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David M. Nelson Papers

1936 - 1991
(bulk dates 1951 - 1991)

Manuscript Collection Number: 328
Accessioned: Gift of David M. Nelson and Mrs. Shirley Nelson.
Extent: 42 linear ft.
Content: Correspondence, scrapbooks, photographs, clippings, minutes, manuals, programs, magazines, books,
media guides, annual reports, articles, dockets, posters, pamphlets, diary, motion pictures, video cassettes. drafts
(preliminary versions), speeches, surveys, diagrams, certificates, interviews, bulletins, notes, newsletters,
proceedings, resumes, and logbook.
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: 1995-1996 by Anita A. Wellner.

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Series X. - Series XVII.; Appendix A; Appendix B

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21        Series X.  Honors and Awards, [1969]-1991
          Arranged chronologically.

     F1   Willie Heston Sports Hall of Fame (Michigan), [1969]
          Brochure which lists Nelson as a member.

     F2   Delaware Sports Hall of Fame Association, 1979
          Nelson was inducted in 1978.  Present is a program for
          the 1979 ceremonies, at which Nelson spoke.

     F3   Certificates of appreciation, 1985 and [n.d.]
          From the Kiwanis Club of Wilmington (1985) and The
          Southwest Officials Association [n.d.].

     F4   University of Michigan Hall of Honor, 1986
          Includes correspondence, program, clippings, letters of
          congratulations, and a copy of Nelson speech, all
          related to Nelson's induction on October 17, 1986.

     F5   Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels, 1988
          Correspondence noting Nelson commissioning by the
          Governor of Kentucky on June 8, 1988.

     F6   American Football Coaches Association Amos Alonzo Stagg
               Award, 1988-1989
          Includes letters of congratulations, the letter
          informing Nelson of the award, clippings, and Nelson's
          speech.  Presented at an awards dinner in Nashville,
          Tennessee on January 11, 1989.

     F7   Bennie Oosterbaan Award, 1989
          Includes letters, program, flyer, and Nelson's
          acceptance speech.  The award was presented at the Ufer
          Quarterback Club Dinner on May 2, 1989.

          The National Football Foundation and Hall of Fame,
               Inc., 1983-1991

     F8   The National Football Foundation and Hall of Fame
               Distinguished American Award, 1984
          Includes letter of congratulations, clippings, press
          release, photograph, program and Nelson's speech.  The
          award was presented to Nelson on December 4, 1984.

21        Series X.  Honors and Awards (cont'd)
          National Football Foundation and Hall of Fame (cont'd)

     F9   Induction into the National Football College Hall of
               Fame - Correspondence, 1987-1988
          Includes letters of congratulations (with letters from
          Don Shula and President Gerald Ford) and letters
          conveying information on the ceremonies.

     F10  Induction into the National Football College Hall of
               Fame - Program, schedule, clippings, and Nelson's
               speech, 1987-1988
          Items document the induction to the College Hall of
          Fame on December 8, 1987 and the enshrinement ceremony
          which occurred on June 10, 1988.

     F11  Material related to Nelson's service on the National
               Foundation Honors Court, 1991
          Includes correspondence and programs.

     F12  National Football Foundation publications, 1983-1989
          Includes copies of Footballer (1983-1989), The Chapter
          News Digest (1985-1988), and an awards dinner program
          for 1988.

21        Series XI.  Magazines collected by Nelson, 1937-1991
               Most include articles related to intercollegiate
               athletics and particularly college football. 
               Arranged alphabetically by title.

     F1   American Heritage, 1988 Sep-Oct
     F2   Athlon's Atlantic Coast Football, 1989
     F3   Athlon's Eastern Football, 1987
     F4   Flightime (Allegheny Airlines), 1978 Jul
     F5   Illustrated Football Annual, 1937, 1938, 1939, 1941
     F6   The Saturday Evening Post, 1945 Oct 27
          Removed to oversize (Box 37).
     F7   Smithsonian, 1980 Jul

          Sports Illustrated, 1977-1991
     F8   1977 Jul-Sep
     F9   1977 Nov-1982
     F10  1990-1991

     F11  Time, 1975 Aug 25
     F12  Touchdown, 1989 Jun and 1991 Jul

21        Series XII.  Books Collected by Nelson, 1894-1991
               Includes classic books on football, arranged
               alphabetically by title.  Some books are housed in
               the box without a folder.  For other books removed
               from the collection and cataloged for Special
               Collections see Delcat.

     F1   Adams, John R. (ed.)  Manual of Football Officiating
               for Five Man Crews.  Denver, CO: Collegiate
               Commissioners Association, 1977.  Issue is
               dedicated to Nelson.  (2 copies)

     F2   American Football Association of Japan.  Mainichi
               Koshien Bowl [Program].  Japan, December 14, 1975. 
               Includes a greeting from David Nelson.  In

          Bayoff, Frederic G. (ed.)  Lexis Press: Complete Index
               to Sports Illustrated.  Volumes I (1954-1969) and
               II (1970-1984).  Ann Arbor, MI: Lexis Press, Inc.,

     F3   Bierman, Bernie.  How to Play Football.  Minneapolis:
               Heffelfinger Publications, n.d.

