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Mackenzie, Malcolm L., 1926-2000.

Malcolm L. Mackenzie papers

circa 1926-2007

Descriptive Summary

Identification: MSS 611

Creator: Mackenzie, Malcolm L., 1926-2000.

Title: Malcolm L. Mackenzie papers

Inclusive Dates: circa 1926-2007

Extent: 5.5 linear feet and oversize (8 boxes and 2 oversize boxes: 18 and 28 inches)

Abstract: This collection contains materials relating to Malcolm L. Mackenzie's publicity firm Malcolm L. Mackenzie & Associates and Mackenzie's personal involvement with the Kalmar Nyckel Foundation, other local cultural institutions, and his interests in general maritime history and historic ships. Materials include publicity materials, written reports, correspondence, meeting minutes, newspaper clippings, facsimile maps, newsletters, photographs, photograph negatives, slides, and sailing and maritime history books. The collection also includes personal papers such as photographs albums, scrapbooks and Mackenzie's ships log, 1946 to 1948, of voyages to ports in the United States, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, and Europe while serving as a Second Mate in the Merchant Marine.

Language: Materials in English and limited materials in Swedish.


MSS 611, Malcolm L. Mackenzie papers, Special Collections, University of Delaware Library, Newark, Delaware.

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Gifts of Marianne Mackenzie, 2009 and 2012.


Processed and encoded by Natalie Baur, November 2009, with additions by Anita Wellner in 2012.

The collection is open for research.

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Biographical and Historical Note

Publicist and avid sailor Malcolm L. Mackenzie, born on January 19, 1926, in El Paso, Texas, was a founding member of the Kalmar Nyckel Foundation, based in Wilmington, Delaware.

Mackenzie, a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and Brown University, owned and operated the publicity firm of Malcolm L. Mackenzie & Associates in Wilmington during the 1960s through the 1980s. In his private life, Mackenzie, who graduated from the Maine Maritime Academy and served in the U.S. Naval Reserve, enjoyed sailing and researching maritime history. Mackenzie devoted much of his life to redevelopment of an area in Wilmington known as the Seventh Street Peninsula, which encompasses heritage sites such as Holy Trinity (Old Swedes) Church and the Carl Milles 1938 sculpture of the Kalmar Nyckel , which commemorated the 300th anniversary of the establishment of New Sweden. This sculpture is located at the "the Rocks," a natural wharf on the Christina River, where on March 29th, 1638, approximately 30 men from Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, and Germany arrived on two ships, the Kalmar Nyckel and the Fogel Grip . Mackenzie was active in the Swedish Colonial Society and was a founding member of both the New Sweden Centre and the Kalmar Nyckel Foundation, which established the Kalmar Nyckel Shipyard and, in 1997, built a replica of the 17th-century sailing ship.

The Kalmar Nyckel Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Wilmington, Delaware. The foundation was originally organized by a group of individuals interested in maritime history and the first permanent Swedish settlement in America.

The original passengers of the Kalmar Nyckel and her sister ship, the Fogel Grip , established the first Swedish colony in Wilmington, Delaware in 1638. To commemorate this historic crossing, the Kalmar Nyckel Foundation, beginning in the late 1980s, established a working ship yard and constructed a historically accurate replica of the original Kalmar Nyckel . After years of construction, the Kalmar Nyckel Foundation held the inaugural launch of its replica ship in September, 1997. As of 2009, the mission of the Kalmar Nyckel Foundation centers around maritime education and providing the public with opportunities to learn about and work aboard its 17th century Swedish replica ship, the Kalmar Nyckel . Educational programming also occurs at the Kalmar Nyckel Shipyard, located on Seventh Street in Wilmington, Delaware.


Biographical information about Malcolm L. Mackenzie was derived from the collection.

Heed, Samuel, Esq. et al. Kalmar Nyckel: A Guide to the Ship and Her History. Wilmington, Delaware: Kalmar Nyckel Foundation, 2009. Also available in print form.

