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I.B.2. Committee Work -- Merchant Marine and Fisheries

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         I.B.2.    Committee Work -- Merchant Marine and Fisheries
               Organized by General Committee Files and then by Subcommittee Files.

          General Issues 
21   F1   Coastal States Organization, 1985  
     F2   Commercial Fishing Vessel Safety--Hearing, 7/30/91
     F3   Correspondence--Nomination Request, Ed Welch, 1992
     FF4  Driftnets, 1990-1991

          Endangered Species
     F5        Act and Amendments, 1987
     F6        Amendments, 1992
     F7        Amendments, 1992
     F8        Reports, 1992
     F9        Extension of Labor Laws to Foreign Flagged Ships , 1991
     F10       Hearing: Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) 5-yr Plan, 1991

     F11       Maritime Reform--H.R. 5841, 1992
     F12       Maritime Reform--H.R. 5627, 1992
     F13       Plastic Pollution in Oceans--H.R. 940, 1987
     F14       Shipbuilding Trade Reform Act, 1992          

     F15  Life International/H.R. 2832 Amendment to Pl 97-360 (Prevent 
               Scrapping of WWII Ships), 1991
     F16  Maritime Services Exclusion from General Agreement on Tariffs
               and Trade (GATT), 1988-1989
     F17  Marine Mariners Fairness Act--H.R. 44, 1992
     F18  Merchant Marine Act/Miller Bill--H.R. 1307, 1991
     F19  Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Oil & Gas Exploration, 1990

     F20       Advisory Commission on Conferences in Ocean Shipping, 1992
     F21       Federal Conservation & Management of Marine Fisheries in the U.S., 1991
     F22       Fish Kills in Coastal Waters--U.S. Department of 
                    Commerce/National Oceanic and Atmospheric 
                    Administration (NOAA), 1980-1989

          I.B.2.    MMF  (cont'd)

          General Issues (cont'd)
          Reports: (cont'd)
21   F23       Fisheries of the U.S. Department of Commerce, 1992
     F24       Historical Catch Statistics 1879-1989, U.S. Department of
                    Commerce/NOAA/National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), ca. 1991
     F25       Status of Fishery Resources off the Northeastern U.S., 1991
     F26       Swordfish Management, 1989
     F27       Territorial Sea--Contiguous Zone Bill, 1992
     F28       Waste Reduction Clearinghouse Act of 1987
     F29       Weakfish Legislation and Clippings, 1992
     F30       Weakfish/Trout Legislation, 1984-1991
          Weakfish Publications:
     F31       Assessment of Status of Atlantic Weakfish Stock, Atlantic States Marine
                    Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) August, 1991, 1982-1988   
     F32       Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission, Fishery Management Plan for
                    Weakfish, 1985 Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC)
     F33       Weakfish Fishery Management Plan Amendment #1, Atlantic States Marine
                    Fisheries Commision (ASMFC), 1992

          Ocean Dumping
     F34  Background--Binder of Information, 1983
     F35  Background, 1983
     F36  Background, 1983
     F37  Boston Proposed Dumping, 1985
     F38  Clean Water Bill--H.R. 3282--Carper Amendments and Statements, 1984
     F39  Correspondence, 1983-1984

22   F40  Dear Colleague, 1983
     F41  Draft Regulations-Ocean, 1984 (Revision)
     F42  Draft Regulations-Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 1984 
     F43  EPA Closure of Twelve-Mile Site, 1988
     F44  EPA Public Hearing Notice, 1983
     F45  Hearing, February 23, 1988

          I.B.2.    MMF (cont'd)

          Ocean Dumping (cont'd)
22   F46  Hearing--Notes, 5/25/1983 
     F47  History, 1983
     F48  Legislation--Marine Protection, Research and Sanctuaries Act 
               (MPRSA), A Bill to Amend H.R. 4829, 1984
     F49  MPRSA Amendments--Ocean Dumping Amendments Act of 1985, 
               H.R. 1957 
     F50  MPRSA Amendments, H.R. 562, 1987
     F51  Ocean Dumping Fee Provision, 1987
     F52  MPRSA Amendment--Special Fees--H.R. 4338, 1988
     F53  MPRSA Reauthorization Act, H.R. 1761, Carper Amendment [1983]
     F54  MPRSA Amendment--Sewage Sludge Amount--H.R. 4492, 1983-1984
     F55  Special Fee on Disposal of Municipal Sludge--H.R.4075, 1988
          Legislation (MPRSA):
     F56       Establish User Fee Documentation--H.R. 4491, 1983
     F57       Medical Waste Issue, 1987-1989
     F58       News Article Clippings, 1971-1983
     F59       Notes/ Discussions, 1984
     F60       Ocean Dumping Ban, Conference Report--S. 2030, 1988
     F61       106-Mile Site Designation, 1984
     F62       Published Hearings:  MPRSA, New York Bight, Fees, 1982-1985
     F63       Rehoboth Public Hearing, 1983
     F64       Sludge, 1983
     F65       Statements--TC, 1983-1985

