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XI. Media, 1966-1995

Extent: 4.5 linear ft.

Contents: Audio cassettes, videocassette, laserdisc, and phonograph recordings.

Arrangement: Series XI. Media is divided into four subseries by format. Subseries XI.1. Audio cassettes is further divided into four sections: works, interviews, related to Reed, and related to others. Each of these sections is arranged in chronological order, with the exception of the works, which are arranged in alphabetical order by title. Subseries XI.2. Reel-to-Reel tapes is arranged in chronological order. Subseries XI.3. Videotapes is divided into two sections, material related to Reed and tapes related to other persons or topics. The section related to Reed is arranged in alphabetical order by videocassette title. The section related to other persons and topics is arranged in chronological order. Subseries XI.4. Phonograph and laserdisc recordings are arranged in alphabetical order by title.


Ishmael Reed's creative work in various media and his roles as teacher, performer, and public figure are revealed in the audiotapes and recordings, videotapes, and related materials found in Series XI. Media. These include both audio- and video recordings of the soap opera he wrote for and helped to produce with Steve Cannon, and the recordings of his poetry set to music, Conjure I: Music for the texts of Ishmael Reed and Conjure II: Cab Calloway Stands in for the Moon, both produced by Kip Hanrahan. Some of the interviews documented in Series II. have audiotape versions, and there are a number of interviews with Reed on audiotape, including radio interviews of excellent sound quality, for which there is no print transcription in the collection. There are also a number of audio- and videotapes in which Reed was a participant rather than a subject, including the commercially produced videotapes, Oakland: There is a There There, in which Reed is interviewed about his adopted hometown, and James Baldwin: The Price of the Ticket, in which Reed comments on Baldwin's influence.

Contents List

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56        Series XI.  Media, 1966-1995
               This series is organized by format.  Within each format items recordings
               related to Reed are listed first, followed by media related to others.

          Series XI.1. Audio cassette recordings, 1979-1994
               Includes Audio cassettes which have been numbered.

          Recordings related to works by Ishmael Reed, 1979-1993
               Arranged in alphabetical order by title.

     1    "Ace Boon Coons," [n.d.]

     2    "Airing Dirty Laundry - Ishmael Reed," with business card from Carl Foster, [n.d.]

     3    "Japanese By Spring, NPR review 3/29/93," 1993

     4/5  "Mumbo Jumbo by Ishmael Reed - Kunstkopf Binaural," ZBS Foundation, 1985 (2

     6    "Meeting Aug 28, 1979"  Meeting regarding the production video of Personal
               Problems for the National Endowment for the Humanities
     7    Personal Problems - Tape one

     8    "Personal Problems, Episodes III & IV," [n.d.]

     9    "Personal Problems, Episodes III & IV," [n.d.]

     10   "Personal Problems IV" and "Personal Problems III," [n.d.]

     11   "Personal Problems V - Unmixed" and " Personal Problems/Episode V, Mixed DJ
               heard on Radio," [n.d.]

     12   "Personal Problems/Episode V..." [n.d.]

     13   "Personal Problems/Episodes V and VI," [n.d.]

     14   "Personal Problems, audio made directly from the video (for radio??)," [n.d.]

     15   [KPFA Yardbird Hour Benefit reading for BCF student anthology], [n.d.]

56        Series XI.  Media (cont'd)
          Series XI.1.  Audio cassette recordings (cont'd)

          Recordings of Interviews, 1979-1994
               Arranged in chronological order.

     16   "Ishmael Reed and Ted Hudson.  Berkeley, California.  July 16, 1979."

     17a/b     "Ishmael Reed, 10 Feb. '82.  Fairfax, Virginia."
          Interviewer Ted Hudson.  typescript in II.1.  Interviews with Ishmael Reed.  2

     18   "Ishmael Reed interviewed by Peter Nazareth - Introduced by Ray Heffner - Radio
               WSUI University of Iowa, Iowa City, October 23, 1982," 1982

     19   "An Interview with Ishmael Reed by Joseph Henry at the University of Iowa on
               October 24, 1982."  See also typescripts, Interviews series.

     20   "I Reed/Bayview," 1984 
          Magic 61 Radio interview re: "Writin' is Fightin'.

