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Table of Contents for Mss Collection Number 483 Series VI.

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Scope and Content Note

Series VI. Solar Energy Systems, Inc. (SES)

Extent: 37 linear ft. (Boxes 55 – 91, 148)

Dates: 1970-1981

Contents: Contracts, drawings, financial papers, general files, journal articles, patents, proposals, publications, reports, specifications, tests, and solar cell modules. Arrangement: Two subseries: Administrative Files and Production Files, with functional subseries. File numbering begins anew with each subseries.


Series VI. comprises materials related to Solar Energy Systems, Inc. (SES). Founded in July 1972 in cooperation with the University of Delaware and the IEC (see Series II), SES was organized to develop and market inexpensive solar energy cells for domestic and commercial use. Karl Böer served as the company’s chief scientist (1975-1985) and as chairman of the board (1972-1981). Unique to this series are artifactual samples of the prototype modules for the solar cells manufactured by SES.

Series VI.A. Administrative contains the administrative files of SES and is divided into five sub-series: Series VI.A.1. General comprises the general administrative files of SES. The sub-series includes correspondence, meeting minutes, personnel information, reports, and other materials. The meeting minutes of the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors cover the period of 1974-1979.

Series VI.A.2. Financial includes business plans, financial statements, and stock sale proposals for SES. Much material related to the formation of SES may be found in this section.

Series VI.A.3. Legal includes agreements, contracts, correspondence, the certificate of incorporation, and other miscellaneous materials related to the legal identity of SES. The agreements and contracts between SES and the University of Delaware, Shell, and other solar energy entities reveal the working relationships that existed between these organizations.

Series VI.A.4. Marketing contains a small number of items related to the company’s advertising efforts. Series

VI.B. Production and Product Files consists of materials related to the research, development, creation, and performance of SES products from the planning stages through production.

Series VI.B.1. Research and Development comprises files related to SES and Böer’s research and development in the field of solar energy conversion. It is sub-divided in two: Series VI.B.1.a. General contains reports, plans, and other documents related to SES company’s R & D projects. Series VI.B.1.b. Reference Materials is a collection of journal articles, research reports by other organizations, and various publications gathered by Böer and SES for reference and research in solar energy and photovoltaics.

Series VI.B.2. Specifications contains numbered process and engineering specifications for the creation and implementation of various SES products.

Series VI.B.3. Drawings and Projects comprises drawings labeled by number, project name, or contractor’s name. The subseries also includes other documentary material related to certain drawings and projects.

Series VI.B.4. Acceleration Physics Tests contains test results and data labeled by test name and number. An index to all tests and some related specifications for arrays and mounts (hardware & equipment) is included. The series is organized according to the index that accompanies these materials.

Series VI.B.5. Patents consists of patent information and documents for SES products and processes. The series is organized according to the original order of the materials, which are loosely grouped by the individual patent. Series

VI.B.6. IEC Reports consists of research, technical, and progress reports generated by IEC as a contractor for SES. This series is organized alphabetically according to the title of the IEC report.

Series VI.B.7. Prototype Solar Cell Modules includes 15 samples of the 8-inch square SES Cadmium Sulfide solar cells and a notebook containing various strata of the product. As explained in a Solar One brochure, the CdS cell is composed of four basic parts. 1) A metal foil substrate forms the base upon which 2) cadmium sulfide is vacumm evaporated as a thin film. 3) A layer of copper sulfide (Cu2S) is electroplated onto the CdS (both films together are thinner than a human hair). A metal grid is then placed on top of the first three. Light passes through the metal grid and activates a current flow in the film sandwich, which can be picked up through the two electrodes. Plastic material is laminated on the entire cell to encapsulate it for protection.