Scope and Content Note

This collection contains materials relating to Malcolm L. Mackenzie's publicity firm Malcolm L. Mackenzie & Associates and Mackenzie's personal involvement with the Kalmar Nyckel Foundation, other local cultural institutions, and his interests in general maritime history and historic ships. Materials include publicity materials, written reports, correspondence, meeting minutes, newspaper clippings, facsimile maps, newsletters, photographs, photograph negatives, slides, and sailing and maritime history books. The collection also includes personal papers such as photographs albums, scrapbooks and Mackenzie's ships log, 1946 to 1948, of voyages to ports in the United States, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, and Europe while serving as a Second Mate in the Merchant Marine.

The materials relating to Malcolm L. Mackenzie's publicity firm, Malcolm L. Mackenzie & Associates, consist of photographs and photograph negatives from various publicity campaigns. Notable campaigns include work for the Wilmington Blue Bombers basketball team in Wilmington, Delaware, the National Personnel Associates company, and the DuPont Company. This collection also contains photographs and negatives of New Castle County suburban development projects such as shopping centers and office parks. Series VII includes material related to several proposed projects, including Beaver Valley Gateway and Beaver Park, Fox Point Park, Heritage Landing and Delaware Waterfront 2020.

The Kalmar Nyckel Foundation materials include a variety of publicity materials, reports, correspondence, meeting minutes, newspaper clippings, facsimile maps, newsletters, photographs, photographic negatives, and slides. These materials relate for the most part to the beginning years of the Kalmar Nyckel Foundation and provide insight into the history of the organization itself as well as into the start-up of a non-profit cultural institution and its impact on community life and other area organizations. This collection also includes significant amounts of material relating to other historic ships and maritime history museums in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Realia items include commemorative pins, pennants, and plaques; a Swedish flag; and museum exhibit text panels.

Mackenzie's personal papers, consists of photograph albums, scrapbooks and a ships log which chronicle Malcolm Mackenzie's childhood, educational experiences, and service in the U.S. Naval Reserve. The photographs in the albums and items in the scrapbooks detail Mackenzie's childhood experiences In Johannesburg, South Africa, and Treichlers, Pennsylvania. The documents and photographs related to his involvement in 4-H, from leadership training to potato cultivation, are other highlights in the albums. His education at South Whitehall High School in Allentown, Pennsylvania; Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts; the Maine Maritime Academy; and Brown University (including the Rhode Island School of Design) are also richly documented.

The personal papers also include Mackenzie's Department of the Navy records and a ships log detailing Mackenzie's travels around the world on various seagoing vessels. He served as third mate on SS Stones River and second mate on the James B. Eads and MS Western Sun . He visited ports in the United States, the Mediterranean, Europe, and the Caribbean.

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Mackenzie, Malcolm L., 1926-2000.
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Bluenose (Ship)
Bluenose II (Ship)
USF Constellation (Ship)
USS Delaware (Ship)
Fogel Grip (Ship)
Half Moon (Ship : Replica)
HMS Rose (Ship : Replica)
James B. Eads (Ship)
Kalmar Nyckel Foundation.
Kalmar Nyckel (Ship : Replica)
Lady Maryland (Ship: Replica)
Little Key (Ship)
Malcolm L. Mackenzie & Associates.
Miss Kathy (Ship)
Mohawk (Ship)
SS Stones River (ship)
Susan Constant (Ship)
Vasa (Warship)
MS Western Sun (Ship)
American Pilot (Training ship)
Phillips Academy.
Maine Maritime Academy.
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Publicity--Delaware--20th century.
Shipbuilding--Delaware--20th century.
Shipbuilding--United States--20th century.
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Historic ships--18th century.
Historic ships--19th century.
Historic ships--20th century.
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Nonprofit organizations--20th century.
Sailing--20th century.
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Wilmington (Del.)--History--20th century.
Treichlers (Pa.)--History--20th century.
Johannesburg (South Africa)--History--20th century.
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Color photographs.
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Color negatives.
Ships' logs.
Visiting cards.
Photograph albums.
Historic preservationists.

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  • II. Kalmar Nyckel Foundation, 1983-2003
  • III. Ships, 1970-1992
  • IV. Slides and video recordings, 1981-1990
  • V. Photographs, circa 1960s-1990s
    • A. Kalmar Nyckel Foundation, circa 1970s-1990s
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Detailed Contents List

Series I. Kalmar Nyckel , 1984-1990

This series contains materials relating to research on 17th-century shipbuilding techniques for construction of the replica Swedish ship Kalmar Nyckel .

