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Kay Boyle Papers

1930 - 1991
(bulk dates 1960 - 1986)

Manuscript Collection Number: 131
Accessioned: Purchase, 1989-1995
Extent: 6 linear ft. (677 items)
Content: Correspondence, essays, plays, histories, translations, speeches, lectures, research notes, eulogies, photographs, passport, contract, appointment book, poems, clippings, drawings, ephemera, and reviews.
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: Originally processed in 1990 and revised in 1996 by Anita A. Wellner

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Table of Contents

Biographical Note

Born on February 19, 1902, in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Kay Boyle has been known for her work and achievements as a poet, short story writer, novelist, journalist, teacher, and political activist. One of the most prominent American expatriates during the 1920s and 1930s, much of Kay Boyle’s work reflects the influences of that literary circle.

Kay Boyle’s first contribution to a national publication was a letter to the editor, published in Harriet Monroe’s Poetry: A Magazine of Verse in 1921. By 1922, with the support and encouragement of her mother, Boyle moved to New York City and began working for the fashion writer Margery Welles. Later that year she began working for Lola Ridge, the American editor of Broom, an art and literary magazine published by Harold Loeb in Rome and later in Berlin. While working in New York, Boyle had contact with many literary persons and developed her writing. In January of 1923, her poem, “Morning,” was published in Broom.

In 1922 Kay Boyle married a French exchange student, Richard Brault. A 1923 visit to meet Brault’s family in Brittany, France, turned what was to have been a brief visit into a twenty-year stay in Europe. During her years in France, Boyle was associated with several innovative literary magazines and became acquainted with many of the literary figures writing for them. Her writing appeared in issues of This Quarter, edited by Ernest Walsh, and transition, edited by Eugene Jolas. Through these editors and others she associated with such writers as James Joyce, Ezra Pound, Gertrude Stein, William Carlos Williams, Robert McAlmon, Emanuel Carnevali, and Harry and Caresse Crosby. It was the Crosbys’ Black Sun Press that published Kay Boyle’s first book of fiction, Short Stories, in 1929. Crosby also published her translation of the first chapter of Rene Crevel’s Babylone as Mr. Knife and Miss Fork in 1931.

In respect for her friendship with Emanuel Carnevali, Kay Boyle made a commitment to see to the posthumous publication of his autobiography. Her promise was realized in 1967, when The Autobiography of Emanuel Carnevali was published. She compiled it from bits and pieces of writing Carnevali had sent through the ten years of their friendship.

Robert McAlmon was Boyle’s lifelong friend. Being Geniuses Together, 1920-1930, McAlmon’s memoirs, was revised by Kay Boyle in 1968, with several supplementary chapters that chronicle her own experiences during the 1920s and 1930s.

By the summer of 1928, Kay Boyle had met Laurence Vail, who was then Peggy Guggenheim’s husband. They were married in 1932. In addition to three children of their own, Boyle also cared for Vail’s two children from his marriage with Peggy Guggenheim, and her own daughter by Ernest Walsh, Sharon. Many of Boyle’s experiences during the 1920s found expression in her novels, Plagued by the Nightingale (1931), Year Before Last (1932), Gentlemen, I Address You Privately (1933), and My Next Bride (1934).

In 1934 Boyle compiled an anthology which was to have been titled “Short Stories 1934.” The original idea for the anthology was to gather 365 single-page stories to represent the year 1934 in fictional accounts. The anthology was eventually published in 1936 as 365 Days and included 97 stories by Boyle. Other contributors to the anthology included Nancy Cunard, Charles Henri Ford, Langston Hughes, James Laughlin, Robert McAlmon, Henry Miller, William Saroyan (who originally submitted 365 stories), Parker Tyler, and Emanuel Carnevali.

The White Horses of Vienna and Other Stories, also published in 1936, was a significant collection of Boyle’s short stories. The title story won the O. Henry Short Story Award for 1935. She continued to write short stories throughout her life, including a late collection, Life Being the Best and Other Stories (1988).

In her later years Kay Boyle was recognized for her political activism. Fostered by her mother in the belief that privilege demanded social responsibility, she championed integration, civil rights, the ban of nuclear weapons, and America’s withdrawal from Vietnam.

Kay Boyle died December 27, 1992, at the Redwoods, a retirement community in Mill Valley, California.


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Scope and Content Note

The Kay Boyle Papers, spanning the dates 1930-1991 (bulk dates 1960-1986), comprise over six linear feet of correspondence, manuscript drafts written by Boyle, research notes and articles collected by Boyle, and various ephemera.

The correspondence section includes letters from family and professional colleagues, with a significant collection of eleven letters from British writer, James Stern. Additionally, Series I includes letters from such literary notables as Maya Angelou, Ishmael Reed, and Virgil Thomson.

Series II, which consists of manuscript material written by Kay Boyle, includes articles, a play, book reviews, a novel, poems, and drafts toward several works of nonfiction. Research material and drafts of her unpublished histories, "The Noblest Witnesses: A Modern History of Germany" and "A History of German Women," comprise over four boxes of these papers. Boyle's one act play, "The Double Cage", based on the life and letters of Rosa Luxenburg, is also unpublished and the only play known to be written by Boyle. Drafts of Boyle's translation of Rene Crevel's Babylon and Boyle's letters to Robert McAlmon, which were included in her revision of his Being Geniuses Together 1920-1930 are also included in this collection.

Series II also includes drafts of articles, poems, book reviews, speeches, and pages of the underground novel, The Underground Woman, all written by Boyle. Although the majority of Boyle's articles concern topics related to Germany, there are essays in this section on the American male, American writers, and writing and language. Boyle's book reviews are almost exclusively related to books written by German authors. The section of lectures and speeches includes an eulogy for San Francisco mayor George Moscone, a speech delivered at a protest against the Vietnam war, and an address written for a 1991 meeting of Amnesty International.