Series List


Series VI. Solar Energy Systems (SES)

VI.A. Administrative Files 1. General Files 2. Financial 3. Legal 4. Marketing VI.B. Production and Project Files 1. Research and Development a. General b. Reference materials 2. Specifications 3. Drawings and Projects 4. Acceleration Physics Tests 5. Patents 6. IEC Reports 7. Prototype solar cell modules

Contents List

Box -- Folder -- Contents

          Series VI.  SES
          Series VI.A.  Administrative Files
          Series VI.A.1.  General Files

55   F1   Correspondence—Incoming & Outgoing
     F2   Ford, Inc.
     F3   Heldman, Julius—visit and related materials
     F4   IEEE Copyright Form
     F5   Information for the Director
     F6   Insurance & Benefits
     F7   Interoffice Forms
     F8   KWB Home Entertainment
     F9   Library Memos
     F10  Milestones, 1974
          Minutes—Board of Directors
     F11  1974
     F12  1975
     F13  1976
     F14  1977
     F15  1978
     F16  1979
          Minutes—Executive Committee
     F17  1975
     F18  1976
     F19  1977
     F20  1978
     F21  1979
     F22  Minutes—SES
     F23  Minutes—Stockholder’s Meeting
     F24  Miscellaneous Publications
          Series VI.A.1.  SES--General Files
55   F25  NASA / NSF Interest in SES
     F26  News Clippings—SES
     F27  Officers & Committees, 1975-1976
     F28  Organization Chart
     F29  Personnel
     F30  Public Relations
     F31  Recommendations
     F32  Catalano
     F33  Energy Conservation for National Advisory Committee
     F34  Fagen
     F35  Freedman
     F36  Holkdeboer
     F37  Johnson
     F38  Johnson—Special Plans
     F39  Kaszeta
     F40  Wyeth
     F41  Reports—Outside SES
     F42  SES Photographs, Misc.
     F43  Shell Board of Directors Meeting, 1977
     F44  Shell Comments & Requests
     F45  Shipping Requests
     F46  SHS—Business Plan & Meeting with Shell
56   F47  SHS—Solar Heating & Cooling Industry Briefing, July 1975
     F48  Solar Cell Project Prospectus
     F49  Technology, SES (General)
     F50  Thin Si Film Technology

          Series VI.A.1.  SES--General Files
     F51  Trip Reports
     F52  Visit Houston
          Series VI.A.2.  SES--Financial
     F53  Auditor—Arthur Andersen
     F54  Alternative Planning Memo, March 1973
     F55  Budget, 1976
     F56  BU 666—“Special Problems”—Case Study:  SES, Inc., Spring 1973.
          Business Plan
     F57  1974
     F58  1976
     F59  1979
     F60  1975-1980
     F61  1977-1981
     F62  Marketing Narrative, 1978
     F63  SES & Shell
     F64  Business Report
     F65  Cost Estimates
     F66  Expenses—KWB, 1980
     F67  Factory Request—3011, 3013-3017
     F68  Financial Memos
     F69  Financial Planning Models—Other Corporate Examples
     F70  Financial Statements (Part 1)
     F71  Financial Statements (part 2)
     F72  Financing—SES
     F73  Planning Stage
     F74  Report & Financial Statement—Price Waterhouse,1974-1978
     F75  Shell Analysis
          Shop Order
57   F76  4023-4033
     F77  4034-4044
     F78  4045-4055
     F79  4056-4066
     F80  4067-4077
     F81  4078-4081, 4084-4088
     F82  4089-4099
     F83  4100-4104, 4106-4110, 4112-4120, 4122, 4124
     F84  PC110979-1
     F85  Q1001
     F86  Solar Cell Economics Transparencies
     F87  Solar Power, Inc.—“A Preliminary
          Presentation”—Drafts & Editing Correspondence
     F88  Stock Appraisal and Risk Consideration
     F89  Stock Distribution
     F90  Stock Option Plan
          Stock Offering Proposal
     F91  Rough Draft
     F92  Drafts, 1972
     F93  Drafts, 1973
     F94  December 1972
     F95  April 1973
     F96  June 1973
     F97  Offering Circular and Appendixes
     F98  Related Correspondence

