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1936 - 1998
(bulk dates 1952-1996)

Manuscript Collection Number: 191
Accessioned: Purchases, 1982-1998.
Extent: 10 linear ft.
Content: Correspondence, poems, essays, reviews, stories, lectures, interviews, clippings, photographs, plays, librettos, contracts, books, programs, journals, calendars, thesis, dissertation, translations, proofs, posters, identification cards, transcripts, scrapbooks, certificates, royalty statements, broadsides, slides, and sheet music.
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Processed: 1998 by Anita A. Wellner.

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6         Series I.  Writing by Donald Justice (cont'd)
          Series I.2.  Opera and music, 1965-1991
               Donald Justice has written several librettos, as well as the text for a choral
               performance.  Arranged chronologically.

     F231 The Young God - a Vaudeville, 1965-1969
          A libretto by Justice, with music by Edward Miller, which was performed by the
          Opera Department of Hartt College of Music at the University of Hartford (1969
          Apr 30-May 3).  Includes programs and several scripts.

     F232 "The Seven Last Days," 1971
          Text written by Justice and music composed by Edward Miller.  Includes
          typescript of text and copy of sheet music.

     F233 The Iron Hand, 1975 Dec 9
          Includes a program for the University of Illinois School of Music choral
          performance of Justice's libretto.  The libretto is based on Herman Melville's
          poem, "The Martyr," which was inspired by Lincoln's assassination in 1865.

          The Death of Lincoln:  an opera by Edwin London on an original libretto by
               Donald Justice, 1973-1988
          Published:  [Austin, Tex.]:  [W. Thomas Taylor], [1988]
          Librettist's autograph copy cataloged for Special Collections (Spec PS 3519
          .U825 D42 1988).

     F234 Drafts and notes, [n.d.]         
          Includes research regarding John Wilkes Booth, notes for the libretto, and draft
          pages with revisions.

     F235 Drafts and notes, [n.d.]
          Includes research notes, general notes, as well as autograph and typescript drafts
          of scenes.  Also includes drafts of prologue and epilogue.

     F236 Libretto drafts, [n.d.]
          Autograph, typescript, and photocopied drafts with extensive autograph revisions.

     F237 Complete typescript, [n.d.]
          Photocopy with autograph revisions.

     F238 Correspondence, 1973-1987
          Correspondence with the National Endowment for the Arts regarding his
          Composer/Librettist Fellowship-Grant for 1973-1974, the Contemporary
          American Opera Studio regarding the 1980 production, and with composer Edwin

     F239 Programs, 1980-1991
          Programs and flyers for performances by the Contemporary American Opera
          Studio (1980) and the Cleveland Chamber Symphony (1991).

     F240 "Production notes," [1987]
          Autograph notes for the publication of The Death of Lincoln.

     F241 Galley proof, [1988]
          Galley bears a few autograph corrections.  Galley removed to oversize.

6         Series I.3.  Novels, [1951-1961]

     F242 Notes for the developing "The Lady" into a novel, ca. 1951
          Two pages of autograph notes.

     F243 Notes for a novel regarding the Florida Keys, ca. 1961
          Four pages of autograph notes, plus drafts of the poems, "The Grandfathers" (see
          also F32) and "But That Is Another Story" (see also F109).

          Series I.4.  Plays, [1950s]-1978
               Arranged in chronological order.

     F244 "Henry and Rosemary," [1950s]
          Autograph and typescript drafts for an unfinished play.

     F245 "In the Attic," 1958
          Autograph and typescript drafts for an intended verse play, portions of which
          appeared in the Donald Justice Reader.

     F246 "A Dream of Don Juan," 1965
          Mimeographed typescript with Justice's autograph revisions and productions
          notes.  See also "Narcissus at Home," (F247) for a copy of the program for both

     F247 "Narcissus at Home," 1966
          Mimeographed and carbon typescript scripts which bear extensive autograph
          revisions.  Also includes two programs for the 1966 production of both "Narcissus
          at Home" and "A Dream of Don Juan."  See also F43 for drafts of this poem.

     F248 "Chance for Rain," 1967
          Includes mimeographed typescript with autograph revisions and a flyer for the
          studio production at the American Place Theater in 1967.

     F249 "Telephone Booth in the Wood," [1968]
          Four typescript pages of notes and ideas for a play based on this poem.

     F250 "Fragment from an intended song for an intended play," [early 1970s]
          One autograph page.

