwood, Robert. Preliminary working draft of a government service act, 1926 Nov Civil Service Assembly F470 Preliminary and tentative suggested draft of a state civil service law, 1938 Oct F471 Classification and compensation plans, 1928 Nov F472 Classification and compensation plans, 1928 Nov (additional copy) F473 Promotion principles and practices, 1929 Feb F474 Supervisory training in the Tennessee Valley Authority, 1936 May F475 Proceedings of the 29th annual meeting, 1937 Oct F476 Interim report of the Committee on Professional Standards, 1938 F477 Newsletter (Vol. 4, No. 7), 1938 Jul F478 Better servants for democracy, 1939 Jun F479 Civil service agencies in the United States, 1940 Jul F480 Emergency personnel policies, 1940 Sep F481 Elements of position classification in local government, 1955 Oct F482 Officers and honorary life members, 1956 F483 Annual Conference on Public Personnel Administration, 1956 F484 Advance registration roster 50th Anniversary Conference on Public Personnel Administration, 1956 F485 Commission of Inquiry on Public Service Personnel. Minutes of Evidence (NY: McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc., 1935) Creativity Research Institute of the Richardson Foundation, Inc. F486 Biographical data in industrial psychology: a review and evaluation, 1966 Feb F487 Research conference on the use of autobiographical data as psychological predictors, 1965 Jun F488 Toward a criterion theory: a review and analysis of research and opinion, 1966 F489 England, Arthur O. Who, me?... pointers on job management, 1949 Government Research Association F490 Government research: an appraisal and a reply, 1940 Jan F491 Toward better budgeting, 1941 Oct F492 Urban blight, 1942 F493 Hall, Milton. Ascertaining the need for training F494 Kentucky. Government of Kentucky: report of the Efficiency Commission of Kentucky, 1924 Jan Massachusetts F495 City of Springfield. Report on classification and pay of positions in the city service, 1937 Dec F496 Report of the Governor's Committee to Study State Hospitals, 1953 Dec F497 Report of the Governor's Committee to Study State Hospitals, 1953 Dec Mellenbruch, P. L. F498 "Improving Personnel Procedures" (ch.1), 1958 F499 "Job Analysis" (ch.2), 1958 F500 "Job Evaluation" (ch.3), 1958 F501 "Merit Rating" (ch.4), 1958 F502 "Supervisor Selection and Training" (ch.5), 1958 F503 "Collective Bargaining" (ch.6), 1958 Michigan F504 City of Detroit. The Growth of a city government, by Lent Upson, 1942 F505 City of Detroit. Experiments on the mental testing of Detroit Policemen, 1936 Nov F506 First annual report of the Michigan Civil Service Department, 1938 Dec Minnesota F507 Civil Service Act, 1939 Apr 22 F508 Rules and regulations, Duluth Civil Service Board, 1929 F509 Moore, Lynn S. Evaluations of public service training National Civil Service Reform League F510 Competitive civil service in democracy F511 Employer and employee relationships in government F512 National Education Association of the U.S. The Influence of population changes on education, 1937 Sep F513 National League of Women Voters. A Handbook for the personnel campaign, 1935 F514 National Municipal League. Approaches to the measurement and reward of effective work of individual government employees, 1935 Oct New Hampshire F515 Reclassification of state employees, 1950 Jan F516 Rules of the Division of Personnel, 1951 Nov F517 New Jersey. Address delivered before the State Local Government Plan Commission, 1934 10 Series V. Printed Materials (cont'd) Series V.1. Books, reports, and pamphlets (cont'd) New Jersey F518 Local Government Plan Commission, 1934 F519 Press release issued by Harold G. Hoffman, candidate for governor, 1934 Ohio F520 City of Cincinnati. Sewage disposal, 1953 F521 Civil service laws, 1954 Jan F522 Civil service laws, 1956 Jan F523 The Hospital attendant, 1940 Jun F524 Public Administrative Service. Personnel installation manuscript, 1939 Nov F525 Rusby, George L. Smaller profits, reduced salaries, and lower wages F526 Telford, Fred. Civil government for civil service applicants F527 Thompson, Lorin Andrew, Jr. Interview aids and trade questions for employment offices (NY: Harper and Bros. Publishing, 1936) United States 11 F528 Advisory Committee on National Scientists. President's Committee on Civil Service, 1939 Apr F529 American Institute for Research. The Development of a procedure for evaluating officers in the US Air Force, 1948 