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V.  A Renewed Commitment, 1990-1998 

Cohen was rehired by the State of Delaware in 1990 as a senior resources planner for Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC).  He provided advice, analysis, and coordination of policy and planning projects about land use and natural resources as well as watershed planning.  The project files include the Nanticoke Watershed; a twenty-year assessment of the Coastal Zone Act; documents submitted for a Profile in Courage Award on behalf of former Governor Russell W. Peterson and his work as an environmentalist; the Governor’s Management Fellow Program (Cohen was selected for the program in 1993); working files on various projects; and materials from conferences and workshops.  The bulk of this section is the Governor’s Task Force of the Future of the Brandywine and Christina Rivers (1992-1994), which Cohen calls the “single most important project of my career as a city and regional planner in Delaware.”



            V.  A.  The Governor’s Task Force of the Future of the Brandywine and Christina Rivers, 1992-1994

Governor Michael Castle created the task force by Executive Order on October 30, 1992.  Governor Thomas Carper re-issued the Order in June 14, 1993.  Forty-three appointed members were led by former Governor Russell W. Peterson and Dr. E. Arthur Trabant, President Emeritus of the University of Delaware.  Cohen was appointed executive director of this task force.  They brought together the expertise of state, county, and municipal administrators, planners, architects, and public officials.  The Task Force evaluated the Brandywine and Christina Rivers, and made recommendations to protect and improve these waterways.  On October 11, 1994, the Final Report of the Task Force was submitted by seven working committees:  Water and Stream Bank Quality; Wetlands and Wildlands; Land Acquisition; River Clean-Up; Waterfront Development; Funding; and Legislation, Regulation, and Zoning. 


13        F1        Initial Information, 1992-1994

Information regarding the purpose, goals, organization, and funding of the Task Force.


            F2        Academy of Natural Sciences, 1992

Research notes, memoranda, and a draft of the executive order that established the Task Force.


            F3        Membership

                        List of members, correspondence, and memoranda.


14        F4        Delaware AIA, Waterfront Design Team

News clippings and other information related to the Delaware Architects Waterfront Design Team.

V.  A.  The Governor’s Task Force of the Future of the Brandywine and Christina Rivers, 1992-1994 (cont’d)


14        F5        Photographs

                        Photographs of the rivers and photocopies of contact sheets.


            F6        Interim Report, Original Manuscript, 1993


            F7        Interim Report, 1993

Original final copy.


            F8        Transportation

Copy of the text of a presentation to Wilmington Mayor James H. Sills, Jr. regarding Wilmington Intermodal Transportation Center and Riverview Plaza.


            F9        Russell W. Peterson/Rivers Task Force Papers, 1993

Handwritten notes of Russell W. Peterson related to the task force.


            F10      Christina River Cleanup Day Proclamation, 1993

Official proclamation.


            F11      Natural Design in Development, 1993

Correspondence, research notes, meeting agendas, and sign-up sheets.


            F12      Waterfront Development Corporation, 1993

Research notes, certificate of incorporation, by-laws, financial statements of the Christina Gateway Corporation, and news clippings.


            F13      Task Force Committees, 1993



            F14      Wetlands and Wildlands Enhancement Committee

Fact sheet, memoranda, correspondence, and a copy of the “Wetland and Watershed Enhancement Proposal.”


            F15      Water Stream Bank Quality and Water Quality Committee

Correspondence, draft minutes, research notes, a meeting notice, and research materials.


            F16      Funding Committee

                        Funding proposals, correspondence, and project reports.


            F17      Land Protection for Preservation, Recreation and Access Committee

Contains land acquisition recommendations, correspondence, a final report, and memoranda.

            V.  A.  The Governor’s Task Force of the Future of the Brandywine and Christina Rivers, 1992-1994 (cont’d)


14        F18      Waterfront Development Committee

Correspondence, a final report, a report on Riverview Plaza, meeting minutes, a summary of waterfront studies, and research notes.


            F19      Agendas and Meeting Notes

Meeting notices, agendas, and notes.


            F20      Original Manuscripts, Cover Art for Reports

Maps, a list of Task Force members, meeting minutes, correspondence, and report covers.


            F21      Resolutions

                        Resolutions and a funding proposal.


            F22      Executive Order, Senate Resolution

Senate resolutions and executive orders.


            F23      Bibliographic Materials

Summary of studies prepared by the task force, correspondence, memoranda, and research materials.


            F24      Video

Final draft of script, information related to cost of production, and correspondence.


            F25      “A New Century Waterfront: A Vision for the Rivers” Videotape


            F26      Committee Reports, “A Vision of the Rivers,” Audiotapes


            F27      River Clean Up

Correspondence, maps, and news clippings.


