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1944 - 1994
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Manuscript Collection Number: 204
Accessioned: Purchases, 1990-1999.
Extent: 3 linear ft.
Content: Letters, books, essays, poems, book reviews, short stories, and addresses.
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Table of Contents

Series I.7: Book Reviews, M-Z
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     F316 MacBeth, George.  A Child of War (London: Cape, 1987). 

     F317 MacDonald, John D.  Free Fall in Crimson (New York:
          Harper & Row, 1981).  Reviewed with Janwillem Van de
          Wetering's Mind-Murders (Boston: Houghton Mifflin,
          1981).  5p.

     F318 MacInnes, Colin.  Out of the Way (London: M. Brian &
          O'Keefe, 1979).  Autograph and typescript (carbon)
          drafts.  6p.

     F319 MacKenzie, Norman Ian.  The Escape from Elba: the fall
          and flight of Napoleon, 1814-1815 (Oxford: Oxford
          University Press, 1982).  3p.

     F320 Madsen, David.  Black Plume: the suppressed memoirs of 
          Edgar Allan Poe (New York: Simon & Schuster, 1980).
          Reviewed with Andrew Sinclair's The Facts in the Case
          of E. A. Poe (New York: Holt, Rinehart, & Winston,
          1979).  5p.

     F321 Malcolm, Janet.  The Journalist and the Murderer
          (London: Bloomsbury, 1990).  Reviewed for The Times
          Literary Supplement (1990 Dec).  4p.

     F322 Mandel, Ernest.  Delightful Murder: a social history of 
          the crime story (London: Pluto Press, 1984).  4p.

     F323 Mankowitz, Wolf.  The Extraordinary Mr. Poe (London:
          Weidenfeld & Nicolson, n.d.).  Typescript (carbon)
          draft.  2p.

          Mann, Jessica.  Deadlier Than the Male.  See F178.

     F324 Manning, Frederic.  The Middle Parts of Fortune: Somme
          and Ancre, 1916 (London: Peter Davies, 1977). 
          Typescript (carbon) and autograph drafts of a review
          for The Times Literary Supplement.  10p.

     F325 Manning, Olivia.  The Balkan Trilogy ([Middlesex:
          Penguin Books, 1981]).  9p.

     F326 Manso, Peter.  Mailer: his life and times (New York:
          Viking, 1985).  Reviewed for The Sunday Times.  4p.

     F327 Martin, Stoddard.  Orthodox Heresy: the rise of "magic"
          as religion and its relation to literature (London:
          Macmillan Press, n.d.).  3p.

     F328 Mason, Philip.  Kipling: the glass, the shadow and the
          fire (London: J. Cape, 1975).  Reviewed for The Sunday
          Times.  3p.

          Mather, William D.  Muckydonia 1917-1919.  See F172.

     F329 McAleer, John.  Rex Stout: a biography (Boston: Little,
          Brown, 1977).  Reviewed for The New York Times (1977
          Nov 13).  Includes Symons's autograph and typescript
          (carbon) response to various letters to the editor
          regarding his review, plus photocopies of some of the
          letters to the editor.  6p.

     F330 McBain, Ed.  Calypso (New York: Viking Press, 1979). 
          Typescript (carbon) draft.  2p.

          McBain, Ed.  Lullaby.  See F179.

     F331 McCabe, Cameron.  The Face on the Cutting-Room Floor
          ([London: Gollancz, 1974]).  3p.

     F332 McCarthy, Mary.  The Company She Keeps ([London:
          Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1982]).  Galley proof.  Removed
          to oversize section.  1p.

     F333 McFadden, Cyra. Rain or Shine: a family memoir (London:
          Secker & Warburg, n.d.).  2p.

          McFadden, Roy.  Versifications.  See F116.

2         Series I. Material written by Julian Symons (cont'd)
          Series I.7.  Book reviews (cont'd)

     F334 McGinniss, Joe.  Fatal Vision (London: Deutsch, 1984). 

          Meyer, Nicolas.  Confessions of a Homing Pigeon.  See

          Meyers, Jeffrey.  D. H. Lawrence.  See F201.

     F335 Meyers, Jeffrey.  The Enemy: a biography of Wyndham
          Lewis (London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1980) and
          Wyndham Lewis: a revaluation (Montreal: McGill-Queen's
          University Press, 1980).  6p.

          Meyers, Jeffrey.  Hemingway.  See F249.

