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Carl Haverlin Papers
relating to Carl Sandburg

1909 - 1964
(bulk dates 1947 - 1963)

Manuscript Collection Number: 144
Accessioned: Purchase, June 1987.
Extent: ca. 535 items (.7 linear ft.)
Content: Correspondence, typescript drafts, contract, galley proofs,
clippings, speeches, tear sheets, broadsides, press releases, poems,
photocopies, transcripts, sheet music, lectures, essays, photographs
and programs.
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: 1988-1991 by Anita A. Wellner.

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Table of Contents

Biographical Note

Carl Haverlin, born [ca. 1899] in Globe, Arizona, was the son of a mining engineer. Although Haverlin never graduated from high school, he was regarded as an authority on the Civil War. Haverlin was considered a pioneer in radio broadcasting.

His career in broadcasting began in 1924, when, at the age of 25, he took a job working at Station KFI in Los Angeles. He conceived the idea of broadcasting the Rose Bowl football game and sold the idea to NBC. The 1927 Rose Bowl game was one of NBC's first coast-to-coast broadcasts. The play-by-play account was called by Haverlin and Graham MacNamee.

After working at Station KFI for a number of years, Haverlin left radio to enter the business of music transcription. In 1940 he became vice president for station relations at Broadcast Music Inc. BMI had been formed in 1940 to compete with the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers in licensing radio broadcasters to use copyrighted material.

Carl Haverlin became president of BMI in 1947, returning to BMI after serving as vice president of the Mutual Broadcasting System from 1944 to 1947. He continued as president of BMI until his retirement in 1964. Haverlin died in 1985 at the age of 86.

During Haverlin's years at BMI he developed a close working relationship and friendship with Carl Sandburg. They worked together on Lincoln's Devotional and The New American Songbag. In addition to the correspondence and material related to their work together, Haverlin collected various printed items and manuscripts written by Carl Sandburg. It is this collection of Sandburg material which composes the Carl Haverlin Papers.


"Carl Haverlin, Leader in Radio and Historian," The New York Times, August 30, 1985. p.D15.

Scope and Content Note

This collection consists of the Carl Sandburg files kept by Carl Haverlin spanning the years 1909- 1964. The material consists of correspondence, contracts, speeches and poetry by Sandburg, photographs of Sandburg, programs, galley proofs and drafts of writings by Sandburg, and clippings and tear sheets.

The files reflect the friendship between Haverlin and Sandburg, Sandburg's publication projects connected with Broadcast Music Incorporated, and their shared study of the life and times of Abraham Lincoln.

The first series of these papers consists of Carl Haverlin's correspondence with Carl Sandburg or with other persons on topics related to Carl Sandburg. The second series includes material toward the publication of Lincoln's Devotional, for which Carl Sandburg wrote the introduction. Series III consists of material related to Carl Sandburg's The New American Songbag, published by BMI in 1950.

Series IV includes various printed or typescript copies of speeches, addresses, and remarks delivered by Carl Sandburg as collected by Carl Haverlin. Series V consists of copies of poetry written by Carl Sandburg. Series VI includes a variety of material related to Carl Sandburg, including a preface for Sandburg's Complete Poems, a prologue for "The Family of Man" (photography exhibition by Edward Steichen), and a transcript of "Lincoln on Pennies," which was Sandburg's first printed piece.

Series VII consists of programs of events honoring or involving Carl Sandburg. Series VIII includes clippings, tear sheets, and photocopies of articles about Sandburg. Series IX consists of photographs of Carl Sandburg.

Series List

I.    Correspondence, 1947-1963                              

II.   Lincoln's Devotional, 1957                              

III.  The New American Songbag, 1950                          

IV.   Addresses, Speeches and Remarks by Sandburg,

V.    Poetry Written by Sandburg, 1946-1963                   

VI.   Other Material Written by Sandburg, 1909-1955           

VII.  Programs of Events Involving or Honoring Sandburg,

VIII. Clippings and Photocopies of Articles About Sandburg,

IX.   Photographs of Carl Sandburg, 1956 and [n.d.]           


Contents List

Box -- Folder -- Contents

           Series I.  Correspondence, 1947-1963.
               Consists of the correspondence between Carl Haverlin
               and Carl Sandburg, in addition to correspondence
               among Haverlin, the staff of Broadcast Music Inc.,
               and other individuals.  Much of the correspondence
               relates to publishing projects on which Haverlin and
               Sandburg worked jointly or events including 