     F4   Booher, Dennis.  Directory of Scholars Identifying with
               The History of Sport.  Fourth edition.  North
               American Society for Sport History, 1988.

22   F5   Brondfield, Jerry.  100 Plus Years of Football.  New
               York: Scholastic Books Services, 1975.

     F6   Camp, Walter.  Walter Camp's Book of College Sports. 
               New and revised edition.  New York: The Century
               Company, 1901.

     F7   Cartwright, Al.  A' La Carte: The Best of Al
               Cartwright.  Wilmington, DE: Serendipity Press,

     F8   Chance, T. Elbert and John D. Garvick.  A Brief History
               of Football at the University of Delaware 1889-1963.
               University of Delaware, 1963.

     F9   Crisler, H. O. "Fritz."  Modern Football: Fundamentals
               and Strategy.  New York: McGraw-Hill Book Company,
               Inc., 1949.

22        Series XII.  Books Collected by Nelson (cont'd)

     F10  Da Grosa, John.  A Complete Bibliography of Football. 
               Philadelphia: American Football Institute, 1935. 
               Bound with Five-Man Line Defense and Analysis of
               "T" Formation...

     F11                .  The Five-Man Line Defense (5 - 3 - 2 -
               1).  Philadelphia: American Football Institute,
               1937.   Separate copy.

                        .  The Five-Man Line Defense (5 - 3 - 2 -
               1).  Philadelphia: American Football Institute,
               1937.  Bound with Complete Bibliography of
               Football and Analysis of "T" Formation (F10).

                        .  Manual for Functional Football. 
               Philadelphia: American Football Institute, 1935. 
               Inscribed to Geiger.

          Da Grosa, John and Bob Hall.  Analysis of "T" Formation
               with Man-in-Motion.  Philadelphia: authors, 1941. 
               Bound with Complete Bibliography of Football and
               Five-Man Line Defense (F10).

     F12  Dyer, Braven (with Dick Nash).  Ten Top Trojan Football
               Thriller.  Los Angeles: Houlgate House, 1949. 
               Signed by Dyer.

     F13  Eastern Intercollegiate Football Association.
               EIFA-EAIFO 1976 Directory.  s.l.: Eastern
               Intercollegiate Football Association, [1976]. 
               Issue dedicated to Nelson.

     F14  Findling, John E. and Angela Lumpkin.  Directory of
               Scholars Identifying with the History of Sport.  
               Second edition.  North American Society for Sport
               History,  1979.

     F15  Frey, James H.  The Governance of Intercollegiate
               Athletics.  West Point, NY: Leisure Press, 1982.  
               Includes a chapter written by David Nelson.

          Grobani, Anton.  Guide to Football Literature. 
               Detroit: Gale Research Company, 1975. 
               Introduction to David Nelson.

     F16  Holgate, James "Gib."  Fundamental Football.  The
               Barnes Sports Library.   New York: The Ronald
               Press Company, 1958.

22        Series XII.  Books Collected by Nelson (cont'd)

     F17  Hollander, Zander (ed.)  The 1959 Football Story. 
               Phillies Sports Library.  New York, NY: Associated
               Features Inc., 1959.  Question about Nelson
               included in the Football Quiz.

          Kaye, Ivan N.  Good Clean Violence: A History of
               College Football.  Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott
               Company, 1973.  Nelson reviewed this book in his
               column.  See Series IX. F75 for Nelson's
               correpondence with Kaye.

     F18  [Kelly, Gene].  Tiny:  The Story of Bob Maxwell for
               whom the Robert W. Maxwell Memorial Football Club
               & the Maxwell Football Award Were Named.  n.d. 
               Includes several inscriptions, one from Kelly.

     F19  Kramer, William D.  Guide to Title IX and
               Intercollegiate Athletics.  Washington, DC:
               Squire, Sanders & Dempsey, 1991.

23        Lamb, Dick and Bert McGrane.  75 Years with the
               Fighting Hawkeyes.  Dubuque, Iowa: William C.
               Brown Company, 1964.  Inscribed to Nelson from Evy
               (Forest Evashevski).

     F20  Lovelace, Delos W.  Rockne of Notre Dame.  New York: 
               G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1931.

          McCallum, John and Charles H. Pearson.  College
               Football U.S.A. 1869...1971: Official Book of the
               National Football Foundation.  s.l.: Hall of Fame
               Publishing, Inc., 1971.

          McNally, Art and Norm Schachter.  Official Rules for
               Professional Football 1989.  New York, NY: The
               National Football League, 1989.