     F336 Miles, Barry.  Ginsberg: a biography (New York: Viking,
          n.d.).  6p.

          Miller, Joan.  One Girl's War.  See F159.

     F337 Miller, John Carl.  Building Poe Biography (Baton
          Rouge: Louisiana State University, 1977).  Typescript
          (carbon) draft.  9p.

          Mitchell, Elma.  The Human Cage.  See F177.

     F338 Mitchell, Elma.  The Poor Man in the Flesh (Stockport:
          H. Chambers and Peterloo Poets, 1976).  2p.

     F339 Mitford, Jessica.  A Fine Old Conflict (London: Joseph,
          1977).  Reviewed for The Sunday Times.  4p.

          Mole, John.  Our Ship.  See F165.

          Montague, John.  Poisoned Lands and Other Poems.  See

          Moody, Susan  Penny Pinching.  See F207.

     F340 Morgan, Ted.  An Uncertain Hour (London: Bodley Head,
          n.d.).  3p.

     F341 Morrison, Blake.  The Movement: English poetry and
          fiction of the 1950s (Oxford: Oxford University Press,
          1980).  4p.

     F342 Mortimer, John.  Paradise Postponed (Harmondsworth:
          Viking Press, 1985).  4p.

          Motion, Andrew  The Pleasure Steamers.  See F218

     F343 Moynihan, Michael.  Greater Love: letters home, 1914-1918 
          (London: W.H. Allen, 1980).  Autograph and
          typescript (carbon) drafts of a review with E. S.
          Turner's Dear Old Blighty (London: Joseph, 1980).  3p.

     F344 Moynihan, Michael.  A Place Called Armageddon: letters
          from the Great War (Newton Abbot: David & Charles,
          1974).  3p.

          Muldoon, Paul.  Mules.  See F116.

          Muldoon, Paul.  Selected Poems.  See F274.

     F345 New Criterion (New York: Foundation for Cultural
          Review, 1982-).  3p.

     F346 Nolan, William F.  Hammett: a life at the edge (New
          York: Congdon & Weed, 1983).  4p.

     F347 Norse, Harold.  Memoirs of a Bastard Angel (London:
          Bloomsbury, [1989]).  Reviewed for The Sunday Times
          (1990 Jun).  3p.

          Nye, Robert.  Divisions on a Ground.  See F198.

     F348 O'Connor, Ulick.  A Terrible Beauty Is Born: the Irish
          troubles, 1912-1922 (London: Hamilton, 1975).  Reviewed
          for The Sunday Times.  2p.

     F349 Orwell, George.  Collected Essays, Journalism and
          Letters of George Orwell (London: Secker & Warburg,
          1968).  Printed review in London Magazine (1968 Oct). 

     F350 Orwell, George.  Orwell: the war commentaries (London:
          Duckworth/British Broadcasting Corporation, 1985). 
          Reviewed for The Times Literary Supplement with Ian
          Slater's Orwell: the road to airstrip one (New York:
          Norton, 1985).  5p.

          Osborne, Charles.  New Poetry 1.  See F222.

2         Series I. Material written by Julian Symons (cont'd)
          Series I.7.  Book reviews (cont'd)

     F351 Ousby, Ian.  Bloodhounds of Heaven: the detective in
          English fiction from Godwin to Doyle (Cambridge:
          Harvard University Press, 1976).  Reviewed for the
          Washington Post and signed.  3p.

     F352 Pakenham, Thomas.  The Boer War (London: Weidenfeld &
          Nicolson, 1979).  Autograph and typescript (carbon)
          drafts.  9p.

          Paulin, Tom.  A State of Justice.  See F165.

     F353 Pearsall, Ronald.  Conan Doyle (London: Weidenfeld &
          Nicolson, 1977).  Reviewed for The Sunday Times and
          signed.  3p.

     F354 Pincher, Chapman.  The Private World of Sir John
          Terrapin ([London: Sidgwick & Jackson, 1982]). Reviewed
          for the Times Literary Supplement.  3p.

     F355 Poe, Edgar Allan.  The Science Fiction of Edgar Allan
          Poe (Hamondsworth: Penguin, 1976).  Reviewed for the
          Times Literary Supplement and signed.  5p.

          Poetry Introduction.  See F115.

          Poetry: introduction 5.  See F220.