Drafts of three poems composed by Kay Boyle are found in Series II, including two titled "Sanci" and "Mothers." Several other poems, or fragments of Boyle's poems, are also available on the verso of notes found in the research file in Series VI.

Finally, Series II includes a group of miscellaneous manuscripts composed by Kay Boyle, including a letter to the parents of the Low-Heywood Thomas School, material about the history of the short story, and a statement regarding The New Yorker's withdrawal of Boyle's accreditation as a foreign correspondent in 1952 and her husband's Loyalty-Security Hearings.

Series III consists of two pieces about Boyle: an introduction to Sandra Spanier's biography, Kay Boyle, and Helga Einsele's "A Friendship Across Two Continents." Series IV comprises miscellaneous items related to Boyle, including her 1976 passport, an appointment book (which includes thoughts about William Carlos Williams and Rene Crevel, as well as chapter outlines for The Underground Woman), a contract for the publication of Fifty Stories, an autograph notebook, and a copy of her lawsuit against The Paget Press. Series V includes a variety of journals, magazines, clippings, and tear sheets collected by Boyle. The material supports her research on Germany or pertains to social issues with which Boyle was concerned, such as the Vietnam War and labor issues.

Series VI contains Boyle's file of research material arranged by subject. It includes her autograph notes and collection of articles toward her history of Germany. Because Boyle recycled paper by using the back, the notes in this file are occasionally written on the verso of poems or correspondence. These poems or letters are noted in the folder descriptions.

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Series Outline

I.    Personal and Professional Correspondence, 1948-1991     

II.   Manuscripts Written by Kay Boyle, 1930-1991     

	1.  "The Noblest Witnesses: A Modern History of Germany," 1963-1976
	2.  "A History of German Women," 1944-1981                          
	3.  "German Post-War Literature," 1960-1974                       
	4.  Translation of Babylon 1930-1984                
	5.  "The Double Cage," 1959-1966                                    
	6.  Being Geniuses Together 1920-1930, 1932-1965
	7.  The Underground Woman, [1975]                    
	8.  Articles Written by Kay Boyle, 1960-1984                       
	9.  Book reviews Written by Kay Boyle, 1962-1963                    
	10.  Poems written by Kay Boyle, 1962-1963		
	11.  Lectures, addresses, and speeches by Boyle, 1965-1991    
	12.  Miscellaneous Material Written by Kay Boyle, [1957]-1987          

III.  Material written about Kay Boyle, 1986-1988              

IV.   Miscellaneous material related to Boyle, 1946-1990        

V.    Printed material collected by Boyle, 1955-1984          

VI.   File of research material, 1952-1981                     

	List of printed material in the Kay Boyle Papers, 1954-1984          

Contents List

Box -- Folder -- Contents

1	Series I.  Personal and Professional Correspondence, 1948-1991

	F1	American Audio Prose Library (Kay Bonetti), 1984-1985
		Includes a signed contract (1985) for Boyle's reading for the Library, letters,
		and a catalog.  5 items (25 leaves).

	F2     	Angelou, Maya.  
		[1981: June 12]		ALS 		1p

		Boyle, Kay, 1902-
		Letters from Boyle to the following individuals.
	F3	Beja, Morris
		1984 	Apr. 8		AL (draft)	1p
			Note:  Includes the James Joyce Foundation Newsletter (1984 Apr).

	F4	Reagan, Ronald
		1981	Aug 9	TL (c) signed		1p

	F5	Smith, Mr.
		[n.d.]		AL (draft)		2p	

	F6	Unidentified
		1950 	Sep 7	AL			2p
			Note:  Incomplete

	F7	Byrne, John.  
		Letters concerning a publication in honor of James Stern.       
          	1974 	Jul 11  	TLS 		1p
          		Jul 30  	TLS		1p
          		Oct 1		ALS		1p
          	1975	Jan 13 		ALS		1p

	F8	Cardoro, Nancy
		1981	 Nov 17		ALS		1p

	F9	Codrescu, Andrei, 1946-
		Editor of Exquisite Corpse.  
     		1986	Sep 28  	TLS		1p
			Oct 31		TLS 		1p

         F10	Coselle	 
		1981	Nov 6		TLS		2p
			Note:  Includes photocopied clippings on Amnesty International,
			Chile,  and North Point Press.  

        F11   	Davis Gwen
          	1980    Dec 27          TLS          	2p

	F12	de Burca, Mairin.  
		1981	Aug 14		TLS		1p
			Note:  Includes a clipping, two photocopied articles and a 
			check from Boyle.

	F13	Ellsberg, Robert
		1979	Aug 20		TLS		1p
			Note:  Includes clippings from the Catholic Worker.    

	F14    Garchik, Jerome M. and Leah  
		1981	Jan 10		TLS		1p
          	1981	Jun 25		ACS		1p
          	1981	[Sep14]		ACS		1p
          	1981	Nov 16		TLS 		3p
	F15    Gude, Helen
		1981	 Feb 17		ALS 		3p

	F16     Kahler, Alice
          	1980	Dec 10		TLS		1p
          	1981	Nov 27		TLS		2p

	F17    Kastner, Doug and Sue
          	1985	Jun 14		ACS		2p
          	1985	Oct 5		ALS		1p
          	1985	Nov 6		ALS		1p
          	[n.d.]			AN		1p

	F18     Kirshenbaum, Sandra 
		Editor of Fine Print writes concerning Mr. Knife and Miss Fork
          	1975	Sep 20		ALS		2p
          	1975 	Nov 17		ALS		1p 
			Note:  Includes a TL (c) to Max Ernst and the Autumn 1974 issue of 
			The Private Press.