     F21  Morrow, Don.  Directory of Scholars Indentifying with
               the History of Sport.  Third edition.  North
               American Society for Sport History, 1984.

     F22  National Collegiate Athletic Association.  Rules books
               for 1984 and 1987 - in Japanese.

23        Series XII.  Books Collected by Nelson (cont'd)

     F23  The National Football League.  The National Football
               League Digest of Rules for Players, Press - Radio
               - Television 1988.

                                      .  Officials' Manual for
               Professional Football.  s.l.: The National
               Football League, [n.d.]

          [Nelson, David M].  All I Know About Football.  blank.

          [               ].  What I Know About Football.  blank,
               except for signatures of friends and associates.

     F24  Olivar, Jordan.  Offensive Football: The "Belly
               Series."  The Barnes Sports Library.  New York:
               The Ronald Press Company, 1958.

     F25  Oshins, Louis R.  Offensive Football.  Volume 1 of A
               Handy Football Library.  New York: Blue Ribbon
               Books, 1949.

     F25                 .  Defensive Football.  Volume 2 of A
               Handy Football Library.  New York: Blue Ribbon
               Books, 1949.

     F25                 .  Football Rules and How They Are
               Applied.  Volume 3 of A Handy Football Library. 
               New York: Blue Ribbon Books, 1949.

     F25                 .  Famous Names in Football.  Volume 4
               of A Handy Football Library.  New York:  Blue
               Ribbon Books, 1949.

24   F26  Pelfrey, Ray with Steve Owens.  The Passing Game:
               Offensive and Defensive for Coaches and Players. 
               Dubuque, Iowa: William C. Brown Company, 1956.

     F27  Pepe, Phil and Zander Hollander.  The Book of Sports
               Lists.  Los Angeles:  Pinnacle Books, 1979. 
               Includes quote from Nelson.

          Pope, Edwin.  Football's Greatest Coaches.  Atlanta:
               Tupper and Love, Inc., 1955.

     F28  Rice, Grantland and John W. Heisman.  Understand
               Football.  Bronxville, NY: Mac-Hill Publishing
               Company, 1929.

24        Series XII.  Books Collected by Nelson (cont'd)

          Rockne, Bonnie Skiles (ed.)  The Autobiography of Knute
               K. Rockne.  Indianapolis: The Bobbs-Merrill
               Company, 1931.

     F29  Schiffer, Don and Lud Duroska (eds.)  Football Rules in
               Pictures.  New York: Grosset & Dunlap, 1964.

     F30                                      .  Football Rules
               in Pictures.  New and revised.  New York: Grosset
               & Dunlap, 1974.

     F31  Shaughnessy, Clark.  Football in War & Peace.  Clinton,
               SC: The Jacobs Press, 1943.  An Esquire Sports
     F32  Shaughnessy, Clark; Ralph Jones and George Halas.  The
               Modern "T" Formation with Man-in-Motion.  Authors,
               n.d.  With David Nelson bookplate.

     F33  Shearman, Montague.  Athletics and Football.  The
               Badminton Library of Sports and Pastimes.  Fourth
               edition.  London: Longmans, Green, and Co., 1894. 

          Sherrod, Blackie.  The Blackie Sherrod Collection. 
               Dallas: Taylor Publishing Company, 1988.  Includes
               a chapter relating to Nelson.

     F34  Souvenir Football Program of the Harvard - Yale Game. 
               New Haven, November 20, 1926.

     F35  Spalding's Official Foot Ball Guide Part IV: Official
               Foot Ball Rules as recommended by the Rules
               Committee, 1922.

          Underwood, John.  The Death of an American Game: The
               Crisis in Football.  Boston: Little, Brown and
               Company, 1979.

          Wakelam, H. B. T.  Rugby Football.  Modern Sports
               Series.  London: J. M. Dent & Sons, Ltd., 1936.

25   F36  Waldorf, John.  NCAA Football Rules Committee
               Chronology of 100 Years 1876-1976.  Shawnee
               Mission, Kansas: The National Collegiate Athletic
               Association, 1975.

25        Series XII.  Books Collected by Nelson (cont'd)

     F37  Whittle, Glenn (ed.)  Intercollegiate Football Annual
               1937.  St. Paul, MN: The Intercollegiate Football
               Association, [1937].

     F38                     .  The 1935 Supplement to
               Intercollegiate Football 1869-1934.  St. Paul, MN:
               The Intercollegiate Football Association, [1935].

          Wilson, Kenneth L. (Tug) and Jerry Brondfield.  The Big
               Ten.  Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, Inc.,
               1967.  Inscribed to "Homer" from "Peggy."  Nelson
               noted (with picture) on page 238.       