     F356 Pople, Kenneth.  Stanley Spencer (London: Collins,
          1991). 5p.

          Porter, Dorothy.  I Can Sing, Dance, Rollerskate. See

          Porter, Peter.  The Cost of Seriousness.  See F125.

     F357 Potter, Dennis.  Blackeyes (London: Faber & Faber,
          [1987]).  2p.

          Pound, Ezra.  Collected Early Poems.  See F116.

     F358 Priestley, J.B.  Instead of the Trees (London:
          Heinemann, 1977).  Reviewed for the New Statesman and
          signed.  4p.

     F359 Pritchard, William H.  Lives of the Modern Poets
          (London: Farber & Farber, 1980).  4p.

     F360 Pritchett, V. S. The Complete Short Stories (London:
          Chatto & Windus, n.d.) and Lasting Impressions (London:
          Chatto & Windus, 1990).  Reviewed for London Review of
          Books (1990 Nov).  8p.

     F361 Pryce-Jones, Alan.  The Bonus of Laughter (London:
          Hamilton, 1987).  Reviewed for the Guardian (1986 Dec). 

     F362 Pryce-Jones, David.  Cyril Connolly (London: Collins,
          1983).  6p.

     F363 Pryce-Jones, David.  Unity Mitford (New York: Dial
          Press, 1977).  Reviewed for The Sunday Times.  7p.

     F364 Puckler-Muskau, Hermann, Furst von.  Puckler's
          Progress: the adventures of Prince Puckler-Muskau in
          England, Wales and Ireland as told in letters to his
          former wife, 1826-9 (London: Collins, 1987).  Reviewed
          for the Guardian (1987 Mar).  4p.

     F365 Quail, John.  The Slow Burning Fuse (London: Paladin,
          1978).  Typescript (carbon) draft.  3p.

     F366 Quinault, R. and John Stevenson.  Popular Protest and
          Public Order: six studies in British history 1790-1920
          (New York: St. Martin's Press, 1974).  3p.

          Rabkin, Eric S.  Fantastic Worlds.  See F307.

          Raine, Craig.  The Onion, Memory.  See F275.

          Ramke, Bin.  The Difference between Night and Day.  See

          Ranelagh, John.  The Agency.  See F159.

          Ransmayr, Christoph.  The Last World.  See F188.

3    F367 Ransome, Arthur.  The Autobiography of Arthur Ransome
          (London: J. Cape, 1976).  Reviewed for The Sunday
          Times. 3p.

     F368 Raven, Simon.  The Survivors (London: Panther, 1977).
          Reviewed for the New Statesman and signed.  6p.

          Ray, Gordon Norton.  H.G. Wells and Rebecca West.  See

     F369 Ray, Martin (ed.)  Joseph Conrad: interviews and
          recollections (Basingstoke: Macmillan, 1989).  3p.

     F370 Read, Piers Paul.  The Train Robbers (London: W. H.
          Allen/Secker & Warburg, [n.d.]).  Carbon typescript. 

          Reading, Peter.  C.  See F252.

          Reading, Peter.  Stet and Essential Reading. See F274.

          Reid, Alastair.  Weathering.  See F272.

     F371 Reid, B.L.  The Lives of Roger Casement (New Haven:
          Yale University Press, 1976).  Reviewed for The Sunday
          Times.  3p.

          Reynolds, Michael.  The Young Hemingway.  See F249.

     F372 Richards, I. A. (Ivor Armstrong), 1893-.  Selected
          Letters of I.A. Richards (Oxford [England]: Clarendon
          Press, 1990).  Reviewed for the Independent (1990 Jul). 

          Rickword, Edgell.  Behind the Eyes.  See F134.

     F373 Roberts, Michael (ed.)  Farber Book of Modern Verse
          (London: Farber & Farber, 1982).  4p.

          Robertson, Martin.  A Hot Bath at Bedtime.  See F156.

     F374 Rodden, John.  The Politics of Literary Reputation: the
          making and claiming of "St. George" Orwell (New York:
          Oxford University Press, 1989).  Reviewed for The New
          York Times, February 1989.  3p. 

3         Series I. Material written by Julian Symons (cont'd)
          Series I.7.  Book reviews (cont'd)

     F375 Rolph, C.H.  London Particulars (Oxford: Oxford
          University Press, 1980).  Reviewed with Tom Wakefield's
          Forties Child (London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1980).

