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The Ishmael Reed Papers

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II. Interviews, 1968 - 1994

Extent: 1.3 linear ft.

Contents: Correspondence, typescript and autograph drafts, photocopies, clippings, galley proofs, magazine, audio cassettes, transcripts, and notes.

Arrangement: Series II.1. Interviews with Ishmael Reed is arranged in alphabetical order by the name of the interviewer. Series II.2. Interviews by Ishmael Reed is arranged in alphabetical order by the name of the individual interviewed by Reed.


Series II., Interviews, comprises material relating specifically to the many interviews Reed granted to others, as well as those he conducted himself. This series includes manuscripts and/or other related records, such as correspondence, notes, tear sheets, and photocopies for each interview. Reed granted interviews with representatives of diverse publications, ranging from college newspapers (Mwendo of Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Ohio), to mass market publications (San Francisco Review of Books) and scholarly publications (American Poetry Review).

He also interviewed himself. Drafts of the self-interview are included in subseries II.2, which consists of interviews conducted by Reed. These include interviews with writers, including Ralph Ellison, Rudolpho Anaya, Quincy Troupe, and John Edgar Wideman; and with African-Americans in other areas of the arts, such as sculptor Doyle Forman, architects Max Bond and Carl Anthony, and mixed media artist Bettye Saar. The interview series represents a broad, but not complete, record of interviews with Reed. Indications of other interviews can be found in several series, including requests to respond to written questions in Series VIII. Correspondence, and audiocassette tapes of interviews on radio and videotape in Series XI. Media.

Contents List

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22        Series II.  Interviews, 1968-1994
          Series II. 1. Interviews with Ishmael Reed, 1968-1994

          Abbot, Ruth and Ira Simmons, 1975
     F1   (I)  Typescript
     F2   (II)  Carbon typescript and a copy of San Francisco Review of Books (1975 Nov)
          in which the interview appeared.

     F3a  Anderson, Roger, 1986 Feb 11
          Copy of The Daily Californian in which the interview was published.

     F3b  Beauford, Fred, [1972]
          Published in Black Creation: A Quarterly Review of Black Arts and Letters.
          Photocopies of  galley sheets and corrected galley sheets with a letter from
          Beauford and a copy of the journal.

     F4   Bellamy, Joe David, 1973
          Published in Fiction International and The New Fiction: Interviews with
          Innovative American Writers.  Correspondence and an advertising broadside
          relating to Bellamy's interview.

     F5   Binder, Wolfgang and Harald Zapf, 1992 Jun 20
          Photocopy of interview in Nz Am Wochenende.

     F6   Book World, n.d.
          Reed's holograph notes and answers to interview questions.

     F7   Boschè, Phoebe, n.d.
          Corrected typescript, 20 pp.

     F8   Braman, Sandra, 1983 Dec 14

     F9   Brisick, William C., 1988 Jul 1
          Tear sheets and photocopy of article published in Publishers Weekly.

     F10  Broughton, Irv, 1978
          Corrected rough typescript and letter from Broughton dated April 2, 1978.

     F11  Bunge, Nancy L., n.d.

     F12  Carroll, Jonathan, n.d.
          Letter regarding interview lost due to tape malfunction.

     F13  Castro, Jan Garden, 1977 Oct 15

     F14  Claflin, Edward, 1972
          Typescript with minor corrections (10 pp.) and letter from Clafin (1972 Nov 14) 
          referring to publication in Intellectual Digest.

     F15  The Cream City Review, 1984
          Letters from Roswitha Both of  The Cream City Review.

     F16  Domini, John, n.d.
          Published in American Poetry Review, January 1978.  Page two of a letter
          requesting an interview and a copy of the magazine.

     F17  Faraka, Jean, 1993 Nov 5
          Audiocassette of WPR, Madison, Wisconsin interview removed to media series.

     F18  Fisk University, 1973
          Letter acknowledging Reed's interview for the Black Oral History Program.

     F19  Gaga, 1973
          Published in MWENDO.  Letters, photocopy, galleys, and a copy of the magazine.

          Gover, Robert
     F20  Photocopy of corrected typescript.
     F21  Letter from Rolling Stone rejecting the interview for their magazine.
     F22  Photocopy of printed article in unidentified publication.
     F23  Hambone, 1982 Fall
          Typescripts with revisions and an issue contains interview: "Ishmael Reed Replies
          to Amiri Baraka."

     F24  Helm, Michael, [1978]
          Issue of City Miner (No.11) contains Helm's interview "Ishmael Reed: An
          Interview."  Original artwork by Kathleen Chang removed to oversize. 