	F19     McGraw, Jim  
          	1981	Aug 5		TL		1p
          	1981	Aug 5		TLS		1p

	F20     Millar, David
		1981	Apr 26		TLS		1p

	F21     Nadel, Ira Bruce
          	1984	Jul 23		TLS		2p
          	1984	Aug 13		TL (c)		1p (Boyle to Nadel)
	F22     Nowlin, Bill  
		1981	Jun 18		ALS		2p

	F23     Ondine, [George]
          	1981	Aug 3		TLS		1p
          	1981	Nov 18		TLS		1p
	F24     Reed, Ishmael, 1938-
          	1975	Dec 17		TLS		1p
			Note:  Includes copy of a Village Voice article, and copies
			of letters to Reed from David Marsh of Rolling Stone and 
			Pat Strachan.  
          	1975	Dec 18		Photocopies	2p
			Note:  Articles about Reed from Jet Magazine and The Real Paper. 

	F25    Ryan, David
		1981	Jan 13		TNS		1p
			Note:  Includes photocopy of  "Fighting Words on the Future
          			of the Earth" by Russell Means from Mother Jones.
	F26	Spanier, Sandra Whipple, 1951-   
		1981	Mar 15		TLS		1p

	F27	Shirer, William L. (William Lawrence), 1904-   
		1981	Nov 21		TLS		1p
			Note:  Includes two photographs.

	F28	Stern, James, 1904-.     
          	1985	Apr 26		TLS		2p
          	1985	Jun 6		ACS		1p
          	1985	Jul 26		ACS		2p 			
          	1985	Aug 8		TLS		2p
			Note:  Includes clippings and photocopy.   
		1985	Aug 22		ACS		1p
          	1985	Sep 22		ALS		2p
          	1985	Oct 4		ALS		4p
          	1985	Oct 27		ALS		4p
			Note:  Includes a clipping          
		1986	Feb 18		ALS		2p
			Note:  Includes photograph. 
          	1986	Feb 21		ALS		1p
          	1986	Jun 26		ALS		2p
	F29     Thomson, Virgil, 1896-
          	1976	Feb 16		TLS		1p
          	1976	Feb 26		TNS		1p
          	1985	Mar 27		TNS		1p
			Note:  Includes a photocopy of an article by Thomson
          	1985	Jul 25		ACS		1p

	F30     Toomer, Marjorie Content
		1981	Jul 17		TL (c)		2p (Boyle to Toomer)
          	1981	Jul 21		ALS		4p
			Note:  Includes typescript (photocopy) of Boyle's manuscript with
          			autograph corrections and additions by Toomer.  

	F31     A. Watkins, Inc.  (Robin Rue)
		1981	Jun 11		TLS		1p
 			Note:  Includes photocopy list of copyrights for Boyle's material.   

	F32     Wong, Shawn, 1949- 
          	1980	Dec 2		TLS		1p	
          	1981	Jun 15		TLS   		1p
          	[n.y.]	Christmas	ACS		1p

	F33     Miscellaneous Correspondence 1949-1984
		Includes correspondence from Helga, Fred R. Griffith, Bob,
		Nancy G. Mc Dermid, Drury Contracting, a plumber, 
		Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, George Popper,
		Dorothy MacK..., Ellen Binder (PEN), and Herman Kogan.  
		Also includes a few letters from Boyle to others and clippings. 
		Arranged in chronological order.  (28 pp.).  

		Family Correspondence, 1948-1991
		Includes correspondence from Boyle's children and grandchildren
		as well as some photographs and artwork.

	F34	Rosenblum, Clover [Vail], 1948-1968
		Includes letters from Boyle's daughter, as well as photographs
		and artwork by Colver Vail as a child.  Also includes a 1950 issue
		of the Bulletin of the Art Institute of Chicago (ca. 60 pp.)

	F35	Rosenblum, Sidney, 1961
		Three poems by Rosenblum and two poems unidentified.

	F36	Stone, Thomas
		1989 Dec		TLS (x)		1p
			Note:  Photocopy of a letter-poem, signed by Boyle.
		1991 Mar 21		ALS (draft)	2p
			Note:  Letter includes a photocopy of Boyle's first published poem,
			"Monody to the Sound of Zithers," as published in Poetry and 
			typescript (photocopy) drafts of her poem, "A Lesson in Anatomy."

	F37	Vail, Katherine (Katy), 1977.  
		Includes the correspondence among Boyle's daughter Katherine Vail, Vail's
          	lawyers, Kay Boyle, and others concerning her divorce and related matters.

	F38	Vail, Katherine (Katy), 1956
          	Clippings concerning her performance in Peter Ustinov's "Romanoff and Juliet."
	F39	"Boo" 1961-1962
		Letters written while a student at the University of Connecticut (29 pp.).

	F40	Bobby, 1961
		Letters from Paris  (4 pp.).

	F41	"Mouse,"  1961
		Letters, photographs, and artwork (20 pp.).

	F42	Miscellaneous family material., 1950-1984
		Includes photographs which include Kay Boyle, clippings, drawings and art 
		by "Bootsie" and Ian Franckenstein as children, and an English report by
		Devin Rosenblum (21 pp.).
		Series II.   Manuscripts Written by Kay Boyle, 1930-1991
		Includes material toward an unpublished book on the history of Germany, 
		a work on "A History of German Women," her translation of Crevel's 
		Babylon, a play entitled "The Double Cage," an update
		of McAlmon's Being Geniuses Together, draft pages for 
		The Underground Woman, plus articles, book reviews, 
		lectures and miscellaneous writings.

		Series II.1.  The Noblest Witnesses: A Modern History of Germany, 1963-1976.
		An unpublished work on the history of Germany from Charlemagne
		to the eve of World War II.  The subject file contains portions 
		of the research material Boyle gathered towards this work. 

