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Neala Schleuning
Poster Collection

ca. 1970s - 1990s


Graphics Collection Number: GRA 118
Accessioned: Gift of Neala Schleuning, January 2004
Extent: 161 items (151 items and 10 duplicates)
Content: Posters, broadsides, and menus.
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: Spring 2004 by Tammy Kiter

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Table of Contents

Biographical Note

American educator and writer Neala Schleuning (also published as Neala Janis Schleuning Yount) received her Ph.D. in American Studies from the University of Minnesota in 1978 with a dissertation on the life and work of Meridel Le Sueur, a well-known and respected Midwestern writer of the political left. Schleuning was personally associated with Le Sueur, collaboratingwith her and the Twin Cities Women’s Film Collective on a film about Le Sueur’s writing, My People Are My Home (1976). Schleuning taught American history, Women’s Studies, and American Studies, and was involved in higher education administration. She was director of the women’s center at Mankato State University (now known as Minnesota State University, Mankato), and assistant director of the Illinois Board of Higher Education. A Fulbright Scholar, she is the author of several books, including America: Song We Sang Without Knowing (1983); Idle Hands and Empty Hearts: Work and Freedom in the United States (1990); Women, Community, and the Hormel Strike of 1985-86 (1994); and To Have and to Hold: the Meaning of Ownership in the United States (1997).

Scope and Content Note

The Neala Schleuning Poster Collection includes a wide variety of posters, broadsides, and several menus collected by Schleuning in the course of her worldwide travels. The poster collection is a strong graphic collection reflecting her broad interests in women’s issues, American studies, and political movements. The 161 items (151 unique items and ten duplicates) span approximately twenty years, with items dating from the 1970s through the 1990s. Some early posters represent social and political issues of the 1970s, such as the Women’s Liberation Movement and Nuclear Disarmament. A large number of broadsides advertise cultural events, such as plays, gallery openings, and Native American gatherings, many of which occurred in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, where Schleuning lived. Through the 1980s and 1990s, posters display ongoing social and political concerns such as labor relations, health reform, and homelessness.

The collection is arranged in two broad geographic series, posters from domestic American events (61 items) or those obtained from travels abroad (100 items). Series I. United States is arranged in topical subseries: Anarchist Gatherings, Anti-Nuclear Campaign, Cultural Events, Gay/Lesbian Issues, Labor Relations/Worker’s Rights, Native American Issues, and Women & Work (Women’s Liberation). The posters and broadsides represent various events that were held across the United States, including items from events honoring American icons Karen Silkwood and Leonard Peltier.

Series II. International includes posters and broadsides from nations around the world, from Africa to Central America to Asia. The Schleuning Collection contains a series of Russian posters honoring Soviet leader Vladimir Ill’ich Lenin and another series of Soviet propaganda posters, as well as two fine silkscreen posters from Sri Lanka. The collection also contains an impressive array of posters from two United Nations World Conferences on Women, held in Nairobi, Kenya (1985), and Beijing, China (1995), respectively. The two menus in the collection are placemat menus from McDonald’s restaurants in Russia and China.

Just as the items in this collection cover a broad range of topics and geographic locals, the artwork ranges from simple sketches to fine illustrations to photography; production methods range from limited silkscreen or letterpress to mass commercial printings. Likewise, paper quality of the posters varies from the type of cheap flyer one might see posted on a bulletin board to high-gloss, photo-quality sheets. The collection provides a good international overview for study of graphic design and the poster art of political statement.

The item list of posters provides the following descriptive details: poster title/slogan/primary text from graphics on the poster, location of event or place of publication, date (when known), poster size (in inches), color production, and format (broadside or poster). Additional details, such as multiple copies or artist, are provided as available.

Many of the posters contain text in languages other than English; translations are provided for most of these. Graphic descriptions have been provided for image posters without text. The posters are housed in flat files; oversize items have been identified with removal sheets and are housed separately.

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Series List

I. United States

A. Anarchist Gatherings
B. Anti-Nuclear Campaign
C. Cultural Events
D. Gay/Lesbian Issues
E. Labor Relations/Worker’s Rights
F. Native American Issues
G. Women & Work (Women’s Liberation)

II. International

A. United Nations’ Third World Conference on Women, 1985
B. United Nations’ Fourth World Conference on Women, 1995
C. Central America
D. China
E. Germany
F. Middle East
G. Pacific Islands
H. U.S.S.R. / Russia
I. South America

Note: Poster sizes are measured in inches to the nearest quarter-inch, width by height.

