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Series I.  Personal and Professional Papers, 1921-1986


Extent:  5.3 linear ft.


Contents:  Correspondence, photographs, negatives, contact sheets, galley and page proofs, paper samples, keepsakes, bills and receipts, mock-ups, type specimen sheets, calendars, books, invitations, menus, book covers, stationery, articles, notes, clippings, photocopies, prospectuses, lists, tear sheets, forms, lithographs, etchings, charcoal drawing, and watercolors


Arrangement:  The series has eleven subseries arranged as follows:

1)  The Herity Press

2)  Myriade Press

3)  Publications by Lina Lieberman

4)  Publications by Jethro Lieberman

5)  "Simple Printing"

6)  Popular Printing, Inc. (PoP)

7)  Writing by Lieberman

8)  Exhibitions

9)  Teaching by Lieberman

10)  Material related to Book Collecting and Bibliographies

11)  Miscellaneous personal material




            Personal and Professional Papers consists of material that documents many of the wide range of printing activities to which the Liebermans devoted themselves.  Subseries I.1. contains the files of the Liebermans' private press imprints, The Herity Press and the Ioxis Division of Herity Press, including businesses correspondence, promotional files, photographs, type specimens, and of course many of the press's publications, such as editions of The Check-Log of Private Press Names.

            Subseries I.2 consists of only three folders of material related Lieberman's commercial press, Myriade Press.  The two projects represented are galley proofs and book covers for Lieberman's book, Type and Typefaces, and copies of press parts lists that Myriade Press printed for the press equipment company, Chandler & Price.

            Subseries I.3 and I.4 consist of a small sample of ephemera printed by Lieberman's children, Lina and Jethro Lieberman.

            The files in subseries I.5 document the development and advocacy of "Simple Printing" a concept developed by Lieberman to serve as a teaching technique for children and adults in the United States and developing countries.  Some of the project objectives included supporting literacy programs, improving of local communication media, encouraging local printing industries, and providing tools for supporting agency programs.  The files include summaries of his ideas, articles and papers he wrote as an advocate of the idea, research material supporting the concept, as well as drafts of sections for a book on "simple printing."  Subsequently much of the material outlined for this book was used in Lieberman's Printing as a Hobby.

            Subseries I.6 consists of the files of Popular Printing, Inc. (PoP), a company founded by Ben Lieberman with the assistance of investors in 1959.  PoP was organized to provide a means for popular, simple and inexpensive printing; to design, manufacture and distribute equipment for that purpose; to constitute a source for supplies to be used with that equipment; and ultimately, to enfranchise the quality and leadership position in printing equipment and supplies for education, recreation, occupational therapy and smaller business use.

            The files includes correspondence, samples of printed instructions and announcements distributed by the company, and commercial literature from Chandler & Price, who manufactured the Pilot Press, a small platen press marketed by Lieberman.  Information about the Liberty Press, a simple homemade wooden hand printing press developed by Lieberman for PoP is also available.

            Subseries I.7 consists of material related to written work by Ben Lieberman.

Lieberman authored several books and full-length client reports, including The Communication Approach to Technical Assistance, The Navy Editors' Manual, Types and Typefaces, and Printing as a Hobby.  He also contributed to Dictionary of Political Science, professional articles on education, political science, communication, graphic arts, and public relations, as well as newspaper reporting.  The subseries includes preliminary files and production material related to his book, Printing as a Hobby and drafts or printed articles he wrote.

            Most of the files in subseries I.8 Exhibitions relate to Lieberman's organization of the "Chappels and Personal Printing: a Modern Folk Art, USA" in 1963.  Subseries I.9 consists of two folders of material related to courses taught at East Contra Costa Junior College in 1955 and a graphic arts course for General Foods Corporation in 1958.  Subseries I.10 includes prospectuses, catalogs, and book lists sent by book clubs, publishers, and antiquarian book dealers for Lieberman's consideration.