     F251 "The Whole World Knows," 1977-1978
          Includes the original autograph script, typescripts and photocopied typescripts,
          notes, stage directions, and correspondence.  The play is Justice's adaptation of
          Eudora Welty's short story, "The Golden Apples."  Correspondence with theater
          directors and one letter from Eudora Welty regarding the play are present.

     F252 "The Hitch-Hikers," [1970s]
          Material related to Justice's adaptation of Eudor Welty's story includes original
          autograph scripts, typescript drafts, all with extensive autograph revisions, plus a
          copy of the Reader's Theater version.

     F253 "Out of a Suitcase #2 - The Whistler," [n.d.]
          Five pages of autograph and typescript draft.

     F254 "The Surrealist Police," [n.d.]
          Program for a production by the Drama Department of the University of Miami.

6         Series I.5.  Stories, 1949-1998
               Arranged in chronological order.

     F255 "The Doctor's Wife," [1949]
          Clipping regarding a second prize awarded by the Stanford Creative Writing
          Contest in 1949 for Justice's short story.

     F256 "The Lady," 1949-1984
          First published in Western Review, this story was selected for the O. Henry Prize
          Collection of Stories for 1950, and reprinted in an anthology of O. Henry Award
          winners in 1984.  Includes clippings, letters from Wallace Stegner and Ray B.
          West, and other correspondence.  Issues of Western Review and Stanford Short
          Stories, in which "The Lady" was published, were cataloged for Special
          Collections (Spec PS3519 .U825 L34 1950 and Spec PS3519 .U825 L34 1950b).

     F257 "In the Green Room," 1983
          Research, notes, and typescript, with extensive autograph revisions, for an
          unpublished short story based on a passage in a Wallace Stevens letter.

     F258 "Death, Night, Etc.," 1994-1998
          Computer typescript drafts, autograph notes, galley proof, and an e-mail letter
          from Robert Mezey related to this short story published by Yale Review (1998
          Spr).  It was originally titled "Ma Non Troppo."

          Series I.6.  Prose, 1947-1996
               Arranged chronologically, this section includes Justice's M.A. thesis, book
               reviews, essays, and autobiographical sketches written by Justice, as well
               as works he edited.

     F259 "The Fugitive-Agrarian "Myth"," 1947
          Carbon typescript of Justice's 1947 Master of Arts thesis for the University of
          North Carolina at Chapel Hill, plus autograph pages of bibliography and table of

     F260 Book reviews, 1956-1960
          Photocopies of Justice's reviews of books written by Thomas Merton, Kathleen
          Raine, Howard Moss, Paul Goodman, J. V. Cunningham, A. E. Housman, and
          Tennessee Williams.

          The Collected Poems of Weldon Kees, 1960-1995
               First limited edition:  Iowa City:  The Stone Wall Press, 1960
               First trade edition:  Lincoln, Neb.:  University of Nebraska Press, [1962]
               Revised edition:  Lincoln, Neb.:  University of Nebraska Press, 1975
               First English edition:  London:  Farber & Farber, 1993
               Justice edited and wrote the introduction for this collection.  Autograph
               copies have been cataloged for Special Collections (Spec PS3521 .E285
               A6 1960 and Spec PS3521 .E285 A6 1962).

     F261 Introduction, Kees material, and reviews, 1960-1979
          Photocopies of stories by Kees, reviews, and Justice's introduction.

     F262 Correspondence and financial material, 1963-1995
          Correspondence regarding publication of various editions, a contract for the
          revised edition, royalty statements, and check stubs.

     F263 "Reminiscences I," 1982-1983
          Two small notebooks and loose pages of autograph notes with Justice's
          autobiographical sketches.

     F264 "The Invention of Free Verse," 1985
          Photocopy of article published in The Iowa Review.

     F265 "The Prose Sublime or, The Deep Sense of Things Belonging Together,
               Inexplicably," 1988 Fall
          Photocopy of article published in The Michigan Quarterly Review.

     F266 "The Enormous Lonlies:  Selections from the Notebooks of Henri Coulette,
          Photocopy of typescript with an introduction by Justice and Robert Mezey.

     F267 "A Certain Unreasonableness of Feeling," 1994
          Typescript bearing extensive autograph revisions of an essay on Philip Larkin.

     F268 Afterword to Edwin Arlington Robinson's The Torrent and the Night Before,
          Includes typescript draft bearing extensive autograph revisions, galley proofs, and
          a letter from the publisher.

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