Contents List

Folder -- Contents

         Series I. United States
         A. Anarchist Gatherings

1       An Anarchist Gathering. E.F. Waite Community Center,
         Minneapolis, Minn., Oct 24, 25, 26, 1975.
         10.75 x 17 color broadside

         Anarchist Conference & Festival/Without Borders.
         Haight Street, San Francisco, July 20-25, 1989.
         10.75 x 17 color broadside

         Rosa Luxemburg: 1875-1919. Iowa Socialist Party, Des
         Moines, Iowa, n.d.
         10.75 x 17 color broadside

         B. Anti-Nuclear Campaign

2       Better Active Today than Radioactive Tomorrow. Twin
         Cities Northern Sun Alliance, Minneapolis, Minn., n.d.
         11.75 x 17.75 color broadside

         Caution: Nuclear Power Can Be Dangerous to Your
         Health/Karen Silkwood 1946 –1974/Dead Because She Knew
         Too Much. Art for People, Supporters of Silkwood,
         Washington D.C., n.d.
         10.75 x 16.75 color broadside

         This House Has No Fallout Shelter – Peace is Our Only
         Security. The Fellowship of Reconciliation, Nyack, NY,
         n.d., 2 copies.
         15.75 x 9 color poster

         Resist the Commodification of Life/Resist
         Biotechnology. Artwork by Kehben Grifter, n.d.
         20.5 x 27.75 b & w poster

         C. Cultural Events

         3 Peace Now for Central America/A Community Vigil of
         Concern. Mankato, Minn., March 24, 1985.
         8.5 x 13.75 color broadside

         “Letter to Otto Rene Castillo.” Poem by John
          Minczeski, illustration by Timothy Miske, Shadow Press,
          Minneapolis, Minn, n.d..
          11 x 20 color broadside

          3 Works of Miriam Schapiro, The Visual Arts Gallery,
          College of St. Catherine, St. Paul, Minn., March 7-31, 1976.
          16.5 x 21.75 color poster

          Raped – A Woman’s Look at Bertolt Brecht’s The
          Exception and the Rule. [Artist: Leslie Bowman.]
          Pillsbury Waite Cultural Arts Center, Minneapolis,
          Minn., Oct. 1-24, 1976.
          8.5 x 13.75 double-sided b&w broadside

          Joan Snyder at WARM: A Women’s Collective Art Space.
          Features painting “Resurrection” by Joan Snyder.
          Minneapolis, Minn., May 7 – June 17, [1977]
          14 x 14 color poster

          Women Invite Women – An International Exhibition.
          WARM: A Women’s Collective Art Space, Minneapolis,
          Minn., Dec 20, 1977 – Jan 4, 1978.
          22 x 16.75 color poster

          River Journal – A New Play by Martha Boesing. Artist:
          Leslie Bowman. Walker Church, At the Foot of the
          Mountain, Nov 7 – Dec 14, n.y.
          10.75 x 17 b & w broadside

          Rural Life Month – A Call to Conversion/Rural Life
          Sunday. St. Peter, Minn. March 24, 1985.
          16.75 x 10.25 b & w broadside

          Creative Genius isn’t Enough, George R. Hernandez
          (resume), linoleum print combined with type, printing
          done on an 1883 press by The Sun Arts Press, n.d.
          18.5 x 10 color resume and 4 x 6 attached card

          The Why Cheap Art? Manifesto. Bread & Puppet Glover,
          Vermont, 1984,
          10.75 x 16.75 b & w broadside, 3 copies

          Cabaret. The New Coffee House Theater, Hillel Center,
          University of Minnesota, April 13 – 24, n.y.
          10.75 x 16.75 b & w broadside

          “The Type Speaks.” Manifesto, n.d.
           13.25 x 18.75 b & w poster

           University Programs Presents Dr. Helen Caldicott.
           Mankato State University, Mankato, Minn, n.d.
           13.5 x 17.25 color poster

           3 This is Your Life Marv Davidov or Everything You Ever
           Wanted to Know About FBI Files But Were Afraid to Ask.
           Whole Coffee House, Oct 23, n.y.
           16.75 x 10.75 color poster

           Flo Kennedy, Feb 24, 1983, 7th Pan African Conference,
           Mankato State University, Mankato, Minn, 1983.
           13.25 x 19.25 b & w broadside

            Changes: an Exhibition by Betsy Damon and Carole Fisher
            with a catalogue by Kathryn C. Johnson. College of St.
            Catherine, St. Paul, Minnesota, Jan 4-29, 1976.
            16 x 22 b & w poster

            The Gathering/Meeting of cultural workers and artists.
            Cherry Creek Theatre, St. Peter, Minn., August 9-16, 1981.
            15.5 x 22 color poster, 3 copies