     F99  Time and Production Plan
          Series VI.A.3.  SES--Legal
58   F100 Agreement—SES & UDEL
          Series VI.A.3.  SES—Legal
     F101 Agreement—UDEL & Solar General, Inc., 1978
     F102 Building Facilities Rental Agreement
     F103 Certificate of Incorporation & By-Laws
     F104 Contracts Drafts—SES, Shell, IEC
     F105 Contract—SES and SCS
     F106 Correspondence—Miscellaneous Legal
     F107 Correspondence—S.N. Seidman & Co.
     F108 Correspondence—Shell & UDEL
     F109 Correspondence—Sherbow & Singer (Attorneys)
     F110 Gift Agreement—SES & UDEL
     F111 Gould—SES Agreement
     F112 Government Interaction
     F113 Negotiations—SES & UDEL
     F114 Patent Agreement—SES & UDEL
     F115 Photovoltaic Agreement—UDEL, IEC, Solar General,1978
     F116 SCS, Inc. and Solavolt
     F117 Service Agreement—SES & Shell, 1975
     F118 Shell—SES Agreement, 1973, 1976
     F119 Shell--SES Agreement, 1975
     F120 Shell--SES Contracts, 1976
     F121 Shell—SES Option, Loan, Purchase Agreement, 1974
     F122 Travel—Conference Reports
          Series VI.A.4.  Marketing and Advertisement
     F123 Advertising Model 12-2.5

     F124 Advertisements—SES
     F125 Competitors Advertisements
     F126 Logos—SES
     F127 Marketing Plan
     F128 SES Marketing Study by Shell

          Series VI.B.1.a.  SES--Research and Development, General Files
59   F1   Amith, “Thickness Dependence of Structural and Electrical Properties of
          CdS Films”
     F2   Amith Weekly Summaries
     F3   Amith Work Statements
     F4   Cadmium Environmental Tests
     F5   Cadmium Toxicity Report
     F6   Calculations and Ideas on Solar Energy, KWB
     F7   Cell Statistics—Cell Production Statistics
     F8   Cell Statistics—Production Summary
     F9   Chemicals—Toxicity Information
     F10  Current Processing
     F11  Early Böer Cell
     F12  “Effect of Oxygen…Phase Stability of Cu2S”
          (Matysik and Kramer)
     F13  Final Report—Reliability of Cu2S / CdS Solar Cells
     F14  KWB Projects
          KWB Reports
     F15   “Cell and Array Degradation”
     F16  Jet Propulsion Labs, April 1970, Research Study of
          the Photovoltaic Effect of CdS
     F17  Jet Propulsion Labs, October 1970, Research Study
          of the Photovoltaic Effect of CdS, Final Report
     F18  Miscellaneous
     F19  NASA 1971—Photo EMF in CdS
     F20  KWB Technology File, 1974
     F21  McLane, George
     F22  “Optical Properties of Cuprous Sulfide”(Williams/Zwicker)

     F23  P & ED Monthly Report, 1978
     F24  Past Processing
     F25  Photos & Transparencies
     F26  Piezoe Electric Effects in Cu2S / CdS Diodes
     F27  Process & Development Technical Presentations, March 1979
60   F28  Process and Equipment Development Technical Presentations
     F29  Product Description
     F30  Product Quality Specifications, Current
     F31  Product Quality Specifications, Obsolete
     F32  Production Engineering Projects—1979
          Research & Development
     F33  Monthly & Quarterly Reports, 1977
     F34  Monthly Reports, 1976
     F35  Monthly Reports, 1977
     F36  Monthly Reports, 1978
     F37  Monthly Reports, 1979
     F38  Plan for SES
     F39  Presentation
          R & D Reports—1979
     F40  Allen
     F41  Cairns
     F42  Carey
     F43  Devaney
     F44  Florio
     F45  Hadley
     F46  Leyman