25        Series XIII. Clippings and photocopies, 1941-1991
               Includes clippings or photocopies of newspaper and
               magazine articles on a variety of topics, but
               particularly college football, the National
               Collegiate Athletic Association, sports and
               athletes, and issues of ethics in sports.  See
               Series VII. Professional Writing for clippings of
               articles or newspaper articles written by Nelson. 
               Numerous clippings chronicling Nelson's career as
               a coach are also found in the scrapbooks.

     F1   Bound volumes of clippings and photocopies, 1963-1980
          Volume one (1963-1972) includes about 240 pages of
          clippings, plus several letters, a couple of articles
          annotated by Nelson, and an alphabetical table of
          contents featuring article titles.  Volume 2 contains
          about 420 pages of clippings or photocopies of
          articles.  Topics of articles include a wide range of
          sports-related subjects, including sports injuries and
          safety, Title IX and women in sports, equipment,
          professional football, violence, sports and academics,
          rules issues, broadcasting rights, and coaches.  The
          volumes have been removed to Box 35.

     F2   Photocopies of newspaper articles originally housed in
               a blue binder, 1980-1983
          Most of the copies are from articles published in The
          News Journal, covering sports and Delaware-related
          topics, and events at the University of Delaware.

     F3   Photocopies of newspaper or magazine articles, 1968-1989
          Includes information on University of Delaware sports,
          football, and athletics.

     F4   Photocopies of newspaper or magazine articles, 1973-1991

          Clippings or photocopies related to Nelson, 1941-1990
     F5   1941-1978
     F6   1982-1990

25        Series XIV.  Subject file of articles, papers,
               clippings, and photocopies collected by Nelson,
               Most of this material relates to intercollegiate
               athletics, but also available is information on
               academics, television, quotes or stories for
               speeches, a series of speeches published by the
               National Federation of State High School Athletic
               Associations, and material related to the
               University of Delaware.  Arranged in alphabetical
               order by article title or subject, using folder
               titles assigned by Nelson.

     F1   A Three-Lettered Word for Sport
     F2   A Statement of the Faculty of the College of William
               and Mary
     F3   A Time of Uncertain Sounds
     F4   A Winner Is
     F5   A Young Father's Letter to His Son
     F6   Abe Lemmons: Blowing No Smoke About Recruiting
     F7   Abuses Frequent as Colleges Vie for Blue-chip Athletes
     F8   Abuses in Big time College Sports Spur Mounting
     F9   Adlai Stevenson's Wit
     F10  Age of Goof-off or of Plenty?
     F11  Annual Epidemic in Prep Football
     F12  Antitrust Law Restraint Urged for All Sports
     F13  The Art of Aerobics
     F14  Athletic Competition - Where Are We Headed?
     F15  Athletics and Education
     F16  Athletics: Unquenchably the Same?
     F17  Attendance Climbs to a Record and A Critical Test for
               Cable TV
     F18  Away with Big-time Athletics
     F19  Baseball - The Sunday Edition
     F20  A Bibliography of Football
     F21  Big-time Football Finally Gets Its Super-division
     F22  The Black Athlete
     F23  The Black Dominance
     F24  Boosters: A Winning Coach's Best Ally
     F25  Bucknell University Keeps Its Sports Serious but Small-time
     F26  Bud's Patience and Class - Colorado
     F27  Business of Baseball
     F28  Campus or Battleground?
     F29  CBS' Gamble is Paying Off
     F30  Changes Are Coming in the Colleges
     F31  Captain Mueller
     F32  The Christian Athlete
     F33  The Coaches' Curse: Recruiting

25        Series XIV.  Subject file (cont'd)
     F34  College Grid Playoff Favored in Player Poll
     F35  College Recruiting of Women
     F36  College Sports: Have the Schools Lost Control?
     F37  College Sports Crisis (clippings glued to a copy of    
               Blue Hen Gridder (1952)
     F38  Colleges' Hard-sell Tactics Turn Off Many Young
     F39  The Coming Revolt of Athletes
     F40  A Crisis in Illinois
     F41  Dean Calls for Reformation in University Education
     F42  The Desperate Coach
     F43  Devious Routes to Grid Glory
     F44  Dissent or Destruction?
     F45  Does the End Justify the Means?
     F46  Doing Violence to Sport
     F47  Duty, Honor and Country
     F48  Education for All is Education for None
     F49  Educator Says Sports Can Be a Trap for Blacks
     F50  Even the Ivies Feel the Pinch
     F51  Everest at Last
     F52  Everything is Shrinking in Higher Education
     F53  The Extra Dimension
     F54  The Face of Pain
     F55  Fact Sheet: Health Agreement with Soviet Union
     F56  Famous Familiar Words
     F57  Fan Violence A Growing Threat to Sports
     F58  The First 100 Years
     F59  Football a Fading Memory at U. of Tampa
     F60  Frank Leahy: Football's Ultimate Hero-strategist
     F61  From the 55 Yard Line
     F62  Fuel Crisis Has Ignited Drastic Shifts in Athletics
     F63  Get Their Final Offer and We'll Double It
     F64  Give the Games Back to the Students
     F64a God Is My Quarterback
     F65  Greetings - President Everett Derryberry
     F66  The Growing Crisis in College Sports
     F67  Helping to Solve Community Problems
     F68  Henry Jordan Keeps Them Laughing
     F69  High School Medical Facilities "National Scandal"
     F70  In Corpore Sano
     F71  In Defense of Sports     F72  In the Country of the Young
     F73  Injury Epidemic? Let's Weigh the Facts
     F74  Intercollegiate Athletics - a Plan for Honesty and
     F75  Is TV's Grip Hurting Sports?
     F76  It's All in a State of Mind
     F77  Ivy League OKs use of Freshmen
     F78  Jake vs. the NFL
     F79  Joe Paterno's Commencement Address