Jul F530 Analysis of the salary study and proposed pay adjustment plan--Post Office Department Field Services, 1954 May United States Civil Service Commission F531 Classification Statutes, 1938 F532 Executive Order 9691, 1942 F533 Civil Service handbook, 1946 F534 Rules and regulations, 1948 F535 Facts about government work and workers, 1952 F536 Efficiency rating Manual, 1944 United States Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch of the Government (C.O.E.B.G) F537 Federal medical services, 1949 Jan F538 Foreign affairs, 1949 Jan F539 Lending agencies, 1949 Jan F540 Natural resources, 1949 Jan F541 National Security Organization, 1949 Jan F542 Public welfare, 1949 Jan F543 Public works, 1949 Jan F544 Revolving funds and business enterprises of the government, 1949 Jan F545 Water resources projects, 1949 Jan F546 Foreign affairs, 1949 Feb F547 General management of the Executive Branch, 1949 F548 National Security Organization, 1949 Feb F549 Veterans Affairs, 1949 Feb F550 Department of the Interior, 1949 Mar F551 Federal business enterprises, 1949 Mar F552 Overseas administration federal-state relations federal research, 1949 Mar F553 Medical activities, 1949 Mar F554 Regulatory commissions, 1949 Mar F555 Social Security, Education, Indian Affairs, 1949 Mar United States Congress F556 House Committee on the Civil Service. Merit system and classification extension, 1939 F557 Classification Act of 1949 F558 House of Representatives. Organization, functions, and relative costs of personnel offices, 1948 Jun F559 Senate. Reduction of non-essential federal expenditures, 1943 United States. Farm Credit Administration F560 Classes of positions in district units, 1937 Feb F561 Class specifications for positions in district units, 1936 United States F562 Federal Security Agency. Civilian Conservation Corps. blueprint reading, 1941 F563 National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, 1957 F564 National Resources Committee. Urban Government. Vol. 1, 1939 F565 Post Office Department. Salary study, 1954 Feb F566 President's Committee on Administrative Management. The Exercise of rule-making power and the preparation of proposed legislative measures by administrative departments, 1937 12 F567 President's Committee on Civil Service Improvement. Checklist of the problems and alternatives in building a career service for professional scientific and administrative personnel, 1939 United States. War Department F568 Military occupational classification of enlisted personnel, 1945 Apr F569 Military occupational classification of enlisted personnel, 1945 Jun F570 Military occupational classification of enlisted personnel, 1944 Jul F571 Military occupational classification of enlisted personnel, 1946 Feb F572 Works Progress Administration. Guide to occupational classification, 1936 Upson, Lent F573 Letter from a dean of public administration to his graduates about the "tools of administration," 1941 F574 How to graft, 1942 F575 How to be an executive, 1942 F576 Statistical theory in one easy lesson, 1943 F577 Utah. The Economic dependence of the population of Utah, 1931 May Wisconsin F578 City of Milwaukee. Civil Service Manual, 1957 F579 Specifications for the Classified Service 12 Series V. Printed Material (cont'd) Series V.2. Periodicals F580 Administrative Science Quarterly. Vol. 1, No. 1, 1956 Jun F581 The Alumni Bulletin Vol. X, No. 4, 1944 Nov F582 The Annals, 1956 Nov F583 Atorgenics Aspects, Vol. 4, No. 3, 1956 Oct F584 Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. The Personnel Executive, 1952 Feb F585 Business Information Sources. Vol. 14, No. 2., May 1943 Good Government F586 Vol. LXVII, No. 2, 1950 Mar/Apr F587 Vol. LXXIII, No. 2, 1956 Mar/Apr F588 Vol. LXXIII, No. 4, 1956 Jul/Aug F589 Personnel. Vol. 28, No. 2, 1951 Sep F590 Personnel Administration. Vol. 2, No. 3, 1939 Nov Personnel News F591 Vol. 19, No. 11, 1953 Nov F592 Vol. 39, No. 4, 1973 Apr F593 The Public Employee. Vol. 21, No. 2, 1956 Feb F594 Public Personnel Management. Vol. 2, No. 2, 1973 Mar/Apr F595 Public Personnel Review. Vol. 14, No. 4, 1953 Oct Public Personnel Studies F596 Vol. 5, No. 1, 1972 Jan F597 Vol. 6, No. 1, 1928 Jan F598 The Reporter. Vol. 15, No. 3., 1956 Sep F599 Public Roads. Vol. 29, No. 2, 1956 Jun F600 The Society for the Advancement of Journal Management. Vol. 1, No. 5, 1956 Nov F601 State Government, 1939 Nov

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