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The Press of A. Colish Archives

1913 - 1990
(bulk dates 1930s - 1950s)

Manuscript Collection Number: 358
Accessioned: Purchase, September 1991.
Extent: 5 linear ft. plus oversize material
Content: Correspondence, galley and page proofs, drafts, notes, photographs, negatives, illustrations, advertisements, clippings, broadsides, books, chapbooks, pamphlets, journals, typography specimens, financial documents, and ephemera.
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: March 1998, by Shanon Lawson

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Table of Contents

Biographical and Historical Note

American fine printer and publisher Abraham Colish (1882-1963) immigrated with his family to the United States from Eastern Europe in the late nineteenth century. In 1894, at the age of twelve, he took an after-school job with a small printing shop in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Over the next few years, his duties progressed from sweeping the shop and selling papers to feeding the press and composing type. When he was sixteen, Colish and his mother moved to New York City, where he quickly found a position as a typesetter for Kane Brothers, a Broadway printing company.

In 1907, Colish left his position as a composing room foreman at Rogers and Company and opened his own composing office. His business specialized in advertising typography and is credited as the first shop to exclusively cater to the advertising market. By the next year, Colish moved into larger quarters and began printing small orders. After several moves to successively larger offices in New York City, the Press of A. Colish relocated to a printing plant in Mount Vernon, New York, in 1956.

By the late 1920s, the press was producing fine printing jobs as well as advertising. Colish began working with the Limited Editions Club and, in 1930, printed an edition of Boccaccio's Decameron. The Press continued to print material for the club through the 1980s, including a thirty-seven volume edition of Shakespeare's plays from 1929 to 1940. In addition to working with the Limited Edition Club, the Press of A. Colish also produced work for, among others, the Grolier Club, the Typophiles, the Colophon, Harvard University, the Universities of Texas and Illinois, the Pforzheimer Library, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the National Gallery of Art, and publisher Henry Schuman.

Colish worked repeatedly with prominent artists and designers. His experience with the Limited Edition Club brought him into contact with American artist T.M. Cleland (1880-1964), who illustrated several of the Club's editions, among them the Decameron, Laurence Sterne's Tristram Shandy (1935), and William Congreve's Way of the World (1959), all of which were printed by Colish. Another of Colish's creative partnerships was with designer and typographer Bruce Rogers (1870-1957), who had provided designs for the Limited Edition's Shakespeare series. Colish and Rogers collaborated on several fine printing projects over the next three decades, including a limited edition lecturn Bible for the World Publishing Company (1947), and an illustrated folio edition of Dante Aligheri's Divine Comedy (1955). Colish also printed illustrations and bookplates for American artist Rockwell Kent (1882-1971), who designed the Press of A. Colish logo.

Abraham Colish worked at his press until the week before he died on April 10, 1963. His son, Louis Colish, who had worked at the press since the 1920s, assumed the management of the plant. In the late 1980s, the Press of A. Colish, which was also known as A. Colish, Incorporated, merged with Laurel Printing of Elmsford, New York.


Biographical and historical information was derived from the collection

Scope and Content Note

The Press of A. Colish Archive consists of five linear feet of material, as well as five oversize boxes, and spans the dates 1913 to 1990. The bulk of the material dates from the 1930s through the 1950s. The archive includes correspondence, galley and page proofs, drafts, notes, photographs, negatives, illustrations, advertisements, clippings, broadsides, books, chapbooks, printing journals, typography specimens, financial documents, and ephemera.

The collection is divided into six series: I. History and Information, II. Print Jobs from the Press of A. Colish, III. Collaborations, IV. Printing and Publishing Materials, V. Personal Documents, and IV. Photographs.

Series I provides an overview of the general history and operations of the press and its founder, Abraham Colish. It includes articles on Colish and his press from magazines and newspapers, certificates and awards presented to Abraham Colish and his son Louis, and sixteen letters concerning general business matters. This series also contains advertisements for the press, as well as several stages of their drafts.

Series II contains items related to works printed by the Press of A. Colish, and includes examples from the wide range of publications produced by the press, including limited editions, art books, medical history studies, and personal mementos. The materials are from various stages of the books' production, and include signatures, page and illustration proofs, design drafts, publicity material, and correspondence. In this series is material from the press's work with the Limited Editions Club, including several pieces from the thirty-seven volume edition of Shakespeare's plays and subsequent two-volume edition of his poetry. Also included is a 1956 tribute to George Macy, who was the founder of the Club. Although this item was not printed by Colish, it provides information into the club's activities and philosophy. There are also items related to the Grolier Club, including a copy of The Grolier Club 1884-1950: An Informal History (1950), which Colish printed, and a scrapbook containing letters of appreciation from several club members to Colish, thanking him for this effort. The collection also contains proofs and final copies of medical history books which Colish printed for publisher Henry Schuman. Also included in this series are examples of the art books and personal mementos that the Press printed.

Series III consists of material related to three artists with whom Abraham Colish worked repeatedly. Colish's alliances with American artists T.M. Cleland and Rockwell Kent are documented through their letters, and the collection also contains several examples of their work, including posters, cards, advertisements, and bookplates. But the majority of this series involves Colish's collaborations with designer and typographer Bruce Rogers. The collection has extensive documents concerning their joint publication of Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy, including several marked proofs, paper and type samples, design drafts, and correspondence and financial documents concerning the production, sales, and distribution of the edition.