     21   "IR interview on Personal Problems & There City Cinema, Oakland Museum,
          Announcement of There City Cinema Film Conference at the Oakland Museum
          ("Hollywood's War on Ethnic America"), July 26, 1986, including comments by
          Reed about negative images of ethnic minorities in the mainstream media. 
          Describes the conference, including screenings of Gunga and Hess by Bill Gunn
          and Reed's Personal Problems.  Also taped music of Kronos string quartet.  1. 
          Label:  Michele Wallace. Interviewer presumed to be Reed.  n.d.  Discussion of
          feminism, black feminists, Wallace's column for the New York Times about rap. 
          Side 2:  Includes interview with unidentified rapper.

     22   "Radio Interview w/IR for Mother Hubbard.  Nov. 1987 (mislabeled)."
          Reed on Savage Wilds directed by Ed Bullins.  Cecil Brown on his play Kali,
          promotion for showing at Julia Morgan Theater, Berkeley and book party for Cecil
          Moore's book Days Without Weather.  Aired January 8 on KPFA Berkeley.

     23   "Ishmael Reed - pt. 1: on the White House as crack house.  Dec 3, 1988.  time
               3:17" and "Ishmael Reed - pt. 2:  on multiculturalism in literature.  Dec 10,
               1988.  time 3:20."
          Short comments from Reed alternating with leading comments about Reed's views
                    by Frank Abe.

56        Series XI.  Media (cont'd)
          Series XI.1.  Audio cassette recordings (cont'd)
          Recordings of Interviews (cont'd)

     24   "Ishmael Reed Profile on NPR's Crossroads - 2/3/89," 1989

     25   "KPFA Dec. 4, 1989.  Carmen Moore."
          Reed comments during a news report on the relative amount of drug use by Blacks
          vs. Whites and his opinion that media unfairly target Blacks as drug users. Also
          Reed's predictions for the 90s.  Tape also includes a recording of selections of
          vocals by Meredith Monk and Laurie Anderson.  Interview with Carmen Moore,
          composer of Wild Gardens of the Loop Garou (with music from opera).

     26   "1/15/90 Wave 102.FM WTKN AM-570. 12:30 P (EST).  Jay Marvin/Ishmael
               Reed Interview."
          Talk radio show with Reed talking and answering questions about myths Whites
          have about African-Americans.

     27   "Jean Faraka 11/05/93.  Black Americans & the Media.  Ishmael Reed.  WPR, 821
               University Ave., Madison, WI."
          Interview re: Airing Dirty Laundry.  Influences.  Classics.  Before Columbus.  
          Japanese by Spring.  Multiculturalism.

     28   "Ishmael Reed (unedited) interview w/ Jim Schumock 11/17/93."
          Readings from "dirty laundry"  and Japanese by Spring.  Portland.  Discusses
          "neo-conservatives," black intellectuals.

     29   "I. Reed on talk radio KJFO.  Pete Collins 1/3/94."
          Discusses depiction of blacks in media, Clintons, disagreement with McNeil/

     30   "John E. Wideman & Ishmael Reed, 1/10/94."
          Ishmael Reed introduced as host, but asks questions of Wideman, plus questions
          from audience.  Program sponsored by Women's Foundation (Northern
          California).  First annual series on art and politics, produced by City Arts and
          Lectures.  See also clipping, Interview Series. 

     31   "Fog City Radio - KQED-FM.  April 16, 1994."
          Host:  Mal Sharpe.  Reed discusses Airing Dirty Laundry, his "pugnacious" style
          of essay writing, and his letters to editors, which he says are usually written but not
          sent.  Reference to Before Columbus reading and awards ceremony that night.

56        Series XI.  Media (cont'd)
          Series XI.1.  Audio cassette recordings (cont'd)
          Recordings of Interviews (cont'd)

     32   "Bayview w/Ishmael Reed," [n.d.]

     33   "Michele Wallace." [n.d.]
          Interviewer presumed to be Reed.  Discussion of feminism, black feminists,
          Wallace's column for The New York Times about rap.  Other side has an interview
          with and unidentified rapper.

     34   [Interview with unidentified British interviewer], [n.d.]
          Discussion of Ellison, multiculturalism.  Late interview, probably post-Japanese by

     35   "B. Saar," [n.d.]

     36   "Ishmael Reed/Stanley Couch/ interview rough cut/////...rough cut," [n.d.]
          Includes a reading at the beginning:  Loup Garou?.  Discusses influences,
          patriarchal attitudes in his novels, New York intellectuals, criticism, satire, Flight to
          Canada, representing the "average" black American.