          Roome, Annette.  A Real Shot in the Arm. See F179.

     F376 Ross, Alan.  Coastwise Lights (London: Collins Harvill,
          1988).  Reviewed in the Sunday Times, May 1988.  3p.

          Ross, Jonathan.  A Time for Dying.  See F179.

          Roth, Philip.  Deception.  See F168.

     F377 Rubens, Bernice.  Sunday Best (New York: Summit Books,
          1980).  Reviewed with Georges Simenon's The White Horse
          Inn (New York: Harcourt, Brace, & Jovanovich, 1980).
          Includes both autograph and typescript (carbon) drafts. 

     F378 Rude, George.  Ideology and Popular Protest (London:
          Lawrence & Wishart, 1980).  Reviewed with A. J. P.
          Taylor's Revolutions and Revolutionaries (London:
          Hamilton, 1980).  Includes autograph and typescript
          (carbon) drafts.  7p.

     F379 Russell, Dora Winifred Black.  The Tamarisk Tree 2
          (London: Virago, 1980).  Includes both autograph and
          typescript drafts.  5p.

     F380 Russo, John Paul.  I.A. Richards: his life and work 
          (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press), c1989. 
          Reviewed for the Sunday Times (1989 May).  3p.

     F381 Sakharov, Andrei.  Sakharov Speaks (London: Collins,
          Harvill Press, 1974).  2p.

          Scannell, Vernon.  The Loving Game.  See F148.

     F382 Schom, Alan.  Emile Zola: a biography (London:
          Macdonald, 1987).  4p

          Schwartz, Delmore.  What Is To Be Given.  See F134.

     F383 Schwieger, Peter.  The Bird Has No Wings: letters of
          Peter Schwieger (New York: St. Martin's Press, 1976).
          Reviewed for the Washington Post.  4p.

          Seidel, Frederick.  Men and Women.  See F252.

          Sexton, Anne.  The Awful Rowing Toward God.  See F165.

          Shaw, Robert B.  Comforting the Wilderness.  See F227.

          Shawcross, William.  Crime and Compromise.  See F143.

     F384 Shelden, Michael.  Friends of promise: Cyril Connolly
          and the world of Horizon (New York, N.Y.: Harper & Row,
          c1989).  Reviewed for the Sunday Times, January 1989. 

     F385 Shi, David E.  Matthew Josephson (New Haven: Yale
          University Press, 1981).  Reviewed with Andrew
          Sinclair's Corsair: the life of J. Pierpont Morgan
          (London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1981).  6p.

          Sillitoe, Alan.  Last Loves.  See F188.

          Simenon, Georges.  The White Horse Inn.  See F377.

          Simenon, Georges.  The Lodger.  See F163.

          Simpson, Dorothy.  Dead by Morning.  See F179.

          Simpson, Louis.  Searching for the Ox.  See F134.

     F386 Simpson, Louis.  Studies of Dylan Thomas, Allen
          Ginsberg, Sylvia Plath and Robert Lowell (London:
          Macmillan, 1979).  Includes both autograph and
          typescript (carbon) drafts.  8p.

          Sinclair, Andrew.  Corsair.  See F385.

          Sinclair, Andrew.  The Facts in the Case of E. A. Poe. 
          See F320.

     F387 Sissman, L. E.  Hello, Darkness: the collected poems of
          L. E. Sissman (London: Alan Secker & Warburg, 1978). 

3         Series I. Material written by Julian Symons (cont'd)
          Series I.7.  Book reviews (cont'd)

     F388 Sisson, C. H.  In Two Minds: guesses at other writers
          (Manchester: Carcanet, 1990). Reviewed for the Sunday
          Times (1990 Sep).  3p.

     F389 Sisson, C. H.  On the Look-out: a partial autobiography
          (Manchester: Carcanet, 1989).  4p.

          Skvorecky, Josef.  The End of Lieutenant Boruvka.  See

          Slater, Ian.  Orwell: the road to airstrip one. See

          Smart, Elizabeth.  A Bonus.  See F165.

          Smith, A.C.H.  Paper Voices.  See F256.

     F390 Smith, Martin Cruz.  Gorky Park (New York: Random
          House, 1981).  5p.

     F391 Snow, C. P.  In Their Wisdom (London: Macmillan, 1974). 

          The Sound of Voices (London: Hutchinson, 1968).
          Contained in a notebook with other material.  See F85.