            F28      Infrastructure Improvements

Memorandum and research notes.


            F29      B & O Station Restoration, 1994

Chronology of the restoration project, poster, and research notes.


            F30      Executive Summary, 1994

Press releases.



V.  A.  The Governor’s Task Force of the Future of the Brandywine and Christina Rivers, 1992-1994 (cont’d)


14        F31      Slides/Photographs

                        Negatives and a photograph of proposed riverfront.


            F32      Presentation to Governor Tom Carper, 1994

Correspondence, a program, and information related to the planning of the presentation reception.


            F33      Files by Karissa Hendershott, Disks, 1994


            F34      “A Vision for the Rivers,” Presentation October 1994, Invitation List


            F35      “A Vision for the Rivers,” Publication (1994)

Correspondence, lists of individuals to receive copies of the report, maps used in the report, and invoices.


            F36      Brandywine Creek Stabilization Project, 1994

Memorandum, a proposal for shoreline restoration, research notes, and correspondence.


            F37      “A Vision for the Rivers,” Signed Copy, 1994

One of seven copies of report signed by Governor Peterson, Dr. E. Arthur Trabant, and Governor Carper, as well as copies of executive summary.


F38      “Implementing a Vision for the Rivers”

            Copy of committee reports.


            F39      Presentation to Governor Tom Carper, Photographs, 1994

Photographs of the presentation to the Governor and the reception.


            F40      Maps and Printed Materials on “A Vision for the Rivers”

Maps and copies of executive summary.


            F41      Clipping File, 1993-1994

News and magazine clippings.


            F42      Task Force Survey, Successor to Task Force

Correspondence, project strategies, a survey, and meeting minutes.


            F43      “RiverFest” Magazine, 1995

Contains an article written by Cohen.



V.  A.  The Governor’s Task Force of the Future of the Brandywine and Christina Rivers, 1992-1994 (cont’d)


14        F44      “A Vision for the Rivers,” DNREC Comments, 1995

Correspondence and memorandum.


            F45      Budget (I), 1994

                        Invoices, receipts, and bills.


15        F46      Budget (II)

                        Invoices, reports, and correspondence regarding payment of



            F47      Published Articles on “A Vision for the Rivers.”




V.  B.  Governor’s Task Force, Brandywine and Christina Rivers, Transition Team, and Subsequent Activities, 1995-1998

The transition team was established by Governor Tom Carper to recommend a specific implementation strategy for “A Vision for the Rivers.”


            F48      Removal of Tugs in Brandywine River, 1995

Research notes, correspondence, and meeting agendas.


            F49      Working Files, 1995-1996

News clippings, reports, correspondence, memoranda, and research notes and materials.


            F50      Budget

Invoices and correspondence.


            F51      Established Members

Addresses of members, meeting notice, proposed committee membership, correspondence, and working notes.


            F52      Executive Committee

Meeting announcements, agendas, correspondence, notes, and draft and certificate of incorporation for the Riverfront Development Corporation.




V.  B.  Governor’s Task Force, Brandywine and Christina Rivers, Transition Team and Subsequent Activities, 1995-1998 (cont’d)


15        F53      Committee A

Correspondence, minutes, committee member information, and research notes.


            F54      21st Century Fund, S.B. 177 and its amendment.


            F55      Mechanism, Executive River Organizations

Research notes and information re development projects in other locations.


            F56      Committee A, Subcommittees

Subcommittee members and goals of each subcommittee.


            F57      Wilmington Wildlife Refuge (I), 1995-1996

Correspondence with Delmarva Power and Light Company (Conectiv), regarding a monetary contribution toward the establishment of the Wilmington Wildlife Refuge.


            F58      Wilmington Wildlife Refuge (II), 1995-1996

Correspondence, meeting minutes, maps, memorandums, and research materials related to the establishment of the Wilmington Wildlife Refuge that was later named the Russell W. Peterson Wildlife Refuge.


            F59      21st Century Fund, Bond Bill, 1996

Copy of Senate Bill 260, a list of proposed projects, costs and funding sources, and correspondence.


            F60      Martin Luther King Boulevard Charrette, 1996

Charrette with an encapsulated drawing.  The Governor’s Task Force on the Future of the Brandywine and Christina Rivers decided that the Boulevard must be redesigned to make it easier to meld the waterfront and downtown Wilmington.  Cohen participated in a planning and design charrette to develop concepts for that redesign.  Cohen’s concept was met with surprise and after Cohen wrinkled his design, Alex Taft, executive director of WILMAPCO, had the tracing “entombed” in a plastic box. 