     37   "Andy Hope" and "Amiri Baraka," [n.d.]
          Discussion of HR 39(?).  Reed asking the questions of an American Indian
          Movement Leader.  Other side: refers to Callaloo Oct 1978 article by Dr. Sondra
          O'Neale and answers some of her objections to his novels Flight to Canada and
          Last Days of Louisiana Red.  Also mentions Amiri Baraka's article "The
          Confessions of a Former Anti-Semite" in The New York Times.  Also mentions
          Baraka's Black Literature Forum article a reference to Baraka's citing a favorable
          NYTBR review of Shrovetide in New Orleans as evidence of Reed's "bing pushed
          by the bourgeoisie" and answers that objection.  Reed appears to being answering
          questions, possibly presubmitted.

     38   "Andy Hope," [n.d.]

     39   "George Schyler," [n.d.]

     40   "Rudolfo Anaya," [n.d.]
          Reed gives Albuquerque as the place of the interview.  No date given.  Reed
          interviews Anaya on politics and its effect on local culture (Chicano Moyemento)
          and on his own work.  Typescript in II.2  Interviews by Ishmael Reed

56        Series XI.  Media (cont'd)
          Series XI.1.  Audio cassette recordings (cont'd)

          Recordings related to Ishmael Reed, 1979-1994
               Arranged in chronological order.

     41   "KGO - March 6 '77 IR w/Al Young/Talk Show  Part 1," 1977

     42   "Yale.  Ishmael Reed: sml lecture hall.  October 2, 1979 4:00 P. M.," 1979

     43   "Am. Studies Conference 1983/Bradley, Flanagan, & Reed/recorded by Charles
               Hardy/WHYY-FM, Philadelphia," 1983

     44   "American Studies Conference 1983 - Bradley, Flanagan, & Reed recorded by
               Charles Hardy (WHYY-FM, Philadelphia)" 1983

     45   "KDIA Art On bus/Ishmael Reed/Sun Jan 15, 1984," 1984

57   46   "Ishmael Reed SSU 6 March '84," 1984

     47   "Ishmael Reed 12/8/85/Painted Bride," 1985

     48   "Callahan, Reed, & Wang - January 24, 1986," 1986

     49   "English: P USIS Amman & Ishmael Reed on Black American Literary Influences
               - SRC-70  12N, 10/29/86," 1986

     50   "KJAZ 3/30/88. IR as guest DJ," 1988

     51   "Ishmael Reed/Stan Dunn - KJAZ," 3/30/1988

     52   "Ishmael Reed (cont'd)/The Cafe Milagro-Berkeley-4/17/88," 1988

     53   "Tennessee Reed, Al Young at The Cafe Milagro, Berkeley 4/17/1988,
               introduction: Jack Foley" and "Ishmael Reed," 1988

     54   "Ebony Wave Radio News Magazine - November 1, 1988," 1988

     55   "KSFO 3/5/89 - IR on S. Rusdie," 1989

57        Series XI.  Media (cont'd)
          Series XI.1.  Audio cassette recordings (cont'd)
          Recordings related to Ishmael Reed (cont'd)

     56   "Ishmael Reed - March 29, 1989, Modern Languages Auditorium - University of
               Arizona - 8:00 p.m.," 1989

     57   "KPFA April 24, 1989 IR & Cecil Brown," 1989

     58   "'Black Men: Lost Generation'  Pt. 1, 2, & 3 AUG 7, 8, 9, 1989 by Phyllis
               Crockett.  National Public Radio," 1989

     59   "Founding Members of Pen Oakland - Floyd Salas, Claire Ortalda, Reginald
               Lockett, John Curl interviewed by Jack Foley - KPFA 11/26/89," 1989

     60   "With My Brother, M Lenoir - 1/15/90 - Ishmael Reed/Dr. Lenore," 1990

     61   "KPFA Special on PEN Oakland, May 16, 1990 - produced by Jack Foley and
          Susan Stone - Side one: Floyd Salas, Maxine Hong Kingston - Side two: Ishmael
          Reed (continued on side three)," 1990

     62   "KPFA Pen Oakland Special 5/16/90/II/Ishmael Reed/Isabel Allende," 1990

     63   "Multiculturalism & the Media -The Commonwealth Club of S.F.
               6/28/90/introduction: Kate Paul."
          Jack Foley (moderator).  With Patricia Holt, Diana Ketcham, Ishmael Reed, Floyd
          Salas, Susan Stone, Frank Chin, and Rose Romano.  Presented by PEN Oakland
          and recorded by Jesse Beagle.