          Ocean Incineration
     F66  Agency Correspondence, 1981-1984
     F67  Articles, 1983-1986
     F68  Background/General Information, 1983-1985
     F69  Background Information, 1987-1988
     F70  Chronology of Tom Carper's Activities, 1983-1986
     F71  Comments in EPA Regulation, Delaware Congressmen, 1985
     F72  Congressional Hearing of Ocean Incineration of Hazardous Wastes, 1984

          I.B.2.    MMF (cont'd)

          Ocean Incineration (cont'd)
22   F73  Correspondence, 1983-1986
     F74  Correspondence/Articles, 1983-1985
     F75  Delaware Stance on Ocean Incineration, 1985  
     F76  Draft EPA at Sea Research, 1984
     F77  Dupont Concerns, 1984-1987
          Environmental Protection Agency:
     F78       MPRSA Permit (Incineration at Sea), 1985
     F79       EPA News Release Burn Permit Denial, 1985
     F80       EPA News Releases, 1988-1991
     F81       EPA Ocean Dumping Permit Program, 1985
     F82       Greenpeace, 1983-1984

23   F83       Hearing: Incineration of Hazardous Waste at Sea, H.R.1295, 1985
     F84       Meeting/Report: Hazardous Wastes & Env. Emergencies, Houston, TX,
                    March 12-14, 1984
     F85       Meeting Minutes, U.S. EPA, June 5-6, 1984
     F86       Meeting Minutes, U.S. EPA, October 6-7, 1986
     F87       Public Comments on Proposed Ocean Incineration Regulation, September, 1985
     F88       Press Clippings, 1983-1986

     F89       Assessment of Risk, 1986
     F90       Chemical Waste Management Inc.: Contingency Plan for Ocean
                    Incineration Operations of Vulcanus I&II, 1985
     F91       EPA--Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Final, 1981
     F92       EPA--Ocean Incineration Background & Status Plan, Final, August 1987
     F93       Engineering Computer Optechnomics Inc.: Analysis of Commodity Flows
                    in Delaware Bay & River, April, 1986
     F94       EPA-EIS for North Atlantic Site Designation Final, 1981
     F95       EPA--Incineration as Treatment for Liquid Hazardous Wastes Summary &
                    Conclusions, 1985
     F96       EPA--Site Specific Info on North Atlantic Incineration Site, 1986

          I.B.2.    MMF (cont'd)

          Ocean Incineration (cont'd)
          Reports: (cont'd)
23   F97       EPA--Reports and Assessment of Potential Synergistic Effects, 1986
     F98       EWK Consultant: Ocean Incineration of Hazardous Waste: Critique, April,
     F99       ICF Technology: Potential Effect on DE River/ Estuary from Hypothetical
                    Spill From Vulcanus II, December,  1985
     F100      ICF Technology: Profile of Human Health & Aquatic Toxicity, December,
     F101      Giecen, WJ & H. Compaan: Monitoring of Combustion Efficiency on
                    Certification Voyage- Vulcanus II, January, 1983
     F102      Office of Technology Assessment: Ocean Incineration: It's Role in
                    Managing Hazardous Waste, August, 1986

     F103 Seaburn Inc., Correspondence, 1983-1984
     F104 Special Ocean Incineration Permit Issuance, April, 1984
     F105 Staff Notes, 1983-1986
     F106 Statements by Tom Carper, 1983-1985
     F107 Statement by Tom Carper, Hearing, December, 1985
     F108 Statement by TC, Public Hearing, Wilmington, DE, Jan. 21, 1986
     F109 Statement--Biden, Ocean City, 1983
     F110 Task Force on Emergencies, 1986
     F111 Technical Discussion: Incineration at Sea, November, 1984
     F112 TRW Inc.--Incineration Ships, April, 1983
     F113 TRW Inc.--Incineration Ships, June, 1983
     F114 TRW Inc., Rules for Oceanic Incineration of Hazardous Chemicals, April 1983
     F115 Waterfront Corruption, Findings, Conclusions and Recommendations, March 1984
     F116 Workshop Agenda, Remarks--Committee on Waste Disposal Meeting, April, 1984