     F43  Proposal for a grant renewal, [n.d.]
          Typescript (carbon) which states the purpose and extent of the project (4 pp.).

     F44  Outlines for chapters 8 and 9, 1966 Feb
          Typescript with autograph corrections and revisions (4 pp.)

     F45  Research notes, [n.d.]
          Autograph, typescript, and clippings of research, with a typescript (carbon)
          untitled poem that begins "The bugles of headlines blow in the gutter" (87 leaves).

     F46  Notes for the chapter on Martin Luther, [n.d.]
          Autograph, typescript, and printed material (40 leaves).

     F47  Notes for chapter 8, [n.d.]
          Typescript and autograph notes (53 leaves).

     F48  Notes and a partial draft of chapter 9, [1964]
          Typescript, autograph, and printed material (55 leaves).

     F49  Partial draft, [n.d.]
          Typescript with extensive autograph revisions and additions, bears the note: "To
          follow the Formation of the Modern States" (17 leaves).

     F50  "Insertions," [n.d.]
          Autograph and typescript notes and text to be inserted at various points in the
          draft (43 leaves).

     F51  "Excerpt From Notes Toward a Modern History of Germany," 1975-1976
          Typescript and typescript (carbon) drafts for this excerpt, also titled "Excerpt
          From Work in Progress."  Each draft varies, covering different segments of
          German history.  Drafts bear autograph revisions (33 leaves).

4         Draft, [n.d.]
          Typescript and typescript (carbon) draft bearing autograph revisions, with many
          added pages and two copies of the introduction and chapter one (417 leaves).

     F52  Pages 1-73
     F53  Pages 74-219
     F54  Pages 220-321

5    F55  Partial draft, [1963 Dec 6]
          Typescript and typescript (carbon) draft for pages 126-245, with autograph
          revisions. Bears the note: "December 6th, 1963, revised copy" (161 leaves).

     F56  Partial draft for chapters 7 and 9, [n.d.]
          Typescript and typescript (carbon) draft with autograph revisions (86 leaves).

5         Series II.   Manuscripts written by Kay Boyle (cont'd)
          Series II.1.  "The Noblest Witnesses" (cont'd)

     F57  Partial draft, [n.d.]
          Typescript (carbon) with a few typescript pages, all bearing extensive autograph
          revisions (114 leaves).

     F58  Partial draft, [n.d.]
          Typescript and typescript (carbon) draft pages with autograph revisions.  
          Pages 1-35, 64-120 and miscellaneous pages (205 leaves).

6    F59  Bibliography, [n.d.]
          Four typescript or typescript (carbon) copies, with one draft bearing autograph
          corrections and additions (147 leaves).

     F60  Index, [n.d.]
          Two typescript and one typescript (carbon) drafts of the index, all with autograph
          corrections and additions (78 leaves).

     F61  "Introduction to a Modern History of Germany," 1971 Fall
          Copy of issue #3 of Prose, which includes Boyle's article, "Introduction to a
          Modern History of Germany."

7         Series II.2.   "A History of German Women," 1944-1981
               Research materials, notes, correspondence, translations of texts from
               German, typescripts about noted German women, printed material, and an
               essay, "An Excerpt From a History of German Women."  Folders of
               general material are followed by folders of notes about individual women,
               which are arranged alphabetically by name.

     F62  Correspondence with Louise W. Holborn, 1965-1970
          The letters discuss a proposed book on German women and contain statistics on
          German women in academic roles (8 leaves).

     F63  "An Excerpt From a History of German Women," 1976-1981
          Typescript, typescript (carbon), and typescript (photocopy) drafts, some bearing
          autograph corrections and revisions (46 leaves).

     F64  Drafts for chapters on German women, [n.d.]
          Typescript and typescript (carbon) drafts (most bearing autograph revisions) of
          essays on German women, possibly for chapters for "A History of German
          Women."  Titles include "Statistics about Women in German Parliaments 1919-1953"
          and "The Parliamentary Work of Women Under the Weimar Republic." 
          Also includes an untitled essay concerning the German Women's Movement. 

7         Series II.   Manuscripts written by Kay Boyle (cont'd)
          Series II.2.  "A History of German Women" (cont'd)

     F65  Notes and Research Material, 1951-1979
          Autograph and typescript (carbon) notes, plus a copy of the article, "The Suffrage
          Movement in Western Europe," and the pamphlet, "Was Is, Was Will, Was Tut:
          Die Westdeutsche Frauenfriedensbewegung?"  Also includes a letter from Elly
          Steinmann to Boyle (80 leaves).

     F66  Emmi Bonhoeffer, 1951 Feb
          Translation of a letter from Bonhoeffer and typescript (carbon) drafts concerning
          Bonhoeffer (7 leaves).

     F67  Ricarda Huch, 1948-1963
          Autograph notes, clippings, and typescript draft, with autograph corrections, of a
          chapter on Huch (19 leaves).

     F68  Friederike Kempner, 1975-1977
          Letters from Helga Kuhnert, photocopy of an article concerning the Kempner
          family, and a typescript draft of Boyle's chapter on Kempner (22 leaves).

          Women in Nazi Germany, 1944
          Written by Ruth and Robert Kempner, this mimeographed study of women in
          Nazi Germany in divided into four parts.  Copies bear page markers and autograph
          notes made by Kay Boyle (300 leaves).

     F69  Parts I and II
     F70  Parts III and IV

8    F71  Kathe Kollwitz, 1968-1971
          Includes correspondence between Boyle and "Nele," articles and notes of research
          on Kollwitz, a typescript titled "The Diary and Letters of Kathe Kollwitz," and
          translations of some of Kollwitz's letters (107 leaves).

     F72  Helene Lange, [n.d.]
          Photocopy of an article on Lange and a typescript draft of the chapter "The
          Childhood of Helene Lange" (23 leaves).