     64   "IR - KQED Radio 9/25/90," 1990

     65   Radio/TV Boycott 3/13/91," 1991

     66   "Marketplace.  American Public Radio. Jun 18, 1991," 1991

     67   "Ishmael Reed 3/23/91" and "Reed con't. Panel 4 Toupe-Redmond - Panel 2
               William," [n.d.]

     68   "4/8/91 Gerry Lin-Daily Cal," 1991

57        Series XI.  Media (cont'd)
          Series XI.1.  Audio cassette recordings (cont'd)
          Recordings related to Ishmael Reed (cont'd)

     69   "IR KGO 3/18/92," 1992

     70   "KQED Radio Mar 4 94," 1994

     71   "KGO Talk Radio w/Reed 3/9/94," 1994

     72   "Bayview 9/13 - I. Reed," [n.d.]

     73   "Before Columbus Foundation," [n.d.]

     74   "Before Columbus," [n.d.]

     75   "Before Columbus readings - to be edited," [n.d.]  2 cassette tapes

     76   "Boycott," [n.d.]

     77   "Carmen Moore - Housewives," [n.d.]

     78   "David Murray/Ishmael Reed - working on song," [n.d.]

     79   "Final Draft: Cannon and Reed.  Unidentified interviewer, "Final Draft" program. 
               After Terrible Twos," [n.d.]

58   80   "Frank Chin - I. Reed on No No Boy" and "Quincey," [n.d.]

     81   "Fresh Air - Terry Gross," [n.d.]

     82   "IR & Jess Mowny," [n.d.]

     83   "Ishmael Reed," [n.d.]

     84   "Ishmael Reed, Bill Moyers, James Reston, Jr.," [n.d.]

     85   "Ishmael Reed - Images on Your Ear," [n.d.]

58        Series XI.  Media (cont'd)
          Series XI.1.  Audio cassette recordings (cont'd)
          Recordings related to Ishmael Reed (cont'd)

     86   "Ishmael Reed," [n.d.]
          Reed answering questions at an unidentified workshop.

     87   "Kofi WBAI Reed July," [n.d.]

     88   "Land War #3," [n.d.]
          Reed in a discussion with Sierra Club in Sitka, AL.

     89   [Interview re: aboriginal title Sitka], [n.d.]

     90   "Land War 3" and "Land War IV," [n.d.]

     91   "Land War," [n.d.]

     92   "New Letters on the Air (anthology)," [n.d.]

     93   "New Letters/Ishmael Reed.  New Letters on the Air/A production of New Letters
               Magazine/University of Missouri, K.C.," [n.d.]

     94   "Newport," [n.d.]

     95   "Third Ear - Ishmael Reed," [n.d.]

     96   "Voice of America/ English/Reed 'His Work'," [n.d.]

     97   "X the fight," [n.d.]
          Reed describing a fight (Welterweight Championship) in progress--interview
          unidentified following.

58        Series XI.  Media (cont'd)
          Series XI.1.  Audio cassette recordings (cont'd)

          Recordings related to others or unidentified, 1980-1988
               Arranged in chronological order.

     98   "Ted Joans, June 7, 1980 - Ishmael Reed R & C Office," 1980

     99   "Father Cares: The Last of Jonestown," [1981]

     100  "Father Cares: the Last of Jonestown," 1981 (NPR)

     101  "Mark Richards (con't) 5/29/84," 1984

     102  "Frank Wilderson 1/18/88 - Public Radio - Mpls Black Writer," 1988

     103  "Ali Press Conference," [n.d.]

     104  "Ben fong T...s," [n.d.]

     105  "Broomstein, Rich Dillon," [n.d.]

     106  "Call ph[  ] I," [n.d.]

     107  "Charlie Davis, Al Young," [n.d.]

     108  "The Crossing," [n.d.]

     109  "Franti, 1&2," [n.d.]

     110  "Franti," [n.d.]

     111  "George Davis," [n.d.]

     112  "Jay Marvin vs David Duke - 970 WFLA, Tampa," [n.d.]

     113  "John George" and "Gary Lavone, Bill Lowe," [n.d.]

     114  "Leo Brazille," [n.d.]

58        Series XI.  Media (cont'd)
          Series XI.1.  Audio cassette recordings (cont'd)
          Recordings related to others or unidentified (cont'd)

     115  "Loisada: Blessingame," [n.d.]

     116  "Meeting at Michael LeMer's House," [n.d.]

     117  "[  ]paper Aug 15," [n.d.]