            A Dance to Miles Horton: On His 80th Birthday.
            Features sketch by Jules Feiffer.
            Highland Center, July 9, 1985.
            19.75 x 25.75 color poster

            The Family. Artwork by Su Negrin, Times Change Press,
            NY, n.d. (circa 1970s).
            16.75 x 21.75 color poster

            Stop the Bombing of El Salvador/A National Campaig.
            Sponsored by the Commission in Solidarity with the People
            of El Salvador. Poster design by Andrea Kantrowitz.
            Berkeley, California, n.d.
            23.75 x 17 color poster

            From South Africa: New Writing/Photographs & Art:
            TriQuarterly 69. TriQuarterly and Northwestern
            University, 1987.
            23.75 x 35.75 color poster

            D. Gay/Lesbian

4          Upper Midwest Lesbian-Gay Political Revival.
            University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn., Oct. 6, 7, 8, n.y.
            10.75 x 16.75 double-sided color broadside

            Stonewall Was a Riot/A Call for Action in the Spirit of
            the Stonewall Rebellion. Sheridan Square, New York
            City, June 25, 1994.
            17.25 x 22.5 b & w poster

            E. Labor Relations/Worker’s Rights

5          Is Your Washroom Breeding Bolsheviks? Commercial
            poster promoting Thirsty Fibre, Scott Paper Company,
            Chester, PA, n.d.
            10.75 x 17 b & w poster

            Help Us in Our Stand Against Takeaways/Back the P-9
            Strikers. Hormel, Fidelity Printing, San Jose, CA., [1985?]
            16.75 x 22.5 b & w poster, 2 copies

            Northland Cultural Workers Conference. Metropolitan
            Community College, Minneapolis, Minn., April 7, 1979.
            17.5 x 22.5 color poster, 2 copies

             Third World Workers. Includes quote by Freire. Bother
             Poster, Young Oxfam, n.d.
             16.5 x 23.25 b & w poster

             F. Native American Issues

6           Urge the Canadian Government to Grant Asylum for
             Leonard Peltier/One People One Struggle. Native
             American Solidarity Committee, Lake Street Station,
             Minn., Oct 18, n.y. 10.25 x 16.75 color broadside

             Free Peltier, n.d.
             Description: features sketch of Native American’s face.
             14.25 x 16.75 color poster

             Oglala Sioux Traditional Sundance. Porcupine, S.D.,
              July 28, 29, 30, and 31, 1977.
             15.25 x 22.25 color poster

              Native American Female Political Prisoners (Joanna Le
              Deux, Anna Mae Aquash, Yvonne Wanrow, Kamook Banks).
              Native American Solidarity Committee. Produced by
              Workin’ On It Lesbian Press, Seattle, WA, n.d.
              17.25 x 23 color poster

              Support Big Mountain Resistance/Repeal 93-531/Let the
              Navajo Way Continue in Beauty. Big Mountain Support &
              Resistance Group c/o San Jose Peace Center, San Jose, CA,
              Printed by Fidelity Printing, San Jose, CA., n.d.
              16.75 x 21.75 color poster

6            Akwesasne Notes. Calendar, painting of Earth Mother by
              Kahonhes (John Fadden), 1980.
              16.75 x 21.75 color poster

              Earth Mother: The Way of American Indian Women/Honoring
              American Indian Women Artists and Poets. Minneapolis
              Regional Native American Center, May 8 & 9, n.y.
              17.25 x 22.75 color poster

               Lakota Winyanki Oyate Wita U Ha Na Cin P/Rosebud Lakota
               Women: Keepers of the Nation, Painting by Unno, 1990.
               Description: features photograph and biographical
               information for six Native American women: Mary Bordeaux,
               Nellie Left Hand Bull-Big Crow, Dorothy Mousseau Crane
               Pretty Voice, Kate Roubideaux Blue Thunder, Kate Bone Shirt
               Omaha Boy, Edna Little Elk.. Poster is first in the Lakota
               Women Curriculum series; funded by South Dakota Dept of
               Ed & Cultural Affairs.
               17.75 x 23.75 double-sided color poster

               [No title.] Poster is one of a series by Akwesasne
               Notes. Artwork by Kahonhes (John Fadden). Akwesasne
               Notes, Mohawk Nation, Roosevelt, NY, Printed by Glad Day
               Press, Ithaca, NY, n.d.
               Description: Native American cultural scene.
               17.25 x 22.25 color poster

               G. Women & Work (Women’s Liberation)

7            Women Unite. Artist: Anne S. Walker. International
              Women’s Tribune Centre, United Nations Plaza, NY, n.d.
              15.5 x 21 color poster

              Sacred Motherhood. Drawing by Luther D. Bradley for
              the Women’s Trade Union League, 1907. Poster published
              by Red Pepper Posters, San Francisco, CA, 1976.
              18 x 25 b & w poster

              Jobs for All Women/Challenge Economic Reconstruction, n.d.
              20 x 29.75 color poster

              Series of 9 posters commissioned by the Women’s Bureau
              from American Women Artists in honor of their 75th
              Anniversary, 1920-1975.

