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1943 - 1994

Manuscript Collection Number: 363
Accessioned: Purchase, 1994
Extent: 21 linear ft.
Content: Correspondence, photographs and negatives, poems, prose, book reviews, clippings, posters, programs, financial papers, address books, calendars, interviews, books, magazines and journals, flyers, plays, and ephemera.
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: 1997-1998 by Anita A. Wellner

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Table of Contents

Appendix B: Index of Selected Correspondence, A - L

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Appendix B: Index of Selected correspondence, A - L

      All letters are addressed to Edward Field unless otherwise noted. 

Abbott, Franklin
     1990 Oct 15         TLS       1p        F16
          Note:  Form letter.
     1992 Jul 14         TLS       2p        F12
          Jul 27         ACS       1p        F12
               Note:  Written on the verso of a copy of Abbott's poem, "Self-Help."
     1994 Feb 2          ACS       1p        F29
               Note:  Written on a postcard with a poem by Abbott on the verso. 
                    Enclosed with review.

Ackerman, Diane
     1977 Sep 16         TLS       1p        F24
          Oct 14         TNS       1p        F24
          Nov 14         TLS       1p        F24

Addonizio, Kim, 1954-
     [1991     May]      ANS       1p        F24

Aiken, Conrad, 1889-1973.
     1962 Oct 13         TLS       1p        F31
          Oct 31         TLS       1p        F31

Aitken, William Russell
     [1990     Sep 18]   ALS       2p        F32

Aldan, Daisy
     1965 Oct 22         TLS       1p        F33
          Note:  With a program and article about A New Folder (1959).

Alexander, Elizabeth
     1990 Sep 21         ACS       1p        F23
     1991 Sep 11         ACS       1p        F25

Algren, Nelson, 1909-
     [1972     Sep 29]   ACS       1p        F35

Allen, Donald Merriam, 1912-
     1977 Nov 7          TNS       1p        F2

     [1981     Jun]      ACS       1p        F36

Antler, 1946-
     1991 Apr 29         TLS       1p        F24
          Note:  Letter bears an autograph note and includes two photocopied typescript
          poems and an offprint with eight poems.
     [n.d.]              TDS       1p        F28
          Note:  Signed biographical sheet.

Aubert, Alvin
     1990 Aug 15         TLS       1p        F22
          Oct 31         TLS       1p        F23

Baraka, Imanu Amiri, 1934-
     1990 Aug 30         ALS       1p        F22
     [1991]              AN        1p        F28

Barnes, James
     1991 May 7          ANS       1p        F28
          Note:  Written on a typescript biographical sheet.

Barry, Raymond, 1939-
     [1987]    Nov 20    ALS       1p        F41
     [1989     Nov]      ALS       2p        F41
          Note:  Enclosed are photocopies of reviews of his play.
     1992 Aug 5          ALS       3p        F41
          Note:  Enclosed is a review of his play.

Benedikt, Michael, 1935-
     1975 Oct 20         TNS       1p        F13

Bensko, John, 1949-
     1990 Aug 5          TLS       1p        F22
     1990 Aug 20         TLS       1p        F22
     1991 May 20         ALS       1p        F24

Berg, Stephen
     1976 Feb 20         ANS       1p        F13

Bergman, David, 1950-
     1990-1993      Letters        11p       F42
          Note:  Includes a photocopy of Bergman's Dictionary of Literary Biography
          article on Field, an interview with Field, and copies of poems written by Bergman.
     1990 Sep 21         ALS       1p        F5

Bingham, Sallie
     1990 Jul 27         TNS       1p        F22
     1991 Sep 9          TNS       1p        F25

Boutilier, Nancy, 1961-
     [n.d.]              ALS       1p        F43

Bowles, Paul, 1910-
     [1989]    Jun       ANS       1p        F44
     [1989]    Jun 5     ALS       1p        F44

Boyle, Kay, 1902-
     1964 Jul 14         ANS       1p        F45

Brand, Millen, 1906-
     1963-1978      Letters        19p       F46
          Note:  Includes carbon copies of letters to the editor,  photographs of Brand and
          family, eight typescript poems (some inscribed to Field) and a carbon typescript
          excerpt of his novel, and offprint poem, a biographical sheet, and photocopies of

