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0099 Miscellaneous Literary & Historical Manuscripts

More than 800 single manuscripts, letters, or small collections of documents of broad literary or historical significance are housed in this collection series. Additional titles are available, so please ask for assistance.

As an interim access tool, please consult the attached Word document, which is an item-level inventory of MSS 099. Researchers may use "find in page" searches on this Word document file.

  1. F0017 Boyle, Kay, letters to Basil Burwell
  2. F0032 Barnes, Robert, collection of Curtis & James River paper samples
  3. F0042 Colum, Padraic, "The County Mayo" poem
  4. F0091 Gogarty, Oliver St. John, letter to Ernest Augustus Boyd
  5. F0092 Gosse, Edmund, letters
  6. F0093 Gregory, Lady, letter to Dorothy Radcliffe
  7. F0094 Gregory, Lady, letter to Grosvenor
  8. F0095 Guinan, John, "Black Oliver" playscript
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  1. F0106 Hickey, Emily Henrietta, letter to Lord Archbishop
  2. F0109 Hone, Joseph M., letters to Hylda Wrench
  3. F0112 Hunt, Leigh, letter to Charles Ollier
  4. F0131 Lawless, Emily, letter to Smith
  5. F0152 McAlmon, Robert, letters to Edward Titus
  6. F0159 Monroe, Harriet, letters to Grant Hyde Code
  7. F0167 O'Casey, Sean, "Purple Dust" essay
  8. F0168 O'Casey, Sean, "Young Cassidy" manuscript
  9. F0169 O'Casey, Sean, "The Silver Tassie" playscript
  10. F0170 O'Casey, Sean, letters to Bumpus and Company
  11. F0171 O'Casey, Sean, letter to Harold Waller
  12. F0173 O'Grady, Standish, letter to Morris
  13. F0177 O'Sullivan, Seumas, letter to Barker
  14. F0180 Orpen, William, Sir, "Stories of Old Ireland, and Myself" manuscript
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  1. F0205 Robinson, Lennox, letters
  2. F0209 Russell, George William [AE], letters to James Stephens
  3. F0210 Russell, George William [AE], letters
  4. F0220 Shaw, George Bernard, card to Fred Terry and Miriam Michelson playscript "The Duchess Barbara [of Leeds]"
  5. F0229 Somerville, E. Œ. (Edith Œnone), letters
  6. F0232 Spiller, Robert E., collection
  7. F0247 Synge, John Millington, letter to Fay
  8. F0252 Teasdale, Sara, letters to Orrick Johns
  9. F0260 Tynan, Katharine, letters to Langbridge
  10. F0277 Whitman, Walt, letter to Thomas Donaldson
  11. F0292 Yeats, Jack Butler, letter to Lady Gregory
  12. F0293 Yeats, John Butler, letters
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  1. F0301 Dunsany, Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, Baron, letter
  2. F0303 O'Brien, Edna, "Virginia" playscript
  3. F0307 Bukowski, Charles, "The Life of a Bum": short story typescript
  4. F0308 Bukowski, Charles, "Action": short story typescript
  5. F0313 Ervine, St. John G. (St. John Greer), "The Preacher's Practice" short story
  6. F0314 Ervine, St. John G. (St. John Greer), letters to Arthur St. John Adcock
  7. F0325 Yeats, W. B. (William Butler), letter to George MacDonald
  8. F0348 Yeats, Jack Butler, letters to Elkin Mathews
  9. F0349 O'Flaherty, Liam, "A Night Attack" short story
  10. F0350 O'Flaherty, Liam, "The Seduction" short story
  11. F0352 Gogarty, Oliver St. John, letter to Ted Robinson
  12. F0353 Shorter, Dora, letter
  13. F0354 Dunsany, Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, Baron, "A Tale of Revenge" short story
  14. F0355 Dunsany, Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, Baron, "A Matter of Law" short story
  1. F0364 O'Casey, Sean, letter to Angela Barry
  2. F0366 O'Flaherty, Liam, letter to Gerald William Bullett
  3. F0368 Ollier, Charles, letters to Leigh Hunt