              Women’s Work Counts. Artist: Jaune Quick-to-See Smith.
              One of a series commissioned by the Women’s Bureau from
              American Women Artists. Women’s Bureau 75th
              Anniversary, 1920-1995. U.S. Department of Labor
              Women’s Bureau, 1995.
               24 x 32 color poster.

               Women’s Work Counts. Artist: Becky Heavner. One of a
                series commissioned by the Women’s Bureau from American
               Women Artists. Women’s Bureau 75th Anniversary, 1920-1995.
               U.S. Department of Labor Women’s Bureau, 1995.
               24 x 32 color poster.

               Women’s Work Counts. Artist: Mary Louise Lopez. One
               of a series commissioned by the Women’s Bureau from
               American Women Artists. Women’s Bureau 75th
               Anniversary, 1920-1995. U.S. Department of Labor
               Women’s Bureau, 1995.
               24 x 32 color poster.

               Women’s Work Counts. Artist: Mary Porter. One of a
               series commissioned by the Women’s Bureau from American
               Women Artists. Women’s Bureau 75th Anniversary, 1920-
               1995. U.S. Department of Labor Women’s Bureau, 1995.
               24 x 32 color poster.

               Women’s Work Counts. Artist: Varnette P. Honeywood.
               One of a series commissioned by the Women’s Bureau from
               American Women Artists. Women’s Bureau 75th
               Anniversary, 1920-1995. U.S. Department of Labor
               Women’s Bureau, 1995.
               24 x 32 color poster.

               Women’s Work Counts. Artist: Susan Foster. One of a
               series commissioned by the Women’s Bureau from American
               Women Artists. Women’s Bureau 75th Anniversary, 1920-
               1995. U.S. Department of Labor Women’s Bureau, 1995.
               24 x 32 color poster.

              Women’s Work Counts. Artist: Lonni Sue Johnson. One
              of a series commissioned by the Women’s Bureau from
              American Women Artists. Women’s Bureau 75th
              Anniversary, 1920-1995. U.S. Department of Labor
              Women’s Bureau, 1995.
              24 x 32 color poster.

              Women’s Work Counts. Artist: Faith Ringgold. One of a
              series commissioned by the Women’s Bureau from American
              Women Artists. Women’s Bureau 75th Anniversary, 1920-
              1995. U.S. Department of Labor Women’s Bureau, 1995.
              24 x 32 color poster.

              Women’s Work Counts. Artist: Marty Andersen. One of a
              series commissioned by the Women’s Bureau from American
              Women Artists. Women’s Bureau 75th Anniversary, 1920-
              1995. U.S. Department of Labor Women’s Bureau, 1995.
              24 x 32 color poster.

              Series II. International

              A. United Nations Third World Conference on Women,
              Nairobi, Kenya, July 15 - 26, 1985

8            Forward with the Year of the Woman. Africa, n.d.
              16.75 x 24.75 color poster

              Impact Kenya. Launching Ceremony, Kenya, Nov 10, 1984.
              15.5 x 22.5 b & w poster

              Support Swapo/Liberate Nambia, n.d.
              9 x 19.25 broadside

             Women of the World Unite and Crush Apartheid. SWAPO, n.d.
             16 x 23 color poster

             [No title.] Moscow, 1985.
             Description: features young girl’s face with a flower in her hair.
             12.5 x 19 color broadside

             As a Woman I have no country/My country is the Whole
             World. Artwork by Ann S. Walker. International Women’s
              Tribune Centre, New York, NY, 1985.
             16 x 21 color poster

             Maendeleo Ya Wanawake/Working for a better tomorrow.
             [Africa], n.d.
             23 x 16.25 color poster, 2 copies

             [No title.] Middle East, n.d.
             Description: features sketch of young children.
             16.25 x 24.25 color poster

             Sesini Yukselt!/Raise Your Voice. European Conference
             of Turkish Woman Migrants, Amsterdam, June 1985
            16.5 x 23.5 color poster

             If It’s Not Appropriate for Women, It’s Not
             Appropriate. Artwork by Anne S. Walker. Tech Tools at
             Forum 85, Nairobi, n.d.
            15.75 x 21 color poster

