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1962 - 1988


Manuscript Collection Number: 434
Accessioned: Gift of John E. Hart, January 2002
Extent: .6 linear ft.
Content: Correspondence and research notes, bibliographies, magazines
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: January 2002, by Kevin Burke

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Table of Contents

Biographical Note

The novelist Albert Halper was born in Chicago in 1904 and died in Poughkeepsie, New York, in 1984. After graduating from high school and working at a number of jobs in Chicago, Halper moved to New York City in 1929 with the goal of becoming a writer. His first published novel, Union Square, appeared in 1931 and was a Literary Guild selection. Halper followed this novel with a series of books based on his life in Chicago, notably a book of short stories, On the Shore (1934), and the novels, The Foundry (1934), The Chute (1937), Sons of the Fathers (1940), and The Little People (1942). Over the course of his career, Halper published three more novels (Only an Inch from Glory, Atlantic Avenue, The Fourth Horseman of Miami Beach), and two collections of essays and short stories. He also wrote two plays and the memoir, Good-bye, Union Square.

John E. Hart was born in Kansas in 1917. From 1954 until his retirement in 1981, he was professor of English and American Literature at Albion College in Albion, Michigan. Professor Hart’s study of the American novelist Floyd Dell was published by Twayne in 1971. His Albert Halper, also published by Twayne, appeared in 1978.


Hart, John E. “Albert Halper.” The Scribner Encyclopedia of American Lives, Volume 1: 1981 – 1985. Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1998. Reproduced in Biography Resource Center. Farmington Hills, Mich.: The Gale Group 2001.

Other information is derived from the collection.

Scope and Content Note

The John E. Hart Collection regarding Albert Halper consists of correspondence relating to research and publication for Professor Hart’s essay “Albert Halper’s World of the Thirties” (Twentieth Century Literature, v. 9:4, January 1964), and his book, Albert Halper (1978), part of the Twayne United States Authors Series. The collection contains both original correspondence and other material from Halper, as well as the correspondence Hart conducted with a number of individuals and institutions in connection with his research.

Hart’s correspondence with Halper was conducted between 1962 and 1983. The collection includes a bibliography of Halper’s work, compiled and annotated by Halper, as well as signed copies of two Halper stories that appeared in Boys’ Life and a signed copy of Halper’s American Scholar essay, “Thoughts on Being Twayned.”

Professor Hart’s other correspondents included Halper’s second wife, Lorna Blaine Halper, several academic libraries, and the Viking Press. The collection contains photocopies of Halper’s correspondence (1931 – 1969) with Richard Johns, editor of the literary magazine Pagany, obtained from the University of Delaware, and photocopies of the correspondence between Halper and the Viking Press (1931 – 1932), related to the publication of Halper’s first novel, Union Square (1931). The correspondence between Hart and G.K. Hall, publishers of the Twayne series, related to the publication of Hart’s book, is also part of the collection, as is a signed copy of Hart's book, Albert Halper.

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Contents List

Box -- Folder -- Contents

1    F1   Albert Halper letters to John E. Hart, 1962 – 1967

          1962 Jan 11         TLS       1p
               Feb 9          TLS       1p
               Oct 8          TLS       1p
               Nov 9          TLS       2p
               Note:  Includes page 20 from a draft of Hart’s
               Twentieth Century Literature essay on Halper.
               Dec 11         TLS       1p

          1964 Feb 3          TLS       1p
               Note:  Refers to “the enclosed bibliography” of
               his work that Halper provided to Hart. (See F4)
               Mar 14         TLS       1p
                    Jul 15         TLS       1p

          1967 Jun 21         TLS       1p

     F2   Albert Halper letters to John E. Hart, 1971-1983

          1971 Apr 22         TLS       1p
               Nov 27         TLS       1p

          1973 May 11    TLS       4p
               Note:  Includes “Chronology” of Halper’s life sent
               by Hart to Halper and returned with corrections
               and annotations in Halper’s hand.
               Jun 15         TLS       1p

          1974 Nov 26         TLS       1p

          1975 Apr 29         TLS       1p

          1979 [Feb 16]  TLS       1p
               Note:  Date derived from postmark on envelope.
               Feb 27         TLS       1p
               Mar 8          TLS       3p
               Note:  Includes 2-page hand-written “Errata” of
               Halper’s corrections to Hart’s ms.
               Mar 31         TLS       1p