            The final subseries organizes miscellaneous personal material, such as articles and notes written about Lieberman, clippings and travel brochures, photographs (including two of Richard Nixon), and a collection of artwork acquired by Lieberman.  The artwork includes an original charcoal drawing of Ben Lieberman, as well as signed prints by William SThursday, March 19, 2009Normal> 

1                      Series I.  Personal and Professional Papers, 1921-1986


Series I.1.  The Herity Press, 1952-1984


F1        Business files, 1952-1975

Includes correspondence, bills and receipts, notes, documentation for work by Lina Lieberman (daughter) for the press


F2        Promotional files, 1962

Promotional file for the press, simple printing, and the check log, including correspondence, two photographs: one of Lina Lieberman and other of Ben Lieberman


F3        Publicity - "Book Collecting World," 1961-1964


F4        Photographs - Chappel meeting at Herity, 1969

Nine photographs, some taken by Guy Dobson, includes one of Ben Lieberman.


F5        Photograph - "The Kelmscott/Goudy Press," n.d.

Includes Elizabeth and Ben Lieberman


F6        Standard set-ups, 1961


F7        Templates, n.d.


F8        "Upstroke" typeface, 1967 Aug

Mock-ups of the "upstroke" typeface designed by Ben Lieberman


The Herity Press - Type sheets, n.d.

F9        Type sheets of letters

F10      Type sheets of letters

F11      Type sheets of letters

F12      Dingbats and Borders


1                      Series I.  Personal and Professional Papers (cont'd)

Series I.1.  The Herity Press (cont'd)


F13      Local type and specimens, 1961-1963


F14      Production mock-ups and repro sheets, n.d.


F15      Repro type, n.d.


Paper stock inventory and samples, n.d.

F16      samples

F17      samples


Calendar - reproduction art, 1952-1965

F18      specimens, 1952-1965

F19      specimens, 1953-1964


F20      Ad cuts - identification, n.d.


The Herity Press - Publications, 1952-1984


The Check-Log of Private Press Names, 1959-1983

F21      Correspondence, 1959-1983

F22      Certificates, forms, announcements, labels, prospectuses, form letters, 1959-1963

23        Mailing list


2          F24      Promotion, 1960-1976

F25      "Geographic Listing of Private Presses in the United States," 1982

Written by Art Goldsmith


            The Check-Log of Private Press Names issues, 1960-1976

F26      1960-1962

F27      1963-1965

F28      1966-1976


F29      Prop cards, 1963-1974

F30      Stationery, n.d.

F31      Labels, n.d.

2                      Series I.  Personal and Professional Papers (cont'd)

Series I.1.  The Herity Press (cont'd)


Holiday greetings, 1953-1983

F32      1953-1964

F33      1965-1983


F34      Get well greetings, 1962

F35      Calendar pages, 1961-1982

F36      Dinner invitations and menus, 1952-1982

F37      Announcements, material about Herity Press, 1952-1967

F38      Keepsakes for "Quiet Evening at the Herity Press" events, 1962-1984


Herity Press - individual titles, 1959-1980

F39      "An Account of the Herity Press," 1974

F40      "An Apology, An Explanation, and a Promise," 1964 May 10

F41      "A Common Management Problem…," n.d.

F42      "The First Lullaby," n.d.

F43      "FWG - The Living Spirit of the Village Press," 1978

F44      "The Kelmscott/Goudy Press at the Herity Press," 1961

F45      "Paul Bennett: the symbolism of his last public appearance…," 1967

F46      "Printing Redefined a help in redefining printed ephemera," 1980

F47      "Proposal to the Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc. - The Index Papers,"


F48      "The Purposes of the Herity Press," 1978

F49      "Q & A on Printing as a Modern Folk Art," 1964 Feb 28

F50      "Seven Strategies for a Breakthrough Program in Communicating                                               Education," 1960 Mar

F51      "Share your hobby and enjoy it more," n.d.