            F61      West St. Gates Engineering - Memorandum and real estate information.


            F62      Maps


            F63      Committee B

List of committee members, a list of subcommittees and their members, real estate information, meeting minutes, maps, and memorandums.

V.  B.  Governor’s Task Force, Brandywine and Christina Rivers, Transition Team and Subsequent Activities, 1995-1998 (cont’d)


15        F64      Committee B, Subcommittees

Memoranda, meeting minutes, agendas, maps, and research notes.


            F65      Shipley Associates, 1995



            F66      Committee C

Meeting minutes, agendas, correspondence, and maps.


F67      Criteria for Waterfront Project Prioritization

                        Copy of criteria and goals.


            F68      Legal Assistance

Working notes.


            F69      Project Funding

Cost analysis, correspondence, research notes, and budgets.


            F70      Memos-Correspondence, 1995

Memoranda, correspondence, and map.


            F71      News Clippings


            F72      South Wilmington Environmental Assessment, Work plan

Draft of work plan for field activities and maps.


            F73      Final Report

Draft and information regarding the printing of the report.




                        V.  C.  Russell W. Peterson, Profile in Courage Nomination

Contains the materials that Cohen, with the assistance of Daniel B. Hurley, amassed toward an application for the Profile in Courage Award.  Cohen completed the application and supporting materials to nominate Governor Russell W. Peterson for his dedication to the creation and implementation of Delaware’s Coastal Zone Act.


15        F74      I

Biographical information, news clippings, a complete nomination form, and other research materials.


                        V.  C.  Russell W. Peterson, Profile in Courage Nomination (cont’d)


15        F75      II

                        News clippings and correspondence.


            F76      III

News clippings, writings by Peterson, a transcript of an interview, and research notes.


            F77      IV

                        Research notes, news clippings, and correspondence.


            F78      Submission, 1994

News clippings, research materials and supporting documentation for the nomination.




                        V.  D.  Delaware Coastal Zone Act, 20-Year Assessment, 1991

This project included interviewing a number of public officials throughout the state of Delaware, as well as private sector representatives to gather information regarding opinions on the Act.  The interview with Governor Russell W. Peterson includes an unedited tape of the interview.


            F79      I

Copies of “The Delaware Coastal Zone Act: A Twenty Year Retrospective Assessment,” “The Regulatory Definition of the Port of Wilmington Under the Delaware Coastal Zone Act,” drafts of both reports, and research materials.


            F80      II

Memorandum, correspondence, and audio tapes of an interview with Governor Russell W. Peterson in 1991.


            F81      Questionnaires

Questionnaires used by Cohen when interviewing individuals regarding the Coastal Zone Act.


                        V.  E.  Governor’s Management Fellows Program, 1993-1994


15        F82      I

                        Correspondence and information related to the program.


            F83      II

                        Packet of information distributed to program fellows.


            F84      III

                        Cohen’s project proposal and correspondence.


            F85      IV

Research notes, news clippings, and a report on “Creating a Government that Works Better and Costs Less.”


            F86      V

                        Photographs, a certificate, and a directory.




                        V.  F.  Conferences and Workshops, 1990-2000

Includes information and materials gathered from conferences and workshops that Cohen attended throughout his eight years with the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control.


16        F87      Land Protection, 1993


            F88      Shaping Delaware’s Future, 1995


            F89      Right of Way and Utility, 1992


            F90      Volunteer Programs, 1996


            F91      Moving People: Transportation, 2000


            F92      New Castle County, Unified Development Code, 1998


            F93      Greenfest, 1997


            F94      Town Planning the Green Way, n.d.


            F95      Urban and Community Forestry Program, 1996


            F96      Our Town? An Alternative to Sprawl, 1996


                        V.  F.  Conferences and Workshops, 1990-1998 (cont’d)


15        F97      Planners and Planning Officials, 1996


            F98      Choices for Delaware (I), 1997


            F99      Choices for Delaware (II), 1997


            F100    Choices for Delaware (III), 2000


F101    14th Annual Delaware Parks and Recreation Conference, 1993


16        F102    Telecommuting, 1996


            F103    Enhancing Delaware Community Through Historic District Zoning, 1996


            F104    Statewide Water Resources, 1996


            F105    Environment Indicators, 1996


            F106    Renew America, 1996


            F107    Delaware Brownfields (I), 1995


            F108    Delaware Brownfields (II), 1995


            F109    Kentlands Tour, 1995


            F110    Role of Historic Preservation in Community Redevelopment, 1996


            F111    Losing Ground: Delaware’s Changing Landscape, 1996


            F112    Our Town? An Alternative to Sprawl, 1995


F113    Our Town? An Alternative to Sprawl, Part II, 1995


            F114    Preparing Delaware for a Changing Federal Government, 1996


            F115    Creating Community: Making Public Policy, 1992


            F116    Planners’ Day on the Hill, 1992


            F117    The Effectiveness of Buffers, 1991


            F118    Reinventing the Strip, 2000

                        V.  F.  Conferences and Workshops, 1990-1998 (cont’d)


16        F119    Our Town: Making Our Vision a Reality, 2001



                        V.  G.  Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, 1990-                               1998

Contains information and materials gathered during Cohen’s eight year employment with the Department.