25        Series XIV.  Subject file (cont'd)

     F80  Joint Legislative Committee for Athletics and Education
     F81  Journalism - or Entertainment?
     F82  Justice Is Blind
     F83  Lindbergh
     F84  Livingston, John Cleve
     F85  Long Beach vs. the NCAA
     F86  The Losers in College Sports
     F87  The Lost Image
     F88  Marshall Leaving Avenues Open to League Affiliation
     F89  The Meanest Game in Town Is Now Lacrosse
     F90  Men and Mountains
     F91  National Football Foundation - Out of Bounds?
     F92  NCAA Debate Is Heating Up
     F93  NCAA Reorganization - Alumni
     F94  NCAA Writes the Rules, Policies - 18 College Sports

26   F95  Needed: Well Rounded Colleges
     F96  Networks All Differ
     F97  Neuter Crews Suggested for Intersectional Games
     F98  New Designs for Intercollegiate Athletics
     F99  New Slant on the Mod Sod
     F100 News From Hunter College
     F101 NFL Adopts Fast Whistle as QB Safety Measure
     F102 Notes From a Conversationalist
     F103 The Olympic Torch - World Symbol
     F104 Open Door vs. Selective Admission
     F105 Penn Athletics at Financial Crossroads
     F106 Penn's Not-so-Sweet Smell of Success
     F107 The Place of Intercollegiate Athletics in High
     F108 Player Agents...Gigantic Ripoff?
     F109 Pro Football - World's Most Dangerous Sport
     F110 Problems in Communicating the "Language of Football"
     F111 The Promise of Purnell Hall
     F112 Proposed: a National Talent Hunt
     F113 The Pursuit of Excellence
     F114 Quotes and sayings
     F115 Random Thoughts on Soft Living
     F116 Recent Relationship to Funding Higher Education Panel
     F117 Recruiting Amidst the Ivy
     F118 Red Ink Flows as Costs Mount
     F119 Religion in Sports
     F120 The Revolt of Black Athletes
     F121 Rich Grow Richer as Trojans and Irish Show the Way in
               College Football Recruiting
     F122 Rutgers
     F123 St. John's U. Course in Athletic Administration
     F124 Saturday's Hard-Pressed Heroes
     F125 Scholarships and Sports

26        Series XIV.  Subject file (cont'd)

     F126 The September Song
     F127 The Sex Olympics - A Real Crowd Pleaser
     F128 Should Your Boy Play Football?
     F129 Show Shula the Baby, Forget the Pregnancy
     F130 Sociology of Sports - Review
     F131 Some Grid Coaches Now Outspoken in Criticizing Abuses
     F132 Something to Be Said
     F133 Sport in America - Quest
     F134 Sport Violence - Rick Horrow
     F135 Sports Recruiting
     F136 Sports T.V.: Constant Chatter, Flood of Errors
     F137 Stanford Football Image - A Question of Emphasis
     F138 Statement of Dr. Robert C. Edwards
     F139 Survey on Impact of Athletics on Education
     F140 To Lead or Not To Lead
     F141 TV No. 1 Source of Sports Revenue
     F142 TV Sports: Competition, Paranoia and Money
     F143 Tennessee, With $3-Million Sports Budget, Keyed to
     F144 The Theology of Forgiveness
     F145 There's More Action in College Football Than in Pros
     F146 To Understand the White House, Listen Closely
     F147 The Uncommon Man
     F148 The University of Delaware Athletic Program:
               Scheduling, Recruiting and Policy
     F149 Vince Lombardi: A Coach for all Seasons
     F150 Violent Protest: A Debased Language
     F151 What Makes a Champion
     F152 What Lies Ahead for Big Ten Athletes
     F153 What's It All About
     F154 When a Newspaper Doesn't Want to Play Ball
     F155 Who Loves Harvard?
     F156 Who Speaks on Behalf of the Children?
     F157 Whom Can We Admire?
     F158 Why It's Better to Watch the Game on TV
     F159 Women in Sports
     F160 Would You Buy a Used Playbook From This Man?
     F161 Yale and Athletics
     F162 Yost Asks Some Questions

26        Series XV.  Scrapbooks, 1936-1977
               The eighteen scrapbooks contain clippings, several
               photographs, chalk drawings of David Nelson and
               his wife Shirley, issues of magazines, and a few
               ephemeral items.  The contents of each scrapbook
               are described in the folder notes for the period
               of Nelson's life to which the scrapbook pertains. 
               These scrapbooks were assembled by Mrs. Shirley
               Nelson, beginning in high school.