            Penye Nia Ipo Njia/Where There’s a Will There’s a Way.
            Design by Gohil/Lamba and Ulrich/Riria-Ouka. UN Decade
            for Women Conference & NGO Forum, Nairobi, Kenya,
            Mazingira Institute, n.d.
            21.5 x 19 color poster

            Alto a Los Bombardeos Genocidas en El Salvador (“Stop
            Genocide Bombardments in El Salvador”), Comision de
            Derechos Humanos de El Salvador, El Salvador, n.d.
            16.75 x 22 color poster

            Assert Women’s Right to Struggle! Fight repression! On
            Malacanang! / Join the March 8, 1985 All Women Rally /
            Gabriela. [Philippines], (Nairobi), 1985
            17.75 x 24 color poster

            “La Humanidad Debe Perdurar, Y Si Nos Lo Proponemos Y
             Somos Conscientes Y Somos Valientes, Perdurara.” Quote by
             Fidel Castro, artwork by Zanes, 1984 Cuban Preparation
             Committee, World Conference on Women, n.d.
             Description: features sketch of girl with dove.
             20.75 x 29.75 color poster

             Ensemble, United Nations Decade for Women, 1976-1985.
             Illustration by C.J. Fleury, graphics by Anna Edels.
             Government of Canada, n.d.
             23.75 x 35.75 color poster

             Le Carrefour. International de la communication,
             [France?], [Nairobi, 1985].
            17.5 x 25.25 color poster

            General Arab Women Federation/International Women’s
            Year. Printed by Fahad Al Marzouk, Kuwait, n.d.
            23.25 x 34.5 color poster

            Liberation Lives in the Hands of Women. Nonaligned
            Women’s Movement, Greece, n.d.
            16.75 x 22.25 color poster

            Rural Women Unite Against Violence, Network of Rural
            Women’s Groups, Boralukada, Baddegama, Sri Lanka, n.d.
            [Nairobi, 1985]
            18.25 x 28.5 color silkscreen, 2 copies

            Series II. International
            B. United Nations Conference Fourth World Conference
            on Women, Beijing, China, Sept. 4-15, 1995

9          Victors of Aggression/In Memory of Kuwait Women Martyrs
            on the Occasion of the 4th World Conference on Women, n.d.
            19 x 26.5 color poster

            Jordanian Women’s Union/NGO Forum on Women/Equality,
            Development, and Peace. Atwork by Moh Nasrallah, n.d.
           13.25 x 18.5 color poster

            [No title.] Artwork by Moh Nasrallah, [possibly
            Buddhist], China, n.d.
            Description: features painting of female in traditional
            costume surrounded by flowers.
            14.5 x 20.5 color poster

            Implementing Human Rights in the Twenty-first Century/A
            Global Challenge for Women. The University of Calgary
            Group for Research and Education in Human Rights, Canada, n.d.
            16.75 x 22 color poster

            Enf Fanm. Illustrated by Martine Fourcand, [Haiti?], n.d.
            Description: features large symbol for female with
            mosaic design in black and white.
           16.75 x 21.75 color poster

           Entre Amour/Colere/Folie Construire La Paix/Enf Fanm.
           Artwork by Legagneur. Haiti, Kalou Design, 1995.
           16.75 x 21.75 color poster

           [No title.] Photo by F. Polisario, 1995.
           Description: features Muslim women sitting in a lecture/classroom.
           24 x 16.25 color poster

           The 4th United Nations World Conference on Women.
           Sampson Associates, Johannesburg, South Africa, n.d.
          16.5 x 23 color poster

           Return Liberation Independence. General Union of
           Palestinian Women, Palestinian National Committee, Beijing:
           30 August – 15 September 1995, n.d.
           17.5 x 25 color poster

           [No title.] Middle East, n.d.
           Description: features painting of woman in traditional
           costume holding a dove in one hand and a globe in the other.
           18.5 x 26 color poster

           Equality, Development and Peace. Jordanian Women’s
           Union, NGO Forum on Women, Jordan, n.d.
           18.5 x 26 color poster

           The Syrian Arab Women and the Development Process.
           Design by Dr. Bouthina Aboul Fadel. Syrian Arab
           Preparation Committee for the Fourth World Conference
           on Women, Beijing, China, 1995.
           Description: features peace dove with Syrian flag.
           27.25 x 19 color poster

           The Syrian Arab Women and the Development Process.
           Painting by Nazir Naba’a. Syrian Arab Preparation
           Committee for the Fourth World Conference on Women,
           Beijing, China, 1995
           Description: features woman with history books, globe, and doves.
           27.25 x 19 color poster