61   F47  Matysik
     F48  Moyer
     F49  Pernisz
     F50  Roy
     F51  Zwicker
          Series VI.B.1.a.  SES--Research and Development, General Files
          R & D Reports—1980
     F52  Allen
     F53  Cairns
     F54  Devaney
     F55  Gambogi
     F56  Hadley
     F57  Hench
     F58  Leyman
     F59  Mattioni
     F60  Matysik
     F61  Moldovan
     F62  Pernisz
     F63  Roy
     F64  Zwicker
          R & D Reports
     F65  Amith
     F66  Hall
     F67  McCudden, Tom
     F68  Nastelin
     F69  Poignant, Bob
     F70  Roy
     F71  Ryan
     F72  Tenney, Albert
     F73  Ullery, Lee
     F74  Womac
          Research Proposals
     F75  IEC to Atomic Energy Commission—Solar Collector Testing
     F76  IEC to ERDA, 1976—Sharing the Sun
     F77  IEC to NSF, Aug. 1973-July 1974—Continuation
     F78  IEC to NSF, Sept. 1974-June 1975—Third Year Continuation
     F79  IEC to NSF, July 1975—Development of Stable High-
          efficiency Thin Film CdS Solar Cells for
          Terrestrial Use
     F80  Solar Energy Collectors Category A-1, NSF 73-22
     F81  Solar Energy Storage Subsystem Category A-2, NSF 73-22
     F82  Solar Energy Storage subsystem Category A-3, NSF 73-22
     F83  Advanced Solar Energy Collector, Cat. A-5, NSF 73-22
     F84  Material Problems in Heterojunctions, NSF/Ref. #74003
     F85  Phase Zero Proposal, NSF/RFP 73-118
     F86  IEC to SES 73-3—Heat of Fusion Storage
     F87  IEC to SES 75-2—Development of Advanced CdS
     F88  IEC to SES 74-75—Photocell research
     F89  Naval Research
          Research Proposals
     F90  DelMarVa Power
     F91  UD expenditures July 1971-June 1972
     F92  Power Utility

          Research Proposals—UD Physics
     F93  to Army—Field and Current Instabilities
62   F94  to Army—Field Instabilities, High-Field Domain Analysis
     F95  to Army—Semi-Conducting Glasses
     F96  to JPL—Large-Scale Solar Energy Conversion
     F97  to NASA—Sensitive Infrared Detecting Using Tyagi Method
     F98  to NASA—Solar Energy Conversion
     F99  to NASA, Lewis—Solar Energy Conversion
     F100 to NSF—Field and Current Instabilities
     F101 to NSF—Semi-Conducting Glasses
     F102 to NSF—Solar Energy Conversion

          Research Proposals (not funded)
     F103 Aerospace Research Labs—CdS Solar Cells for
          Terrestrial Application
     F104 Army—CdS Solar Panels for Portable Power
     F105 Edison Electric Inst—Solar Energy as Energy on
          Demand for Peak Use
     F106 ERDA (not sent)
     F107 NASA—Phase Change Thermal Storage
     F108 NSF (addendum)—Direct Solar energy Conversion
     F109 Philadelphia Electric—Techno-Economic Evaluation
          of CdS Solar Cells
     F110 Power Engineering Education—Feasibility Study
     F111 Research Report—NASA Sept. 1975—Outdoor and Accelerated Testing
          of CdS/Cu2S Solar Cells
     F112 Science—Shell
     F113 Sparger Invention
          Technical Memos
     F114 80.1 – 80.30, 1980
     F115 81.01 – 81.41, 1981
     F116 82.01 – 82.13, 1982
     F117 83.01 – 83.17, 1983
          Series VI.B.1.a.  SES--Research and Development, General Files
          Technical Reports
     F118 7901 – 7914, 8001-8004, 1979 – 1980
     F119 8001 – 8020, 1980

63   F120 8101 – 8120, 1981
     F121 8121 – 8132, 1981
     F122 8201 – 8220, 1982
     F123 8221 – 8233, 1982
     F124 8301 – 8324, 1983
     F125 8326 – 8347, 1983
     F126 Technical Reports--Figures
     F127 Vacuum Lab Weekly Reports
     F128 Weekly Engineering Reports, 1974
     F129 Work Assignment
          VI.B.1.b.  Research and Development Reference
64   F130 Energy Research and Development Program
     F131 Government RFPs or Other Programs
          KWB Files
     F132 Ag Doping
     F133 Alex Zunger
     F134 Alloys
     F135 Amorphous Semiconductors
     F136 Amorphous Silicon
     F137 Auger
     F138 Band Theory
     F139 Basic Theory
     F140 Block Oscillations
     F141 Bonds and Bands
     F142 Breakdown in Ionic Silicon
     F143 Built-in Fields
     F144 CdS Single Crystals
     F145 Charge Density Waves
     F146 Classical Band Theory
     F147 Conducting Organics
     F148 Crystal Growth
     F149 Deep Level Centers
     F150 Deep Level/Impurities
     F151 Deep Levels/Various
     F152 Defect Formation
     F153 Dielectric Function
     F154 Dielectric Relaxation
     F155 Diffusion
     F156 Dislocations
     F157 Edge Absorption
     F158 Electron-Hole Liquid
     F159 Electronic Noise
     F160 Elementary Excitations
     F161 Energy Crisis and Management
     F162 Energy Production
     F163 Excitons
     F164 Excitons II
     F165 Exciton (Recombination)