          1980 Jun 3          TLS       1p
               Note: Mentions that Halper will send copies of his
               stories that appeared in Boys’ Life.
               Apr 4          TLS       1p
          1983 Apr 7          TLS       1p
               Oct 23         TLS       1p
     F3   John E. Hart Letters to Albert Halper, 1962-1983

          1962 Nov 2          TL (c)         1p

          1967 Jun 14         TL (c)         1p

          1971 Apr 12         TL (c)         1p
               Nov 22         TLS (c)   1p

          1973 May 7          TL (c)         1p
               Jun 8          TL (c)         1p
               Jul 19         TL (c)         1p

          1974 Nov 18         TLS (c)   1p

          1975 Apr 21         TLS (c)   1p
               Aug 28         TLS (c)   5p
               Note:  Includes Hart’s original letter requesting
               biographical information with annotations by
               Halper, a carbon copy of the letter, and a
               photocopy of Hart’s “Chronology” of Halper’s life
               with annotations and corrections by Halper.

               1979 Feb 12         TL (c)         1p
               Note: Includes annotations and corrections in
               Hart’s hand.

               1980 Mar 29         TLS (c)   1p
                    May 27    TL (c)         1p
                    Jun 21         TL (c)         1p
               Note:  Acknowledges receipt from Halper of two
               issues of Boys’ Life containing stories by Halper.

               1983 Mar 31         TLS (c)   1p
                         Oct 19         TLS (c)   1p

     F4   Albert Halper bibliography
                    Bibliography of Halper’s publications from Jan
          1929 through Nov 1959 with annotations by Halper and
          Hart, sent by Halper to Hart in 1964.

     F5   Boys’ Life, Mar 1974
                    Includes Halper’s story, “His Father’s Shirt
          Sleeves,” signed by Halper.
1    F6   Boys’ Life, Dec 1974
                    Includes Halper’s story, “The Hannukkah Bush,”
          signed by Halper.

     F7   The American Scholar, Winter 1981/1982
                    Includes Halper’s essay, “Thoughts on Being
          Twayned,” signed by Halper.

     F8   Twentieth Century Literature, Jan 1964
                    Includes Hart’s essay, “Albert Halper’s World of
          the Thirties.”

     F9   Lorna Blaine Halper and Thomas Halper
          correspondence(6 items)
                    Includes copies of two typed letters from Hart to
          Lorna Blaine Halper, Albert Halper’s second wife; a
          note and a card from Lorna Halper to Hart; and a copy
          of a letter from Hart to Thomas Halper, Albert Halper’s

2    F10  Granville Hicks correspondence, 1967 - 1971
               (3 items)
          Includes 2 TNS from Hicks in response to queries from
          Hart in connection with his research on Floyd Dell and
          Halper, and a copy of a TL from Hart to Hicks.

     F11  University of Delaware correspondence
          Includes copies of Albert Halper’s correspondence with
          Richard Johns, editor of Pagany magazine (originals at
          University of Delaware Library).

     F12  Viking Press correspondence
          Includes responses from Marshall Best, senior editor at
          Viking, to Hart’s requests for publication information
          on Halper’s books; also contains copies of Halper’s
          early correspondence with Viking (1931-1934) related to
          the publication of his first book, Union Square.

     F13  Correspondence related to Halper’s publication history
          Includes correspondence with Harper & Row, The Literary
          Guild, the Princeton University Library, and others
          regarding publication of Halper’s books and
          availability of Halper’s correspondence with his

     F14  Correspondence related to bibliographical research
          Includes correspondence to a number of institutions and
          individuals regarding bibliographic information on the
          original periodical publication of Halper’s stories.
          Correspondents include The Library of Congress, The
          Newberry Library, and The University of Maryland
          Library. A substantial portion of the correspondence is
          concerned with identifying Parade magazine, an obscure
          literary magazine of the 1930’s.

2    F15  Correspondence related to biographical research
          Includes information about Halper’s early education and
          employment, as well as his subsequent career.
          Correspondents include the Chicago Board of Education,
          The Library of Congress, The Newberry Library, and

     F16  Material related to the publication of Albert Halper
          Includes correspondence and other material related to
          the publication of John E. Hart’s book, Albert Harper,
          in G.K. Hall’s Twayne United States Authors Series.

     F17  Personal correspondence
          Includes 3 TLS from “Lotus,” a professor at Keuka
          College and a friend of Hart’s. Letters contain
          commentary on the manuscript of Hart’s book.

	F18	Signed copy of Albert Halper by John E. Hart. 
		Hart's book length study of Halper done for 
		Twayne's United States Author Series.  Boston: Twayne Publishers, 1980.

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