           UNHCR/United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, n.d.
           Description: features refugees from Myanmar, Bangledash.
           18.5 x 26.5 color poster

           UN Fourth World Conference on Women, September 4-15,
           1995. Public Information Committee, China Organizing
           Committee for the Fourth World Conference on Women, n.d.
           Description: features multi-color flags and a monument.
           20.25 x 29.75 color poster

           NGO Forum on Women, n.d.
           Description: features Great Wall of China and multi-
           color female symbols.
           20.75 x 29.75 color poster

           Equality | Development | Peace, n.d.
           Description: features multi-color ribbons.
           20.75 x 30 color poster

9         Evolution de L’industrie Mondiale/Les Femmes et le
           Progres Socio-Economique (Evolution of World Industry/
           Women of Socio-Economic Progress). Artwork by A.
           Bourykine. ONUDI: Organisation des Nations Unies Pour
           le Development Industriel (Organization of Nations
           Unified for the Development of Industry), n.d.
           21.75 x 32.75, color poster, 2 copies

           [Tibetan Woman], Tibet, China, n.d.
           Description: features young woman in traditional
           costume, [Beijing, 1995].
           22.25 x 34.5 color poster

           [Tibetan Dance], Tibet, China, n.d.
           Description: features young woman dancing in
           traditional costume, [Beijing, 1995].
           22.25 x 34.5 color poster

           C. Central America

10       Sandino Lives/Nicaragua Will Survive. Artwork by
           Arnando Morales, Nicaragua, 1985. / 1986: 25th
           Anniversary of the FSLN.
           Description: features painting of soldiers.
           17.75 x 24.75 color poster

           D. China

11       McDonald’s menu (from tray), n.d.
           13.25 x 9.5 color menu

           [No title], n.d.
           Description: features painting of celebration, [calendar?]
          10.5 x 15 color broadside

           [No title], n.d.
           Description: features man and woman with monument,
           large buildings, and people holding books in the
           background; possibly promoting education.
          14.75 x 12.5 b & w broadside

          [No title], n.d.
          Description: features agricultural setting with crops,
          tractors, and farmers.
          12.5 x 14.75 b & w broadside

          [No title], n.d.
          Description: features women weaving a stretcher, first
          aid supplies, soldiers, and guns in background.
          14.75 x 12.5 b & w broadside

          The Mountain Village Has Changed, n.d.
          Description: features agricultural scene with group
          labor, [1970s?].
          30 x 20.75 color poster

          [No title], n.d.
          Description: features young woman distributing books to
          children, [1970s?].
          20.5 x 29.75 color poster

          E. Germany

12      Homeless People. Museum fûr Kunst Kulturgeschicte,
          Berlin, Germany, 1988.
          16.25 x 23.25 b & w poster

          Bad Women Don’t Drink Light Beer / Hart und Zart.
          Elefanten Press, [1970s].
          12 x 23.75 b & w poster

          Statdt der Frauen (“Council on women”), Berlin,
          Germany, Nov 30, 1991–Jan 1992.
          33 x 23.25 color poster

          Endlich (“Finally”), Berlin, Germany, [1970s].
          33 x 23.25 color poster

          Dein Korper ist ein Schlachtfeld (“Your body is a
          battlefield”). Ein Projekt der NGBK, Berlin, by Barbara
          Kruger. Berlin, Germany, [1970s].
          33.75 x 22.75 color poster

          F. Middle East

13      U.A.E./United Arab Emirates, n.d.
          15.5 x 20.5 color poster

          G. Pacific Islands

14      You are on Aboriginal Land. Design by Marie McMahon,
           poster production in support of Mimi Aboriginal Arts &
          Crafts, Katherine, Australia, 1984.
          18.25 x 26 color poster

          Free from State Violence. Artwork by Semsar Siahaan.
          Indonesia NGO Forum on Women, Jakarta Barat, Indonesia, n.d.
          24.5 x 35.25 color poster

          Patay Kang Bata Ka: a Concert in the Protest of the
          Bataan Nuclear Power Plant. Presented by the Children’s
          Committee of Gabriella, directed by Behn Cervantes.
          Nuclear Free Phillipines, Rizal Theater, Makati,
          Phillipines, Sept 1984.
          17.25 x 23.75 b & w poster

          H. U.S.S.R. / Russia

         “Posters, Portraits, Leaflets, 1917-1924, from the
         collection of Lenin State Library, SSSR,” 1989
         Folio series of 12 posters (with two introductory
         sheets) honoring Soviet Leader Il’lich Lenin, reprinted
         1989. Translation from notes on verso of posters.
         Numbers from poster series.