          Spencer, Bernard.  Collected Poems.  See F213.

          Spender, Stephen.  W.H. Auden.  See F169.

     F392 Sprott, Duncan.  The Clopton Hercules (London;  Boston:
          Faber and Faber, 1991).  Reviewed for the Times
          Literary Supplement (1990 Dec).  2p.

     F393 Spurling, Hilary.  Paul Scott: a life (London:
          Hutchinson, 1990).  Reviewed for the London Review of
          Books (1990 Sep).  6p.

          Stallworthy, Jon.  A Familiar Tree.  See F227.

     F394 Stannard, Martin.  Evelyn Waugh (London: J.M. Dent,
          1986-1992).  Review of volume I, The Early Years, 
          1903-1939 for the Guardian (1988 Oct).  3p.

     F395 Stern, James.  The Hidden Damage (s.l.: Chelsea Press,
          n.d.).  2p.
     F396 Stewart, R. F.  And Always a Detective (Newton Abbot:
          David & Charles, 1980).  3p.

     F397 Stokes, John.  In the Nineties (Hemel Hempstead:
          Harvester Wheatsheaf, 1989).  2p.

     F398 Styron, William.  Sophie's Choice (London: Cape,
          c1979).  Typescript (carbon).  3p.

     F399 Summers, Anthony.  Conspiracy (London: Gollancz, 1980).

     F400 Sutherland, John.  Offensive Literature: decensorship
          in Britain 1960-1982 (London: Junction Books, 1982). 
          On the verso of Ts (photocopy) pages from "Profile on   
          Orwell."  10p.

          Sylvester, Martin.  A Lethal Vintage.  See F121.

          Taylor, A. J. P.  Revolutions and Revolutionaries.  See

     F401 Taylor, Anne.  Laurence Oliphant, 1829-1888 (Oxford:
          Oxford University Press, 1982).  5p.

     F402 Taylor, Bernard.  Cruelly Murdered: Constance Kent and
          the killing at Road Hill House (s.l.: Souvenir Press,
          n.d.).  Typescript (carbon) draft.  3p.

     F403 Thomas, Caitlin.  Caitlin: a warring absence (London:
          Secker & Warburg, 1986).  Reviewed for the Guardian
          (1986 Oct).  2p.

     F404 Thomas, Donald.  Belladonna: a Lewis Carroll nightmare
          (London: Macmillan, 1984).  2p.

     F405 Thomas, Donald.  Cardigan (New York: Viking Press,
          1974).  3p.

     F406 Thomas, Dylan.  The Collected Letters of Dylan Thomas
          (London: Dent, 1985).  Reviewed for the Guardian.  3p.

3         Series I. Material written by Julian Symons (cont'd)
          Series I.7.  Book reviews (cont'd)

     F407 Thomas, Gordon and Max Morgan Witts.  The Day Guernica
          Died (London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1975).  Reviewed for
          The Sunday Times.  2p.

     F408 Thurley, Geoffrey.  The American Moment: American
          poetry in the mid-century (London: Edward Arnold,
          1977).  Typescript (carbon) draft.  4p.

     F409 Todd, Ruthven.  Untitled autobiography by Ruthven Todd,
          as edited by Robert Latona.  1p.

     F410 Tolley, A. T.  The Poetry of the Thirties (New York: St
          Martin's Press [1976, c1975]).  Review for London
          Magazine.  5p.

          Tomlinson, Charles.  Selected Poems 1951-1974.  See

          Tomlinson, Charles.  The Flood.  See F220.

     F411 Trilling, Lionel.  Middle of the Journey; Of This Time,
          of That Place; Prefaces to the Experience of
          Literature; and The Liberal Imagination (Oxford: Oxford
          University Press, 1981).  4p.

          Tripp, Miles.  The Cost of Vanity.  See F179.

          Turner, E. S.  Dear Old Blighty.  See F343.

          Upward, Edward.  The Spiral Agent.  See F268.

          Valentine, Deborah.  Unorthodox Methods.  See F179.

     F412 Van de Wetering, Janwillem.  The Maine Massacre and Two
          Other Great Mysteries (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1979). 
          Typescript (carbon) draft.  3p.

          Van de Wetering, Janwillem.  Mind-Murders.  See F317.

     F413 Van der Post, Laurens.  A Far-off Place (London:
          Hogarth Press, 1974).  3p.

