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(bulk dates 1960-1985)

Manuscript Collection Number: 298
Accessioned: Purchase, November 1990
Extent: 10 linear ft.
Content: Correspondence, photographs, greeting cards, broadsides, prospectuses, printing ephemera, books,
serials, clippings, articles, pamphlets, programs, keepsakes, exhibition announcements, catalogs, and bookplates
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: April 1994 by Kelly Baum

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Table of Contents

Biographical Note

Author, illustrator and calligrapher Fridolf Johnson (1905-1988) studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and then remained in Illinois for nine years as art director for the Frankel-Rose Agency. He moved to California in 1942, free- lancing in San Francisco and operating Contempo Art Service in Hollywood. After ten years on the West Coast, Johnson left for New York in 1952 where he worked as a designer and professional calligrapher. From the 1950s into the 1960s, Johnson became increasingly interested in printing and typography. He established his own private press, the Mermaid Press, and became an active member of the Typophiles, Junkateers, Zamorano Club, and New York Chappel of Private Presses. From 1962 until 1970 Johnson was the executive editor of American Artist and contributed myriad book reviews and articles for the periodical. He wrote on topics ranging from contemporary graphic art, lithography, and printmaking to book illustrations, bookplates, and the artists Rockwell Kent and William Morris. Johnson also wrote A Treasury of Bookplates from the Renaissance to the Present, co-authored 200 Years of American Graphic Art, and edited Rockwell Kent: An Anthology of His Work. Examples of his calligraphy and print specimens can be found in the collections of several museums, galleries, and public libraries, including the New York Public Library and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Johnson resided in Woodstock, New York, until his death in July 1988.



Obituary, The New York Times, 27 July 1988.

“Obituary.” American Artist. 52 (Oct 1988): 6.

Scope and Content Note

The Fridolf Johnson Papers consist of ten linear feet of material related to Johnson’s career as a printer, calligrapher, and writer, spanning the dates 1950 to 1985, reflecting Johnson’s interest in lettering, italic handwriting, and the fine and graphic arts. It includes prolific correspondence, photographs, greeting cards, broadsides, prospectuses, printing ephemera, keepsakes, books, serials, clippings, articles, pamphlets, programs, exhibition announcements, catalogs, and bookplates.

The collection is organized in three series: Series I Subject Files, Series II Miscellaneous, and Series III Printed Ephemera. The first series, a compilation of subject files created by Johnson and arranged in alphabetical order, consists of information on particular people and topics. This series represents one of the collection’s strengths, as it contains a vast amount of material on prominent graphic artists, printers, and typographers with whom Johnson worked or corresponded. Included in his archive are the names Albert Schiller, Eric Gill, John Lehman, Rudolph Ruzicka, Paul Bennett, Warren Chappell, Frederick Goudy, and Joseph Weiler. Johnson also accumulated extensive material on private presses and their operators, such as Charles Antin of Serendipity Press, John Anderson of Pickering Press, and John Lehman of Katydid Press. These folders contain correspondence to and from Johnson offering business advice or aesthetic opinions, suggestions for projects, clippings and articles, photographs, broadsides, prospectuses, and print specimens.

While active in the printing community, Johnson preserved profuse records on the Typophiles, Junkateers, New York Chappel, and Zamorano Club. (These include three files of photographs documenting Junkateer field trips.) Johnson also amassed a wealth of information while researching his articles; he preserved this material in his archives, frequently along with copies of the essays he wrote. These topics range from the artists William Morris, Donald Jackson, Roy Lindstrom, and Rockwell Kent to the history of bookplates. (The William Morris file includes a holograph signature by Jane Morris.) This first series also contains material on artists Walter Kuhn and Frank DeGioia, wood engraver Paul Forster, and illustrator Tom Cleland. Many of these files include photographs of the artist’s work or, in the case of Forster, actual prints. Johnson maintained several folders related to calligraphy and calligraphic organizations as well. These consist of newsletters, exhibition announcements, requests for Johnson’s own work, examples of calligraphy, and material on Jim Hayes and Oscar Ogg.

The second series is Johnson’s miscellaneous compilation of printed material. These folders contain catalogs, exhibition announcements, invitations, keepsakes, serials, and some of Johnson’s personal correspondence. The last series is composed of three subsections devoted exclusively to printed ephemera. The first subseries is a large collection of private press ephemera such as keepsakes, print specimens, advertisements, and prospectuses which Johnson acquired throughout the years. The second subseries contains keepsakes from Oxford University Press and the third contains several issues of The Minotaur, a serial published in California in the 1960s.