15     Lenin: Posters, Portraits, Leaflets, 1917-1924. Title
         sheet for folio. Moscow 1989.
         Description: features sketch of Lenin.
         16.5 x 21.5 color poster

         Lenin: Posters, Portraits, Leaflets, 1917-1924.
         Introductory sheet for folio. Moscow 1989.
         Description: features text of documents.
         16.5 x 21.5 color poster

         1) “Second Anniversary of the Great Proletariat
         Revolution, October 1919.” Includes words to “The
         International,” n.d.
         16.75 x 21.5 color poster

         2) “Russian Socialist Federation of Soviet Republic,” n.d.
         Description: depicts a servant in chains and a
         blindfold, serving food to upper class individuals,
         same character freeded from servitude after enlisting
         in the military.
         16.75 x 21.5 color poster

         3) “Comrade Lenin Will Cleanse the Land of the Wicked.”
         Description: features sketch of Lenin standing on top
         of a globe, sweeping off kings, bankers, and unidentified man.
         16.75 x 21.5 color poster

         4) “Hail to Our Il’lich,” n.d.
         Description: features photo of Lenin (1870-1920)
         with two working class men (tradesmen/laborers)
         honoring his image.
         16.75 x 21.5 color poster

         5) “Five Years at the Helm of the Soviet Ship! Hail
         to Our Il’lich, Hail to Soviets!,” n.d.
         Description: features sketch of Lenin at the front
         of a ship battling large waves in the ocean, communist
         sickle is on the sail of the boat.
         16.75 x 21.5 color poster

         6) “Let the Class Shudder in the Face of the
         Communist Revolution (International),” n.d.
         Description: features photo of Lenin with the years
         1917-1922 and the captions, “Main speaker of the 5 year
          plan” as well as “4th Congress of the Revolution.”
         16.75 x 21.5 color poster

          7) “Giant Grief, Giant Heritage,” n.d.
          Description: features sketch of monument honoring
          Lenin and large numbers of people lined up to pay
          homage to him.
          16.75 x 21.5 color poster

          8) “He was Born April 23, 1870, Died 1924/He lives
          in our hearts.” (notation on poster made by original
          owner states that April 23 is the “wrong date”), n.d.
         16.75 x 21.5 color poster

          9) “Soviet Electrification is the Basis of the New World,” n.d.
          Description: features Lenin standing in front of
          large tank with soldiers marching in background.
          16.75 x 21.5 color poster

          10) “15,000 New Party Members from Urals by May 1st ,” n.d.
          Description: features Lenin looking over a
          battlefield with Russian flag and industrial complex in background.
         16.75 x 21.5 color poster)

         11) “Proletariat Still Writes the
         Country/Lenin/International, Leader/Proletariat,” n.d.
         Description: features sketch of Lenin with images of
         community, agriculture, factory, and shipping industry
         in background.
         16.75 x 21.5 color poster

         II. International
         H. Russia (cont’d)

15     12) [ No title], n.d.
          Description: features Lenin pointing onward with
          military and industrial images in the background.
         16.75 x 21.5 color poster

         Incomplete series of Soviet military posters reprinted
         from original 1940s posters, published in Moscow, 1970.
         Numbers from poster series.

         5) “Defend the Motherland, Moscow!,” [1941]
         Description: features soldiers with guns and large
         buildings in background.
        17 x 23 color poster

         6) “Stalingrad,” [1942}
         Description: features felled Nazi officer being zapped
         in the belly by a lightning bolt/bayonet.
         17 x 23 color poster

         7) “Women, Learn Production, Replace Workers Who Have
         Gone to the Front!/The Front is Only as Strong as the
         Home Front!,” [1941]
         Description: features female factory worker.
         17 x 23 color poster

         8) “Glory to the heroic partisans who destroy fascists
         from the rear,” [1941]
         Description: features soldier on pole cutting
         electric/communication wires, with bombing in the background.
        17 x 23 color poster

         9) “To the West,” [1943]
         Description: features Soviet soldier destroying German
         sign reading “To the East”; military aircraft overhead.
         17 x 23 color poster

         10) “To the winner of the war is given national love,” [1944]
         Description: features soldier with flowers in his arms
         and Russian flags in the background, 1970.
         17 x 23 color poster

         Vladimir Il’lich Lenin. Life and Work: set of visual
         materials. Moscow: Plakat, 1981.
         Cover only – contents lacking. Not part of two
         previous poster series.
         33.5 x 26 color poster