65   F166 Excitons and Polaritons
     F167 Experimental
     F168 Extrinsic Semiconductors
     F169 Festkörpertheorie I
          VI.B.1.b.  Research and Development Reference
     F170 Germanium and Silicon
     F171 High Doping/Disorder
     F172 High Doping II
     F173 High Field Electron Transport
     F174 High Pressure Zinc-Blende Semiconductors
     F175 Higher Order Elastic Constants of Solids
     F176 Hopping
     F177 Ionic Covalent Radii
     F178 Isoelectric Impurities
     F179 Kinetics
     F180 Low Loss Glasses
     F181 Luminescence
     F182 Magnetic Properties
     F183 Magnetic Semiconductors
     F184 Metal Insulator Transition
     F185 Metal Radiation Damage
     F186 Mössbauer Effect
     F187 Mott Transition
     F188 Narrow Gap Semiconductors
     F189 New Materials
     F190 Noise
     F191 Nonlinear Optics
     F192 Nonradiative
66   F193 Optics
     F194 Organic Liquid
     F195 Organic Semiconductors
     F196 Peturbation
     F197 Phonons
     F198 Photochemical
     F199 Photoconductivity
     F200 Photoconductivity Damage
     F201 Photographic Process
     F202 Photo-ionization
     F203 Plasmons
     F204 Point Defects
     F205 Polaron
     F206 Polarons and Excitons
     F207 Pressure DEP
     F208 Quantized Hall Effects
     F209 Quantum Hall Effects
     F210 Recombination
     F211 Raman Scattering
     F212 Self Trapping