Lumber , 1986-1990   [Box 1 F1]

Materials relating to research into lumber purchases for building of the Kalmar Nyckel .

Wood carving , 1987-1990   [Box 1 F2]

Correspondence, background articles, and design plans for wood carvings on the Kalmar Nyckel .

Rigging , 1979-1990   [Box 1 F3]

Hand drawn rigging plans, correspondence, and articles relating to research into the rigging systems for the Kalmar Nyckel .

Gunnery , 1987   [Box 1 F4]

Correspondence relating to research into the gunnery on the Kalmar Nyckel .


Coopering , undated   [Box 1 F5]

Includes materials relating to coopering and wine making.

Blocks , 1987-1990   [Box 1 F6]

Correspondence and drawings relating to blocks and dead-eyes for the Kalmar Nyckel .

Sails , 1987   [Box 1 F7]

Correspondence, material samples, and drawings relating to the sails for the Kalmar Nyckel .

Feasibility study , 1984 December   [Box 1 F8]

Project plan and feasibility study prepared by the Kalmar Nyckel Foundation for building the historic reproduction ship Kalmar Nyckel .

Series II. Kalmar Nyckel Foundation , 1983-2003

This series consists of materials relating to the Kalmar Nyckel Foundation.

Swedish history , 1983-2003    [Box 1 F9]

Historical survey report of the New Swedish Colony in the Delaware valley, 1930s postcards of "The Rocks" at Christiana Park, and Swedish-American history organization brochures and pamphlets.

Christianahamn Heritage Park , 1989 January   [Box 1 F10]

A report prepared by Malcolm L. Mackenzie on the feasibility for a project named the Christianahamn Heritage Park.

Conference of the Colonial Maritime Association , 1989   [Box 1 F11]

Conference schedules and handwritten notes on conference proceedings and sessions.

Genealogy , undated   [Box 1 F12]

Notes on genealogical research on descendants of the original passengers of the Kalmar Nyckel. 3 items.

Special events , 1987-1997   [Box 1 F13]

Correspondence, brochures, signs, and advertising materials related to special fund-raising and promotional events relating to the Kalmar Nyckel Foundation.

Dutch history , 1987-1990   [Box 1 F14]

Newspaper clippings, correspondence, and a handwritten report relating to Dutch colonies and maritime history. One letter is written in Swedish.

Delaware Valley Action Committee , 1987-1988   [Box 1 F15]

Correspondence addressed to Malcolm Mackenzie and handwritten notes concerning community events.

Meeting minutes , 1986 June, 1986 November   [Box 1 F16]

Meeting minutes for the Kalmar Nyckel Foundation mostly for the month of June.

Products , 1988-1991   [Box 1 F17]

Includes lists, receipts and transactions for products on consignment with the Kalmar Nyckel Foundation.

Settlers' site , 1988-1991   [Box 1 F18]

Materials relating to a proposition for a settlers' site at the Kalmar Nyckel Foundation shipyard.

Testimonial letters , 1986-1990   [Box 1 F19]

Testimonial letters written to the Kalmar Nyckel Foundation in regard to foundation activities.

Volunteers , 1989-1990   [Box 1 F20]

The Half Moon is a reproduction vessel of the ship that Hudson sailed from Holland to New York in 1609.

Handwritten sheet with notes on volunteer crew and a sign-up sheet for volunteer crew for the ship Half Moon .

Delaware Tercentenary , 1938   [Box 1 F21]

Program books for the Delaware Tercentenary celebrations.

African American history , 1989-2003   [Box 1 F22]

Scholarly publications, newspaper clippings, and research regarding African American history, particularly in Delaware.

Newspaper clippings   [Box 1 F23]

Newspaper clippings relating to events and business of the Kalmar Nyckel Foundation.

Incorporation and budget , 1986-1989   [Box 1 F24]

Fundraising , 1986-1987   [Box 1 F25]

A fundraising "kit" and other materials the Kalmar Nyckel Foundation used to solicit funds.

Museum , 1991-1997   [Box 1 F26]

Materials relating to the Kalmar Nyckel Museum Institute.