17        F120    Brown Fields-General Information


            F121    Carper Administration, 1992-1993

                        Materials related to Tom Carper’s inauguration as governor.


            F122    Chesapeake Bay Foundation

                        Promotional materials.


            F123    Clipping File, 1993


            F124    Clipping File, 1994


            F125    Clipping File, 1995


            F126    Comprehensive Development Plan and Zoning Issues

                        Correspondence and a draft of a House amendment.


            F127    Day File

Correspondence and a publication by the Environmental Protection Agency.


            F128    Dayett Mills, 1995

History of the area, correspondence, research notes, and completed registration form for the National Register of Historic Places.


            F129    Delaware City Project, 1996-1997

                        Correspondence, maps, and research notes.


            F130    Delaware Coastal Zone Act, Retrospective

Copy of “The Delaware Coastal Zone Act: A Twenty Year Retrospective Assessment” and “The Regulatory Definition of the Port of Wilmington Under the Delaware Coastal Zone Act” both written by Cohen.  (see also F79)


            F131    Delaware Coastal Zone Symposium, 1992

Copy of symposium program, a copy of “Taking Stock and Looking Ahead,” a paper presented at the symposium, and other materials gathered.

V.  G.  Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, 1990-1998 (cont’d)


17        F132    Delaware State Plan-Conservation Development Plan, 1997

                        Correspondence, memoranda, and other materials.


            F133    Delaware Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Committee Report, 1993

Copy of the report presented to the governor.


            F134    Delaware Whole Basin Planning Workshop, 1993

                        Workshop materials packet.


            F135    Delaware Whole Basin Workshop, 1994

                        Package of material related to the workshop.


            F136    Delaware Whole Basin Management Program, Framework

Document, 1996


            F137    Development Advisory Service (DAS), 1997

Copy of “Restructuring the Development Advisory Service Draft Plan” by Cohen and additional materials.


            F138    Environmental Advisory Committee, New Castle County

                        Memoranda, meeting agendas, meeting minutes, and reports.


            F139    Exit Letter, 1998

                        Cohen’s letter of resignation from DNREC.


            F140    Farewell Card from Colleagues, 1998


            F141    Farmland Preservation, 1991

                        News clippings.


            F142    Flood Plains-New Castle County, 1997 (I)

                        Copy of zoning code, correspondence, and research materials.


            F143    Flood Plains-New Castle County, 1997 (II)

                        Copy of zoning code, correspondence, and research materials.


F144    Glasgow Farms, Rezoning Review, 1996

                        Memorandum with attachments, correspondence, and meeting minutes.


            F145    Indicators-Land Use Planning

                        Presentation materials and research notes.

V.  G.  Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, 1990-1998 (cont’d)


17        F146    Land Use Planning Initiatives

Memorandum, a copy of the Land Use Protection Act, and material from Greenways for Delaware.


            F147    State of Land Use Planning, 1992

Correspondence, remarks and outlines of address presented by Cohen, transparencies and other presentation materials.


            F148    Land Use Legislation, 1997

Summary and status of legislative proposals and copies of various Senate Bills.


            F149    Land Use Planning Act

                        Memoranda, a copy of House Bill No. 506, and copies of executive orders.


            F150    Laurel, Delaware

Correspondence and information related to activities and projects in Laurel.


            F151    Legislation

Memoranda, information on laws related to the work of the Brandywine-Christina Task Force, meeting notes, and research notes.


            F152    Letters of Thank You

                        Thank you letters received by Cohen for various appearances and lectures.


            F153    Lucas v. South Carolina Coastal Council, 1992

                        Statement of the American Planning Association regarding the case.


            F154    Main Street Program-National Trust for Historic Preservation

Delaware Main Street Initiative application form, information from the National Main Street Center, and news clippings.


            F155    Maryland, Annotated Code, 66B

                        Copy of portions of the Annotated Code of Maryland.


            F156    Memorandums of Understanding, 1991-1992

                        A request for Cohen’s services by the Department of Transportation.