  4. F0373 Maxwell, John, letter to Samuel Lover
  5. F0374 Lover, Samuel, letter to Edward Wolford
  6. F0375 Lover, Samuel, letter to Mrs. Edmund Grundy
  7. F0376 Tynan, Katharine, letters to Miss Gosset
  8. F0377 Tynan, Katharine, letter to Elkin Mathews
  9. F0381 O'Casey, Sean, letter to Bonar Thompson
  10. F0385 Clarke, Austin, letters to [Michael] Begnal
  11. F0388 O'Casey, Sean, Sean O'Casey letter to the editor of The Irish Statesman
  12. F0390 Ervine, St. John G. (St. John Greer), letter to Dinner and Morum
  13. F0391 Ervine, St. John G. (St. John Greer), letters to Rubinstein and Lawson
  14. F0392 Lover, Samuel, letter to Le Chevalier Chatelain
  15. F0393 Lover, Samuel, "Paddy's Portfolio" programme
  16. F0395 Ervine, St. John G. (St. John Greer), letters to William Armstrong
  17. F0396 O'Connor, Frank, postcard to Nancy McCarthy
  18. F0399 MacDonogh, Patrick, letter to Seumas O'Sullivan
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  1. F0401 Ervine, St. John G. (St. John Greer), letter to Miss Gwen John
  2. F0402 Ervine, St. John G. (St. John Greer), letters to Sir Gerald Reid Barry
  3. F0403 Shorter, Clement King, letter to Gadric Gregory
  4. F0406 Russell, George William [AE], letter to [Summers]
  5. F0418 Montague, John, postcard to "William"
  6. F0425 Somerville, E. Œ. (Edith Œnone), letter to Mrs. Allhusen
  7. F0426 Somerville, E. Œ. (Edith Œnone), letter to Mrs. Butler
  8. F0427 Somerville, E. Œ. (Edith Œnone), letter to Butler
  9. F0428 Morgan, Lady (Sydney), letter to Henry Colburn
  10. F0429 O'Brien, Kate, letter to Mary O'Neill
  11. F0430 Lavin, Mary, letter to "Charlotte"
  12. F0431 Tynan, Katharine, letters to Aliston [?] Mathews
  13. F0432 Tynan, Katharine, letters to Egan Mew
  14. F0438 O'Casey, Sean, letter to Basil Smeed
  15. F0442 O'Faoláin, Seán and Brian Friel, letters to Joel Wells
  16. F0448 Meynell, Alice, letters to Ethel Rolt Wheeler
  1. F0451 Colum, Padraic, letter to Mary Ethel McAuley
  2. F0452 O'Brien, Kate, letter to Douglas Glass
  3. F0453 Colum, Padraic, letters to Edward Frank Allen
  4. F0456 Evans, Abbie Huston, letters to Odell Shepard
  5. F0458 Russell, George William [AE], letters and poems
  6. F0461 MacGill, Patrick, letter, notes, and poem
  7. F0466 Russell, George William [AE], letter
  8. F0467 Clifford, Lucy, letters
  9. F0469 Gogarty, Oliver St. John, poems and documents
  10. F0471 Gregory, Lady, letters to Ethel Rolt Wheeler
  11. F0472 Ervine, St. John G. (St. John Greer), letters to Eric N. Simons
  12. F0474 Giorno, John, letters to William Levy
  13. F0479 Wieners, John, holograph poetry notebook
  14. F0491 Gregory, Lady, letters to Mrs. Henry LaBarre Jayne
  15. F0494 Gibbon, Monk, "Being But Men" poem
  16. F0495 Williams, Patrick, letter
  17. F0496 O'Casey, Sean, "Purple Dust" playscript
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  1. F0500 Colum, Padraic, letter to Mr. Gourley
  2. F0501 Colum, Padraic, "The Miracle of the Corn" playscript and theater program
  3. F0509 Holland, Thomas Agar, letters to George Reid
  4. F0514 Joyce, James, "In the dark pinewood" poem
  5. F0517 Bell, Clive, letters to Gilbert Seldes
  6. F0526 Eigner, Larry, Cleary Outlined : page proofs
  7. F0531 Loos, Anita, letters to Ray Pierre Corsini
  8. F0536 O'Flaherty, Liam, "Martinique: An Original Screenplay" (ribbon copy)
  9. F0536 O'Flaherty, Liam, "Martinique: An Original Screenplay" (carbon copy)
  10. F0539 Lover, Samuel, letters
  1. F0550 Lover, Samuel, letter to Deane
  2. F0551 Sprague, William Buell, letters from
  3. F0555 Blessington, Marguerite, Countess of, letter to William Longman