     F1   Removed and shelved separately at the end of the

26        Series XVI.  E. E. Wieman's Football Coaching
               Notebooks, 1930-1945
               Three notebooks containing football coaching
               information used by "Tad" Wieman while an
               assistant to Fritz Crisler at Princeton University
               from 1930-1934 and as a line coach at Columbia
               University in 1945.  The notebooks were later
               given to Nelson.  Arranged in chronological order.

     F1   Princeton University, 1930-1934
          The notebook contains summaries of squad meetings,
          fieldwork descriptions (listing players and positions),
          scouting reports and formation diagrams, game summaries
          (with clippings of games in 1931), plus laid in game
          summaries for 1934 and notes on teams.

     F2   Princeton University, 1932
          Notebook contains lists of coaching personnel and
          players, fieldwork descriptions, notes on squad
          meetings, game reports, and scouting reports.

     F3   Columbia University, 1945
          Notebook of diagrams for plays used by Columbia during
          the 1945 football season.

26        Series XVII.  Bound volumes of clippings, magazines,
               minutes, dockets, annual reports, proceedings,
               clinic manuals, photocopied articles, etc., 1912-1988
               The following volumes have been listed and
               described in the series to which they pertain but
               have been removed to Boxes 26-35 due to size.

          Official Football 1965-1972(3 volumes)

27        University of Delaware Press or Media Guides and
               University of Delaware News (12 volumes)

28        University of Delaware Athletic Council Minutes, 1912-1956 May (13 volumes)

29        University of Delaware Athletic Council Minutes, 1956
               Nov-1971 (15 volumes)

30        University of Delaware Athletic Council or Governing
               Board Minutes, 1971 Dec-1984 Spr (13 volumes)

31        University of Delaware Athletic Governing Board
               Minutes, 1984-1988 (4 volumes, plus index)

          University of Delaware Board of Trustees, Committee on
               Physical Education, Recreation, and Athletics
               Dockets, 1956-1984 (4 volumes)

          Annual reports of the University of Delaware College of
               Physical Education, Athletics, and Recreation,
               1958-1977 (2 volumes)

32        American Coaches Association, Proceedings, 1949-1986 (8

33        American Coaches Association, Digest/Membership, 1966-1985 (4 volumes)
          American Coaches Association, Summer manuals, 1949-1985
               (5 volumes)
          Clinic manuals, 1957-1962 (1 volume)

34        Series XVII.  Bound volumes (cont'd)

          Bound volumes of magazines (volumes are untitled but
               have been numbered and are listed with contents)

          Volume 1
          Athletic Journal   1957 Sep and 1958 Sep
          Scholastic Coach   1957 Sep, 1958 May, 1959 Sep,
                             1960 Jun

          Volume 2
          Scholastic Coach   1963 Feb, Mar, Jun, 1964 Jun & Sep
                             1965 Sep

          Volume 3
          Scholastic Coach   1962 Feb, May, Jun, Sep & Nov
                             1963 Sep
          Volume 4 
          University of Michigan Official Program
               Michigan vs. Michigan State  1939 Oct 7
               Michigan vs. Yale  1939 Oct 28
               Michigan vs. Minnesota  1939 Nov 11
               Michigan vs. Ohio State  1939 Nov 25
               Michigan vs. Michigan State  1940 Oct 5
               Michigan vs. Illinois  1940 Oct 19
               Michigan vs. Pennsylvania  1940 Oct 26
               Michigan vs. Northwestern  1940 Nov 16
               Michigan vs. Iowa  [1941] Oct 4
               Michigan vs. Minnesota  [1941] Oct 25
               Michigan vs. Ohio State  [1941] Nov 22

          Volume 5
          All American Bowl Game Official Program  1960 Dec 26
          Delaware Today 1962 Aug-Sep, 1963 Aug-Sep, 1964 Oct-Nov
          Friends  1964 Oct
          1966 Football Yearbook Kick-off    1966
          Sport  1965 Jan
          The University News  1964 Fall
          University of Michigan Official Souvenir Program
               Michigan vs. Duke  1967 Sep 23