Series IV contains a variety of material relating to the printing and publishing industry, including paper samples, type catalogs, printing industry publications, and items relating to publishing and printing organizations. This series also contains finished and unfinished items for which printing origins are not apparent, or which were printed by a press other than Colish's. Connections between these materials and the Press of A. Colish remain to be determined.

Series V includes personal items, mostly letters, cards, and telegrams, dating from either Abraham Colish's 1954 vacation to Europe or his and Celia Colish's 50th wedding anniversary in 1953. Included are several letters from his children and grandchildren which provide the collection's only insight into Colish's family life.

Series VI contains several black and white photographs, negatives, and contact sheets. Several of the photographs are of Abraham Colish, both alone and with unidentified associates. Others are of the Mount Vernon printing plant, some of which were used in advertisements for the press. There are also multiple pictures of New York City which were possibly taken from the Press of A. Colish's Manhattan office.

Series Outline

I.   History and Information

II.  Print Jobs from the Press of A. Colish

     1. The Limited Editions Club
     2. The Grolier Club
     3. Henry Schuman Publishers
     4. Other Print Jobs

III. Collaborations

     1. T.M. Cleland
     2. Rockwell Kent
     3. Bruce Rogers

IV.  Printing and Publishing Materials

     1. Printing Materials
     2. Type and Printing Promotional Materials
     3. Printing Industry Publications
     4. Organizations
     5. Miscellaneous Material

V.   Personal Documents

VI.  Photographs

Appendix A.  Books in the Colish Collection

Contents List

Box -- Folder -- Contents

1         Series I.  History and Information
     F1   "The Press of A. Colish," by Jerry Kelley  
          An offprint from Matrix 10 (1990).

     F2   Printing journal articles, 1947-1963
          Seven articles from The American Printer and Printing News
     F3   Newspaper clippings, 1955-1963
          Articles, photographs, advertisements, and two obituaries

     F4   Press publicity
          Five advertisements for the press, two announcements for books published by

     F5   Advertisement drafts
          Design and copy drafts for various Colish Press ads.

     F6   Awards, 1946-1984
          Certificates and plaques from various printing and advertising organizations,
          presented to Abraham Colish and Louis Colish.  Also includes a membership
          invitation to A. Colish from The Society of Print Connoisseurs.

     F7   General business correspondence, 1918-1977
          Sixteen letters, notes, and drafts written to and by Abraham and Louis Colish.

     F8   Other press material
          Contains press logo, photos of the menu for a 1913 outing for Press of A. Colish
          employees, financial notes, and a Colish company envelope.

          Series II.  Print Jobs from the Press of A. Colish     
          Series II.1.  Limited Editions Club
               Drafts and proofs of publications printed for the Limited Editions Club, as
               well as drafts and proofs of promotional materials.
          The Limited Edition Club's Shakespeare
     F9   "Shakespeare Commentaries" 
          Signatures of "A Shakespeare Commentary" on All's Well That End's Well and
          King Lear.  Proofs of  "A Shakespeare Commentary: The Plays of William
          Shakespeare" (1929), a publication announcing the series.

          Shakespeare illustrations
     F10  King John
          Multiple marked and unmarked proofs of Valenti Angelo's illustrations with five
          display folders.

     F11  Timon of Athens
          Multiple unmarked proofs of George Buday's illustrations.

     F12  Henry IV, part 2
          Multiple unmarked proofs of Edward Bawden's illustrations.

     F13  Henry VI, part 2
          Multiple unmarked proofs of Carlotta Petrina's illustrations.

     F14  Henry VI, part 3
          Multiple unmarked proofs of Jean Charlot's illustrations

     F15  Julius Caesar
          Multiple unmarked proofs of Frans Masereel's illustrations
     F16  Cymbeline
          Multiple unmarked proofs of Vngve Berg's illustrations

     F17  Merry Wives of Windsor  
          Proof of a Gordon Ross illustration. Also contains a blue folder that originally
          held the prints in F10-17.

     F18  The Poems of William Shakespeare (1941)
          Proofs of Bruce Roger's title designs

     F19  Layout design drafts for title pages and promotional materials

     F20  Binding dummy 
          Dummy for Ten Years and William Shakespeare: a survey of the publishing
          activities of The Limited Editions Club from October 1929 to October 1940
1         Series II.  Print Jobs from the Press of A. Colish (cont'd)
          Series II.1.  Limited Editions Club (cont'd)
               Material Related to Other Limited Editions Club Publications
               Unless noted, all works were published by the Limited Edition's Club
     F21  The Decameron, by Giovanni Boccaccio (1930)
          Two photographs of the title page.

     F22  The Life and Adventures of Tristram Shandy, by Lawrence Sterne (1935)
          Proofs in paper cover.

     F23  The Life and Adventures of Tristram Shandy
          Color illustrations by T.M. Cleland.