Brinnin, John Malcolm, 1916-
     1977 Jun 19         ALS       1p        F47

Brook, Stephen
     1975 Sep-Oct        Letters   3p        F9

Brooks, Gwendolyn, 1917-
     [1978]              ANS       1p        F48

Broughton, James Richard, 1913-
     1987-1994           Letters   23p       F49
          Note: Includes typescript poems, photocopies of articles and reviews, one poem
          postcard, flyers, and book announcements.
     1987 May 21         TLS       1p        F13
     [1990     Apr 19]   ACS       1p        F22
     1992 Oct 16         TCS       1p        F26

Brown, Harry, 1917-1986.
     1979 Jun 21         TLS       1p        F50
          Aug 2          TLS       1p        F50
     1980 Feb 25         TLS       2p        F50

Buckley, Christopher, 1948-
     1990 Aug 3          TLS       1p        F22
          Nov 7          TLS       1p        F23

Cadmus, Paul, 1904-
     1994 Apr 20         ALS       1p         F57
           Note:  Includes a photograph of Cadmus's painting "Book Buff."

Cady, Joe
     1983 Jul 26         TLS       2p        F58
     1985 Oct 17         TLS       2p        F58
           Note:  Includes photocopies of three articles by Cady.

Caen, Herb, 1916-
     [1964]              TNS       1p        F59

Caldwell, Joseph, 1928-
     [1992     Apr 24]   ACS       1p        F60
     1992 Aug 18         ALS       1p        F60
          Dec 1          ALS       1p        F60

Calisher, Hortense
     1962 Oct 30         ALS       2p        F61
     1991 Mar 21         TLS       1p        F61

Carr, Virginia Spencer
     1993 Jun 13         TLS       2p        F62
          Aug 8          TLS       4p        F62
          Sep 8          TLS       2p        F62
     1994 Apr 26         TLS       2p        F62

Carver, Raymond
     1987 May 17         TLS       1p        F63

Cassity, Turner
     1990 Aug 7          TLS       1p        F22

Chaikin, Miriam
     [1994] Jan 19        ALS       1p        F65

Charlip, Remy
     [1985     Sep 13]   ALS       3p        F66
     [1993     Nov 20]   ACS       1p        F66
          Note:  Postcard also includes an autograph note from Lisa Glatt.
     [n.d.]              ALS       1p        F66
          Note:  Written on a Paris newspaper clipping.
     [n.d.]              ALS       1p        F66
     [n.d.]              ACS       2p        F66
     [n.d.]              ALS       1p        F66

Chernaik, Judith
     [1993     Jun 7]    ALS       2p        F67

Chester, Laura
     [n.d.]              ACS       1p        F7

Citino, David, 1947-
     1991 Apr 30         TLS       1p        F24
          May 13         TLS       1p        F24
          Jul 3          TLS       1p        F25

Clampitt, Amy
     1991 Jun 2          TLS       1p        F28
          Note:  Letter includes biographical note.

Codrescu, Andrei, 1946-
     1984 Feb 26         ANS       1p        F14
     1986 Feb 24         TLS       1p        F15
     1989 Aug 4          ANS       1p        F15
     1990 Apr 25         ANS       1p        F16
     1992 Mar 29         ACS       1p        F17
     1993 May 6          ACS       1p        F17
          Aug 24         TLS       1p        F17
     1994 Feb 1          ANS       1p        F17

Cohen, Ira
     1989-1994           Letters   6p        F69
           Note:  Includes nine poems inscribed to Field by Cohen.
     [1991]              ANS       1p        F28
          Note:  Written on a typescript biographical sheet.