22        Series II.  Interviews (cont'd)
          Series II.1.  Interviews with Ishmael Reed (cont'd)

     F25  Henry, Joseph K., 1982 Oct 24
          Interview conducted at University of Iowa and published in MELUS.  Two copies
          of the transcript and corrected galleys.  Audiocassette removed to Series XI.

     F26  Howard, Aaron, 1991 Apr 24
          Published in Public News: Houston's Alternative Newsweekly.  Photocopy, plus an
          issue of Public News, which has been removed to oversize box.

          Hudson, Theodore R., 1980-1982
          Interview recorded and added to Afro-American source materials in the Howard
          University Library.
     F27  Six letters to Reed from Hudson.
     F28  Interview transcript.  Two audiocassettes removed to Series XI. Media
     F29  Copy of interview transcript.

     F30a Kennedy, Liam, Richard King, and Peter Messent, 1989 Mar 20
          Interview was conducted after a reading at Nottingham University.  Photocopy of
          corrected transcript and a copy of Over Here (1989 Winter).

     F30b Ketcham, Diana, 1986 Mar 30
          Tear sheets and photocopy of the interview.

          Martin, Reginald, 1983-1988
     F31  Letter concerning the interviews scheduled for July 2-6, 1983.
     F32  Photocopy of article as published in The Griot (1988 Spring).

     F33a Mason, Keith Antar, 1989 Fall
          Copy of High Performance which contains the interview titled, "Ishmael Reed
          Talks About Multiculturalism, the Media, and Fighting Back."

     F33b Moore, Judith, 1983
          Issue of Express: the East Bay's Free Weekly with interview "So I'm Speaking
          Out: A Conversation with Ishmael Reed " (removed to oversize box) and a
          photocopy of the article.

     F33c Moore, Michael, 1990 Fall
          Copy of Blah Blah Blah which contains the interview titled, "Talking with a
          Cowboy in the Boat Ra."

22        Series II.  Interviews (cont'd)
          Series II.1.  Interviews with Ishmael Reed (cont'd)

     F33d Natambu, Kofi, 1984 Dec 5-11
          Copy of The Metro Times in which the interview titled, "Ishmael Reed: The
          Hoodoo Text," is published.

          Nazareth, Peter, 1979-1982
          Interview conducted at Mayflower Apartments, Iowa City, October 13, 1979.
     F34  Letter from Nazareth and transcript with corrections.  
     F35  Issue of Iowa Review (1982 Spring) with published interview.     

          O'Brien, John, 1972
     F36  Letters and written questions from O'Brien to Reed, letters from Reed to O'Brien
          (1972), and photocopy of corrected interview typescript.
     F37  Copy of interview transcript.

     F38  Olney, James, 1984
          Two letters to Reed concerning an interview for the Southern Review.

     F39  Oren, Michel, n.d.
          Letter from the New York Public Library (May 24, 1988) notifying Reed that a
          transcript of Oren's interview had been deposited at the Library's Schomburg
          Center for Research in Black Culture.  The interview was part of a series of
          interviews with Umbra poets.

     F40  Orlo, 1993 Winter
          Published in The Bear Essential.  Photocopy of printed interview and a copy of the
          newspaper, which was removed to oversize box.

     F41  Payton, Brenda, 1993 Dec 26
          Published in Oakland Tribune.  Clipping and photocopy of published interview.

     F42  Polak, Maralyn Lois, 1986 Jun 22
          Published in Philadelphia Inquirer.  Clipping, copy of the magazine (removed to
          oversize), and photocopy of published interview.

          Russell, Charles, 1982
          Interview for Paris Review.
     F43  Letters from Russell to Reed (1982 Feb 9 and May 17) and  photocopy of
          corrected transcript.
     F44  Photocopy of transcript with corrections.

22        Series II.  Interviews (cont'd)
          Series II.1.  Interviews with Ishmael Reed (cont'd)

     F45  Saenz, Miguel, 1992 Dec 18
          Published in Diario in Spanish.

     F46  Savery, Pancho, 1974 Jun 28
          Photocopy of edited interview transcript titled "Taking Care of Business and
          Breaking Out of Psychological Slavery:  An Interview with Ishmael Reed."

     F47  Sharpe, Mal, 1994 Apr 16
          Audiocassette of interview with Radio KQED-FM (removed to Series XI. Media).