  4. F0571 Ferber, Edna, letters to Flora May Holly
  5. F0575 Lover, Samuel, letter to William Pickering
  6. F0576 Lover, Samuel, letter to Andrew T. Thorp
  7. F0577 Griggs, Mary B., compositions
  8. F0580 Cunard, Nancy, and Hugh Ford, letters to David Garnett
  9. F0586 Shorter, Clement King, letter to Dr. George Williamson
  10. F0588 Waddell, Helen, letter to Stanley Nott
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  1. F0613 Dunsany, Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, Baron, letter to Katherine Marie Cornelia Brégy
  2. F0623 O'Faoláin, Seán, letters to John and Mary Marshall
  3. F0624 Society of the Cincinnati toasts of the New Jersey
  4. F0633 Nichols, Dudley, "The Informer" screenplay
  5. F0639 Bunting, Basil, Briggflatts : an autobiography : typescript
  6. F0643 Colum, Padraic, "Timbuktu" playscript and letter
  7. F0646 MacNamara, Brinsley, manuscripts
  8. F0648 Manners, J. Hartley, letters to Philip Troup
  9. F0649 Moore, George, letters to Lady Leonie Leslie
  10. F0651 Davenport, Guy, letters
  11. F0671 Shaw, George Bernard, postcard to Daphne Harwood
  12. F0680 Moore, George, letters
  13. F0689 Gogarty, Oliver St. John, letter to Richard Barry
  14. F0699 Morgan, Lady (Sydney), letter to Madame Thayer
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  1. F0700 Bolger, Dermot, discussion with Tim Murray and Rebecca Johnson Melvin
  2. F0737 Colum, Padraic, letter to Harry [Salzberg]
  3. F0746 Carter, John, papers
  4. F0747 Reid, Christina, "My Name, Shall I Tell You My Name?" playscript and theater program
  5. F0748 Corso, Gregory, letters and poems
  6. F0751 Whalen, Philip, Three Mornings
  7. F0755 Carroll, Jim, poems
  8. F0756 McClure, Michael, correspondence with Arthur and Kit Knight
  9. F0757 Miller, Henry, collection of Reflections on the Life of Mishima
  10. F0758 Bukowski, Charles, poems and letter
  11. F0759 Ginsberg, Allen, poems and letters
  12. F0760 Bemerkungen über Abdrucken: Rembrandt
  13. F0763 Gogarty, Oliver St. John, American lecture tour publicity collection
  14. F0771 Empson, William, letters
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  1. F0803 Kean, Charles John, letter to J. Webster
  2. F0804 Boland, Eavan, "March 1 1847. By The First Post" poem
  3. F0805 D'Arcy, Margaretta, postcard to Bernard McKenna
  4. F0806 O'Casey, Sean, letter to Bethel Solomons
  5. F0807 Campbell, Thomas, letter to Frederick De George
  6. F0808 Richardson, David Lester, "The shades of evening veil the lofty spires …" sonnet
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  1. F0810 Cornford, Frances Darwin, letters and poems
  2. F0813 Simon, Neil, Broadway Bound : a new comedy playscript and program
  3. F0814 Morris, Henry, Swine Print : serial and letter to Anne
  4. F0815 Hancock, Winfield Scott, papers
  5. F0816 Auden, W. H. (Wystan Hugh), letters to Reed Whittemore
  6. F0817 Spender, Stephen, letter to Reed Whittemore
  7. F0818 Howells, William Dean, letter to Mr. Underwood
  8. F0819 Traubel, Horace, collection of Walt Whitman papers
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  1. F0820 Hichens, Robert Smythe, letter to Mrs. Fitzgerald Mann
  2. F0821 Colum, Padraic, letter to Bruce Kellner
  3. F0822 Meynell, Wilfrid, letter to Margaret Zogbaum
  4. F0823 Dorn, Edward, letters and poems
  5. F0824 Eigner, Larry, letters and poems
  6. F0825 Sherry, James, "In Case" : manuscript
  7. F0826 Schneeman, George, calendars
  8. F0827 Living Theatre ephemera collection
  9. F0828 Phoebus, Mia, collection of Tennessee Williams papers
  10. F0829 MacMahon, Bryan, "The Gap of Life" : play