Educational materials , 1991-1997   [Box 1 F27]

Educational materials about the Kalmar Nyckel . Includes fact sheets, chart outlining the organization, brochures, pamphlets, and a school lesson book for fourth graders.

Northern Delaware Greenway plan , 1991   [Box 1 F28]

Planning report for the Northern Delaware Greenway project.

Launch event , 1997   [Box 1 F29]

Advertisements, flyers, tickets, and a program relating to the first launch of the Kalmar Nyckel .

Kalmar Nyckel images , 1985   [Box 1 F30]

Drawings, photographs, and ship model images of the historical Kalmar Nyckel and the reproduction.

Kalmar Commemorative Committee , 1983-1985    [Box 1 F31]

Meeting minutes, budget reports, and agendas for the Kalmar Commemorative Committee.

Kalmar Commemorative Committee , 1985-1986    [Box 1 F32]

Meeting minutes, budget reports, and agendas for the Kalmar Commemorative Committee.

Kalmar Commemorative Committee , undated   [Box 1 F33]

Meeting minutes, budget reports, and agendas for the Kalmar Commemorative Committee.

Miscellaneous   [Box 1 F34]

Swedish National Archives historic map facsimiles , 2004   [Box 1 F35] (Shelved in SPEC MSS oversize boxes (28 inches))

Oversize newspaper clippings , 1988-2007   [Box 1 F36] (Shelved in SPEC MSS oversize boxes (28 inches))

1988 USA Todayfeature article on the 350th anniversary of the first Swedish settlement in Delaware; a full page advertisement for the 1997 inaugural launch of the Kalmar Nyckel ; and a 2007 full page feature on Swedish history in Delaware.

Series III. Ships , 1970-1992

Half Moon , 1990   [Box 1 F37]

The Half Moon is a reproduction vessel of the ship that Hudson sailed from Holland to New York in 1609.

Information on the historic reproduction ship the Half Moon .

Fogel Grip , undated   [Box 1 F38]

The Fogel Grip was a 17th century Swedish ship that sailed to Delaware with the Kalmar Nyckel .

Two items relating to ship design for the Fogel Grip .

Half hulls , 1989-1990   [Box 1 F39]

Information and drawings on historical half hull ships.

Tall ships , 1970-1988   [Box 1 F40]

Information and drawings on historical tall ships.

Lief Erikson Viking ship , 1990   [Box 1 F41]

Correspondence and information relating to the replica project for the ship sailed by Lief Erikson to North America.

U.S.S. Delaware ; U.S.F. Constellation , 1970   [Box 1 F42]

Historical information on the U.S.S. Delaware and a brochure from the U.S.F. Constellation Foundation regarding the historical vessel of the same name.

Steamboats , 1987-1990   [Box 1 F43]

Materials relating to steamboats and ferries.

Blue Nose II , 1989-1990   [Box 1 F44]

The Blue Nose II is a reproduction of the 19th century Canadian frigate Blue Nose .

Newspaper clippings, correspondence, brochures, travel receipts and promotional material relating to relationship between the reproduction ship Blue Nose II and the Kalmar Nyckel Foundation.

Susan Constant , 1988-1990   [Box 1 F45]

The Susan Constant was a 17th century ship that sailed from England to the Jamestown settlement in America. The replica is now at the Jamestown museum.

Correspondence, drawings, and press release relating to the replica vessel Susan Contant .

Miss Kathy , 1991-1992   [Box 1 F46]

Miss Kathy is a Wilmington river ferry.

Newspaper clippings, promotional material, correspondence, and information relating to the tourism vessel Miss Kathy in Wilmington, Delaware.

Vasa , 1986   [Box 1 F47]

The Vasa was a 17th century Swedish ship that was shipwrecked and discovered in the 20th century.

Informational book on the Swedish shipwrecked vessel Vasa , a postcard addressed to Malcolm L. Mackenzie from friends visiting Sweden, and two publications of the Vasa Orden Av Amerika in Swedish.

Series IV. Slides and video recordings , 1981-1990

Kalmar Nyckel shipyard , 1981-1988   [Box 1 F48]

Historic ships , 1982-1985   [Box 1 F49]

Images of historic ships including HMS Victory , USS Constitution , Bluenose , HMS Rose , and Lady Maryland .