           Series I.1. Haverlin-Sandburg Correspondence,
               Includes original letters from Sandburg and in most
               cases, the carbon responses of Haverlin.  Also
               included are a number of enclosures such as music
               for songs and photographs.  The correspondence
               concerns publishing projects and personal matters.  
      F1   1947-1952.
           ANSs, TLSs, TL (carbon)s, photograph, TL, TNSs,
           telegrams, and photocopies.  Includes photocopies of
           songs written by Russell Garmong.  19 items (19 leaves)
           21 pp.

      F2   1954-1956.
           TLSs, TL (carbon)s, and TL.  Includes a TL from Captain
           William T. Walker to Sandburg.  13 items (13 leaves) 
           13 pp.

      F3   1957-1960 and [n.d.]. 
           TLSs, TL (carbon)s, ANS, photograph, TL (photocopy), and
           ALS (photocopy).  Includes two photographs of Sandburg
           taken November 22, 1960.   17 items (17 leaves) 17 pp.

      F4   [1950: June].
           ANS, TLS, and photocopies.  Includes ANS from Sandburg
           to Haverlin with enclosures: a TLS to Sandburg from
           Steven M. Lestina and photocopies of the music which he
           has written to accompany the words of the poem, "Wizard
           Oil," written by Carl Sandburg.  4 items (4 leaves)
           25 pp.

           Series I.2.  Haverlin Correspondence, 1950-1963.
               Includes numerous carbons of letters written to
               Sandburg as well as correspondence with a variety of
               other persons at BMI, Harcourt & Brace (Sandburg's
               publisher), and other organizations.  Much of the
               correspondence concerns Carl Sandburg, his life,
               honors, writings, and his activities.
      F5   1950-1956. 
           TL (carbon)s, TLSs, telegram, Ts (carbon), AN, Ts, and
           program.  Includes interoffice correspondence at BMI,
           a list of book titles with autograph additions made by
           Carl Sandburg, a TLS from Buchanan & Co., and letters
           from organizations regarding public events involving
           Sandburg.  Also includes a Library of Congress program
           for "An Evening with Carl Sandburg," and lists of
           records requested by Sandburg.   74 items (81 leaves)
           85 pp.

      F6   1957.
           TL (carbon)s, ALSs, TLS, clippings, tear sheets, and
           TNS.  Includes clippings about Carl Sandburg, most of
           which document Sandburg's visit to Chicago in 1957 and
           a meeting with Frank Lloyd Wright.  40 items (47 leaves)
           51 pp.

      F7   1958-1959. 
           TNSs, TL (carbon)s, clippings, TLSs, printed material,
           AN, and autograph.  Includes Haverlin's transcription
           of a phone message from Carl Sandburg to honor Herbert
           Lehman, notes to Jimmie Cairns of BMI, the February 1958
           issue of Vasastjarnan featuring articles on Carl
           Sandburg and his poetry.  28 items (32 leaves) 49 pp.

      F8   1960-1963.
           TL (carbon)s, clippings, Ts (mimeograph), Ts (carbon),
           and TLSs.  Includes a TLS from the Library of Congress
           concerning Abraham Lincoln; a TLS from Iowa Congressman,
           Fred Schwengel; a Ts (mimeograph) copy of an address by
           Haverlin about Lincoln titled "The Last Best Hope;" and
           a Ts (carbon) copy of the essay, "Marintha Wilming to
           Robert Winshore."   37 items (54 leaves) 54 pp.


           Series II.  Lincoln's Devotional, 1956-1957.
               Concerns the publication of a reprint of a
               devotional book carried by Abraham Lincoln.  The
               reprint was published as Lincoln's Devotional by
               Channel Press in 1957.  Sandburg wrote an
               introduction for this book and Haverlin edited the
               book.  Includes various correspondence, typescripts
               of the introduction, research material, and a
               photocopy of the original devotional book. 
      F9   Correspondence, 1956-1957. 
           TL (carbon)s, TLSs, and Ts (photocopies).  Includes
           correspondence among Sandburg, Haverlin, and the
           publishers; information from the Library of Congress
           verifying the signature of Abraham Lincoln in a copy the
           original devotional owned by Haverlin; and a photocopy
           of the typescript introduction written by Sandburg.
           48 items (60 leaves) 60 pp.