     118  "The Source Report #329 - Crowley," [n.d.]

     119  "Q. Troupe I," [n.d.]

     120  "Troupe II," [n.d.]

     121  [Unidentified naval battle - story of the shelling of a village by "Elder"], [n.d.]

     122  "Welcome to the Department of English at the University of California: Part 2.
               Some Students Speak.  Part 5. some Professors speak," [n.d.]

     123  "Wole Soyinka," [n.d.]

     124  Unidentified tape

     125/126   Blank tapes

     127/128   Two cassette tape cases without cassettes: "Amy Whitmore - Ishmael Reed
               Reading" and "Jack & Adele Foley: "Indeed the Name Was Irish."

     129  "Playboy Interview (New York, NY. July 1st-77)." CASE without TAPE
          Skip Gates - John Blassingame - Quincy Troupe - Walter Cotton - Ntozake
          Shange - Thulani - Steve Cannon Lavonne van ean, urveita(?) two women
          interviewed.  Appears to be an interview with community leaders regarding
          cleaning up drug-ridden neighborhoods.

59        Series XI. Media (cont'd)
          Series XI.2.  Reel-to-Reel Tapes, 1976-1979

          The Steve Cannon Show.  Audio Magazine Issues, 1976-1979
          See also:  Series IV.  Editing and Publishing--Reed, Cannon, & Johnson

          Vol I. No.1  Personal Problems Episodes I & II, 1976
               An original improvised soap opera, featuring Verta Mae Grosvenor as
               Johnnie Mae Brown, Walter Cotton as Charles Brown, and Jim Wright as
               Father Brown.  Made possible in part by grants from The Coordinating
               Council of Literary Magazines, the New York State Council on the Arts
               and the National Endowment of the Arts.  See also Series I.3.  Works for
               Performance--Personal Problems

          Vol I. No.2  House of Magic:  Toni Morrison Interviewed by Ntozake Shange, 1976
               Poet, novelist, essayist and editor, Toni Morrison is interviewed by poet,
               playwright, and essayist, Ntozake Shange.

          Vol. I. No.3.  The Ways of the Whirl, 1976
               Interview and reading with poet, playwright, novelist, essayist and
               publisher, Ishmael Reed, conducted by poet, critic and social commentator,
               Stanley Crouch.
          Vol. II. No.1.  House of Magic: Life Forces.  Black Roots Festival IV, 1977
               Featuring poets Ntozake Shange, Tony Fitchut, David Smirl, Verta Mae
               Groesvenor, Felipe Luciano, Quincy Troupe, Maya Angelou, Arnold
               Kemp, Gersami, and Amiri Baraka.

          Vol.II. No.2.  A Dramatist for Our Time, 1977
               Interview and reading with poet, playwright and actor Bill Gunn, author of
               The Rhinestone Sharecroppers, conducted by playwright Aisha Rahman,
               with Gunn's reading of excerpts from The Black Picture Show.
          Vol. II. No.3  Ubiquitous Incantations, 1978
               Featuring The Basement Workshop poets plus special guests:  Fay Chiang,
               Jason Hwang, Charlie Chin, Teru Kerazawa, Richard Oyama, Francis
               Chun, Joy Harjo, Amiri Baraka, Louis Rivera, Ishmael Reed, Cyn Zarco,
               June Jordan, Helen Wong, and Lawson Inada.  Music included.

59        Series XI. Media (cont'd)
          Series XI.2.  Reel-to-Reel Tapes (cont'd)
          The Steve Cannon Show.  Audio Magazine Issues (cont'd)

          Vol.III. No.1.  Revolutionary Change as a Constant State of Things, 1978
               An interview and reading with poet June Jordan, author of the best selling
               volume of poetry--Things That I Do In The Dark, conducted by poet,
               music critic, reviewer, essayist, and one of the editors of Ordinary Women,
               Patricia Jones.

          Vol.III. No. 2.  Giant Talk/Before Columbus Poetry Reading, 1978
               With poets Alurista, Mei Mei Bersenbrugge, Robert Callahan, Victor
               Hernandez Cruz, Joy Harjo, David Meltzer, Ishmael Reed, Shawn Wong,
               David Jackson, Robert Kelly, Pedro Pietri, Susan Zavrian, Amiri Baraka.
               and Quincy Troupe.  See also:  Series VII.  Professional Activities--Before
               Columbus Foundation.