Sail to Sail , 1982   [Box 1 F50]

Sailboat shows , 1981-1984   [Box 1 F51]

Delaware Waterfront 2020 , 1983-1985   [Box 2 F52]

Little Key , 1986-1988   [Box 2 F53]

Shipyard keel laying , 1986   [Box 2 F54]

Kalmar Nyckel history , 1986   [Box 2 F55]

Alternates "Best slides" , 1988   [Box 2 F56]

Swedish royalty visit to Wilmington , 1988 April 13   [Box 2 F57]

Historic sites , 1990   [Box 2 F58]

Includes slides of historic Charleston, South Carolina; Jamestown, Virginia; and Plymouth, Massachusetts.

New Castle County , undated   [Box 2 F59]

Kent and Sussex Counties , undated   [Box 2 F60]

ASH Museum , undated   [Box 2 F61]

Images of ceiling frescos and map of Delaware.

Old Swede's Church , 1986   [Box 2 F62]

Sweden , 1982-1986   [Box 2 F63]

Maryland Marinas , 1978-1981   [Box 2 F64]

Harpoon , 1980   [Box 2 F65]

Images of a modern sailboat.

Salem, Massachusetts , undated   [Box 2 F66]

Waterfronts , 1982-1984   [Box 2 F67]

Al Rogers sailing , undated   [Box 2 F68]

Polish Day Wilmington, Delaware , 1989   [Box 2 F69]

Mohawk , 1982   [Box 2 F70]

Ships and railroad , undated   [Box 2 F71]

Penn's Landing , 1986   [Box 2 F72]

Oil spill Wilmington, Delaware , 1985   [Box 2 F73]

Delaware 350th celebration , 1988   [Box 2 F74]

Skipjack race , 1982-1983   [Box 2 F75]

Plymouth and Portsmouth , 1984   [Box 2 F76]

DSSA , 1982   [Box 2 F77]

DSSA stands for Delmarva Safe Sailing Association, based in Wilmington, Delaware.

Includes images of weather and clouds, sailing events, and the DSSA logo.

MLM & Associates work samples , undated   [Box 2 F78]

Miscellaneous work samples, DuPont Hydroxy markets sample,

London , 1985   [Box 2 F79]

Summit Aviation , undated   [Box 2 F80]

Malcolm L. Mackenzie sailing , 1982   [Box 2 F81]

Fort Christiana Park , 1986   [Box 2 F82]

Delaware City , 1985   [Box 2 F83]

7th Street Pier architects concepts , undated   [Box 2 F84]

Cedar Creek mispillion , undated   [Box 2 F85]

Wilmington skyline and Delaware River map , undated   [Box 2 F86]

Model ships , 1986   [Box 2 F87]

Charles Towne Landing , undated   [Box 2 F88]

Kalmar Nyckel update video recording , 1986-1988   [Box 2 F89] (Shelved in SPEC Media removals)

This video is 27 minutes in length.

Swedish celebration video recording , 1988 April 13   [Box 2 F90] (Shelved in SPEC Media removals)

This video contains footage of the 350th anniversary celebrations of the Swedish settlement of Delaware.

Series V. Photographs , circa 1960s-1990s

This series contains two subseries. The first subseries contains photographs relating to the Kalmar Nyckel Foundation. The second subseries consists of photographs relating to MLM & Associates business activities and development projects in northern Delaware.

Subseries V. A. Kalmar Nyckel Foundation , circa 1970s-1990s

Building of Kalmar Nyckel , undated   [Box 2 F91]

Building of Kalmar Nyckel , undated   [Box 2 F92]

Ceremony at Fort Christina , 1998   [Box 2 F93]

Volunteers and reenactors , 1998   [Box 2 F94]

Swedish architecture , 1986   [Box 2 F95]

Swedish royal visit , 1988   [Box 2 F96]

Kalmar Nyckel in Philadelphia , 1998 June   [Box 2 F97]

Kalmar Nyckel promotion , undated   [Box 2 F98]

Artifacts , undated   [Box 2 F99]

Contains two photographs of Native American artifacts.