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  1. F0830 Russell, George William [AE], letter to Ogden Heath
  2. F0831 Gregory, Lady, letter and cards to Talbot Press
  3. F0832 Bogosian, Eric, The Revolutionary Aesthetic of Beauty : essay
  4. F0833 Rukeyser, Muriel, letters to David Posner
  5. F0836 Kelley, Robert, "The Common Shore" : uncorrected proofs and letter
  6. F0838 Bowles, Paul, letter to Pud Gadiot
  7. F0839 Wolfe, Richard J., Louis Herman Kinder and fine bookbinding in America : a chapter in the history of the Roycroft Shop : galley proofs
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  1. F0840 Jong, Erica, How to Save Your Own Life : a novel : manuscript
  2. F0841 Goodloe, Daniel R. (Daniel Reaves), letter
  3. F0842 Metcalf, Paul C., letters to Ted Wilentz
  4. F0843 Dukore, Bernard Frank, collection of Barrie Stavis papers
  5. F0845 Simon, Neil, Chapter Two : screenplay and letter
  6. F0846 Simon, Neil, Last of the Red Hot Lovers : screenplay
  7. F0847 Simon, Neil, I Ought to Be in Pictures : screenplay
  8. F0848 Simon, Neil, Seems Like Old Times : screenplay and shooting call
  9. F0849 Kaufman, Alan, letters to Timothy Murray
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  1. F0850 Morgan, Charles, letters to Mrs. Hotson
  2. F0851 Greggs, Herbert D., Green Bags/White Linen : a one-act play : typescript
  3. F0852 Bullins, Ed, It Bees Dat Way (a Confrontational Ritual) : play
  4. F0853 Ford, Arnold Josiah, Shine On, Eternal Light : a poem in seven stanzas [hymn]
  5. F0854 Coffey, Brian, letters to Mark Axelrod
  6. F0855 Eigner, Larry, stories : eight manuscripts
  7. F0857 Bowles, Paul, letters to Nathalie Blondel
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  1. F0860 Steele, Daniel, letter to Robert Moore
  2. F0864 Holmes, John Clellon, letter to Shirley Allen
  3. F0867 Larsson, Raymond Ellsworth, letters, poems, and manuscripts
  4. F0868 Lipton, Lew, Harlem Cavalcade : story and screen play
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  1. F0870 Lowenfels, Walter, letters to Allen De Loach
  2. F0871 Bowles, Paul, letter to Ruth Baron Honsberger Poole
  3. F0872 Goodman, Mitchell, letters to Robert Wilson
  4. F0873 Bynner, Witter, letter to Helen Bramble
  5. F0875 Mackay, Eric, letters and manuscripts
  6. F0876 Jackson, Frederick, postcard to Mrs. H. E. Poole
  7. F0877 Hartshorne, William, bill of lading
  8. F0878 Flanner, Hildegarde, An Elegy For Honor : poem
  9. F0879 Williams, Emlyn, letters to Katharine Cornell and Nancy Hamilton
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  1. F0882 Bowles, Paul, letter to Michael Fordyce
  2. F0883 Lovelace, Ralph Milbanke, Earl of, letter and ephemera
  3. F0884 Posner, David Louis, poems and correspondence with John Ciardi
  4. F0885 Wilson, Angus, letter to Sandra Kent
  5. F0886 Nicholson, Norman, letters to Alan Young
  6. F0888 Reid, Forrest, letter to Father O'Keeffe
  7. F0889 Morgan, Charles, letter to unidentified recipient
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  1. F0890 Morgan, Charles, letter to Miss Christian
  2. F0891 Morgan, Charles, letters to Edith Koch
  3. F0892 Whitman, Walt, manuscript
  4. F0893 Gass, William H., letter to Jonathan Carroll
  5. F0894 Berrigan, Daniel, correspondence and Hanoi poems
  6. F0895 Child, William B., letter to Ferris Greenslet with Elihu Vedder poems
  7. F0896 Jackson, Lucy R., letters to Elizabeth Shippen Green Elliott
  8. F0897 Hawley, Robert, letters to David Meltzer
  9. F0898 Boyle, Hilary, letter to Priontios D. Ó Scannlain
  10. F0899 Logan, Rayford Whittingham, letter to Pauline Young
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  1. F0900 Nicholson, Norman, Norman Nicholson - Recent Poems : script