          VI.B.1.b.  Research and Development Reference Materials
          KWB Files
     F213 Semi-conductivity
     F214 Silicon III / IV
     F215 Solitons
     F216 Sound
     F217 Spin Relaxation
     F218 Ternary Semiconductors
     F219 Thermal Conductivity
     F220 Transients
     F221 Transition Elements
     F222 Transition Metal Impurities
     F223 Transport
          Other Proposals
     F224 Stanford to Latin American Cooperative Science
     F225 RCA to JPL—Ultrahigh Reliability Semiconductor Memory Module
          Research Program
     F226 Atomic Energy Commission
     F227 DOE
     F228 ERDA
     F229 Intergovernmental Uses of Federal R&D Labs
     F230 Manual for Obtaining Grants
     F231 Misc. Notes
     F232 National Academy of Sciences
67   F233 NSF
     F234 RANN
     F235 SERI
     F236 Aerospace Corporation,  Jul – Dec. 1974
     F237 Aerospace Corporation, Jan. – Mar. 1975
     F238 Aerospace Corporation, Dec. 1975—Final Report Vol.
          1 (Summary)
     F239 Aerospace Corporation, Dec. 1975—Final Report Vol.
          2 (Technical Report)
     F240 Aerospace Corporation Dec. 1975—Final Report Vol.
          3 (Appendixes)
     F241 “Alternate Methods in Solarimetry . . .”
          Thekaekara, Solarimetry Workshop, Brazil 1976
     F242 “Atmospheric Turbidity with the Dual Wavelength
          Sunphotometer,” Bilton, NOAA
     F243 “Assessment of CdS Photovoltaic Arrays,” DeMeo and
          Spencer, Brown University
     F244 “Availability of Direct, Total, and Diffuse Solar Radiation to Fix and
          Tracking Collectors in the USA,” Sandia 1977
     F245 Borah, Kitty:  New Reports--Solar
     F246 “A Cellwise Method . . .,” Lipps and Vant-Hull,
          Solar Energy Lab
     F247 “Companies Look for Ways to Raise Solar Cell
          Output,” Curran, Electronics, Nov. 1976
     F248 “Computation of Incident Solar Energy,” Dave,
          Halpern, and Myers, IBM Journal of R&D, Nov. 1975
     F249 “Cost Predictions for Photovoltaic Energy
          Sources,” Moore, 1975
     F250 “De ZON in de cell” Shell Venster, 1978
     F251 “Distribution of Energy in the Solar Spectrum,”
          Makarova and Kharitonov, NASA 1974
     F252 “Earth Albedo and Emitted Radiation,” NASA 1971
     F253 Economic Analysis
     F254 “The Economics of Solar Home Heating,” U.S.
          Congress, 1977
     F255 “Effect of Aerosols” Part I, IBM 1973
     F256 “Effect of Aerosols” Part III, IBM 1973
     F257 “Effect of Cloudiness on the Transfer of Solar
          Energy,” IBM 1974
     F258 “The Energy Crisis and Energy from the Sun,”
          Thekaekara, NASA, Goddard
     F259 “Energy for Survival,” Clark, 1974
     F260 “Highlights and Analysis of Present US Solar Cell
          Development Program,” 1977
     F261 “Infrared Transmission of the Atmosphere to Solar
          Radiation,” Gates and Harrop, Applied Optics,
          Sept. 1963
     F262 Insolation
     F263 Interim Solar Cell Testing Procedures, NASA July
     F264 Intermediate Air Mass Values, Thekaekara
     F265 Interview. Barry Commoner. Playboy
     F266 “Let the Sun Shine In,” Hogg, Shell, Inc., 1974
     F267 Lorin L. Vant-Hull Publication List
     F268 Mean Percentage of Possible Sunshine
     F269 “Monitoring Solar Radiation for Solar Energy,”
          Machta, Environmental Research Labs, NOAA
     F270 “National Photovoltaic Conversion Program,” Magid.
     F271 “Near Infrared Atmospheric Transmissions to Solar
          Radiation,”Gates, Journal of Optical Society Dec.
     F272 “Optical Properties of the Atmosphere,”
          McClatchey, et al., Air Force, 1972
     F273 “Photovoltaic Power,” Wolf
     F274 “Power with Heliostats,” Hildebrandt, Solar Energy

          VI.B.1.b.  Research and Development Reference Materials

68   F275 “Proposed New Energy Technologies off the Shores of New Jersey and
          Delaware,” U.S. Congress, 1975
     F276 “Recent Advances in Satellite Observations of
          Solar Variability,” Heath, Goddard
     F277 “Review of the Economics of Photovoltaic Power
          Systems,” Wolf, Noel, University of Pennsylvania
     F278 “Sea Level Solar Radiation,” Halpern, Dave,
          Braslau, Science, Dec. 1974
     F279 Shell Shareholder News, Aug. 1977
     F280 Silicon Technical Programs Branch – ERDA—Semi-
          annual Meeting,
          Aug. 1977
     F281 “Simulation of Solar Radiant Energy,” Baker,
          Environment Engineering Quarterly
     F282 “Solar Electromagnetic Radiation,” NASA 1971
     F283 “Solar Energy as National Research,” Morse, University of Maryland
     F284 Solar Energy Data Workshop, NSF 1973
     F285 “Solar Energy for Health Care Institutions,” US
          Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare
     F286 “A Solar Flux Density Calculation,” Waltzel,
          Lipps, Vant-Hull, Solar Energy Lab
     F287 “Solar Irradiance,” Thekaekara, Applied Optics,
          April 1976
     F288 Solar Power Corporation (Exxon)—Solar Electric
     F289 “Summary of Solar Radiation Observations,” Boeing
     F290 “Summary of Solar Radiation Observations,” Tabular
     Summaries, Boeing
     F291 “Survey of Quantitative Data on the Solar Energy .
          . .” Thekaekara, 1975 Conference of COMPLES
     F292 “Terrestrial Photovoltaic Measurements,” NASA 1975
     F293 “Wind Power Now.” Rittenhouse Inglis, 1975
          VI.B.2.  Process Specifications
     F294 PS-000—Process Specification Index
     F295 PS-6, 8, 9, 11, 13 – 15, 18 – 19
     F296 PS-20 – 29
     F297 PS-30, 31, 33 – 39
     F298 PS-40 – 42, 44 – 47, 49
     F299 PS-50 – 59
     F300 PS-61 – 65, 67, 68
     F301 PS-101 – 109
     F302 PS-110 – 119
     F303 PS-120 – 129
     F304 PS-130 – 136, 139
     F305 PS-143, 146, 150, 151
          Engineering Instructions
     F306 Engineering Instructions-001 – 008
          Engineering Specifications
     F307 ES-001 – 009
     F308 ES-011 – 022 —Purchase Specification for Emitter (Grid) Collector, and
          Insulator Screens
     F309 Baker Zinc Plating System (Part 1)
     F310 Baker Zinc Plating System (part 2)
     F311 Baker Zinc Plating System, Print Manual
          Engineering Specifications
69   F312 Specifications Table of Contents
     F313 100,001; 03 – 07
     F314 100,012 – 14; 16