First Kalmar Nyckel headquarters , undated   [Box 2 F100]

Kalmar Nyckel shipyard , undated   [Box 2 F101]

Kalmar Nyckel shipyard close to launch date , circa 1997   [Box 2 F102]

Swedish heritage events , 1989-1998   [Box 3 F103]

Kalmar Nyckel lumber , 1977   [Box 3 F104]

Kalmar Nyckel after launch , circa 1997   [Box 3 F105]

Jamestown Susan Constant , undated   [Box 3 F106]

Unidentified ship models , undated   [Box 3 F107]

Miscellaneous Kalmar Nyckel Foundation photos , circa 1970s-1990s   [Box 3 F108]

Little Key , circa 1980s-1990s   [Box 3 F109]

Blue Nose II , 1990   [Box 3 F110]

Photograph album (green) , circa 1980s-1990s

Photograph album relating to the Kalmar Nyckel Foundation, the Kalmar Nyckel , Little Key , historic ships and towns, and special events.

Photograph album (brown) , circa 1960s-1990s

Photograph album includes photos of the Wilmington waterfront from circa 1960s and photos of Kalmar Nyckel Foundation events, 350th Anniversary of Swedish colonization celebration, Kalmar Nyckel Foundation ship yard, and construction of the Kalmar Nyckel .

Subseries V. B. Malcolm L. Mackenzie & Associates , circa 1960s-1970s

Publicity photographs , circa 1960s-1970s   [Box 3 F111]

Blue Bombers basketball team , circa 1960s-1970s   [Box 3 F112]

Concord Plaza , undated   [Box 3 F113]

MLM & Associates , 1971-1974    [Box 3 F114]

Bishop Lord at Wesley House University of Delaware , 1967 October 11   [Box 3 F115]

University Plaza aerial photos , 1975 July   [Box 3 F116]

Port of Wilmington , 1975   [Box 3 F117]

University of Delaware market research project , circa 1970s   [Box 3 F118]

Miscellaneous and unidentified photos , undated   [Box 3 F119]

MAP Old Asburb , circa 1960s   [Box 3 F120]

City of Wilmington , circa 1960s-1970s   [Box 3 F121]

Photo negatives of general city view, "Wilmington Slums," and "Wilmington Community Centers."

Ames department store and other area buildings , circa 1960s   [Box 3 F122]

Series VI. Realia , 1986-1994
Realia , 1986-1994

Cotton Swedish flag   [Box 3 F123] (Shelved in SPEC MSS oversize boxes (28 inches))

U.S.F. Constellation symbolic coin   [Box 3 F123]

Kalmar Nyckel Keel Laying commemorative button , 1986 June 27   [Box 3 F123]

New Sweden commemorative wooden coin   [Box 3 F123]

Middle Atlantic Numismatic Association commemorative wooden coin , 1988 October 14-16   [Box 3 F123]

Granite fragments , 1994 April 16   [Box 3 F123] (Shelved in SPEC MSS oversize boxes (28 inches))

Granite fragments are from Fort Christina Park.

Kalmar Nyckel Foundation commemorative lighter   [Box 3 F123]

Rotary Club pennant   [Box 3 F123]

Pendant for is "Kalmar Nyckel Rotaryklubb Sweden."

Kalmar Nyckel pennant   [Box 3 F123]

Pendant is for "Logen Calmare Nyckel."

Kalmar Nyckel Foundation placard A   [Box 3 F123]

Kalmar Nyckel Foundation placard B   [Box 3 F123]

Bird feather   [Box 3 F123]

Kalmar Nyckel Museum Institute exhibit text board A   [Box 3 F123]

Text announcing two museum exhibits.

Kalmar Nyckel Museum Institute exhibit text board B   [Box 3 F123]

Text that is part of a museum exhibit.

Window decal   [Box 3 F123]

For a member of the Greater Wilmington and Brandywine Valley Convention and Visitor's Bureau.

Series VII. Projects , 1984-1994
Projects , 1984-1994

Beaver Valley Gateway and Beaver Valley Park, 1992 January   [Box 3 F124]

Hand-drawn and colored maps for "Beaver Valley Gateway to Delaware" and Beaver Park.