     F73  Louise Otto-Peters, [n.d.]
          Autograph notes and photocopied articles (21 leaves).

     F74  Lydia Rabinowitch-Kempner, 1975
          Includes letters from Helga Kuhnert and Robert Kempner, photocopied articles,
          and typescript drafts of the chapter, "Lydia Rabinowitch-Kempner" (31 leaves).

8         Series II.   Manuscripts written by Kay Boyle (cont'd)
          Series II.2.  "A History of German Women" (cont'd)

     F75  Clara Schumann, [n.d.]
          Typescript draft of a chapter on Clara Schumann (11 leaves).

     F76  Bettina von Arnim, 1977
          Includes a letter from Helga Kuhnert, photocopied articles, autograph notes, and a
          typescript of Boyle's chapter on von Arnim (49 leaves).

     F77  Bertha von Suttner, [n.d.]
          A copy of Bertha von Suttner und ihre Tochter - Ein Versuch, written by Dr.
          Klara-Marie Fassbinder, with a letter and partial translation of this booklet by
          Sarah Agnes Marshall (73 leaves).

9         Series II.3.   "German Post-War Literature" 1960-1974

     F78  Notes, articles, journals, letters, and clippings, 1960-1974
     -80  Material towards an article on German post-war literature (119 leaves).

10        Series II.4.  Translation of Babylon, 1930-1984
               Kay Boyle's translation from French of Rene Crevel's Babylon.  Although
               first translated by Boyle in 1930, only chapter one was published by the
               Black Sun Press as Mr. Knife and Miss Fork (1931).  The drafts included
               here were published in 1985 by North Point Press as the complete text of
               Crevel's Babylone.

     F81  Correspondence, Contract, and Copyright, 1930-1984
          Includes photocopies of Boyle's letters (1930s) to Caresse Crosby about Mr. Knife
          and Miss Fork, as well as correspondence with A. Watkins, Sandra
          Kirschenbaum, David Rattray.  Also includes articles about Crevel, the copyright
          registration for Babylon (1978), a contract, portions of an interview with Crevel
          by Rattray, and a translation of Etes-Vous fons? (Are You Mad?) (81 leaves).

     F82  Notes and articles toward the preface to Babylon, 1984
          Notes by Boyle toward the preface, tear sheets of articles and a photocopy of
          Crevel's "The Negress in the Brothel" (translated by Samuel Beckett) (6 leaves).

     F83  "Translator's Foreword," 1978
          Typescript draft (3 leaves).

     F84  "A Conversation with Rene Crevel," 1984 Oct-Nov
          Numerous autograph, typescript, typescript (carbon), and typescript (photocopy)
          drafts, most of which extensive autograph additions and revisions (48 leaves).

11        Series II.   Manuscripts written by Kay Boyle (cont'd)
          Series II.4.  Translation of Babylon (cont'd)

          Draft of translation, [n.d.]
     F85  Typescript (carbon) draft of Boyle's translation, with a few typescript (photocopy)
          pages (191 leaves).

     F86  Original binder, [n.d.]

     F87  Draft, [n.d.]
          Typescript draft, with some typescript (carbon) and typescript (photocopy) pages
          added, all bearing extensive autograph corrections and revisions.  The draft
          includes both duplicate pages and missing pages (159 leaves).

     F88  Draft, 1983 Mar-Aug
          Typescript (carbon) draft, with some typescript and typescript (photocopy) pages
          inserted.  The draft bears extensive autograph revisions and has duplicate pages
          interleaved (186 leaves).

     F89  Miscellaneous draft pages, [n.d.]
          Typescript, typescript (carbon), and typescript (photocopy) draft pages, with
          extensive autograph revisions (124 leaves).

          Series II.5.  "The Double Cage," 1959-1966 
                A one-act play based on the life, personality, and letters of Rosa

     F90  Letters, notes, and articles for research on Luxemburg, 1960-1966
          Includes autograph research notes, letters from Gerry Lukeman, and several
          articles (61 leaves).

     F91  Drafts of play, 1959
          Typescript, typescript (carbon), and typescript (photocopy) drafts bearing
          autograph revisions, including several miscellaneous pages (53 leaves).

12        Series II.6.   Being Geniuses Together 1920-1930, 1932-1965
               Written by Robert McAlmon, Being Geniuses Together 1920-1930, was
               revised with supplementary chapters by Kay Boyle and published by
               Doubleday in 1968. 

     F92  Typescript copies of Boyle's letters to Robert McAlmon, 1932-1965
          Also includes a clipping (38 leaves).

12        Series II.   Manuscripts written by Kay Boyle (cont'd)

          Series II.7.  The Underground Woman, [1975]
               Published by Doubleday in 1975.

     F93  Autograph and typescript draft pages, [1975]
          These pages refer to Shawn Wong and Edward Guerrero (9 leaves).

          Series II.8.   Articles written by Kay Boyle, 1960-1984
               Boyle wrote numerous articles on a wide variety of topics, ranging from
               the American male to the German language.

     F94  Untitled article on the American male, 1975
          Three typescript or typescript (photocopy) drafts, with extensive autograph
          revisions, and a copy of a letter from Boyle to "Paul" (15 leaves).

     F95  Untitled article about American writers, [1984]
          Typescript and typescript (photocopy) pages of a draft bearing extensive
          autograph revisions,  and including Boyle's "Excerpt From a
          Long Poem for Samuel Beckett" (14 leaves).

     F96  Untitled article for the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom,
          The article celebrates the League's 50th anniversary.  Includes correspondence
          with officials of the League about the article, research notes, and a draft of the
          article (24 leaves).

     F97  "Frankfurt Re-Visited," [n.d.]
          Typescript (carbon) draft, with autograph revisions (8 leaves).