     F24  The Meaning of the Glorious Koran, translated by Mohammed Marmaduke
          Pickthall (1954)
          Mentor paperback edition containing autograph notes in the margins.

     F25  1959 Quarto Millenary: The First 250 Publications and the First 25 Years of the
          Limited Edition Club, 1929-1954. 
          Incomplete signatures.  Also contains a May 1959 press release from Book

     F26  The Way of the World, by William Congreve (1959)
          Incomplete signatures with illustrations by T.M. Cleland.

     F27  The Book of Psalms (1960)
          16 pp of autograph and typescript notes, and a draft of the cover design.

     F28  The Eclogues, by Virgil (1960)
          Unmarked signatures

     F29  The Spy, a Tale of the Neutral Ground, by James Fenimore Cooper (1963)
          Unmarked proofs

     F30  "A Tribute to George Macy," by Nunally Johnson (1956)
          Also contains TLS from Helen Macy to Abraham Colish.
1         Series II.  Print Jobs from the Press of A. Colish (cont'd)

          II.2.  The Grolier Club
               Contains club information, correspondence, and The Grolier Club 1884-
               1950: An Informal History, printed by The Press of A. Colish.
     F31  Grolier Club Correspondence, 1958-1963
          Three TLSs from the Grolier Club to A. Colish.  Also includes information on a
          1958 visit to the Tracey W. McGregor library at the University of Virginia, with a
          description of the library and a pamphlet on Thomas Jefferson; a 1962 brochure
          about the club that details its financial needs; material related to a 1963 tour of
          Midwestern libraries; two Grolier club envelopes; and one Press of A. Colish

     F32  Grolier Club Event Brochures, 1954-1963 
          Thirteen brochures announcing meetings, lectures, publications, and exhibitions.

     F33  Grolier Club Certificates
          Two copies of a 1944 certificate occasioned by the retirement of librarian Ruth
          Shephard Granniss.

     F34  The Grolier Club 1884-1950: An Informal History, by John T. Winterich (1950)
          Includes a paper bound page proof, proofs and design drafts of an insert card, and
          a TLS, dated 1 December, 1950, to A. Colish, from Monroe Wheeler of the
          Museum of Modern Art in New York.

     F35  "Letters regarding Book -- Grolier Club History," 1950-1951
          Forty-two autograph and typescript letters and cards from various Grolier Club
          members to Abraham Colish.
          Series II.3.  Henry Schuman
          Material relating to Abraham Colish's work for publisher Henry Schuman.  Colish
          printed several medical history books that Schuman published for the Yale
          University School of Medicine.  Also included is material related to John F.
          Fulton, a Yale professor of Physiology and the chairman of the advisory board for
          the medical school's Historical Library.
     F36  The Bio-Biography of Andreas Vesalius, by Harvey Cushing (1942)
          Signatures of illustrations and proofs of the title page.
     F37  The Bio-Biography of Andreas Vesalius
          Photocopies and photographs of illustrations with autograph layout notes.

     F38  The History of Surgical Anesthesia, by Thomas E. Keys (1945)
          Photocopies and photographs of illustrations, pasted onto sheets containing
          autograph layout notes.

2    F39  "Yale University School of Medicine, Reports of the Historical
          Library: 1941-1942, 1942-1943, 1943-1944" 
          Signed to "Mr. Colish" from "John Fulton" 

     F40  "Dedication Address: The Harvey Cushing General Hospital," by John Fulton
          (1944), printed by Colish

     F41  The Reception of William Beaumont's Discovery in Europe, by George Rosen
          Published by Schuman's and printed at the Walpole Press in Mount Vernon, N.Y.
          Series II.4.  Other works from the Press of A. Colish

     F42  Cards, broadsides, and pamphlets
          Contains an undated holiday card, an American Institute of Graphics Arts citation
          to printer George Macy, an article for the December 1931 Colophon entitled "The
          Ingenious Herr Von Gerstenbergk, or The Forger Found Out," by Carl Schreiber,
          2 copies of "Paracelsus," a 1958 pamphlet printed by Quentin Fiore, and 2 copies
          of a 3 page broadside of Max Ehrmann's "Desiderata."

     F43  Duo-Art Piano Music: A Classified Catalog of Interpretations of the World's Best
          Music Recorded by more than Two Hundred and Fifty Pianists for the Duo-Art
          Recording Piano (1927)
          Two photographs of the cover and title page from the Aeolian Press publication,
          printed by the Press of A. Colish.      

     F44  A Day with Peter, by Paul A. Winchell (1932)
          Number 29 of 30 copies.  Inscribed to Lou Colish from Paul Winchell.

     F45  Fathers and Sons, by Ivan Turgenev (1941)
          Bound, marked copy of the Heritage Press edition, printing and composition done
          by the Press of A. Colish.
2         Series II.  Print Jobs from the Press of A. Colish (cont'd)
          Series II.4.  Other works from the Press of A. Colish (cont'd)

     F46  Robert A. R. Villiers (1947)
          Two board-bound, unmarked proofs and one finish copy of the book, a memorial
          of Robert Villiers by his parents.