Fox Point Park, ca. 1980s   [Box 3 F125]

A handwritten poster listing points for the feasability of the Fox Point Park.

Heritage Landing, 1986   [Box 3 F126]

Seven posters, drawings and designs related to a proposed waterfront development by the Christina River in Wilmington, Delaware, in 1986. The material includes a preliminary sketch, designs for a museum center, the overall layout, a chart for the Delaware Waterfront Commission, and photographs of current sites.

Delaware Waterfront 2020, 1985-1986   [Box 3 F127]

Twenty-two posters, drawings, photographs, as well as watercolor and pencil and ink artwork, depicting a proposed design for the Wilmington waterfront called "Delaware Waterfront 2020."

Maps, 1984-1994   [Box 3 F128]

Sixteen maps of the Christina River area in Wilmington, as well as maps of Baltimore, New Castle and Sussex counties in Delaware, the city of Wilmington, and the Delaware shoreline (hand-drawn by Mackenzie). Several of the maps are proposals for developing areas on the Brandywine and Christina Rivers.

Series VIII. Personal papers, 1926-1959
Personal papers, 1926-1959

Photograph album, 1935-1945   [Box 6 F129]

Photographs in this album begin in the winter of 1935 and were taken in Johannesburg, South Africa, where Malcolm Mackenzie’s family lived until about 1937. The album continues with images from Laurys, Pennsylvania (1938-1942), recording the local area, including the Spring Flood of 1942 in Treichlers, PA; various family events and Malcolm Mackenzie’s involvement in 4-H activities. Very active in the local and regional 4-H, Mackenzie attended 4-H Leadership Training at Pennsylvania State College in 1942, and raised prize-winning potato crops. From 1942-1944 Mackenzie attended Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts. The photographs taken at Phillips depict the school’s buildings, grounds, as well as Mackenzie’s friends, and athletic events, particularly ones which included Mackenzie. In 1944 Mackenzie entered the Maine Maritime Academy at Castine, Maine and was also accepted to the U.S. Naval Reserve. In addition to images of the school, students, and training, there are photographs of the U.S. Maritime Training Ship American Pilot, on which Mackenzie completed his first cruise from December 1944 to February 1945.

Photograph album, 1945-1946   [Box 7 F130]

Beginning in February 1945, with the return of the training vessel, American Pilot, to New York, the images continue with Mackenzie’s return to the Maine Maritime Academy and include images of the transfer of command from Admiral Dismukes to Admiral McColl. Photographs of the Memorial Day parade in 1945, school activities, new recruits, formations, sailing exercises and the rebuilding of a pier are also included. The album also records Mackenzie’s second cruise (December 1945-February 1946) on the U.S. Maritime Training Ship American Seaman which stopped in Jacksonville, Florida; San Juan, Puerto Rico; Saint Thomas, Virgin Islands; Cristobal, Panama; Santiago, Cuba; Galveston, Texas; Hamilton, Bermuda; and finally Portland, Maine. Each stop is documented with photographs of the port, local area, activities, and friends made.

Photograph album, 1946-1949   [Box 7 F131]

Starting with a return to the Maine Maritime Academy in March of 1946, this album records school activities, such as Mackenzie as associate editor of the “Trick’s End’s,”as well as his visit to his grandmother, various class pictures and his formal portrait as an Ensign, U. S. Merchant Marine, U.S.N.R. On July 10, 1946, Mackenzie began service as third mate aboard the S.S. Stones River, a tanker that traveled to Port Said, Egypt; Fahahil, Kuwait; Haifa, Palestine; London, Trinidad, Puerto La Cruz and finally returned to Portland, Maine, where Mackenzie was discharged on January 9, 1947. On February 19, 1947 Mackenzie reported aboard the American export freighter, S.S. James B. Ead, sailing from New York, through the Strait of Gibraltar to Trieste, Italy, then to Arzue, Algiers and Bougie, Algeria before returning home in June 1947. The album records Mackenzie’s travels and his return to Treichlers, Pennsylvania. The album concluded with photographs taken while Mackenzie was a student at Brown University in 1948 and 1949.