Cole, Henri
     1983 Aug 18         TLS       2p        F9
     1984 Feb 15         TLS       2p        F9
          Apr 3          TLS       1p        F9
     1986 May 6          TLS       1p        F4
     [1987] Jun 10       ACS       1p        F13

Cole, Peter, 1957-
     1990 Feb 27         TLS       1p        F19

Conarroe, Joel, 1934-
     1987 Dec 1          TLS       1p        F13

Congdon, Kirby
     1970 Jan 8          TLS       1p        F70
          Note:  Includes a photocopy of a letter from Congdon to Locklin.
     1992 Dec 19         TLS       2p        F70
          Note:  Includes an article about Congdon.
     1993 Feb 16         ALS       1p        F70
          Apr 27         TLS       3p        F70
          Note:  Includes a photograph and a one-page autograph postscript to the letter.
          Nov            TLS       1p        F17
     [1994]              TLS       1p        F17

Corita, 1918-
     [n.d.]              ALS       1p        F71

Cornish, Sam
     1991 Feb 11         TNS       1p        F24

Cowley, Malcolm, 1898-
     1962 Oct 16         TLS       1p        F72
          Nov 9          TLS       1p        F72

Cronin, Anthony
     [1984]    Jan 26    TLS       2p        F75
          Note:  Encloses a fan letter to Field.

Crow, Mary
     1991 May 1          ALS       1p        F24

Daniels, Jim
     1991 Apr 25         TLS       1p        F28
          Note:  Includes biographical information.

Darr, Ann
     [n.d.]              ALS       1p        F77

Davenport, Guy
     1988 Mar 29         TLS       1p        F78
          Apr 17         TLS       1p        F78
     1989 Jun 21         TLS       1p        F78
     1991 May 14         TLS       1p        F78
     [n.d.]              TNS       1p        F78

Davis, Maggie S., 1942-
     [n.d.]              ANS       1p        F79

Davison, Peter
     1962 Sep 24         TLS       1p        F80
          Note:  Includes a business card.
     1989 Nov 30         TLS       1p        F15

DeFrees, Madeline.
    To Charles Stetler
     1990 Sep 26         TLS       1p        F23

Del Tredici, David
     1971 Jan 4          ALS       1p        F82
     [1972] Mar 16       ALS       1p        F82
     [1972] Dec 21       ALS       1p        F82
     1974 Aug 6          ALS       2p        F82
     [1974] Sep 14       ALS       2p        F82
     [n.d.]              ANS       1p        F82
     [n.y.] Jan 24       ALS       1p        F82

Derricotte, Toi, 1941-
     [1991]              AN        1p        F28
          Note:  Written on a flyer.
     1992 Oct 2          TLS (x)   1p        F26

Deutsch, Babette, 1895-
     1962 Oct 11         TLS       1p        F85

Diamond, David, 1915-
     [1988     Nov 1]    TCS       1p        F87

Dickey, James
     1990 Aug 1          TLS       2p        F88
     1991 Sep 13         TLS       1p        F25

Dobler, Patricia
     1991 Aug 31         TLS       1p        F25

Drake, Barbara
     1990 Aug 11         TLS       2p        F22
     1991 Apr 29         TLS       1p        F28
          Note:  Includes biographical information.
     [n.d.]              TLS       2p        F27

Dugan, Alan
     1978 Aug 11         TLS       1p        F93

Dunn, Stephen, 1939-
     1991 Apr 30         TLS       1p        F28
          Note:  Includes biographical information.

Appendix B: Selected Correspondenc, A - L (cont'd)

Eady, Cornelius, 1954-
     1990 Aug 20         TLS       1p        F22

Elmslie, Kenward
     [1977     May 9]    ACS       1p        F13

Enright, D. J. (Dennis Joseph), 1920-
     1977 Feb 17         TNS       1p        F13

Espada, Martin, 1957-
     1991 Apr 26         TLS       1p        F24
     [1992     Nov]      ANS       1p        F26
          Note:  Written on a flyer.

Feingold, Michael
     1987 Jan 16         TLS       1p        F96
          Oct 11         TLS       1p        F96

Ferlinghetti, Lawrence
     [n.d.]              ACS       1p        F27
          Note:  Written on the verso of a postcard image of Ferlinghetti.