      F10  Introduction by Sandburg, [1957].
           Ts and ANS.  Introduction.  Original Ts draft of
           Sandburg's introduction and selected passages from
           Lincoln's Devotional.  Both bear the author's autograph
           corrections.  This draft of the introduction varies from
           the final printed version.  Also included is an ANS from
           Sandburg stating: "the piety in the rhymed verses stinks
           with cant and hypocrisy and is abhorrent and loathsome.
           That's my testimony and evaluation."   2 items
           (28 leaves) 28 pp.

      F11  Revisions of introduction, [1957].
           Ts (carbon), Ts (photocopy), and Ts bearing autograph
           revisions and deletions by Haverlin.  Three copies of a
           revision of the introduction written by Sandburg.  This
           draft varies from the final version.   3 items
           (27 leaves) 27 pp.
      F12  The Believer's Daily Treasure, 1852. 
           Ts (carbon).  Carbon copy of a transcript of the text of
           the devotional book which was used by Lincoln and the
           basis of Lincoln's Devotional.   1 item (191 leaves)
           191 pp.

      F13  "How Many `Lincoln Bibles'?" [n.d.].
           Ts (photocopy).  Article from an unknown source written
           by Robert S. Barton.    1 item (12 leaves) 12 pp.

      F14  Miscellaneous, [1957].
           Ts, photograph, and autograph.  Includes a Ts statement
           by Bruce Catton to be used for advertising, a 
           photograph of the printed blurb, and an autograph
           manuscript in an unidentified hand titled, "Chapter XI:
           Lincoln's Religion."  3 items (5 leaves) 5 pp.

           Series III.  The New American Songbag, 1949-1951.
               Compiled by Carl Sandburg with the assistance of
               Haverlin and BMI, the book was published by
               Harcourt, Brace and Company.  This series includes
               letters to Sandburg from Haverlin, memoranda and
               notes among the BMI staff, correspondence with
               Harcourt, Brace and Co., and fan mail form radio
               stations about the book.  Also included are carbons
               and drafts of the contract, ideas for songs to be
               included in the book, and other information.  The
               material is arranged in ten folders: the first
               folder contains an endorsement by Bing Crosby, the
               second and third folders contain the remainder of
               the correspondence arranged chronologically.  The
               remaining seven folders contain a contract, drafts
               of the foreword, proofs, material from Songs of
               America, and the publication announcement for
               The New American Songbag. 

      F15  Bing Crosby endorsement, 1950.
           Telegram and ANS.  ANS from Bing Crosby praising The New
           American Songbag. The statement was used in the
           advertising for the book.  2 items (2 leaves) 2 pp.

      F16  Correspondence, 1949-1950.
           TLSs, TL (carbon), TN, Ts, telegrams, autograph, TCS,
           and TNS.   78 items (86 leaves) 86 pp.

      F17  Correspondence, 1951-1963.
           TLSs, ALSs, TL (carbon)s, ACS, autograph, TN, Ts
           (mimeograph), drawing, and leather samples.  71 items
           (73 leaves) 73 pp.

      F18  Publishing Contract, 1950.
           TLSs, TL (carbon), and Ts (carbon) with Ts insertions
           and deletions.  The contract is signed by Sandburg and
           Haverlin and each change in the contract bears the
           initials of both.  Correspondence related to the
           contract is also included.   4 items (5 leaves) 5 pp.                                              
      F19  Foreword, [1950].
           Ts with autograph corrections by Sandburg.  Original Ts
           of a draft of the foreword.   1 item (16 leaves) 16 pp.

      F20  Foreword, [1950].
           Ts (carbon).  Carbon copy of a revised draft of the
           foreword.  1 item (9 leaves) 9 pp.