     F47  Robert A. R. Villiers (cont'd)

     F48  Robert A. R. Villiers (cont'd)

     F49  "A Letter to Miss Lily, From her Friend, Emma Unger" (1955)
          One bound edition and several unbound signatures. Printed by A. Colish and
          Bruce Rogers.

     F50  Shelley and his Circle, 1773-1822 (1961)
          Several marked and unmarked signatures, as well as two pages of notes. 
          Published by the Pforzheimer Library

     F51  Solitude: An Essay from Walden by Henry David Thoreau, with Eleven Woodcuts
          by Nakoba Matsubara (1971).
          Unmarked proofs of text and title page, and marked and unmarked proofs of the
          woodcuts.  Also includes a box which held the illustrations.  Published by
          Aquarius Press.

     F52  Georgia O'Keeffe: Art and Letters, by Jack Coward and Juan Hamilton. (1987).
          Numbered proofs of the book, published by the National Gallery of Art.

     F53  "The Typographic Art" (n.d.)
          Several copies of a short essay by Beatrice Warde.

     F54  "A Husband's Tribute" (n.d.)
          Several marked and unmarked proofs of  a broadsheet, possible in memory of
          Abraham Colish's wife Celia.

2         Series III. Collaborations
               Material related to illustrators and designers with whom Colish worked on
               several projects.

          Series III.1.  T.M. Cleland
     F55  Correspondence, 1959-1960
          Six items, two with enclosures.
     F56  Works
          Includes a 1927 New Year's Card, prints of illustrations, and a notice of a 1960
          exhibition of Cleland's works at the New York Public Library.

          Series III.2.  Rockwell Kent

     F57  Correspondence, 1951-1958
          Sixty-one items, most from Kent to Colish.  Other letters include drafts of
          Colish's replies to Kent and letters from publishing companies.

     F58  Works
          List of items lent by the Press of A. Colish for a 1982 Rockwell Kent exhibition, a
          booklet, printed by the Press of A. Colish, entitled "Rockwell Kent, 1882-1971;"
          ANS from Rockwell and Sally Kent; nine prints, one negative and two positive

     F59  Bookplates
          Fifteen bookplates, including one made for Margaret Sanger, and two drafts. Also
          includes a blank book which once held the bookplates and a list of the bookplates
          lent by A. Colish to an unknown source.

     F60  Prints of twenty-eight Rockwell Kent illustrations.

     F61  Books and booklets
          Includes a print of the title page for Kent's autobiography, It's Me, O Lord, a copy
          of After Long Years (1968), by Rockwell Kent, and unmarked proofs of Seven
          Drawings from Wilderness (1955), printed by the Press of A. Colish.

     F62  Norman Kent
          One TLS, dated June 9, 1947, to Abraham Colish from Norman Kent, the brother
          of Rockwell Kent.  Also includes a booklet designed by Norman Kent, "The
          Woodcuts of the Pleasant Valley Wine Valley" (1941).
2         Series III.3.  Bruce Rogers

     F63  Correspondence with Abraham Colish, 1944-1955
          Twenty items, mostly ALSs with some typescript copies.  Also includes four TLs
          to Bruce Rogers, presumably from Abraham Colish.

     F64  Letters to Abraham Colish, undated
          Seventeen items, mostly ALSs with one with a typescript copy.
          Bruce Rogers' World Bible (1949?)
     F65  Prospectus
          One copy and several marked proofs.

     F66  Promotional Material -- Drafts
          4 pp of Ts notes for a presentation on the Bible; 7pp draft, Ts with autograph notes,
          entitled "A Colish: Printer of the Bruce Rogers World Bible," by P.K. Thomajan;
          and two 4pp Ts drafts entitled "Case History of the Bruce Rogers World Bible."

     F67  Publicity
          Contains 2 TLSs, both from October 19, 1949 to Abraham Colish from the
          Library of Congress and the New York Public Library.  Also includes an article
          from the April 1952 National Jewish Monthly. 

     F68  Drafts
          Contains galley sheets, typography samples, and layout drafts for both the Bible
          and its promotional material.

     F69  Photographs 
          Photos of the dedication and the title page of the World Bible.

     F70  Letters to Frank Fortney
          Two ALSs to the Fortney, the binder of the World Bible.  Also includes a binding
          sample and four samples of the design of Bruce Roger's crest.

          The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri
          Contains drafts, promotional materials, publicity, correspondence, and legal
          documents relating to the 1955 edition, a collaborative project between Colish and
          Bruce Rogers.

     F71  The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri, translated by Charles Eliot Norton  
          1941 Riverside Press edition containing autograph notes.

2         Series III.  Collaborations (cont'd)
          Series III.3.  Bruce Rogers (cont'd)

     F72  Marked proofs
     F73  Illustrations
          Multiple proofs of Bruce Roger's illustrations, based on those by Bottichelli.  Also
          contains multiple prints of William Blake's watercolor illustration of the Circle of
          the Lustful from Canto V of the Inferno.          

     F74  Design drafts 
          Drafts, and color and paper samples for The Divine Comedy.  