          Oil Spills
     F117 Cargo Owner Financial Responsibility, 1990
     F118 Carper Amendment to H.R. 1465/Supporting Documentation, 1989
     F119 Carper Statements, 1984-1986
     F120 Conference Agenda, H.R. 1465, July, 1990

               I.B.2.    MMF (cont'd)
          Oil Spills (cont'd)
23   F121 Conferences/Conferees, H.R. 1465--Notes/Correspondence,  1990

24   F122 Correspondence to Tom Carper, 1990 
     F123 Correspondence -- Professor Sylves, University of Delaware, 1990
     F124 Double Hulls/Maritrans, 1989-1990
     F125 Double Hulls/Double Bottoms, WRR/Reports, 1989-1990
     F126 Exxon Valdez Spill--Compilation of November 1989 Citizens Hearings, 1989
     F127 Exxon Valdez--Settlement Hearing, March 20, 1991
     F128 Houston Conference: Oil and Gas Environmental Regulation, 1988
     F129 International Protocols, 1990

     F130      Oil Pollution Act--Amendments, Correspondence, Articles, other
                    Documents, 1989-1990
     F131      Oil Pollution Act of 1989--H.R. 1465, 1989
     F132      Oil Pollution Act of 1989--H.R. 3394, 1989
     F133      Oil Pollution Liability-Compensation Act of 1989 (to accompany H.R.
     F134      Oil Pollution Liability-Compensation Act of 1989 (to accompany H.R.
     F135      Oil Pollution Liability and Compensation--Statement of Managers, 1990
     F136      Report: After the Exxon Valdez Spill: Oil Pollution Liability and
                    Compensation Legislation (CRS), 4/24/1989
     F137      Side-by-Side Comparison, H.R. 1465/S. 686, 1990
     F138      Studds Amendment to H.R. 1465, 1990
     F139      Liability--Barge Company Concerns, 1990
     F140      Near Coastal Waters Initiative, 1988
     F141      Position Papers, Various Organizations, 1990

     F142 Preparation Response--Delaware/Pennsylvania, 1990
     F143      Coping with an Oiled Sea: An Analysis of Oil Spill Response Techniques,
                    OTA, 1990
     F144      No Safe Harbor: Tanker Safety in America's Ports, 1990      

          I.B.2.    MMF (cont'd)

          Oil Spills (cont'd)
          Reports: (cont'd)
24   F145      Oil Pollution Act of 1990, Conference Report
     F146      Oil Pollution Liability and Compensation, 1985

     F147      Grand Eagle, September 28, 1985
     F148      Grand Eagle Incident, 1985-1986
     F149      Presidente Rivera, 1989
     F150      Statistics--De., 1990    
          Subcommittee on Coast Guard and Navigation (Subc. CG)
     F151 Briefing Book, 1991
     F152 Budget, 1991
     F153 Certificates of Financial Responsibility, 1991
     F154 Certificates of Financial Responsibility, 1991
     F155 Davis-Bacon Amendment-Authorization Fiscal Year 1987, 1986-1987
     F156 Hearing: Coast Guard Direct User Fee, February 25, 1992
     F157 Enforcement of Fisheries Laws, July 24, 1991
     F158 Hearing on H.R. 2919, Groundfish Restoration Hearing, October 2, 1991      

25   F159 Issues, 1991
     F160 Merchant Marine Documentation, 1992
     F161 Merchant Marine--Veterans, 1987-1988
     F162 Coast Guard Non-Emergency Towing, H.R. 4891, 1987-1988
     F163 Oil Pollution Act, 1990
     F164 OMI Corporation (Oil Transporter), 1991
     F165 Panama Canal, 102nd Congress, 1991
     F166 Panama File, 1990
     F167 Panama--Housing and Urban Programs, 1989
     F168 Recreation Boaters Caucus/Re-authorization of Wallop Breaux, 1990 
     F169 Recreational Boat User Fee, H.R. 543, 1991-1992
     F170 Recreational Vessel User Fee--Hearing, 4/24/1991
     F171 Response--Strike Teams, 1990
     F172 Santa Clara Hearing -- Lost Drums of Arsenic, 1992

          I.B.2.    MMF (cont'd)