          Vol.III. No.3.  Snake Back Solos, 1978
               An interview and reading with poet Quincy Troupe conducted by poet,
               playwright, and cultural-political commentator, novelist and dramatist,
               Amiri Baraka, also interspersed with musical interludes.
          Vol.IV. No.1. A Poet Speaks of the Homeland/La Casa De Las Americas, 1979
               Poet Victor Hernandez Cruz, interviewed by poet, critic, essayist, and
               editor, Robert Marquez.  Also reads from his works interspersed with
               musical interludes.

          Vol.IV. No.2.  House of Magic: Life Forces, Black Roots Festival VI, 1979  
               The Black Roots Festival VI, original reading under the direction of poet
               Quincy Troupe, features poets Stanley Crouch, Gylain Kain, Charles
               Mingus, Louise Meriweather, George Lamming, Zoe Best, Joyce Carol
               Thomas, and Sonia Sanchez.  Music by Sonny Rollins, Charles Mingus,
               John Coltrane, Count Basie and Orchestra, King Oliver and Orchestra,
               Miles Davis, and Eddie Palmieri.

59        Series XI. Media (cont'd)
          Series XI.2.  Reel-to-Reel Tapes (cont'd)
          The Steve Cannon Show.  Audio Magazine Issues (cont'd)

          Vol.IV. No.3.  Personal Problems, Episodes III & IV, 1979
               An improvised soap opera, produced by Steve Cannon with plots by
               Walter Cotton, Al Young, Steve Cannon, and Ishmael Reed, with dialogue
               written by the actors, starring Walter Cotton as Charles Brown, Verta Mae
               Grosvenor as Johnnie Mae Brown and Jim Wright as Father Brown with
               Terry MacMillan as Mary Alice and Bill Stephens as Bubba, added
               dialogue and research by Zoe Best and Sandra Esteves of the Cultural
               Council Foundation's CETA Artists Project.  Partially funded by The
               Coordinating Council of Literary Magazines, the New York State Council
               on the Arts and the National Endowment of the Arts.

60        Series XI. 3.  Videotapes, 1983-1995
               Title in quotation marks is the label on the tape.

          Videocassette related to Ishmael Reed, 1983-1995
               Arranged in alphabetical order by title.
     V1        "Black Renaissance Interview With Reed" Feb 28, 1990

     V2        "CBS America Tonight w/ I. Reed."  VHS

     V3        "Copy of Reed Material - Ishmael Reed on "Black Renaissance" KGBH,
               "People Are Talking" KPIX."  KPIX Feb 8, 1988.  Beta

     V4        "Electronic Dialogue With Ishmael Reed" n.d.  Beta 

     V5        "Essence Show '86 - Channel 4 w/IR:  Jack Johnson - Joe Lewis," May 20,
               1986.  Beta and VHS copy.

     V6        "Howard University Media & Our Voices" n.d.  VHS

     V7        I. Reed, "The Black Male: Edging Toward the Abyss" May 22, 1989

     V8        "I. Reed.  Black Renaissance Show" KBHK TV Oct 11, 1993.  VHS

60        Series XI. Media (cont'd)
          Series XI.3.  Videotapes (cont'd)
          Videocassette related to Ishmael Reed (cont'd)

     V9        I. Reed on C - Span" Dec 28, 1993.  VHS

     V10       "I. Reed on Today Show," Mar 24 1986.  Beta and VHS

     V11       "An Interview with Ishmael Reed."  KBS-TV, Seoul, Korea, n.d.

     V12       "Ishmael Reed" from University of Wyoming, Dub, n.d.  VHS

     V13       "Ishmael Reed Bay Arch Sunday" Aug 15, 1993.  VHS

     V14       "Ishmael Reed Interview" KTVU Mar 14, 1994.  VHS

     V15       "Ishmael Reed Interview at Steve's," Jan 2, 1995.  VHS

     V16       "Ishmael Reed Mosaic Books" n.d.  VHS

     V17       "Ishmael Reed Nightline ABC, Dec 10, 1993.   VHS

     V18       "Ishmael Reed + Video Void New York" Feb? 1987.  VHS

     V19       "KQED There with Ishmael Reed," 1983
               Master and copy.  Allan Willis, producer.

     V20       "Lannan Literary Videos Ishmael Reed" 1990.  VHS

     V21       "The Lannan Foundation Literary Series: Ishmael Reed," 1990
               Produced and directed by Lewis Mac Adams and John Dorr for
               Metropolitan Pictures and EZTV.  60 min.