     F75  Divine Comedy correspondence, 1953-54
          Twenty-eight items

     F76  Divine Comedy correspondence, 1955
          Thirty-seven items

3    F77  Divine Comedy correspondence, 1956-57, 1959 1962, n.d.
          Eleven items

     F78  Publication announcements
     F79  Publication annoucement -- drafts
          Paper samples, layout drafts, and TS and autograph notes.

     F80  Grolier Club address
          Presented by Bruce Rogers.

     F81  Publicity
          An undated clipping from In and Out of Books; an invitation to the America-Italy
          Society's reception celebrating the presentation of Roger's edition of The Divine
          Comedy to the Italian National Library; and an October 1955 America-Italy

     F82  Financial documents for production
          Ledger pages from 1953-1954, receipts and bills, notes.

     F83  Financial documents for sales
          Correspondence, bills, notes, checks, receipts, mailing labels.

     F84  Subscription and distribution information
          Subscriber's lists, mailing labels.

3         Series III.  Collaborations (cont'd)
          Series III.3.  Bruce Rogers (cont'd)

     F85  Notes 
          Related to publication and distribution of The Divine Comedy.         
     F86  Miniature Bible
          3 pages of layout studies.

     F87  Miscellaneous material
          Contains a design and three copies of a drawing, all by Rogers.  Also includes a
          note advertising a 1927 exhibition of Rogers' work and two cards printed by

     F88  Bruce Rogers obituaries
          Two clippings from May 19, 1957.

          Series IV.  Printing and Publishing Materials
          Series IV.1.  Printing Materials

     F89  Binding dummies

     F90  Binding dummies (cont'd)
     F91  Binding samples

     F92  Paper samples

     F93  Paper samples (cont'd)
     F94  Watermarked paper
          5 watermarks from Cartiere Milan-Fabriano.

     F95  Prints          
          Two posters and prints of illustrations by Paul Cezanne, Thomas W. Nason, and
          Emil Ganso.
3         F96  Caricature illustrations
          Series IV.2.  Type and Printing Promotional Material

     F97  Colish typebooks
          Contains "The Colish Typebook," "The Colish Miniature Typebook," and an
          empty binder labeled "Colish Type Book."

     F98  Colish type specimens
     F99  Colish type specimens (cont'd)

     F100 Colish type specimens (cont'd)

     F101 Colish type specimens proofs
          Marked proofs and photo positive sheets, with layout notes.

     F102 The Press of A. Colish Processing Tint Guide

          Monotype Corporation
     F103 Monotype Corporation Correspondence, 1953-1954
          8 items.

     F104 "Monotype Newsletter"
          4 items.  Issue numbers 46 (1952), 49 (1956), and two copies of 55 (1958).

     F105 "Monotype Recorder"
          6 items. Volume 39, numbers 2 (1950) and 3 (1951), and a 1953 reprint from
          number 4; Volume 40, numbers 3 and 4 (1956); and Volume 41, number 2 (1958).

     F106 Monophoto filmsetter promotional material

     F107 Monotype machinery promotional material

4    F108  Monotype speciment sheets

     F109 Monotype specimen sheets (cont'd)

          Promotional Material from Other Type Companies
          Arranged alphabetically by company.
     F110 American Type Founders

     F111 Amsterdam Continental
     F112 Appleton, Parsons, and Company

     F113 Bauer

     F114 Berthod, Bodoni

     F115 H.W. Caslon and Co., Ltd.
     F116 The Composing Room, Continental Typefounders, Corvinus

     F117 European Typefounders Inc., Goudy

          Series IV.3.  Printing Industry Publications

     F118 "The Linotype Magazine" 
          Issue 19.2 (1930).

     F119 The Rudge Rubric, 1930-1931
          Numbers 2, 4 and 5.

     F120 PM: An Intimate Journal for Production Managers
          Issues for September and October, 1936.
     F121 Ten: A Review 1949-1950
          Published by Hely's Limited, Dublin.

          Managing a Business with the Help of Printing
          Four Booklets published by S.D. Warren Company.
     F122 "The Annual Report" (1951)
          Booklet no. 1 of the series.
4         Series IV.  Printing and Publishing Materials (cont'd)
          Series IV.3.  Printing Industry Publications (cont'd)
          Managing a Business with the Help of Printing (cont'd)

     F123 "The Employee Manual" (1951)  
          Booklet no. 2 of the series. 2 copies, one a 1959 reprint.

     F124 "Sales Training and Direction" (1951)  
          Booklet no. 3 of the series.  2 copies, one a 1959 reprint.

     F125 "The Sales Catalogue" (1951)  
          Booklet no. 4 of  the series.
     F126 "More Business Through House Organs"  (1951) 
          Published by S. D. Warren Co.  Attached on inside back cover is a separate
          booklet entitled Pictures and Type Influence the Selection of Paper.

     F127 "How to Plan Printing" (1987)
          Published by S. D. Warren Co.

     F128 London Times Literary Supplement
          Issue about the book arts from 10 February, 1950. 

          Series IV.4.  Miscellaneous Publications and Materials
          Printed materials whose publication origin is either uncertain or from a press other
          than Colish's.
     F129 American Institute of Graphic Arts, 1923-1948
          Two booklets, "American Institute of Graphic Arts Yearbook, 1926" and "The
          Story of the American Institute of Graphics Arts, Season 1947-48, unmarked
          proofs of a 1939 publication by Rudolf Ruczika entitled "The Aesthetic Values
          that are to be Found in the Works of Bruce Rogers," two keepsakes and four
          announcements for exhibitions and lectures.  