Field, Edward, 1924-
    To Remy Charlip
     1967-1985           Letters   8p        F66

Flanagan, Robert, 1946-
     [n.d.]              ANS       1p        F100

Fort, Charles
     1990 Aug 27         ALS       1p        F22
          Sep 4          ALS       1p        F23

Fowlie, Wallace, 1908-
     [1967]    Mar 28    TLS       1p        F102
     [1967]    May 15    TLS       1p        F102

Friar, Kimon
     1965 Oct 30         TLS       1p        F104
     1982 Oct 20         TLS       2p        F104
     1983 Apr 27         TLS       1p        F104
          Jul 2          TLS       1p        F104
     1987 Aug 17         TCS       1p        F104

Friend, Robert
     1953-1994           Letters   271p      F105-116
          Note:  Enclosures include photographs, articles, 179 typescript poems, clippings,
          and a cassette recording of an interview with Friend.

Frucht, Abby
     1993 May            ALS       2p        F117

Galassi, Jonathan
     1983 May 4          TNS       1p        F14
          Aug 29         TLS       1p        F14
          Oct 5          TLS       1p        F14

Gallagher, Tess
     1991 May 30         TLS       1p        F24

Garrett, George P. 1929-
     1990 Aug 1          ALS       3p        F22

Gibbons, Reginald
     1992 Mar 2          ACS       1p        F17

Giblin, James
     1966 Aug 12         TLS       1p        F13

Gildner, Gary
     1968 Jul 18         TLS       1p        F120
          Note:  Includes five typescript drafts of Field's endorsement of Gildner's book.
          Sept 1         TLS       1p        F120
     [1975] Jul 2        TNS       1p        F13
     1977 Oct 19         ALS       1p        F13
     1979 Feb 16         TLS       1p        F20
          Nov 5          TLS       1p        F20
     1991 Apr 30         TLS       1p        F28
          Note:  Includes biographical information.
          May 16         ANS       1p        F24

Gildzen, Alex
     1987-1993           Letters        102p      F121
          Note:  Includes a letter and 101 mimeographed postcards which are part of
          "Postcard Memoirs" (#1-97) and "Postcard Memoir Illustrations," plus a postcard
          photograph of Gildzen with Shirley McLaine, and a photograph of Gildzen.
     1990 Mar 19         TLS       1p        F26
     1991 Oct 26         TLS       1p        F16

Gill, John, 1924-
     1989 Nov 22         TLS       1p        F11
     1993 Jul 19         TLS       1p        F122

Ginsberg, Allen, 1926-
     [1991     Sep 14]   ANS       1p        F123
          Note:  Brief note written on a release for use of one of his poems.  Also includes a
          typescript copy of his poem "Velocity of Money" signed by Ginsberg and with an
          autograph note.

Girodias, Maurice
     1969 Sep 11         TNS       1p        F13

Glanville, Brian
     1992 Sep 1          TLS       1p        F124
          Note:  Includes numerous letters from Glanville's wife, Pamela Manasse.
     1994 Feb 8          TNS       2p        F124

Glatt, Lisa, 1963-
     1990 May 29         TLS       1p        F22
     1991-1994           Letters   10p       F133
          Note:  Includes 13 typescript poems, two typescript stories, and a letter from
          Judith Fleishman.
     1991 Feb 20         TLS       1p        F24
          Aug 25         TLS       1p        F25
     [1991     Sep]      TLS       1p        F25
          Note:  Includes a biographical sheet.
     [1993     Nov 20]   ACS       1p        F66
          Note:  On the same postcard with a note from Remy Charlip.

Goldstein, Laurence, 1943-
     [1989     Dec 15]   ACS       1p        F147
     1993 Sep 28         TLS       2p        F147
     1994 May 5          TLS       1p        F147
          May 5          TLS       1p        F12

Gooch, Brad, 1952-
     1989 Mar 20         TLS       1p        F148

Grapes, Jack
     [n.d.]              ALS       1p        F27
          Note:  Includes a flyer about Grapes' latest book.
     [n.d.]              ALS       1p        F27

Gregor, Arthur, 1923-
     1972-1994           Letters   51p       F151
          Note:  Include typescript and printed copies of poems, photograph, business card,
          and a carbon copy of a letter to Avon Books.
     1974 Mar 12         TLS       1p        F2

Griffin, Howard, 1915-1975.
     1963-1975           Letters   43p       F152

Gross, John J.
     1976 Jun 17         TLS       1p        F154
     1977 Jan 10         ALS       1p        F154

Gunn, Thom
     1991 Sep 7          ALS       1p        F155

Gustafson, James
     1991 Sep 5          TLS       1p        F28
          Note:  Includes biographical information.