     F98  "Has Germany Changed?" 1960
          Autograph notes, typescript (carbon) draft of the article, and copies of the issue of
          Foreign Policy Bulletin (1960 Apr 15), in which the article appeared (24 leaves).

     F99  "A Writer Looks at Germany," [n.d.]
          Typescript draft, bearing autograph revisions (15 leaves).

     F100 "The Uses of the German Language," [n.d.]
          Four typescript drafts, bearing extensive autograph revisions.  Represent three
          different versions and include added pages.  The first version is incomplete (86

     F101 Untitled article concerning writing and language, 1961 Oct
          Autograph and typescript drafts, bearing autograph revisions (7 leaves).

12        Series II.   Manuscripts written by Kay Boyle (cont'd)

          Series II.9.  Book reviews written by Kay Boyle, 1962-1963
     F102 Drafts of book reviews for the following titles:

          Aichinger, Ilse.  Herod's Children.  Typescript (carbon) draft (4 leaves).

          Esslin, Martin.  Brecht: The Man and His Work.  Typescript (carbon) draft
               (3 leaves).

          Geissler, Christian.  The Sins of the Fathers.  Typescript (carbon) draft (4 leaves).

          Grass, Gunter.  The Tin Drum.  Typescript (carbon) draft and letter (5 leaves).

          Kirst, Hans Hellmut.  The Seventh Day.  Typescript (carbon) draft (4 leaves).

          Lorenzen, Rudolf.  Anything But a Hero.  Typescript (carbon) draft and clipping
               (4 leaves).

          Peters, H. F.  My Sister, My Spouse.  Typescript (carbon) draft with autograph
               revisions (4 leaves).

          Sahl, Hans.  The Few and the Many.  Typescript (carbon) draft with autograph
               revisions and clipping (3 leaves).

          Miscellaneous Notes,  (6 leaves).

13        Series II.10  Poems written by Kay Boyle, [n.d.]
     F103 Three poems, [n.d.]
          Includes two typescript poems titled "Sanci" and "Mothers," plus a typescript
          (carbon) of an anagram wedding message for Boyle's grandson Benjamin Goeser.

          Series II.11.   Lectures, addresses and speeches by Kay Boyle, 1965-1991
               Public presentation given by Boyle, ranging from formal lectures to
               remarks at the memorial service for San Francisco mayor George

     F104 Amnesty International address, 1991 Mar 8
          Autograph first draft of Boyle's address to Amnesty International on March 9,
          1991, at "Plough and Stars," San Francisco, California.  Read in absentia.

     F105 Untitled remarks about Joan, Joanie and Mimi Baez, [n.d.]
          Typescript and typescript (photocopy) draft (2 leaves).

13        Series II.   Manuscripts written by Kay Boyle (cont'd)
          Series II.11.   Lectures, Public Addresses and Speeches (cont'd)

     F106 Eulogy for George Moscone, 1978
          Includes typescript (carbon) and (photocopy) drafts of her eulogy and the poem,
          "A Poem for George Moscone, Assassinated November 27, 1978," plus a
          photograph of Moscone and Boyle, and newsletters and flyers (11 leaves).

     F107 "Writers in Metaphysical Revolt," 1975
          A signed typescript draft with some typescript (photocopy) pages, all bearing
          autograph revisions (32 leaves).

     F108      Untitled lecture about Germany, [n.d.]
          Typescript (carbon) draft, bearing autograph revisions and the note: "Lecture at
          Herald Tribune" (5 leaves).

     F109 Material toward untitled lecture at Bowling Green, 1981 Apr
          Typescript, typescript (photocopy), and typescript (carbon) drafts, bearing
          extensive autograph revisions.  Includes a story, "Where It Is Always Spring," an
          introductory paragraph, and a draft of autobiographical information (14 leaves).

     F110 Untitled speech at a Vietnam protest, [1965]
          Typescript (carbon) draft, bearing autograph revisions and a copy of Liberation,
          (18 leaves).

     F111 Material for untitled seminar, [n.d.]
          Autograph and typescript drafts, bearing extensive autograph revisions.  Includes
          introductory comments, a section of commentary about writers and writing, and
          excerpts from Boyle's history of Germany (31 leaves).

          Series II.12.   Miscellaneous writing by Kay Boyle, [1957]-1987

     F112 Letter to the Parents of Low-Heywood Thomas School, 1984 Jan 11
          Photocopied letter which concerns the Franckenstein scholarship at Low-Heywood Thomas School (6 leaves).

     F113 Statement regarding The New Yorker's withdrawal of Boyle's accreditation in
               1952 and her husband's Loyalty-Security hearings, 1981
          Signed typescript (carbon) draft (4 leaves).

     F114 Notebook pages about history, a partial book review, and a poem, [n.d.]
          Autograph pages from a notebook with corrections and revisions (15 leaves).

     F115 Depiction of the development of the short story, [1957]
          Includes a letter from a University of Delaware student bearing an autograph note
          by Boyle, a depiction of the development of the short story, plus notes (6 leaves).

13        Series II.   Manuscripts written by Kay Boyle (cont'd)
          Series II.12.  Miscellaneous writing by Boyle (cont'd)

     F116 Letters responding to reviews of Sandra Spanier's Kay Boyle: Artist and Activist,
               1987 Jun-Jul
          Autograph and typed photocopies of drafts of letters to Ann Davidson and Paul
          Pintarich.  The letters respond to their reviews of Spanier's biography of Boyle
          and also defend her mid-forties novels about France and the Resistance.  Also
          includes a letter from Pintarich, copies of the reviews, and biographical
          information on Boyle (26 leaves).

     F117 Miscellaneous pages, 1972 and [n.d.]
          Includes autograph notes and typescript (photocopy and carbon) notes regarding
          the Christian Church, poetry, and Somerset Maugham, plus a quote from Samuel
          Beckett, and comments on writing Generation Without Farewell (4 leaves).