      F21  Foreword, [1950].
           Ts and Ts (carbon).  Draft of the final version of the
           foreword.  1 item (9 leaves) 9 pp.      
      F22  "Second Proof," 1950.
           Galley Proofs with autograph corrections in an
           unidentified hand, dated October 18, 1950.  Includes two
           sets of text with some duplicate galleys and one set of
           galleys for the index and foreword.   3 items 
           (24 leaves).

      F23  Songs of America, [n.d.].
           Photocopy.  Photocopy of the title page and pages 1-11
           of the text of Songs of America which was the
           predecessor to The New American Songbag.  1 item 
           (7 leaves).

      F24  Announcement, [1950-1951].
           Printed brochure.  Three copies of the brochure
           announcing The New American Songbag.  3 item (3 leaves)
           12 pp.

           Series IV.  Addresses, Speeches, and Remarks by Carl
               Sandburg, 1943-1961.
               Includes printed material and typescripts of 
               various verbal presentations made by Carl Sandburg.
               Arranged chronologically by date of the address.

      F25  1943 February 7.
           "Meditation at Arlington."  Printed broadside signed
           with autograph envelope.  A broadside of the meditation
           delivered by Carl Sandburg on the G-E Mazda Lamp Hour of
           Charm.  Inscribed to Carl Haverlin by Sandburg.  1 item
           (1 leaf) 1 p.

      F26  1954 December 13.
           "Remarks by Carl Sandburg at Dedication of Overseas
           Press Club's Memorial Center (as Telecast on NBC-TV's
           `Dateline' Program."  Ts (mimeograph) with autograph
           note.  Ts (mimeograph) copy of a press release of
           remarks made by Carl Sandburg.  The press release is
           dated January 10, 1955.  Includes two copies, one
           bearing an autograph note to Haverlin.  2 items
           (4 leaves) 4 pp.

      F27  1959 February 12.
           "Carl Sandburg's Address Before Joint Session of 
           Congress, February 12, 1959, to Commemorate the 150th
           Anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's Birth." Ts (photocopy)
           and printed.  Ts (photocopy) of the advance release of
           the speech and an offprint of the speech from the
           Congressional Record.  Also includes advertisements for
           a recording of this speech.  6 items (21 leaves) 34 pp.        
     F28  1959 November 19.
           "Speech of Carl Sandburg on the Gettysburg Battlefield,
           November 19, 1959."  Ts and Ts (carbon) with Ts
           corrections.  Includes a Ts (carbon) with Ts corrections
           of the original speech and a Ts transcript of the speech
           as delivered by Sandburg.  Sandburg's additions to the
           speech are in parentheses.   2 items (10 leaves) 10 pp.

      F29  1961 March 4.
           "Address of Carl Sandburg Upon the Occasion of the One
           Hundredth Anniversary Inaugural of Abraham Lincoln, East
           Front of the United States Capitol, March 4, 1961."  Ts
           (mimeograph).  Transcript of the address.  1 item
           (7 leaves) 7 pp.

      F30  1961 Autumn.
           "Carl Sandburg."  Printed copy and TN.  Two copies of
           Envoy containing Carl Sandburg's "Address of Carl
           Sandburg Upon the Occasion of the One Hundredth
           Anniversary Inaugural of Abraham Lincoln...."  One copy
           has attached a TN.  3 items (15 leaves) 61 pp.

           Series V.  Poetry Written by Carl Sandburg, 1946-1963.
               Includes printed, facsimile, and Ts (carbon) poems
               by Sandburg, as well as one poem set to music by E.
               Lang.  Arranged alphabetically by titles of the

      F31  "Culture Vultures," [n.d.].
           Ts (carbon).  Flat Rock, N.C.  Poem bears a two-line
           note written by Sandburg.   1 item (1 leaf) 1 p.

      F32  "The Gong on Time," 1963 January 3.
           Clipping.  Poem by Sandburg printed in The Los Angeles
           Times Magazine.   1 item (1 leaf) 1 p.

      F33  "Names," 1952 December 25.
           Printed facsimile.  Includes printed facsimiles of both
           the autograph and Ts forms of this poem.  The facsimiles
           were printed by Broadcast Music, Inc. as a keepsake to
           commemorate Carl Sandburg's 75th birthday.  Also 
           included is BMI reprint done in 1953.  3 items
           (3 leaves) 12 pp.