34        Series XVII.  Bound volumes (cont'd)

          Volume 6
          Beaver Stadium Pictorial
               Penn State vs. Navy  1972 Sep 23
               Penn State vs. Air Force  1971 Oct 2
          The Colgate Game
               Ohio vs. Kent  1969 Sep 20
          The Lion's Roar (The Columbia Football Magazine)
               Columbia vs. Lafayette 1970 Sep 26
          Pro and College Football Sports Stars of 1972  1972 Wtr
          Sports Illustrated  1973 Jan 22, 1972 Sep 11 & Dec 4
          Sportsannual (Southern Conference) 1970 Feb 26-28
          Texas Coach  1971 Sep
          Time  1972 Nov 20
          University of Michigan Official Souvenir Program
               Michigan vs. Duke  1967 Sep 23
          Bound volume titled "David M. Nelson Articles" which
               includes the following magazines:

          Scholastic Coach  1986 Jan, 1982 Jan, 1978 Nov
          Coach & Athlete   1977 Aug-Sep
          Beaver Stadium Pictorial
               Penn State vs. Air Force   1971 Oct 2
               Penn State vs. Navy        1972 Sep 23
               Penn State vs. Houston     1977 Sep 17
          Referee   1976 Jul-Aug

          Bound volumes of Evening News Journal clippings or
               photocopies of clippings 1966-1979 (3 volumes)
          Bound volume of Evening News Journal and photocopies of
               articles written by Nelson for Football Today

35        Bound volumes of newspaper clippings 1963-1980  (2
               volumes) See Series XIII F1 for a description of
               the material in these volumes

36        Removed. All videocassettes shelved in SPEC Media Videocassettes.

37        Oversize issues of Football Today and The Saturday
               Evening Post and Look
          Oversize bound volume of Look (1960 Oct 25 and Nov 8,
               1963 Nov 5 and Nov 19) and Fortune (1945 Jul) 

38        Oversize clippings, posters, blueprints, sketches (see
               notes in various series for information about the
                              contents of this box)

                             Appendix A
                       Audiovisual Material
     Items are video cassettes unless otherwise noted.  All 16 MM
films are shelved separately at the end of the collection.  All
video cassettes are housed in SPEC Media Videocassettes.

"Ark[ansas] vs. SMU Football - November 20, 1982 - copy"
     (homemade video) See Box 35

"Black Athlete: Fact or Fiction" [n.d.] NBC program narrated by
     Tom Brokaw, explores research on black athletes, incomplete.
     (homemade video, follows other programs on the tape).

"Blocking/Hands @ TCU - March 16 1988" (homemade video) See Box

Brunswick Sports, MacGregor.  The Football Code of Champions.

Business World - ABC TV/Network.  Video Computer Sports
     Technology.  March 4, 1990.  11:00 a.m.  See Box 35

"1985 CCA-NCAA Football Mechanics." (homemade video)  Included in
     the box is a letter which lists the nine programs included
     on this tape.

"CFA Rules - Interview with Dave Nelson, October 17, 1984 -
     Cassettes 1 & 2 - ABC Sports" (homemade video)  See Box 35

Collegiate Commissioners Association.  Four Man Mechanics. 
     Dallas: SOA Productions, 1989.

                     .  1989 Five Man Mechanics.  Dallas: SOA
     Productions, 1989.

                     .  1989 Revised Blocking Rule.  Dallas: SOA
     Productions, 1989.

                     .  1989 Seven Man Mechanics.  Dallas: SOA
     Productions, 1989.

                     .  1989 Six Man Mechanics.  Dallas: SOA
     Productions, 1989.

                     .  Pass Interference. [1972].  16MM

                     .  The Passing Game.  Dallas: SOA
     Productions, 1989.

                     .  [Untitled]. Tape #2.  Dallas: SOA
     Productions, 1989.

"Dave Philadelphia Talk Show - Discussion of Athletes,"  [n.d.]
     "People to People" program hosted by Marc Howard, with a
     panel including David Nelson, Billy Cunningham, Scott
     Palmer, Steve Kinney, and Bruce Arians.  Discussion on
     paying college athletes.  Incomplete.  (homemade video)

"Dave Sports Show - Clip of 5th Down," October 6, 1990.  CBS
     Sports - College Football Today program on the the Colorado
     vs. Missouri game 5th down controversy.  Includes a brief
     statement by David Nelson.  (homemade video)

"David Nelson and Football Supervisors Rules, January 1981"
     (homemade video) See Box 35

"David Nelson 82 Rules Changes/SWC Football Clinic 1982"
     (homemade video) See Box 35

Finley's Fluorescent Football.  Bac Group, Inc. 

"5 Man Mechanics" (homemade video)

Monday Morning Quarterback.  Wilmington, DE: Du Pont Motion
     Pictures.  16 MM

National Collegiate Athletic Association.  The Best Football
     Plays of 1963. Wilmington, DE: Du Pont Motion Pictures,
     [1963].  16MM

                                        .  The Best Football
     Plays of 1964. [Wilmington, DE: Du Pont Motion Pictures,
     1964].  16MM  

                                        .  The Best Football
     Plays of 1965. [Wilmington, DE: Du Pont Motion Pictures,
     1965].  16MM

                                        .  1991 Football Rule
     Changes.  Professional Image Video Services.  16:51 min. 
     Two copies.