            F157    Name Plate



V.  G.  Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, 1990-1998 (cont’d)


17        F158    Nanticoke River, Seaford

Memoranda, reports, a “Site Suitability Workbook” prepared by Cohen, a 1992 annual report of the Nanticoke Watershed Preservation Committee, research materials, and aerial photographs of the river.


            F159    Video of Nanticoke Watershed

Important documentation of the status of the watershed and DNREC work to organize a citizen effort of watershed conservation.


            F160    New Castle County, Comprehensive Development Plan, Update, 1996

Memoranda, correspondence, research notes, and a draft of the plan.


            F161    New Castle County, MOT (Middletown, Odessa, Townsend) Growth Area

Research notes, meeting agendas, correspondence, memoranda, and news clippings.


            F162    New Jersey, Growth Management

                        Impact assessment and a press release.


            F163    News Journal’s Growth Series, 2020 Vision, 1995-1996

                        News clippings.


            F164    Outdoor Delaware, Christina River Article, 1993

Final draft and printed copy of Cohen’s article “Delaware’s ‘Forgotten River’-Rediscovered” as well as photograph proofs.


            F165    Partnership Agreement, Planning Office Plan, 1996

Copies of departmental performance plan and planning structure and information on the department’s strategic planning process.


            F166    Performance Plan, 1997

                        Information related to Cohen’s position, its requirements and objectives.


            F167    Personnel Papers

                        Evaluations of Cohen’s performance with DNREC for 1991 and 1992.


            F168    Piedmont Basin, 1996

Newsletter of the Cabinet Committee on State Planning Issues, a preliminary assessment of the Piedmont Basin Study, research notes, and correspondence.



V.  G.  Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, 1990-1998 (cont’d)


17        F169    Piedmont Basin, Maps

                        Various maps of the basin area.


            F170    Planner-Wage, Salary and Position Description, 1994


18        F171    Planning Functions

                        Memoranda and correspondence related to the structure of the department.


            F172    Planning-Voter Concerns, 1996

                        News clippings regarding the planning concerns of voters.


            F173    “Planning as a Vision of the Future,” 1992-1994

                        Various drafts of a paper prepared and revised by Cohen.


            F174    Port of Wilmington, Definition, 1991

Correspondence and Cohen’s “The Regulatory Definition of the Port Wilmington Under the Delaware Coastal Zone Act.”  See also F79, F130


            F175    Preservation Delaware

                        Newsletters, correspondence, and meeting agendas and minutes.


            F176    Public Trust Doctrine

Legal documents related to the case of Oceanport Industries, Inc. v. the State of Delaware and DNREC, information on the Public Trust Doctrine, and research notes.


            F177    Quality of Life Legislation

Clippings from Delaware Lawyer, copies of related legislation, and a copy of “A Committee of Citizens Report on the Quality of Life Initiatives of 1987 and Legislation.”


            F178    Riparian Buffer Area, New Castle County Ordinance, 1997

Package of information regarding the ordinance, correspondence, and a “Final Report of the Riparian Forest Buffer Panel.”


            F179    Schuykill River Development Council

                        Newsletters and brochure.


            F180    Southern New Castle County, Land Use Study, 1996

                        Memoranda, correspondence, news clippings, and research materials.



V.  G.  Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, 1990-1998 (cont’d)


18        F181    St. Georges, Welfare Tract, 1991

                        Correspondence, map, and research notes.


            F182    State Planning Act and Related Legislation

A background on state planning, legislative material, and Cohen’s opinions on various pieces of legislation.


            F183    State Planning History, 1992-2000

Copy of “Briefing: Land Use,” a Planning Task Force report, a copy of “State Planning in Delaware” by John A. Bivens, Jr., and a copy of “Restructuring the Development Advisory Service Draft Plan” by Cohen.


            F184    State Planning Ideas and Clippings (I), 1991-1993

News clippings and a copy of “Delaware State Assistance Handbook for Municipalities and Local Governments.”


            F185    State Planning Ideas and Clippings (II), 1991-1993

                        News clippings and other printed materials.


            F186    State Planning Legislation

Information on the establishment of the Development Advisory Service and a copy of “Final Report on the Status of Inland Bays Task Force Recommendations Relating to Land Use.”


            F187    Urban Environmental Partnership, 1993

Cohen’s proposal for the establishment of a partnership and working notes.


            F188    Technical Background Report: Silver Lake Watershed,” 1995

                        Draft of report.


            F189    Whole Basin Management Background, Preliminary

Assessment, Piedmont Basin Forum, 1997

Draft of “Land Use Fact Sheet,” research notes, meeting agendas, and a final draft of the preliminary assessment.




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