  2. F0901 Ramsey, Paul, Scenes for a Dying : poem
  3. F0902 Holmes, John Clellon, letters to Richard Douglass
  4. F0903 Feiffer, Jules, Little Murders : second draft screenplay
  5. F0904 Richards, Mary Caroline, letter to Wanda Shult
  6. F0906 Bookbinding notes
  7. F0907 Ginsberg, Allen, letters to Gregory Corso
  8. F0909 Traubel, Horace, You Are Going to Have a Baby : poem
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  1. F0910 Murray, John, letter to Mrs. Tindal
  2. F0911 Dobyns, Stephen, At Three : poem
  3. F0912 Sanchez, Sonia, letter to Jim
  4. F0913 Jones, Gayl, For Clarence Major : poem
  5. F0914 Combs, Tram, correspondence with Agnes Selkirk Clark
  6. F0915 Hazlitt, William, holograph note of subscription to Mr. Saunder's Library
  7. F0916 Matlack family, letters to Samuel J. Matlack
  8. F0918 Stavis, Barrie, letter to Horst and Barbara Höhne
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  1. F0920 Herlihy, James Leo, letters to Edward P. Mitchell
  2. F0921 Wiksell, Gustave Percival, miscellaneous material related to Bliss Carman, F. B. Sanborn, and R. W. Trine
  3. F0922 Hardy, George, letters to Elizabeth Gurley Flynn
  4. F0923 Jackson, Andrew, autograph signature
  5. F0924 Mangino, Jayne, ephemera collection
  6. F0925 Farrell, James T., letters to William F. Claire
  7. F0926 Bowles, Paul, letters to Irving Stettner
  8. F0928 Morgan, Charles, letter to Mademoiselle Engel
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  1. F0933 Holmes, John Clellon, letter to Shirley Holmes
  2. F0934 Coffey, Brian, letter to Dee
  3. F0935 Claire, William F., collection related to James T. Farrell
  4. F0936 Sissle, Noble, and Langston Hughes, Swingtime at the Savoy : Good Time No. 1 : radio transcript
  5. F0937 Simon, Neil, Murder by Death : screenplay and shooting calls
  6. F0938 Modern Editions Press, pamphlet series one collection
  7. F0939A-B Miller, Arthur, The Misfits : dialogue continuity and cutting continuity
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  1. F0940 Sherriff, R. C., and Walter Reisch, That Hamilton Woman : screenplay
  2. F0941 Barry, Philip, Foolish Notion : a Comedy : production script
  3. F0942 Carter, Frederick, letters to Tom Turner
  4. F0943 Engle, Paul, letters and enclosures to Alex Williams
  5. F0945 Smith, Alexander Howland, papers regarding his forgery of Robert Burns's The Jolly Beggars
  6. F0946 Shimura, Asao, correspondence with Gilbert Beale regarding Japanese papermaking
  7. F0947 Bowles, Paul, letters to John B. L. Goodwin
  8. F0948 Dunbar, Paul Laurence, letters to Reginald Wright Kauffman
  9. F0949 Morgan, Charles, letter to Reverend R. Barrett
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  1. F0950 Claire, William F., card to Timothy Murray
  2. F0951 Mizener, Arthur, letter to John S. Monagan
  3. F0952 Muir, Percy H., review of John E. T. Clark's Musical Boxes
  4. F0953 Muir, Percy H., letters to Rev. James Brown
  5. F0954 Alexander, Charles, letter to Tom Clark
  6. F0955 Gerstler, Amy, letter and postcards to Tom Clark
  7. F0956 Frym, Gloria, publicity materials and typescripts
  8. F0957 Day Lewis, C. (Cecil), letters to Terence Tiller
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  1. F0960 Gutteridge, Bernard, The Ladies of St Leonards : poem
  2. F0961 Larsson, Raymond Ellsworth, letter to William Carlos Williams
  3. F0963 Lambert, Gavin, Such a Gorgeous Kid Like Me : screenplay
  4. F0964 Lambert, Gavin, Sons and Lovers : screenplay
  5. F0965 Lambert, Gavin, I Never Promised You a Rose Garden : screenplay
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