     F130 Typophiles
          Chapbooks and dinner annoucement.       

     F131 Princeton Print Club
          5 prints.   

     F132 F.R. Tripler and Company
          Two bereavement notices and one Christmas card.

4         Series IV.  Printing and Publishing Materials (cont'd)
          Series IV.4.  Miscellaneous Publications and Materials (cont'd)

     F133 Tyler Graphics
          Seven artist catalogues and a 1980 inventory list.

     F134 Beatrice Warde
          Six items related to American expatriate typographer and writer Beatrice Warde,
          including a 1948 New Years card from Warde to Colish, an announcement for a
          1941 Monotype exhibition entitled "A Gift of Printed Work," signed by Warde,
          and four broadsides honoring Warde's 1953 visit to the United States. 
     F135 Our Greatest American: Benjamin Franklin, Printer  (1946)

     F136 A Plea for Hispaniola: Juan de Ayala's Letter to Ferdinand and Isabella, 1503

     F137 "Aureomycin Anatomical Studies"
          Published by Lederle Laboratories Division, American Cynamid Company.  Two
          copies, one in English, one in Spanish.

     F138 "Vitamins and Clinical Case Management"
          Published by Lederle Laboratories Division, American Cynamid Company.

5    F139 Advertisements
          4 items

     F140 Publishing Industry Publicity
          12 items

     F141 Pamphlets and Broadsides
          A "Prayer of Thanksgiving, After Victory" by Francis A. Spellman; a 1925
          broadsheet entitled "A Prayer Offered by the Rev. Michael Bradshaw, D.D. at the
          Funeral of Mary Newby Toms"; five copies of a reprint of an October 5, 1937
          editorial from the New York Times entitled "The President's Question"; six copies
          of a menu from a 1945 dinner in honor of Justice John W. Davis; "The Hundred
          Mile Ride, or How to Cook Your Christmas Goose" by Paul Mellon, 1979.

     F142 Unfinished material
          Incomplete signatures, drafts of cards, and photographs of illustrations.

     F143 Unfinished materials (cont'd)

6         Series V.  Personal Documents

          Letters, cards, financial documents, and ephemera, related to Abraham Colish's
          1954 trip to Europe and to his 50th wedding anniversary.

          Letters to Colish during his 1954 voyage to Europe
     F144 Lou Colish
          Nine items

     F145 May Greenberg
          Eight items from Colish's secretary.

     F146 Family and friends
          Twenty-seven letters from Colish's three daughters and two of his
          granddaughters, and two letters from friends.

     F147 Travel documents
          Bills, a passenger list, and "bon voyage" telegrams and notes

     F148 Wedding anniversary, 1953
          Letters, cards, telegrams, and contribution notices celebrating Abraham and Celia
          Colish's 50th wedding anniversary in 1953.

     F149 Bookplates 

     F150 Miscellaneous Documents

          Series VI.  Photographs

     F151 Portraits
          Eleven portraits of Abraham Colish, one in an envelope from Rossi Studio

     F152 People
          Sixteen photographs of various people, presumably employees and associates of
          Abraham Colish.

     F153 Mount Vernon Plant
          Thirteen photographs of the Press of A. Colish's printing plant in Mount Vernon,
          New York.

     F154 New York City 
          Eleven photographs of New York City.
     F155 Unidentified cabin

     F156 Negatives and contact sheets 
          Contains many negatives of the prints in Folders 151-154.