      F34  "Sunsets (Songs for a Sailor)," 1946.
           Printed score.  Words for the song are from Sandburg's
           poem, "Sunsets," and the music is by E. Lang.  Published
           by The Boston Music Company.   1 item (3 leaves) 11 pp.


           Series VI.  Other Material Written by Carl Sandburg,
               Includes a preface, a prologue, and two essays by
               Sandburg. Also includes a galley for the 
               introduction to a play written by Otto Harbach and
               based on Sandburg's Prairie Years.  This series is
               arranged alphabetically by title of the work.

      F35  "Ever Normal Turmoil," 1950 October.
           Broadside.  These words by Sandburg were originally
           written July 9, 1944.  Two hundred copies were
           printed by Peregrine Press in San Francisco.  1 item
           (1 leaf) 1 p.

      F36  "The Family of Man," [1955].
           Broadside.  "An Exhibition of Creative Photography,
           Dedicated to the Dignity of Man, with Examples from 68 
           Countries, conceived and executed by Edward Steichen,
           assisted by Wayne Miller; installation designed by Paul
           Rudolf."  Carl Sandburg wrote the prologue.  1 item
           (1 leaf) 1 p.

      F37  Galley Proof for Unidentified Title, 1950 September 21.
           Galley proof with autograph editorial markings in an
           unidentified hand and an autograph revision by Carl
           Sandburg.  This galley is related to a playlet written
           by Otto Harbach based on Sandburg's Prairie Years and
           printed by Carl Haverlin.   1 item (1 leaf) 1 p.

      F38  "Lincoln on Pennies," 1909 August 3.
           Ts transcript.  A transcript of Sandburg's first printed
           piece.  This piece on Abraham Lincoln appeared in the
           Milwaukee Daily News, August 3, 1909.  1 item (1 leaf)
           1 p.

      F39  "Notes for a Preface to Complete Poems," [1951].
           Ts (carbon).  Bears an autograph note by Sandburg to
           Haverlin on the title page.  Copy of Sandburg's draft
           for a preface for his Complete Poems.  1 item
           (13 leaves) 13 pp.

           Series VII. Programs of Events Involving or Honoring
               Sandburg, 1953-1961.
               Three programs include the Annual Lincoln Award
               Dinner, Carl Sandburg's 75th Birthday, and a program
               of the Modern Poetry Association.  Arranged
               chronologically by date of the event.

      F40  1953 January 6.
           "Carl Sandburg: 75th Birthday Dinner."  Printed program.
           Program includes a menu and a list of guests at the
           speaker's table.  2 items (2 leaves) 6 pp.
      F41  1956 November 18.
           "An Afternoon With Carl Sandburg."  Printed program.
           Program presented by the Modern Poetry Association.
           Includes a facsimile of an autograph copy of Sandburg's
           poem, "Chicago."   1 item (1 leaf) 5 pp.

      F42  1961 February 11.
           "The Annual Lincoln Award Dinner."  Printed program.
           Washington, D.C.  Program is signed by Carl and Helga
           Sandburg and bears an autograph inscription to Haverlin
           from Sandburg: "Let Carl Haverlin take the oath and be
           discharged.  A. Lincoln."   1 item (1 leaf) 4 pp. with

           Series VIII.  Clippings and Photocopies of Items About
               Sandburg, 1925-1964.
               Includes news stories about Sandburg, reviews of
               some of his books, reports of his public readings or

      F43  Clippings, 1951-1964.
           Taken from newspapers and magazines.  19 items 
           (20 leaves) 24 pp.

      F44  Photocopies of Clippings, 1925-1960.
           Photocopies and Ts (carbon).  Most of the copies are
           from 1939 and consist of reviews of Sandburg's Abraham
           Lincoln: The War Years. Also includes a typescript
           carbon transcript of various reviews.  31 items
           (36 leaves) 36 pp. 

           Series IX.  Photographs of Carl Sandburg, 1956 and

      F45  Photographs, 1956 and [n.d.].
           Includes photographs of Sandburg at various times and
           places.  Some of the photographs are credited to
           Broadcast Music Inc.  One photograph has an ANS attached
           which identifies the persons in the photograph. 
           41 items (41 leaves).

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