     F414 Van der Post, Laurens.   Yet Being Someone Other
          (London: Hogarth Press, 1982).  3p.

     F415 Van Wyk Smith, Malvern.  Drummer Hodge: the poetry of
          the Anglo-Boer War, 1899-1902 (Oxford: Clarendon Press,
          1978).  Typescript (carbon) draft.  3p.            

     F416 Vidal, Gore.  Kalki: a novel (New York: Random House,
          1978).  Typescript (carbon) draft.  2p.

     F417 Vidal, Gore.  Matters of Fact and of Fiction: essays
          1973-1976 (New York: Random House, 1977).  Reviewed for
          the Times Literary Supplement and signed.  6p.

     F418 Vidal, Gore.  Pink Triangle and Yellow Star and other
          essays, 1976-1982 (London: Heinemann, 1982).  4p.

          Wainwright, Jeffrey.  Heart's Desire.  See F125.

          Wakefield, Tom.  Forties Child.  See F375.

          Walcott, Derek.  Midsummer.  See F252.

          Walcott, Derek.  The Fortunate Traveller.  See F220.

     F419 Warner, Rex.  The Aerodrome (London: Bodley Head,
          1982).  6p.

     F420 Wasserstein, Bernard.  The Secret Lives of Trebitsch
          Lincoln (New Haven, Conn.: Yale University Press,
          1988).  Reviewed for The New York Times.  7p.

          Waterman, Andrew.  From the Other Country.  See F116.

          Waterman, Andrew.  Out for the Elements.  See F213.    

          Watson, Colin.  Snobbery with Violence.  See F158.

     F421 Waugh, Auberon.  The Last Word: an eyewitness account
          of the trial of Jeremy Thorpe (Boston: Little, Brown,
          1980).  5p.

     F422 Weber, Nancy.  The Life Swap (London: Quartet Books,
          1975).  Autograph and typescript (carbon) drafts of a
          review for the Times Literary Supplement.  8p.

3         Series I. Material written by Julian Symons (cont'd)
          Series I.7.  Book reviews (cont'd)

     F423  Wells, H. G.  H. G. Wells in Love (London: Farber &
          Farber, 1984) and Experiment in Autobiography (London:
          Farber & Farber, 1984).  4p.

     F424 West, Rebecca.  The Young Rebecca: writings of Rebecca
          West, 1911-1917 (London: Macmillan, 1982).  3p.

          Westlake, Donald.  Trust Me On This.  See F207.

     F425 Wexler, Joyce Piell.  Laura Riding's Pursuit of Truth 
          (Athens: Ohio University Press, 1979).  14p.

     F426 Wheen, Francis.  Tom Driberg: his life and
          indiscretions (London: Chatto & Windus, 1990).  3p.

     F427 Whittington-Egan, Richard.  The Riddle of Birdhurst 
          (London: Harrap, 1975).  Reviewed for The Sunday Times
          and signed.  3p.

     F428 Wilkes, Roger.  Wallace: the final verdict (London:
          Bodley Head, 1984).  4p.

          Williams, Derra.  Holy Treasure.  See F179.

     F429 Wilson, Edmund.  The Bit Between My Teeth: a literary
          chronicle of 1950-1965 (London: W. H. Allen, 1965). 
          Typescript (carbon) draft.  3p.

     F430 Wilson, Edmund.  The Fifties: from notebooks and
          diaries of the period (London: Macmillan, 1986). 
          Reviewed for the Times Literary Supplement (1986 Nov). 

     F431 Wilson, Edmund.  A Piece of My Mind: reflections at
          sixty (New York: Farrar, Straus and Cudahy, 1956). 
          Includes Ts (carbon) and galley proof.  Galley proof
          removed to oversize section.  11p.

          Winters, Yvor.  The Collected Poems of Yvor Winters. 
          See F218.

          Woddis,  Roger.  The Woddis Collection and The Big Red
          Songbook.  See F218.

          Woodcock, George.  The Kestrel.  See F272.

          Woolf, Virginia, 1882-1941.  The Sickle Side of the
               Moon.  See F182.

          Wright, Edmund Leo.  Unidentified title.  See F134.

     F432 Wright, William.  The Von Bulow Affair (s.l.: Arlington
          Books, 1983).  5p.
     F433 Wyndham, Francis.  The Theatre of Embarrassment
          (London: Chatto & Windus, 1991).  3p.


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