Appendix A Books in the Colish Collection
All books were printed by the Press of A. Colish. Entries followed by a call number can also be found in the University of Delaware Morris Library's regular or special collections. 1. Alighieri, Dante. The Divine comedy of Dante Alighieri. New York: B. Rogers & the Press of A. Colish, 1955. Number 14 out of 300 copies printed. Spec PQ4315 .N7 1955 2. Avery, Milton. Milton Avery: Major Paintings April 15-May 9, 1981. New York: Grace Borgenocht Gallery, [1981]. 3. Bearden, Romare. Odysseus: Collages. New York: Cordier and Ekstrom, 1977. 4. Bertoia, Harry. Fifty Drawings. S.l.: s.n., 1980. 50 unbound plates. Printers copy. 5. Bluhdorn, Charles G. Addresses and Writings of Charles G. Bluhdorn and the Growth of his Company, Gulf and Western. S.l.: s.n., 1976. 5 copies printed. Not numbered. 6. Brinker, Helmut. Treasures From the Rietberg Museum. NY: Asia Society, in association with J. Weatherhill, 1980. N7262 .B74 7. Burden, William A.M. Fifty Years. S.l.: Privately Published, 1977. 8. Carmean, E.A., Jr. The Collages of Robert Motherwell: A Retrospective Exhibition, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, November 15, 1972 - January 14, 1973. Houston: Museum of Fine Arts, 1972. N6537.M67 C37 9. Chambers, Robert. A Few Rambling Remarks on Golf with the Rules Laid Down By the Royal and Ancient Club of St. Andrews. Far Hills, N.J.: United States Golf Association, 1983. 1,900 copies printed. Not numbered. 10. Chernow, Burt. Gabor Peterdi: Paintings. New York: Taplinger Pub. Co., 1982. ND237 .P3846 C53 11. Commager, Henry Steele, ed. Freedom of Religion and Separation of Church and State. Mount Vernon, NY: A Colish Inc., 1985. 2500 copies printed. 12. Corbin, Harold. Before I Sleep. Connecticut: Three Ravens Press, 1984. 750 copies printed. Not numbered. 13. Corbin, Harold. Counting: II. Connecticut: Three Ravens Press, 1987. [500 copies printed. Not numbered.] 14. Council on Energy Futures. Massachusetts: The Planning Economic Group, n.d. 15. Coward, Jack and Juan Hamilton. Georgia O'Keeffe: Art and Letters. Washington D.C.: National Gallery of Art, 1987. Folio N6537 .O39 A4 1987 16. The David and Peggy Rockefeller Collection: Art of the Western Hemisphere. Volume Two. NY: Privately Published, 1988. 17. Davison, Patricia F. and Andrew Oliver. Ancient Greek and Roman Gold Jewelry in the Brooklyn Museum. Brooklyn, N.Y.: The Brooklyn Museum, 1984. NK7307.3 .B76 1984 18. Dedication of the Elmer Ellsworth Brown House for English Studies -- University Heights, December 2, 1935. New York: New York University, 1938. 19. Der Nersessian, Sirarpie. Armenian Manuscript Illumination: Selections from the Collections in the Walters Art Gallery. Baltimore: 1974. 20. Dockstader, Frederick J. The American Indian Observed. New York: M. Knoedler & Co, Inc, 1971. 21. Eichenberg, Fritz. Endangered Species and Other Fables with a Twist. Maryland: Stemmer House Publishing, 1979. 22. Feldman, Lew David. Fortieth Anniversary Catalogue. New York: House of El Dieff, Inc., 1971. 23. Feldman, Lew David. 1975. Fortieth Anniversary Catalogue: House of El Dieff, Inc. 24. A Selection. New York: House of El Dieff, Inc., n.d. 25. Field, Richard S. Recent American Etching. New York: A. Colish, 1975. [1750 copies printed.] 26. Fischer, Henry George. Ancient Egyptian Calligraphy: A Beginner's Guide to Writing Hieroglyphs. New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1979. 27. Fischer, Henry George. Egyptian Studies I: Varia. New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1976. DT60 .F57 1976 28. Fischer, Henry George. Egyptian Studies II: The Orientation of Hieroglyphs. New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1977. DT60 .F58 1977 29. For Noteworthy Public Service: Theodore N. Vail National Awards. S.l.:s.n., 1950. 30. Frash‚, Dean F. Southeast Asian Ceramics: Ninth Through Seventeenth Centuries. S.l.: The Asia Society, 1976. NK4154 .F7 31. A Guide to the Wrightsman Galleries at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1979. 32. Hirsch, Monroe J. Dr. Thomson's 1895 Correspondence Course in Optics. Chicago: Professional Press, Inc., 1975. (1500 copies, not numbered, signed by author). 33. Hooker, Richard. The Folger Library Edition of the Works of Richard Hooker, Vols 1 and 4. Cambridge: Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 1982. BX5037 .A2 1977 34. Howe, Alfred E. Scientific Piano Tuning and Servicing. New York: Grace Baker, 1963. 35. Howells, William Dean. April Hopes. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1974. PS2020 .F68 v.15 36. ___. The Kentons. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1971. PS2020 .F68 v.25 37. ___. Indian Summer. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1971. PS2020 .F68 v.11 38. Hutchinson, Horace C. Fifty Years of Golf. Far Hills, New Jersey: USGA, 1985. 1500 copies printed. Not numbered. 39. Kemmerer, John. A Clear Sky. New York: s.n., 1974. [100 copies printed.] 40. H.P. Kraus. 