     V22       "Letters From Hell: Afro-American Writers Ishmael Reed and Al Young"
                    n.d.  VHS

     V23       "Marcus Book Stores Present Ishmael Reed Author of Airing Dirty
                    Laundry" Nov 20, 1993.  VHS

60        Series XI. Media (cont'd)
          Series XI.3.  Videotapes (cont'd)
          Videocassette related to Ishmael Reed (cont'd)

          Mother Hubbard 
               4 videocassettes
     V24       "KRON R-1" 
     V25       " R-2." 
     V26       "Ishmael Reed/Mother Hubbard Part I"
     V27       "Ishmael Reed/Part 2/Mother Hubbard - Dub"
               See also:  I.3.  Works for performance--Mother Hubbard.

     V28       "The Only Language She Knows" " Savage Wilds So Far" n.d.  VHS

               "The Only Language She Knows," n.d.  2 VHS tapes.
     V29       (I) "The Only Language She Knows"
     V30       (II) "Personal Problems Vol. 1 Reel 2, TRT 40:38" 

     V31       "On Being Irish," n.d.  VHS

     V32       "Quincey Troupe Interview by I. Reed in San Diego" Aug 1993.  VHS

     V33       "Scrittori Afro-Americani, A. Wilson. I. Reed" 1991.  VHS

     V34       "Scrittori Afro-Americani, Ishmael Reed/Al Young," 1991.  VHS.  Swiss
                    Italian TV.

     V35       "Show #22 15 imprint Canadian TV I. Reed participating on panel:
                    Japanese By Spring tour," Mar 1993.  VHS

     V36       "Spotlight on Northern California" Ishmael Reed KQED.  1989 Feb.  VHS
                    (2 copies)

     V37       "There City Cinema - Frank Chin, I. Reed, C. Brown" n.d.  VHS

     V38       "There Ishmael Reed" n.d.  Beta

61        Series XI. Media (cont'd)
          Series XI.3.  Videotapes (cont'd)
          Videocassette related to Ishmael Reed (cont'd)

     V39       "Tony Brown Journal w/Ishmael Reed," 1986.  Beta and VHS copy.

     V40       "University of Washington Instructional Media Services Multi-Ethnic
                    Writers Parts 1, 2.  Part #1" Sept 12, 1989.  VHS

     V41       "University of Washington Instructional Media Services Multi-Ethnic
                    Writers Parts 3,4.  Part II" Sept 12, 1989.  VHS

     V42       "Viewpoint - Crime, Violence & TV News." ABC News, Nightline, Dec
                    10, 1993.  VHS

          Videocassette relate to other persons or topics, 1989-1994
               Arranged in chronological order.

     V43  "Cecil Brown at Ginn House," May 6, 1989

     V44  "James Baldwin:  the Price of the Ticket."  Karen Thorsen, director, 1989.
          A Nobody Knows Production, Maysles Films, Inc., American Masters
          Presentation.  VHS, 87 min., color.

     V45  "Where Poems Come From,"  1989
          Lannan Foundation.  Produced and Directed by Lewis Mac Adams and John Dorr
          for Metropolitan Pictures and EZTV.  60 min.

     V46  "Zev Putterman #21 Dub Reed (2) copies" May 14, 1989.  VHS

     V47  "Sun Ra CBS News Nightwatch," Oct 12, 1990.  VHS

     V48  "Oakland City Council," Jul 2, 1993.  VHS.  Redistricting open forum.

     V49  "Quincey Troupe Yoshi's" Jul 19, 1993.  VHS

     V50  "Robert Maynard Funeral" KTVU 10 pm news Aug 20, 1993.  VHS

61        Series XI. Media (cont'd)
          Series XI.3.  Videotapes (cont'd)
          Videocassette related to others (cont'd)

     V51  "Color:  A Sampling of Contemporary African American Writers."  The Poetry
          Center and American Poetry Archives, San Francisco State University, 1994. 

     V52  "Color:  A Sampling of Contemporary African-American Writers" Written and
          Narrated by: Al Young, n.d.  VHS

     V53  "Precious Memories, a Salute to Black History" KPIX n.d.  Beta

     V54  "Camera I tape III" 5/5.  VHS

     V55  "Essence Black Authors" [n.d.]  VHS

     V56  "Implosion.  CBS America Tonight."

     V57  "Asia and journalists.  Japanese lesson," n.d.

     V58  "Mike Tyson," n.d.

     V59  "Drug Symposium," and "Ch. 7 PEN Oakland Media Boycott."  n.d.  VHS
     V60  "Robert Maynard Funeral," n.d.