Gwynn, R. S.
     1990 Mar 12         TLS       1p        F5

Appendix B:  Selected correspondence, A - L (cont'd)

Hacker, Marilyn, 1942-
     1993 Mar 12         TLS       1p        F20

Haines, John Meade, 1924-
     1972 Jul 1          TLS       1p        F156

Harnack, Curtis, 1927-
     1971 Apr 9          TLS       1p        F157
     1974 Apr 9          TLS       1p        F2
     1990 Oct 26         TLS       1p        F157
     1992 Jun 4          TCS       1p        F157

Harris, Jana
     1990 Aug 16         TLS       1p        F22
          Aug 28         TLS       1p        F22
     1991 May 7          TLS       1p        F28
          Note:  Includes biographical information.
     1992 Jun 29         TLS       1p        F158
          Oct 9          ACS       1p        F26
          Nov 2          ACS       1p        F26

Harris, William J., 1942-
     1992 Dec 4          ALS       2p        F159

Harteis, Richard
     1991 Apr 30         TLS       1p        F24
          Note:  Includes two photocopies of poems by Harteis.
          May 6          TLS       1p        F24

Hass, Robert
     1991 Nov 17         TLS       2p        F25
     [n.d.]              TNS       1p        F27

Hawkins, Hunt
     1990 Aug 23         TLS       1p        F22

Hecht, Anthony, 1923-
     1992 Dec 2          TLS       1p        F160

Hibbard, Allen
     1993 Jun 30         TL        2p        F162
          Note:  Includes a photocopy of a typescript poem.
     [1993     Dec 21]   ANS       1p        F162
          Note:  Brief note on a photocopy of the story, "Leave."
     1994 Mar 19         TLS       2p        F162
          Apr 22         TLS       1p        F162

Hoffmann, Gerhard
     1987-1994      Letters        10p       F164
          Note: Includes one photocopy of a typescript poem by Hoffmann, a photograph,
          and an Albino catalog.

Hollo, Anselm
     1991 May 7          TDS       1p        F28
          Note: Biographical sheet with a press release.

Holloway, David
     1965 Jun 16         TLS       1p        F165

Hoover, Paul, 1946-
     1991 Apr 16         TLS       1p        F24

Howard, Richard, 1929-
     [1989]    Jul 14    ANS       1p        F15
     1992 May 18         TCS       1p        F167
     [n.d.]              Letters   4p        F7

Howes, Barbara
     1979 Feb 25         TLS       1p        F168

Hughes, Langston, 1902-1967.
     1964 May 29         TLS       1p        F169
          Note:  Includes a flyer for plays by Hughes.

Humes, Harry
     1991 May 6          TLS       1p        F24

Jacobsen, Josephine
     [1979]    Sep 12    ACS       1p        F171

Jacobson, David
     [1983]    Feb 25    ALS       1p        F172
     [1983     May 2]    ACS       1p        F172
     [1991     Apr 27]   ACS       1p        F172

Jaffe, Harold
     1991 Oct 15         ALS       1p        F19

Janov, Arthur
     1971 Sep 15         TLS       1p        F173
          Note: With a draft of a letter from Field to Janov.

Jay, Peter, 1945-
     1987 Jul 9          TNS       1p        F13

Jong, Erica
     1979 Feb 23         ALS       2p        F175

Justice, Donald Rodney, 1925-
     [1991     May 2]    TCS       1p        F24

Appendix B: Selected correspondence, A - L

Karageorgiou, Dimitris
     1993 Jan 4          TLS       1p        F177
          Note:  Includes a draft of a poem by Field for Alex Gildzen.

Kennedy, Susan Estabrook
     1990 Aug 30         ALS       1p        F22
          Nov 14         ACS       1p        F23
     1993 Apr 15         ALS       1p        F26
          Note:  Includes an issue of The Tomcat (Summer 1990).

Kennedy, X. J.
     1991 May 4          TLS       1p        F24

Kessler, Stephen, 1947-
     [n.d.]              TNS       1p        F7

Kinnell, Galway, 1927-
     1983 May 18         TLS       1p        F182
          Note:  Form letter.