          Shepperd, Walt, 1968-1969
          Published in Nickel Review in two parts, 1968 Aug 28-Sep 10 and 1969 Dec 19.
          Copy of the newspaper issues removed to oversize box.
     F48  Correction notes for interview publication.
     F49  Photocopy of edited interview.
     F50  "When state magicians fail . . . unofficial magicians rise."  Copy of the magazine
          (removed to oversize) and photocopy of printed interview (1968 Aug 28-Sep 10).
     F51  "The New Technology is Black."  Copy of magazine (removed to oversize) and
          photocopy of printed interview (1969 Dec 19).

     F52  Shockley, Ann Allen, 1973 Aug 17
          Letter from the Fisk University Library confirming Reed's appointment with Ms.
          Shockley for an oral history interview.

     F53  Smith, Tracy K., 1993 Mar 4
          Published in Harvard Crimson.  Clipping and photocopy of the printed interview.

     F54  Talking Poetry: Conversations in the Workshop with Contemporary Poets, 1987
          Copy of the book.

     F55  Turan, Kenneth, 1979 Apr 23
          Copy of New Westin which contains the interview titled "Voodoo Man Versus The
          Moochers: a conversation with Ishmael Reed."

     F56a Williams, John, 1988 Jul 19
          Transcript of "Ishmael Reed Fights Back: An Interview."

     F56b Willis, Allen and Jane Muramoto, 1983
          Script, notes, schedules for the KQED broadcast of "There With Ishmael Reed."

22        Series II.  Interviews (cont'd)
          Series II.1.  Interviews with Ishmael Reed (cont'd)

     F57  Young, Al, 1972-1973
          Two issues of Changes, which contains Young's two-part interview with Reed.

     F58  Zamir, Shamoon, 1988 Aug 17
          Photocopy of interview transcript with corrections and an offprint of the article as
          it appeared in Callaloo (1994).

     F59  Unidentified and miscellaneous material relating to various interviews.

          Series II. 2.  Interviews by Ishmael Reed, 1972-1994

     F60  Anaya, Rudolfo, 1978 Jun
          Published in San Francisco Review of Books.  Interview conducted in
          Albuquerque with Chicano poet Anaya.  Includes two draft transcripts with
          corrections and an issue of the newspaper.  Audiotape removed to Series XI.

     F61  Bond, Max and Carl Anthony, 1975
          Corrected draft pages and photocopy of printed article.  Included in Shrovetide in
          Old New Orleans.

          Ellison, Ralph, 1977-1978
          Interview conducted by Reed, Steve Cannon, and Quincy Troupe.
     F62  Heavily corrected photocopy typescript of the introduction to the interview written
          by Steve Cannon (1977 Jan).
     F63  Photostat copy of interview draft transcript with corrections.             
     F64  Corrected typescript.

     F65  Fabio, Sarah and Howard Moore Jr., 1977 Sep 4

          Foreman, Doyle
     F66  Corrected typescript and photocopy.
     F67  Photocopy of article printed in Encore, Spring 1972.

23        Series II.  Interviews (cont'd)
          Series II.2.  Interviews by Ishmael Reed (cont'd)

          Franti, Michael, 1991-1992
          Printed in Transition, Harvard University, 1992.
     F68  Correspondence.
     F69  Photocopy of transcript with corrections.
     F70  Typescript.
     F71  Miscellaneous pages.
     F72  Photocopy with corrections.

          Reed, Ishmael, 1974      
          Self interview.  Heavily corrected typescript pages.
     F73  (I)
     F74  (II)
     F75  (III)               
     F76  Photocopy dated March 10, 1974.
     F77  Correspondence with Black World and printed issue (1974 Jun) with interview.    

          Saar, Betye, 1974-1989
     F78  Photocopy transcript of interview conducted March 10, 1974.
     F79  Photocopy of corrected transcript.
     F80  Photocopy pages.
     F81  Correspondence with the editor of artsmagazine, who declined to publish the
     F82  Correspondence and typescript related to catalogue essay for Saar show in 1989.
     F83  Corrected typescript of typescript in F82.
     F84  Second corrected typescript in F82.
     F85  Typescript with adhesive notes.
     F86  Exhibition catalogue.

     F87  Schuyler, Georges, 1973
          Photocopy typescript and photocopy printed article.
     F88  Simmons, Ira, n.d.
          Corrected typescripts.
     F89  Troupe, Quincy, n.d.
          Typescript, material about Troupe, and notes.

     F90  Wallace, Michele
          Audiocassette interview removed to Series XI. Media.

     F91  Wideman, John Edgar, 1994
          Clipping and audiocassette of interview.  Audiocassette removed to Series XI.

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The Ishmael Reed Papers

1964 - 1995

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