          Coast Guard (cont'd)
25   F173 Santa Clara Hearing -- Lost Drums of Arsenic, 1992 (Photos)
     F174 Sea Based Aerostat Program, 1991
     F175 Spill Authority, 1991
     F176 Spill Clean-up: Response Measures Joint Oceanography:CG, 6/18/1991

          Fisheries and Wildlife Conservation and the Environment Subcommittee (FWCE)

          Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Files (ANWR)
     F177      Alyeska Controversy, 1991
     F178      ANWR Background, 1986-1987
     F179      Biographies, 1991
     F180      Effects of Drilling in Alaska, 1991-1992
     F181      Hearing--Authorize Oil and Gas Leasing, May 1991  
     F182      Hearing--Authorize Oil and Gas Leasing, July, 1991
     F183      Hearing--Authorize Petroleum Leasing, June 1991
     F184      Legislation, 1991
     F185      National Geographic, December 1998
     F186      National Fish and Wildlife Enhancement Act, 1991
     F187      Oil Production Reports, 1991
     F188      Petroleum Development
     F189      Porcupine Caribou Herd, 1991

26   F190      Report: Alaskan Oil Supply, 1991                  
     F191      Report: Costal Plain, 1987
     F192      Statement--U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 1991
     F193      Tom Carper's Role, 1988  
     F194      World Energy Update, 1991-1992
     F195 Atlantic Coastal Fishery Management Improvement Act, H.R. 5136, 1992
     F196 Biological Diversity Act, 1991
     F197 Biological Diversity Act Articles, 1991
     F198 Coastal Defense Initiative, 1989
     F199 Coastal Defense Initiative of 1990, 101st/102nd Congress, H.R.2647
     F200 Contaminated Sediments - Hearing, 1991
     F201 Exotic Birds, 1991
     F202 Exotic Birds, 1991

          I.B.2.    MMF (cont'd)

          FWCE Subcommittee (cont'd)
26   F203 Highly Migratory Species- Hearing, 1992
     F204 Highly Migratory Species - Management, 1991
     F205 Interjurisdictional Fisheries, 1992
     F206 Interjurisdictional Fisheries - Management, 1992

          Marine Mammal:                
     F207      Capture, Export and Public Display Protection Act, 1992, H.R.5682
     F208      Dolphin Die-Off Study, 1987-1989
                    (Includes report by J.R. Geraci: Clinical Investigation of 1987-1988 Mass
                    mortality of Bottlenose Dolphins along the U.S. Central and South Atlantic
                    Coast, April 1989)
          Health and Stranding Response Act, H.R. 3486
     F209 --Concepts, Notes, Bill Text, 1991-1992
     F210 --Bill Drafts, Amendments, Statements, 1991-1992
     F211 --Correspondence, 1990-1991
     F212 Hearings-Mass Mortality in Bottlenose Dolphins in 1987-1988, May 1989
     F213 Various Articles, 1989-1992
     F214 National Wildlife Refuge, System Act Amendment, 1987-1990
     F215 National Wildlife Refuge, System Act/Hunter Protection Bill, 1990-1992
     F216 Oysters, 1986-1989
     F217 Seafood Safety Hearing, 5/15/1991
     F218 Seafood Safety, 1991-1992
     F219 Striped Bass Legislation, H.R. 2357, 1990
     F220 Striped Bass Legislation, Hearing, May 1991

27   F221 Turtle Excluder Devices (TEDs), 1987-1990
     F222 Wallop Breaux, 1985

     F223      Briefing Book, 1991
     F224      Conservation--Management Act of 1991, Gen'l Info., H.R.1330, 1991
     F225      GAO Report: Wetlands Overview, November 1991
     F226      General Information/Correspondence, 1992 
     F227      General Information/Correspondence, 1990-1991
     F228      Hearing: Wetlands in Public Works Projects, March 1991

          I.B.2.    MMF (cont'd)

          Subc. FWCE (cont'd)
          Wetlands: (cont'd)
27   F229      Hearing: Wetlands Conservation, October 1991 
     F230      Hearing: Wetlands Conservation, October 1991
     F231      Hearing: Wetlands Conservation, November 1991
     F232      Hearing: Takings, Compensation and Regulation, May 1992
     F233      Manual Delineation, 1992

     F234      EPA Report- Proposed Revisions to Federal Manual for Delineating
               Wetlands, August 1991
     F235      RAMSAR, 1990
     F236      U.S. Department of Interior/U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: Wetlands,

Scope and Content Note for Series I.B.2. Merchant Marines and Fisheries

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