Kirby, David
     1991 Apr 15         ANS       1p        F24
          Note:  Written on a letter from Ron Koertge to Kirby.
          May 16         TLS       1p        F24
          Oct 1          TLS       1p        F25

Kirstein, Lincoln, 1907-
     1964 Apr 2          TLS       1p        F183
          Apr 22         TLS       1p        F183

Kizer, Carolyn
     1967 May 17         TLS       1p        F184
     1973 Dec 25         ANS       1p        F184
          Note: Brief inscription with Kizer's autograph poem, "To Li Po From Tu Fu."
     1991 May 15         TLS       1p        F28
          Note:  Includes biographical information.
          Dec 14         ACS       1p        F184

Knudson, Rozanne, 1932-
     1970-1994           Letters   32p       F185
          Note: Includes brochures for books by Knudson and/or Swenson, multi-media
          guide for "Poetry is Alive & Well & Living in America," draft letters from Field
          to Knudson, program for Swenson's funeral, and a proof of Swenson's poem,

Koertge, Ron
     1978-1994           Letters   28p       F187
          Note:  Includes one typescript poem by Koertge.

Koestenbaum, Wayne
     1993-1994           Letters   6p        F188

Kooser, Ted
     1991 May 3          TLS       1p        F28
          Note:  Includes biographical information.

Kowit, Steve
     1983-1992           Letters   22p       F189
     1984 Mar 22         TLS       1p        F4
     1987 Apr 22         TLS       1p        F10
     1991 Apr 27         ALS       1p        F28
          Note:  Includes biographical information.
     [1993     Dec 19]   ACS       1p        F26
     1994 May 5          TLS       1p        F12

Kray, Elizabeth D., 1916-1987.
     1979 Mar 14         TLS       1p        F24

Kumin, Maxine, 1925-
     1991 Sep 6          TCS       1p        F25

Kunitz, Stanley, 1905-
     1975 Feb 18         TLS       1p        F192
     1992 Dec 12         ANS       1p        F192

Kuzma, Greg
     1991 May 1          TLS       1p        F24

Lawrence, Seymour
     1976 Apr 10         TLS       1p        F19

Lazard, Naomi
     1972-1994           Letters   28p       F197
          Note: Includes offprint of Lazard poems, a flyer for a new book, photocopies of
          typescript poems, and a typescript essay "Film and Poetry."

Leithauser, Brad
     1991 Dec 27         TL        1p        F25

Levertov, Denise, 1923-
    To Alfred Chester
     [1963     Jun 27]   ACS       1p        F200
    To Edward Field
     [n.d.]              ANS       1p        F200

Levin, Gabriel
     1990 Mar 12         TLS       1p        F201

Levitt, Peter
     1992 Sep 17         TLS       1p        F202
     1993 Apr 29         TLS       1p        F202
          Note:  Includes a typescript signed poem by Levitt titled "The Confession."

Locklin, Gerald
     [1983]    Dec 1     TLS       2p        F20
     1984 Feb 18         TLS       1p        F20
          Feb 22         TLS       1p        F20
          Feb 27         TLS       1p        F20
     1989 Aug 9          ALS       4p        F21
          Sep 26         ALS       2p        F21
     [1990]    Aug       ALS       6p        F22
     [1990]    Aug       ALS       11p       F22
     1990 Aug 15         TLS       5p        F22
          Aug 18         TLS       3p        F22
          Aug 25         ALS       2p        F22
     [1990     Sep]      TLS       1p        F23
     1990 Sep 4          ALS       18p       F23
          Sep 8          TLS       1p        F23
     1991-1994           Letters   50p       F205
          Note:  Includes printed and typescript poems, articles, and flyers.
     1991 May 9          ALS       2p        F24
          Sep 13         TLS       2p        F28
          Note:  Includes biographical information.

Louis, Adrian C.
     1992-1994           Letters   5p        F206

Ludvigson, Susan
     1990 Sep 13         TLS       1p        F23
          Sep 17         TLS       1p        F23
          Sep 30         TLS       1p        F23

Lurie, Alison
     1989 Jul 3          TLS       1p        F208

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