F52      "So Many," 1971

Written by Jessica Dumes Lieberman

F53      "Three score & ten, I Run again," 1961 Jan 31

F54      "The Typographic Taxonomy," 1959

F55      "Whys and Therefores of a Chappel," 1961


F56      Keepsake bookmarks, 1961-1981

F57      Keepsakes commemorating the capping of Kelmscott/Goudy Press, 1962

Includes keepsakes printed by other private presses

F58      Keepsakes, 1959-1970

F59      Announcements, invitations, changes of address, 1962-1968

F60      Stationery printed for others, n.d.

2                      Series I.  Personal and Professional Papers (cont'd)

Series I.1.  The Herity Press (cont'd)


Publications for chappels, 1958-1977

F61      Goudy Chappel, 1965-1975

F62      Moxon Chappel, 1957

F63      New York Chappel, 1958-1965

F64      Westchester Chappel, 1960-1977

F65      Joint meetings of chappels, 1961-1968


F66      Publications for The Goudy Society, 1962-1970

F67      Publications for The William Morris Society, 1961


3                      Packets of samples of Herity Press publications, 1952-1968

F68      Packet for the Library of Congress, 1952-1968

F69      Packet for the Newberry Library, 1958-1968


F70      Miscellaneous publications, 1960-1965


Projects for Herity Press, 1961-1964

F71      Charles Shaw lectures, 1964

F72      "The First M," 1961-1962


F73      Publications of the Ioxis Division of Herity Press, 1959-1962

Also called Ioxis Press


Series I.2.  Myriade Press, 1972-1988

Myriade, which was Lieberman's business press, published American Metal Typefaces of the Twentieth Century by Mac McGrew, issues of The Check-log of Private Press Names, Goudy's Type Designs by Frederic Goudy, Typographic Variations by Hermann Zapf, and Lieberman's Types and Typefaces.


F74      Correspondence and publicity, 1980-1988

F75      Material toward Type and Typefaces, 1972

Includes galleys and book covers.

F76      Chandler & Price New Series Presses - Myriade Press Parts Series, n.d.


Series I.3.  Publications by Lina Lieberman, 1961-1967


F77      Announcements, ephemera, 1961-1967

Some printed as the Etaoin Shrdlu Press

3                      Series I.  Personal and Professional Papers (cont'd)


Series I.4.  Publications by Jethro Lieberman, 1960-1983


F78      Holiday greetings, invitations, stationery, and ephemera, 1960-1983


Series I.5.  "Simple Printing," 1938-1983


F79      Basic information, 1957-1972

F80      Summaries, 1961-1962

F81      Articles and papers written by Lieberman, 1961-1963

F82      Booklet, 1961-1962

F83      Education, 1957-1983

Includes a photograph of a press, printed material, and notes

F84      Educational media mailing lists, 1970s

F85      Experimenters, 1964

F86      Freinet (French), 1960

F87      Graphic Arts Education, 1938-1970

F88      How to do it - basic steps, n.d.

F89      International Graphic Arts Education Association - correspondence, 1962-                               1964

Includes correspondence, membership cards, certificates, programs, and a proposal for curricula

F90      International Graphic Arts Education Association - printed, 1959-1964

F91      Juvenile, n.d.

F92      Legal questions, 1960-1961

F93      Leads, 1963-1972

F94      Literacy - proposals by Lieberman, 1961-1962

F95      Literacy - articles by Lieberman, 1963-1966

F96      Literacy - development - correspondence, 1960-1964


4          F97      Literacy - development - print, 1950-1966

F98      Pre-school, 1961-1965

F99      Reading, 1961-1964

F100    Reading/children/learning, 1961-1974

F101    Reading/printing, 1959-1962

F102    The status of research on typography, 1963

F103    Theory projects, 1961-1962

F104    United States, 1961-1965

F105    Uses and values, 1959

F106    World issues - United Nations, 1956-1976


4                      Series I.  Personal and Professional Papers (cont'd)

Series I.5.  "Simple Printing," (cont'd)


Material toward a book on "Simple Printing," 1958-1967

Most of this material relates to Lieberman's Printing as a Hobby.  Includes page proofs for some portions of Printing as a Hobby.  See also subseries I.7 for the files related to Printing as a Hobby.