     V61  Unlabeled.  Adhesive notes with various names, including Mike Levine and Cornell
     V62  Labeled "mostly empty" - unidentified Beta

62        Series XI. Media (cont'd)

          Series XI.4.  Phonograph and laserdisc recordings, 1966-1988
          Conjure:  Music for the texts of Ishmael Reed (2 copies), 1984
          American Clavé.  Conceived, produced, and directed by Kip Hanrahan.  Executive
          producer Scott Marcus.
          Musicians include:  Taj Mahal, Allen Toussaint, Carman Moore, Robert Kenny
          Kirkland, Kip Hanrahan, Lester Bowie, and others.  Tracks Include:  "Jes Grew,"
          "The Wardrobe Master of Paradise," "Dualism (I)," "Oakland Blues," "Skydiving,"
          "Judas," "Betty Ball's Blues," "Untitled," "Fool-ology (the song)," "From the Files
          of Agent 22," "Dualism (II)," "Rhythm in Philosophy." 
          See also:  Series I.3.  Works for performance--Conjure

          Conjure: Cab Calloway Stands in for the Moon, 1988
          American Clavé.  Produced by Kip Hanrahan.  Executive producer Scott Marcus.
          Musicians include Allen Toussaint, Bobby Womack, Carman Moore, Lenny
          Pickett, Diahnne Abbott, Tennessee Reed, Shaunice Harris, Carla Blank, and
          others.  Tracks include "The Author Reflects on His 35th Birthday," "Loup Garou
          Means Change Into," "'Sputin," "Nobody Was There," "Medley: General
          Science/Ish/Papa La Bas," "Running For The Office Of Love," "My Brothers,"
          "Petit Kid Everett," "St. Louis Women," "Bitter Chocklate," "Beware: Don't
          Listen to this Song," and "Minnie the Moocher."
          East Village Other Electric Newspaper Hiroshima Day, 1966
               E S P Disk Edited by Richard Alderson, Allen Katzman, Betsy Klein, and
               Walter Bowart.
          Music, readings, and mantras by The Velvet Underground; Alan Ginsberg and
          Peter Orlovsky; Tuli Kupferberg, Ed Sanders, and others.  Reading of  The Free
          Lance Pall Bearers by Ishmael Reed.

          The First American Poetry Disc Vol. I. An Introduction to Poetry, 1987. 
          County College of Morris.  Project Director:  Sander Zulauf.  Producer/Director: 
          Joseph Sauder.  Readings were chosen from the videotape archives at County
          College of Morris dating from 1974-1986.
          Readers include:  X.J. Kennedy, Paul Zimmer, Lyn Lifshin, Stephen Dobyns, Philip
          Appleman, Elizabeth Bishop, Donald Hall, James Wright, Gibbons Ruark, Kenneth
          Burke, and Allen Ginsberg.  Ishmael Reed performs "Sky Diving," and "beware:
          do not read this poem."    
62        Series XI. Media (cont'd)
          Series XI.4.  Phonograph recordings (cont'd)

          New Jazz Poets, 1967
               BR Records, Edited by Walter Lowenfels.
          Readers include Calvin C. Hernton, John Morgan, Peter La Farge, Art Berger, Ree
          Dragonette, Joe Johnson, Joel Oppenheimer, Ronald Stone, Paul Blackburn, Percy
          E. Johnson, Will Mnmari, David Henderson, Gerald Jackson, Allen Katzman,
          Norman Pritchard, George N. Preston, John Harriman, Allen De Loach, Stephen
          Tropp & Howard Hart, and Gloria Tropp.  Ishmael Reed reads "The Jackal
          Headed Cowboy."

          Poets Read Their Contemporary Poetry, 1980
               Before Columbus Foundation.  Folkways Records.
          Readings by Bob Callahan, Jayne Cortez, Maureen Owen, Joy Harjo, Alurista,
          Susan Zavarin, David Meltzer, Victor Hernandez Cruz, Mei Mei Bersenbrugge,
          Cyn Zarco, David Henderson, Amiri Baraka, and David Jackson.  Ishmael Reed
          introduces the readings and reads "St. Louis Woman."

          Destinations:  Four Contemporary American Poets, n.d.  
               Essence Powertree.  Produced, directed, and edited by Wilmer F. Lucas,
          Readers:  Norman H. Pritchard, Jerome Badanes, Paul Blackburn, and Calvin C.

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