                                        .  1989 NCAA Rule
     Revisions. Tape #1, Tape #2.  Dotson Lewis at Trinity
     University.  Dallas: SOA Productions, 1989.

                                        . Six Man Officiating
     Techniques.  43 min.

                                        .  Sportsmanship: A
     Question of Attitude.  16MM
National Collegiate Athletic Association, National Federation of
     State High School Associations, and Rawlings.  Five Man
     Officiating Techniques.  Preliminary review copy for Nelson. 
     35 min.

1990 Seven Man Mechanics.  Dallas: SOA Productions, 1990.

"1991 False Starts with Offlines - Dave Nelson Intro." (homemade

"1990 Training Tape" (homemade video)

President's Council on Physical Fitness.  Action for Athletes. 
     Presented by the U.S. Marine Corps, [1974].  16MM

"Rule Changes 1990 1st Takes" (homemade video)

"SFOA - Houston Clinic 1981 - David Nelson - 81 Rules/Q & A
     Session" (homemade video) See Box 35

Six Man Mechanics Revised for 1990.  Dallas: SOA Productions,

Sportsmanship: A Question of Attitude.  Richardson, Texas:
     TransVideo.  20:00 min. (2 copies, one homemade version from
     16MM film)

"Two Samples of NFL Officials Training Tapes - Voice Over: Art
     McNally, Director of Officiating" (homemade video) See Box
                            Appendix B
                       List of Photographs

Scrapbook #1   1) Mackenzie High School 1936 Hockey team (group
                    picture which includes Mrs. Shirley Nelson)
               2) Mackenzie High School 1937 Hockey team (group
                    picture which includes Mrs. Shirley Nelson)

Scrapbook #4   1) David Nelson while at University of Michigan
               2) David Nelson running for a touchdown during the
                    University of Michigan-Illinois game (1940
               3) David Nelson in University of Michigan football
                    uniform, throwing a football
               4) David Nelson in University of Michigan football
                    uniform, throwing a football (different shot)
               5) Pencil sketch of David Nelson (profile)

Scrapbook #5   Hillsdale football game (n.d.)

Scrapbook #6   Harvard football coaches, including Head Football
                    Coach Art Valpey and Nelson [1948]

Scrapbook #14  1) David Nelson grasping his cap [n.d.]
               2) David Nelson posing with football [ca. 1957]
               3) David Nelson posing with football (another
                    shot) [ca. 1957]

Scrapbook #17  Pencil sketch of Shirley Risburg (Nelson)
               Colored-chalk portrait of David Nelson drawn by
                    Harold Raymond

Series II.     F5   Negative of David Nelson in Navy uniform

Series IV.1.   F15  1) David Nelson on sideline during University
                         of Delaware game
                    2) David Nelson on sideline during University
                         of Delaware game (a different shot)
                    3) David Nelson in coat and tie
                    4) David Nelson in coat and bow tie (2

Series V.1     F19  Four shots of the new goal post (at the
                         University of Oregon) sent to Nelson by
                         Director of Athletics Leo Harris (1958)

               F20  University of Oregon goal post (1959)

               F41  Two shots of North Texas State Football Coach
                         Rod Rust

Series V.1     F52  1) University of Houston Football Coach Bill
(cont'd)                 Yeoman [1973]
                    2) Unidentified ASU Coach 
               F61  Unidentified 1975 Rules Committee member

               F62  "Data-Post" (electronic goal post) [1975]

               F90  18 shots of football tackling techniques
                         (with a letter to Nelson regarding
                         illegal tackling techniques) 1979 

               F145 10 images of football uniform numbers [1988]

               F153 Japanese football officials (includes
                         Nakamura, Fukagawa, & Kiire) 1989 Aug 6

               F155 "Visually enhanced football"

               F171 University of Washington scoreboard (1989)

Series VI.4    F10  Nelson posing with three officials of the
                         National Federation of State High School
                         Associations, taken during a Federation
                         Football Rules Committee meeting in
                         Biloxi, Mississippi (1977 Jan)

Series IX.     F18  David Nelson in UD football cap and jacket
                         holding football, used in advertising
                         MacGregor football shoulder pads (1961)

               F20  David Nelson in coat and tie [1962]

               F21  David Nelson on sideline during UD football
                         game looking dejected, with attached
                         note, "Forget it!  500,000,000 Chinese
                         don't even know the game was played."

               F50  General R. R. Neyland, Athletic Director,
                         University of Tennessee [1971]

Series X.      F8   David Nelson in coat & tie, photograph used
                         in the National Football Foundation and
                         Hall of Fame program honoring Nelson
                         with the 1984 "Distinguished American

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