Scrapbook, 1926-1949   [Box 8 F132]

This scrapbook includes documents and photographs which parallel the material in the three photograph albums. Beginning with Mackenzie’s birth certificate from 1926 the scrapbook continues through 1947. Included are photographs of Mackenzie’s early childhood, class photographs and report cards, ship’s programs from cruises, calling cards from friends and acquaintances, and records for 4-H Club projects, including his potato cultivation. There is also correspondence and reports from Phillips Academy, material related to his training cruise from the Maine Maritime Academy, as well as clippings of events, newsletters and some artwork by Mackenzie.

Scrapbook removals, 1940-1946   [Box 8 F133]

Items which had detached from the scrapbook housed in F132, such as correspondence from Phillips Academy and the Maine Maritime Academy, programs, 4-H prize ribbons, school athletic letters, certificates and newsletters, are housed in this folder.

Malcolm L. Mackenzie ship log, 1946-1948   [Box 9 F134]

This ship's log details Malcolm L. Mackenzie's travels around the world on various seagoing vessels. He served as third mate on SS Stones River and second mate on the James B. Eads and MS Western Sun . He visited ports in the United States, the Mediterranean, Europe, and the Caribbean.

U.S. Navy--Officer service records, 1946-1959   [Box 9 F135]

Mackenzie's official service records include correspondence with the Department of the Navy and documents beginning with his appointment to the U.S. Naval Reserve in 1946 through his retirement in 1959.

U.S. Navy--Personal file, 1946-1959   [Box 9 F136]

Documents from Mackenzie's personal file are related to his service in the U.S. Naval Reserve, and include correspondence, reports and official documents.

U.S. Navy--Discharge records, 1946-1959   [Box 9 F137]

Records of the Malcolm Mackenzie's honorable discharge from the U.S. Naval Reserve in 1959.

Scrapbook, 1960-1963   [Box 9 F138]

This is a collection of programs, clippings, correspondence, and ephemera from a disbound scrapbook. From the period of 1960 to 1963, this material is related to activities of the Brown University Club of Philadelphia, theater events, Philadelphia sporting events and charities in which the Mackenzie's participated.

Heart Land of Del-Mar-Va proofs, 1991   [Box 9 F139]

Two sheets of proofs for the cover and preliminary contents of the 1991 issue of Heart Land of Del Mar Va.

Marianne and Malcolm Mackenzie's garden, 1998 April   [Box 9 F140]

Hand-drawn and colored layout of the Mackenzies' garden in April of 1986.

Series IX. Books , 1946-2007

A Man and His Ship: Peter Minuit and the Kalmar Nyckel, 1989   [Box 4]

By C.A. Weslager

The Kalmar Nyckel , 1994   [Box 4]

By John F. Swientochowski

A Glossary of Modern Sailing Terms Revised and Updated, 1989   [Box 4]

By John Rousmaniere

Piloting: Seamanship and Small Boat Handling, 1980   [Box 4]

By Charles F. Chapman

The History of American Sailing Ships, 1935   [Box 4]

By Howard I. Chapelle

Basic Boating: Piloting and Seamanship, 1964   [Box 4]

By Howard L. Andrews and Alexander L. Russell

Sailing and Seamanship, 1983   [Box 4]

U.S. Coastguard Auxiliary

An A-Z of Sailing Terms, 1987   [Box 4]

By Ian Dear and Peter Kemp

The Best of Sail Trim, 1975   [Box 4]

54 Analytical Pieces by Experts on the Art and Theory of Sail Handling, Selected from the World's Foremost Sailing Magazine.

Self-Steering for Sailing Craft, 1974   [Box 4]

By John S. Letcher, Jr.

The Overlook Illustrated Dictionary of Nautical Terms, 1981   [Box 4]

By Graham Blackburn

Glossary of Sailing Language, 1977   [Box 4]

By Melissa Shuwall

Wind-Vane Self-Steering: How to Plan and Make Your Own, 1982   [Box 4]

By Bill Belcher

Delaware History, 1973 October   [Box 4]

Published annually by the Historical Society of Delaware, Wilmington, Delaware.

Delaware History, 1978 Spring-Summer   [Box 4]

Published annually by the Historical Society of Delaware, Wilmington, Delaware.

Collections, 2007   [Box 4]

Published by The University of Delaware Library Associates.