         Have you volunteered / Education Central Asian Rep. /
         Red Gift to Poland, Moscow, 1993
         Description: features 4 blocks of artwork and text.
        15.75 x 23.5 color poster

        All Russian Book Lottery. Sovetskaia Rossiia, 1969.
        17.5 x 23 color poster

        Printers proof sheet. Greek Orthodox religions icons
        (60 images), n.d.
        33.75 x 22.75 color poster

        International Competition of Political Placards for
        Peace and Social Progress. Moscow: Plakat, 1987
        31.25 x 26 color poster (housed in oversize)

        Geroicheskaia Heroic Presnia (district), 1905. Diorama
        from History of the Revolution Museum. Moscow: Plakat, 1989.
        Description: Scene of street fighting; bears Lenin
        quotation: “Without ‘general rehearsal” of 1905, the
        victory of October Revolution of 1917 would be impossible.”
        46.75 x 21.25 color poster, oversize roll. (housed in oversize)

        “Reintombment of Saint Seraphim of Sarov, July 1991.”
         Russian Orthodox Calendar, 1993. Pravda [1993].
         28.25 x 36.5 color poster (housed in oversize)

         Romanov Dynasty, 1613 – 1917. From Russian State
         History. Moscow, 1993.
         23 x 35.5 color poster

         Kolomenskoe. Calendar 1995/1996.
         23.25 x 17.25 color poster

         Dymkovskaia igrushka / Dymkovo Toy. Viatka / Kirov Art
         Production Shops, n.d.
         Description: ceramic folk art figurines.
         16.5 x 23.5 double-sided color poster (2 copies)

         Petrograd will not surrender – 1918/Death to World
         Imperials/Pro-Atheists Killed
         the Tsar, Church on the Earth - Take the Revolution to
         Heaven, Church Tsar Capital on the Eve of Revolution.
         Moscow, 1993.
         Description: features four blocks of text and artwork.
         15.75 x 23.5 color poster

        “The Snow is Falling.” Graphic poster by A.
         Voznesensky. n.p., 1990.
         Description: features sketch of crucifixion and photo
         of unidentified man, along with text.
         21.5 x 34 b & w poster

         You Cannot Reverse Detante / First Step in Arms Control/  
         Joint Statement / Soviet U.S. Document Which Will
         Limit American Imperialism, Moscow, 1974.
         Description: features military clad pirate clutching a
         torpedo, floating in the ocean.
         22.75 x 35 color poster

         [Concert announcement for dulcimer performance.], early 1990s.
         Illustration reproduced from 1914 artwork by “N. D-M.”
         Description: features sketch of peasant family in village setting.
        16.75 x 21.5 b & w poster

        [Peasant Proverbs], Moscow, 1991.
        Description: doublesided poster featuring images of
        farmers, agriculture, and produce.
        25 x 18.75 color poster

       McDonald’s Menu (from tray), n.d.
       13.25 x 10 color menu

       AIDS, 1990. Artist: I. Pilishenko. Moscow: Panorama, 1990.
       Description: features large, disfigured cupid holding
       syringe and wine bottle.
       25 x 38 color poster (housed in oversize)

        I. South America

16   “Los Estados Unidos Parecen Destinados por la
       Providencia para plagar La America de miseries a Nombre
       de la Libertad” (“The United States Appears Destined
       by Providence to Plague America with Mysteries in the Name
       of Liberty.”) Quote by Simon Bolivar, Chile 11 de
       Septiembre 1973 (Chile, September 11, 1973), n.d.
       16.75 x 22 color poster

       Double-sided poster:
       Side 1: Cancion Protesta (Songs of Protest).
       Encuentro Agosto 1967, Casa de las America (Meeting
       August 1967, House of the Americas), Cuba, n.d.
       Description: features purple rose with drop of blood.

       Side 2: Primer Festival Nacional de Teatro Infantil y
       de la Juventud (“First National Festival of Young Children
       and Youth’s Theater”). Consejo Nacional de Cultura
       (“National Council for Culture”), Centro Cubano, n.d.
       Description: features sketch of child dancing.
      13.25 x 17.5 color poster (possibly part of a series,
       includes the number 31 on one side and 32 on reverse)

       Double-sided poster:
       Side 1: Cimaron/Documental Cubano, Realizador Sergio
       Giral, Cuba, n.d.
       Description: features leg with broken shackle around ankle.

       Side 2: La drones de Japon/Film Japones en
       Cinemascope, Direccion Satsuo Yamamoto con Rentaro
       Mikuni y Yoshiko Sakuma, 1968.
       Description: features sketch of Buddhist monk with a
       ghostly figure behind him.
       13.25 x 17.5 color broadside

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