F107    To do, n.d.

F108    Front matter, 1963

F109    Acknowledgements, 1963

F110    Table of contents, n.d.

F111    Part I

F112    Appendix

F113    Sources and credits

F114    Art/culture

F115    Craftsmanship

F116    Education

F117    Freedom of the press

F118    Individuals

F119    Leisure

F120    Printing industry

F121    Retired persons

F122    Therapy

F123    Visual communication

F124    Youth

4                      Series I.  Personal and Professional Papers (cont'd)


Series I.6.  Popular Printing, Inc. (PoP), 1957-1971


F125    Correspondence, information about the company, 1957-1971

Includes a list of the investors in the company, Lieberman's resume, summaries of the objectives of the company, and printed material

F126    Liberty Press, n.d.

Information about this simple homemade wooden hand printing press developed by Popular Printing, Inc. and for which Lieberman held the patent.

F127    Printed material, 1963-1967

Includes announcements, equipment descriptions, and instruction sheets for the lay of type cases, and for printing with amateur presses, such as The Liberty Press.

F128    Envelopes and stationery, n.d.

F129    Plastic printer's tray, n.d.


Chandler & Price Company

Chandler & Price manufactured the Pilot Press, a 6 x 10 inch platen press recommended by Lieberman in Printing as a Hobby and in PoP literature.  Myriade Press printed parts lists for Chandler.

F130    Correspondence and price lists, 1967

F131    Prospectuses and lists, 1966

F132    Craftman Press, n.d.

F133    Component parts lists, 1970

4                      Series I.  Personal and Professional Papers (cont'd)


Series I.7.  Writing by Lieberman, 1947-1983


Printing as a Hobby

New York: Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. and Oak Tree Press, Ltd., 1963.


F134    Correspondence, 1955-1967

F135    "Material for a comprehensive book on printing,"1953-1963

Includes notes, bibliographic and printed material

F136    "Ammunition for Hobby," 1954-1965

Printed information and writing by Lieberman

F137    Notes and examples, 1947-1964

F138    "Personal Printing," n.d.

Typescript and copies

F139    "Print for Fun," n.d.

Typescript and print

F140    Mock-up pages, n.d.


5          F141    Prospectus, n.d.

F142    Page proofs, [1963]

F143    Material for revision - correspondence, printed, mailing lists, 1974-1981

F144    Material for revision - catalogs, n.d.


Articles or papers by Lieberman, 1961-1983


F145    The Black Art, 1961-1963

Lieberman wrote several articles for The Black Art, including "The Modern Chappel Movement" and "The Liberty Bell on the Kelmscott/Goudy Press."  This folder includes typescripts for each of these, as well as correspondence

F146A "A Computerized Development Information System," International      Development Review, 1964 Mar

F146B "A Digest History of the Prop Card," 1981, Mar 11

F147    "Invention of Printing," 1973 Oct 15

A photocopied typescript of "revised draft" for a possible speech

F148    "Note to the special readers of this draft list of basic current typefaces,"                                     1966 Aug 10

Printing News

Lieberman occasionally contributed news items to Printing News.

F149    Correspondence, programs, and reprints, 1858-1978

F150    Tearsheets, 1940-1983


F151    "Printing Offset," The Jerusalem Post, 1972 Dec 7

F152    "Printing's Do-It-Yourselfers," Saturday Review, 1965 Oct 9


5                      Series I.  Personal and Professional Papers (cont'd)

Series I.7.  Writing by Lieberman (cont'd)


Series I.8.  Exhibitions, 1958-1964


"Chappels and Personal Printing: a Modern Folk Art, USA"

F153    Correspondence and printed, 1963-1964

F154    USIA waiver forms (completed by participants), 1963

F155    Photographs for the exhibition, 1964

Negatives, contact sheets and 30 photographs of private press printers.  Includes images of Elfriede Abbe (Abbe Press), Charles Klensch (Underground Press), James Eckman (Doomsday Press), Arthur McClure (Art Press), Don Drenner (Zauberberg Press)with girl scouts learning merit badge book binding, Ten Fingers Press, and unidentified printers and presses.