14        Series III.  Material written about Kay Boyle, 1986-1988

     F118 "Introduction to Kay Boyle" by Sandra Whipple Spanier, [n.d.]
          Typescript (photocopy) with autograph revisions made by Boyle (12 leaves).

     F119 "A Friendship Across Two Continents" by Helga Einsele, [n.d.]
          Includes a typescript (photocopy) with extensive corrections and revisions made
          by Boyle, a typescript (photocopy) with autograph corrections, and one page of
          revisions suggested by Boyle (13 leaves).

     F120 Editorial and crossword puzzle related to Boyle, 1986-1988
          Includes a tear sheet of a crossword puzzle (The New York Times Magazine)
          which includes a reference to Boyle and a photocopy of an editorial from The
          Torch regarding Boyle's 1986 visit at Valparaiso University. 

          Series IV.  Miscellaneous material related to Kay Boyle, 1946-1990

     F121 Passport, 1976 May 28
          Issued to Kay Boyle Franckenstein (12 leaves).

     F122 Autograph notebook, [n.d.]
          Small leather notebook with autograph notes, listing telephone numbers and
          information about Madame DuPont and other individuals.

14        Series II.   Manuscripts written by Kay Boyle (cont'd)
          Series IV.  Miscellaneous material related to Kay Boyle (cont'd)

     F123 Appointment book, 1971-1984
          Appointment book containing autograph notes and a diary kept by Boyle. 
          Includes material dated 1971-1972, 1978, 1980 and 1984.  Entries mention Maud
          Gonne, Harry Moore, Henry Miller, West With the Night by Beryl Markham, and
          Howard Nemerov's Figures of Thought.  Also mentioned are Gerassi, William
          Carlos Williams, Ian, Rene Crevel, as well as comments on faith, and writing.  A
          poem titled "The Road" is present, as are chapter outlines for The Underground
          Woman (38 leaves).

     F124 Contract for Fifty Stories, 1981 Oct 22
          Contract between Boyle and Penguin Books Limited (England) for hardcover and
          paperback editions of Boyle's Fifty Stories (4 leaves).

     F125 Boyle's lawsuit against Paget Press, 1984
          Typescript copy of the lawsuit and correspondence related to Boyle's legal action
          (handled by Jerome M. Garchik) against Paget Press for printing an excerpt from
          Being Geniuses Together without permission and including a photograph of Kay
          Boyle.  The excerpt appeared as the preface to Confessions of a Harvard Man
          (memoir of Harold Stearns) (28 leaves).

     F126 "Supply Operation in Swiss Border Area--Forts Aid Maquis at Grassy," [1940s]
          Photograph of a military supply operation (1 leaf).

     F127 List of 11th and 12th grade students, [n.d.]
          Autograph list made by Boyle on a manilla folder (1 leaf).

     F128 Medical notes on Boyle's health, 1977 and 1990
          Boyle's autograph notes written in May 1977, for her doctor, in which she
          describes her medical problems.  Also includes notes made by Boyle's daughter,
          describing her mother's behavior following her surgery on October 10, 1990.

     F129 Amtliches Fernsprechbuch fur Marburg [Lahn], 1946
          Telephone book (18 leaves).

     F130 Scroll of appreciation from the School of Humanities, San Francisco State
               University, 1979 Dec 18
          Autograph note of appreciation with various signed messages (1 leaf).  Scroll
          removed to Map Case.

     F131 Christmas messages on a scroll, [n.d.]
          Christmas messages on an oversize scroll, one says: "Ho Chi Minh Kay Boyle is
          Going to Win!" (1 leaf).  Scroll removed to Map Case.

14        Series II.   Manuscripts written by Kay Boyle (cont'd)
          Series IV.  Miscellaneous material related to Kay Boyle (cont'd)

     F132 Miscellaneous items, [n.d.]
          Empty notebook, packets of mounting corners, paper bag and a scarf (5 items)

15        Series V.  Printed material collected by Kay Boyle, 1955-1984
               Includes journals, magazines, tear sheets, and clippings, on topics related
               to Germany and social issues.

     F133 Material Related to Germany, 1955-1967
     -135  473 leaves.

     F136 Material concerning social issues, 1962-1984
          Issues include the Vietnam War, peace, and labor relations (148 leaves).

16        Series VI.  File of research material arranged by subject, 1952-1981
               A file of research material on a variety of subjects, most of which Boyle
               used in writing chapters of her unpublished history of Germany.  Includes
               autograph notes, clippings, tear sheets, as well as typescript and typescript
               (carbon) draft pages.   Some poems and drafts of letters are found on the
               verso of some of the notes.  Such items are noted in the folder list.

     F137  Advent of Christianity (27 leaves).
     F138  Arendt, Hannah (10 leaves).
     F139  Arius and Aryan (4 leaves).
     F140  Bach (130 leaves), with two untitled poems and a fragment of a poem. 
     F141  Beckett, Samuel (2 leaves).
     F142  Bees (10 leaves).
     F143  Bible (2 leaves).
     F144  Berlin (19 leaves).
     F145  Bismarck (48 leaves).
     F146  Bonhoeffer (12 leaves).
     F147  Brecht (7 leaves).
     F148  Charlemagne (16 leaves).
     F149  City and country conflict (4 leaves).
     F150  Clovis (1 leaf).
     F151  Constantine (2 leaves).
     F152  Dante (1 leaf).
     F153  Marie de France (10 leaves), with letter from Robert Hatch of Nation.
     F154  Dehmel (1 leaf).
     F155  Descartes (1 leaf).
     F156  Doloi, Danilo (2 leaves).
     F157  Eichmann, Adolf (43 leaves).