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Series List

I.   Subject Files

II.  Miscellaneous

     1.  Catalogs
     2.  Exhibition announcements
     3.  Invitations
     4.  Keepsakes
     5.  Keepsakes
     6.  Personal correspondence
     7.  Print specimens
     8.  Print specimens

III. Printed Ephemera

     1.  Private Presses
     2.  Oxford University Press
     3.  The Minotaur

Bibliography of books from the library of Fridolf Johnson

Contents List

Box -- Folder -- Contents

		  Series I.  Subject Files, 1950-1985
1 F1 Abrahms, George F2 Adams, Henry F3 Advertising Typographers of America F4 American papermaking F5 Antin, Charles Antin, Charles – Serendipity Press F6 (a) F7 (b) Anderson, John – Pickering Press F8 (a) F9 (b) F10 Angelo, Valenti F11 Archer, H. Richard F12 Archer, H. Richard – Hippogryph Press F13 Arellanes, Audrey F14 Aronin, Ben F15 Bahr, Leonard F16 Bank, Arnold F17 Barnes & Noble Bennett, Paul A. F18 Keepsake F19 (a) F20 (b) F21 Benson, John Howard 1 Bookplates F22 (a) F23 (b) F24 Bookplate art F25 Bookplate artists F26 Bookplate books F27 British F28 Bookplate history 2 F29 Bookplate Society F30 U.S.A. F31 Brussel-Smith, Bernard F32 California presses Calligraphers F33 Chicago F34 Society of Calligraphers (1950s) F35 Christmas cards Calligraphy F36 (a) F37 (b) F38 (c) F39 Exhibition F40 Jim Hayes F41 Oscar Ogg F42 Society for Calligraphy F43 Carnes, Burton F44 Carter, Will F45 Chappell, Warren Christmas cards F46 (a) F47 (b) Christmas ephemera F48 (a) F49 (b) F50 (c) Series I. Subject Files (cont’d) Cleland, Tom 2 F51 (a) F52 (b) F53 (c) F54 Dahlstrom, Grant – The Castle Press F55 Decorative line work F56 Dickman, Alfred O. Di Gioia, Frank F57 (a) F58 (b) F59 Early presses F60 European writings F61 Farrier, Herbert 3 F62 Filby, Bill F63 Firmback, Clifford F64 Fitterer, Jack F65 Forster, Paul F66 Gill, Eric F67 Giusti, George F68 Glasser, Howard F69 Gonzalez, Amado Goudy, Frederic W., ephemera F70 (a) F71 (b) F72 (c) F73 (d) F74 (e) 3 F75 Grabhorn Press F76 Hayes, James F77 Holtan, Gene F78 Italic handwriting F79 Jackson, David Jones, Robert – Gladhand Press F80 (a) F81 (b) F82 Jones, Theo F83 Junkateers Junkateer photographs F84 (a) F85 (b) F86 (c) F87 Keenan, J.P. Kent, Rockwell F88 General F89 Paintings F90 Prints F91 Klingspor Museum F92 Knopf, Alfred – Keepsake F93 Koch, Rudolf F94 Korean type Kuhn, Walter F95 (a) F96 (b) Lehman, John – Katydid Press 3 F97 (a) 4 F98 (b) F99 (c) F100 (d)
Series I. Subject Files (cont’d) F101 Lettering F102 Limited Editions Club F103 Lindstrom, Roy F104 Lippoczy, N. F105 Low, Joseph F106 Mermaid Press F107 Metzger, Phil F108 Miller, Edgar F109 Miniature books F110 Morgan, Willard F111 Morris, Henry Morris, William F112 (a) F113 (b) F114 Nemoy, Maurey New York Chappel F115 Keepsake (a) F116 Keepsake (b) F117 Keepsake (c) F118 Keepsake (d) F119 Meetings 5 F120 Rosters Nonesuch Press F121 (a) F122 (b) F123 (c) F124 Paper currency F125 Petty, G.H. F126 Press exhibitions Private presses F127 (a) F128 (b) F129 Prospectuses and broadsides F130 Prospectuses F131 Rike, George – Banter University Press Ruzicka, Rudolph F132 (a) F133 (b) F134 Ryder, John – Miniature Press F135 Salome Schiller, Albert – Advertising Agencies’ Service Co. F136 (a) F137 (b) F138 (c) Script F139 General F140 Early American F141 Print F142 Silver, Rollo F143 Simpson, Herbert 5 F144 Small prints F145 Society of Printer, Boston F146 Standard, Paul Stationery F147 1890 F148 Chicago F149 Stinehour Press F150 Tideline Press Series I. Subject Files (cont'd) 6 F151 Tomkins, Willis – Ogham Press F152 Torre, Vincent F153 Trajan Letter F154 Type ornament F155 Type – typographers Typophiles F156 (a) F157 (b) F158 Chapbooks F159 Keepsakes (a) F160 Keepsakes (b) F161 Monograph Series (a) F162 Monograph Series (b) F163 Watermarks F164 Watts, Steve F165 Weiler, Joseph F166 West Coast calligraphy F167 Wheelwright, Thea 6 F168 White, Lewis F169 Wirth, Robert Zamorano Club F170 (a) F171 (b) Series II. Miscellaneous Material 7 F1 Catalogs F2 Exhibition announcements F3 Invitations Keepsakes F4 (a) F5 (b) F6 Personal correspondence Print specimens F7 (a) F8 (b) F9 Serials F10 Unidentified negative Series III. Printed Ephemera Series III.1. Private Press Ephemera 7 F11 Lakeside Press, Marchbanks Press, Ogham Press F12 Golden Hind Press, Spiral Press, Stinehour Press Miscellaneous F13 (a) F14 (b) F15 (c) F16 (d) F17 (e) F18 (f) F19 (g) F20 (h) Series III.2. Oxford University Press Keepsakes F21 (a) F22 (b) 8 F23 (c) F24 (d) F25 (e) Series III.3. The Minotaur F26 Jan 1962-Jun 1965
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