175 Printed Books: Catalogue 103. New York: H.P. Kraus, n.d. 41. H.P. Kraus. Illuminations: Catalogue 172. New York: H.P. Kraus, n.d. 42. H.P. Kraus. The Fifteenth Century. Incunabula from Eighty-nine Presses in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France, Holland, Belgium, Spain, and England: Catalogue 173. New York: H.P. Kraus, n.d. Z999.K88 43. H.P. Kraus. Bibliography: Catalogue 175. New York: H.P. Kraus, n.d. 44. H.P. Kraus. Books and Documents of the Sixteenth: Catalogue 176. New York: H.P. Kraus, n.d. 45. H.P. Kraus. Europe in the Seventeenth Century: Catalogue 177. New York: H.P. Kraus, n.d. 46. H.P. Kraus. Illustration: Catalogue 179. New York: H.P. Kraus, n.d. 47. H.P. Kraus. Miscellanea: Catalogue 180. New York: H.P. Kraus, n.d. Z999.K88 48. H.P. Kraus. Incunabula. Works from Ninety-eight Presses in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France, Holland, Belgium, Spain, & England: Catalogue 182. New York: H.P. Kraus, n.d. 49. H.P. Kraus. Catalogue 183. New York: H.P. Kraus, n.d. 50. Leroy A. Wilson, President of American Telephone and Telegraph Company February 18, 1948 to June 28, 1951. New York: s.n.; 1951. 2 copies, one incomplete. 51. Lunny, Robert M. Kelley Drye and Warren: An Informal History 1836-1984. New York: Kelley Drye and Warren, 1985. 52. The M. Carey Thomas Awards (to Hannah Arndt and Georgia O'Keeffe), 1971. Bryn Mawr College. 53. Medænas Monograph on The Arts: Toulous-Lautrec, Renoir, Michelangelo, Picasso, Prendergast, Gauguin. Mount Vernon, NY: The Artist's Limited Edition, 1980. 54. Mehlhouse, Harvey G. Speeches by Harvey G. Mehlhouse. New York: s.n., 1972. 55. Miller, Genevieve, ed. William Beaumont's Formative Years: Two Early Notebooks 1811 -1821. New York: Henry Schuman, 1946. 56. The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston: A Guide to the Collection. Houston : The Museum of Fine Arts, 1981. 2 copies, one cloth, one paper. N576.H7 A6 1981 57. Neiman, LeRoy. LeRoy Neiman: Retrospective 1949-1975. St. Paul, MN: Minnesota Museum of Modern Art, 1975. 58. New York Stock Exchange: Its Functions and Operations. New York: New York Stock Exchange, 1936. HG 4572 .N38 59. Newhouse, John. Philip D. Adler: A Man and a Tradition. Mount Vernon, NY: Lee Enterprises, 1970. 1000 copies printed. Not numbered. 60. Newman, Sasha. Georgia O'Keeffe: The Phillips Collection. Washington D.C.: s.n., 1985. Unfinished. 61. Noyes, Patricia H. Pat's Report: Europe 1955. Mount Vernon, NY: The Press of A. Colish, 1973. 62. Okada. Shinoda, and Tsutaka: Three Pioneers of Abstract Painting in 20th Century Japan. Washington, D.C.: The Phillips Collection, 1979. 63. Olmsted, J. M. D. François Magendie, Pioneer in Experimental Physiology and Scientific Medicine in XIX Century France. New York: Henry Schuman, 1944. Inscribed to A. Colish from Henry Schuman. 64. Osbourne, Minnot A., ed. History of the Class of 1907: Yale College. Volume VI. [New York]: Huntington Press, 1933. 65. O'Sullivan, Judith. The Art of the Comic Strip. College Park: University of Maryland Dept. of Art, 1971. NC1427.C63 O8 66. Paine, Thomas. Common Sense. Mount Vernon, New York: The Press of A. Colish, 1976. 1500 copies printed. 67. Pal, Pratapaditya. The Ideal Image: The Gupta Sculptural Tradition and its Influence. New York: Asia Society in association with J. Weatherhill, c1978. NB1002 .P27 68. Pulling, Edward. Random Reminiscences. Oyster Bay, NY: s.n., 1973. 69. Richard Rodgers: Letters to Dorothy. New York: The New York Public Library, 1988. 250 copies printed. Not numbered. Signed by Dorothy Rodgers. 70. The Road to Market: 125 Years of Distribution Services. S.l.: McKesson and Robbins, Inc., 1958. Possibly printed by A. Colish. 2 copies. 71. Roosevelt, Diana L. Poems from the Blue Planet. West Grove, PA: Dark Woods Press, 1972. 72. Rose, Stuart. The Maryland Hunt Cup. New York: Huntington's Press, 1931. 450 copies printed. Printer's copy. 73. Rosenthal, Mark. Paul Klee: A Medaenas Mongraph on the Arts. Mount Vernon, NY: The Artist's Limited Edition, 1981. 74. Shakespeare, William. The Comedies, Histories & Tragedies of William Shakespeare: King Lear. New York: Limited Editions Club, 1939-40. Spec PR2754 .F3 75. Sophian, Lawrence H., et al. The Sulfapyrimidines. New York: Press of A. Colish, 1952. 76. Stern, Anne Bigelow, ed. Guide to the Collections of Caramoor. Katonah, NY: Caramoor Center for Music and the Arts, 1978. 77. Stillwell, Margaret B. Rhythm and Rhymes: The Songs of the Bookworm. Mount Vernon, NY: The Press of A. Colish, 1977. PS3537.T543 R3 1977 78. Strauss, Monica. Leonardo da Vinci. Mount Vernon, NY: The Artist's Limited Edition, 1984. 79. Wilkinson, Charles K. Nishapur: Pottery of the Early Islamic Period. New York: Great American Editions, Ltd., 1973. 80. Willis, Thomas. Anatomy of the Brain. Tuchahow, NY: USV Pharmaceutical Corp, 1971. 81. Wolff, Eleanor L. Spaces. Bedford Village, New York: s.n., 1972. (250 copies printed) 82. Yale Center for British Art. Selected Paintings, Drawings & Books. New Haven: Yale University, 1977. N6761 .Y34 1977
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