F156    Herity Press contributions to exhibitions, 1958-1962


Series I.9.  Teaching by Lieberman, 1955-1958


F157    Journalism 21 - Introduction to Printing - East Contra Costa Junior                                            College, 1955 Spring


F158    Graphic Arts Course for General Foods Corporation, 1958 Spring

Lieberman was employed at General Foods (1957-1959) as a Public Relations Associate.


Series I.10.  Material related to book collecting and bibliographies,


Lieberman received prospectuses, catalogs, and book lists from numerous publishers, books clubs, and antiquarian book dealers.  This material was used for bibliographies on printing and book collecting.


Publishers' prospectuses - individual titles

F159    1954-1973

F160    1957-1984

F161    1962-1971


F162    Philip C. Duschnes - prospectuses and lists, 1937-1957

F163    Publishers and book club lists and prospectuses, 1951-1975

F164    Announcements for periodicals, 1948-1969


5                      Series I.  Personal and Professional Papers (cont'd)

Series I.10.  Material related to book collecting (cont'd)


Antiquarian book catalogs and lists

F165    1939-1965

F166    1921-1969


6                      Series I.11.  Miscellaneous personal material, 1926-1986


F167    Articles and notes about Lieberman, 1984-1986


Original artwork acquired by Lieberman, 1926-1958

Several items removed to oversize


F168    Bonar, Floyd

Untitled printed etching of a woman gazing at stars – signed

Untitled printed etching of a still-life of fruit w/pineapple – signed


F169    David, Ismar - Bible illustrations - 13 printed pages


F170    Rembrandt - Print of "Christ and the woman of Samaria among ruins, 1634"


F171    Sharp, William - 2 Untitled lithographs (both are an image of cage with                          prisoner pulled by oxen) - both are signed


F172    [Stacey-Burke] - "Rosheim in Alsace" - Greeting send by Craig Champney Smith - printed etching


F173    Stern, Alexander (Alec) - prints of etchings

“San Francisco Skyline”

“Telegraph Hill from Fishermens Wharf”


F174    Stoner, Harry – “1926” – print of engraving/illustration - signed


F175    Surendorf, Charles

Wells Fargo Building - Columbia - Edition 100 - print - signed

Fire House #1 - Columbia - Edition 100 - print


F176    Verniére, Jacques - "De Re Militari, 1472" - #34/50 - print of engraving


F177    [Waller, Frank] - printed proof of etching - Untitled [woman in museum]

6                      Series I.  Personal and Professional Papers (cont'd)

Series I.11.  Miscellaneous personal material (cont'd)

Original artwork acquired by Lieberman (cont'd)


F178    [Unidentified artist with the initials ME] - Flowers - print - #102/195


F179    [Unidentified artist] - "Ben Lieberman" - charcoal drawing - "Paris Vieux                                   Colombier" 17 Nov 1958


F180    [Unidentified artist] - Madonna and child on parapet - 1663 – proof/print


F181    [Unidentified artist] - "Monhegan Island" - "Christmas '33"

On the verso is written: "Best Wishes for the Xmas "Lou."


F182    [Unidentified artist] - "Paris-Notre Dame…" - watercolor



Photographs, 1941-1969

F183    Richard Nixon, 1968

Two black and white photograph of Nixon

F184    Photographs of unidentified persons and places, 1941-1969

11 photographs


F185    Printed and clipped material re: Israel and Jerusalem, 1970-1980s

F186    Printed travel information, n.d.

F187    Clippings, 1937-1982

F188    Miscellaneous correspondence, print, and ephemera, 1957-1980


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