16        Series VI.  File of research material arranged by subject (cont'd)

     F158  Einstein, Albert (7 leaves).
     F159  Elbe (5 leaves).
     F160  Empire, division of (17 leaves).
     F161  Erasmus (4 leaves).
     F162  Existentialism (4 leaves).
     F163  Fichte (4 leaves).
     F164  Frederick (II) of Sicily (2 leaves).
     F165  Frederick the Great (103 leaves).
     F166  French Revolution (1 leaf).
     F167  Freud (1 leaf).
     F168  Galileo (6 leaves).
     F169  Globke (18 leaves).
     F170  Gluckel of Hameln (15 leaves).
     F171  Gobineau (2 leaves).
     F172  Goethe (24 leaves).
     F173  Grimm, Jacob (4 leaves).
     F174  Guilds (4 leaves).
     F175  Haase, Hugo (1 leaf).
     F176  Halperin, Irving (2 leaves).
     F177  Hardenburg, Karl August von (3 leaves).
     F178  Hauptmann, G. (1 leaf).
     F179  Haydn, Joseph (3 leaves), with poem titled "Seascape for an Engraver."
     F180  Hegel (11 leaves).
     F181  Heine, Heinrich (32 leaves).
     F182  Hitler (4 leaves).
     F183  Holderlin, Johann (3 leaves).
     F184  Holy Roman Empire (3 leaves).
     F185  Irene (2 leaves).
     F186  Jewish ethics, survey of (52 leaves).
     F187  Jewish massacres and crusades (23 leaves), with letter fragment from Norman
          Holmes Pearson.
     F188  Jews (39 leaves).
     F189  Junkers (14 leaves).
     F190  Justinian (2 leaves).
     F191  Kafka (3 leaves).
     F192  Kahler, Erich (4 leaves).
     F193  Kant (24 leaves), with untitled autograph poem and typescript (carbon) poem titled
           "Print From a Lucite Block."
     F194  Leibni[t]z (14 leaves), with typescript poem, bearing autograph corrections, titled
     F195  Lessing, G. (12 leaves).
     F196  Leibknecht, Karl (102 leaves).
     F197  Lowell, Robert (3 leaves).
     F198  Luther, Martin (45 leaves), with letter from Carl Cohen.

16        Series VI.  File of research material arranged by subject (cont'd)

     F199  Mann, Thomas (10 leaves).
     F200  Marx, Karl (9 leaves).
     F201  Mendelssohn (3 leaves).
     F202  Mozart (3 leaves).
     F203  Nazis (1 leaf).
     F204  Neapolitan School (3 leaves).
     F205  Nietzsche (12 leaves).
     F206  Pope (2 leaves).
     F207  Pre-Christian era (27 leaves).
     F208  Predestination (2 leaves).
     F209  Renaissance (4 leaves).
     F210  Reuchlin (2 leaves).
     F211  Rilke (5 leaves).
     F212  St. Paul (6 leaves).
     F213  Schiller (7 leaves).
     F214  Sickengen (1 leaf).
     F215  Social contract (4 leaves).
     F216  Social Democratic Party (6 leaves).
     F217  Spengler (11 leaves).
     F218  Tacitus (1 leaf).
     F219  Telemann (2 leaves).
     F220  Teutonic Order (9 leaves).
     F221  Theodosian Code (4 leaves).
     F222  Vehmic Courts (Fehmic) (4 leaves).
     F223  Virgin Mary (9 leaves), with letter from Bob Bucciainelli.
     F224  Voltaire (5 leaves).
     F225  Von Stein (7 leaves).
     F226  Wagner, Richard (16 leaves).
     F227  Wallenstein (4 leaves).
     F228  Weber, Max (4 leaves).
     F229  Wenceslas (6 leaves).
     F230  Zwingli (3 leaves).


Datner, Szymon.  Crimes Committed by the Weirmacht During the September Campaign
     and the Period of Military Government.

Emmanuel, Pierre, Alain Bosquet, Eric Heller, and Hans Egon Holthersen.  French and German
     Letter Today.

Fassbinder, Klara-Marie.  Bertha von Suttner und ihre Tochter--Ein Versuch.

Lowenstein, Hubertus Prinz zu.  The Conception of Freedom in German History.


Cohen, Carl.  "Martin Bucer and His Influence on the Jewish Situation,"  Year Book XIII of the
     Leo Baeck Institute, 1968.

Cohen, Carl.  "Martin Luther and His Jewish Contemporaries,"  Jewish Social Studies, 1963 Jul.

Cohen, Carl.  "The Road to Conversion,"  Year Book VI of the Leo Baeck Institute, 1961.

Journals and Magazines

American Scholar, 1978 Spr
Awake!, 1964 May 8
Commentary, 1961 Nov
Congress Bi-Weekly, 1963 Jun 24
Contemporary Issues,  1964 Spr
Coronet, 1960 Feb
The Current, 1963 Fall
Fellowship, 1975 Jun
Foreign Policy Bulletin, 1960 Apr 15
Iberica, 1961 Jun 15
Jewish Spectator, 1963 Jun
Liberation, 1963 Sum, 1964 Oct, 1965 Apr, 1967 Mar
The Nation, 1956-1965 (14 issues)
The New Republic, 1954-1965 (10 issues)
The New York Review, 1964 Oct 22, 1965 Apr 8, 1966 May 12
The New York Times Book Review, 1962 Jan 28
Nova law Journal, 1984 Spr
Poland, 1965 Nov
Prevent World War III, Numbers 47, 53, 55, 63
The Private Press, 1974 Aut
The Progressive, 1966 Sep
The Psychoanalytic Study of Society, volume 4
The Reporter, 1957 Nov 14 and 1961 Sep 14
Shantih, 1974 Win-Spr
Times Literary Supplement, 1960 Sep 23
Village Voice, 1964 Mar 12

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