          VI.B.1.b.  Research and Development Reference  Materials
          Engineering Specifications
     F315 100,021 – 22; 29
     F316 100,032 – 38
     F317 100,040 – 46
     F318 100,060; 61; 64 – 67
     F319 100,074 – 79
     F320 100,080 – 89
     F321 100,090 - 99
     F322 100,101 – 09
     F323 100,112 – 19
     F324 100,120 – 29
     F325 100,131 – 39
     F326 100,140; 42; 46 – 49
     F327 100, 150 – 55
     F328 310, 002; 04; 05; 07 – 09
     F329 310,010 – 15
     F330 310,016 – 18

70   F331 320,002
     F332 320,004 – 09
     F333 320,010 – 15
     F334 322,011
     F335 331,010 – 13
     F336 332,002 – 03; 05 – 09
     F337 332,010 (2)
     F338 332,011 – 19
     F339 332,020; 22; 24; 26 – 29
     F340 332,030 – 32
     F341 332,043 – 47
     F342 333,003 – 06; 08
     F343 333,012 – 13
     F344 333,016 – 17
     F345 333,018
     F346 333,019

71   F347 333,020 – 21; 23 – 24
     F348 333,025 – 27
     F349 333,028
     F350 334,001 – 02; 08; 11
     F351 334,013 – 14; 19; 21; 24
     F352 334,025
     F353 334,031 – 32
     F354 334,036 – 39
     F355 334,040; 43 – 44
          VI.B.1.b.  Research and Development Reference
          Engineering Specifications
     F356 334,061; 64 – 65; 67; 69
     F357 334,070 – 72
     F358 334,075 – 79
     F359 334,080 – 83
     F360 334,084
     F361 334,086; 88 – 89
     F362 334,090 – 96

72   F363 334,099
     F364 334,106 – 09
     F365 334,110 – 18
     F366 334,120 – 25
     F367 334,126 – 29
     F368 334,130 – 39
     F369 334,140 – 41
     F370 334,142 – 44
     F371 334,146 – 49
     F372 334,150 – 59
     F373 334,160; 62
     F374 335,001 – 02
     F375 400,001 – 04
     F376 400,005 – 08
     F377 400,103 – 04
     F378 411,001 – 05; 07
     F379 420,001 – 05
     F380 420,006
73   F381 421,000 – 05
     F382 421,006 – 09
     F383 421,010 – 11
     F384 422,000 – 02
     F385 422,006 (Part 1)
     F386 422,006 (part 2)
     F387 422,018
     F388 422,020 – 21
     F389 430,000 – 05
     F390 430,008 – 12
     F391 430,013 – 16
     F394 440,101; 500,002
     F395 600,101 – 05
     F396 600,108 – 09
74   F397 600,110

          VI.B.1.b.  Research and Development Reference Materials
          Engineering Specifications
     F398 600,111– 15
     F399 600,116 – 20
     F400 600,122 – 25
     F401 700,001 – 02
     F402 711,002 – 06
     F403 711,008 – 13
     F404 711,014 – 18
     F405 721,002; 741,002
     F406 Miscellaneous & Incomplete
     F407 Specifications, Manual Indexes
          VI.B.3.  SES--Drawings

     F408 Drawing Lists

     F409 Drawing 260,001; 04 – B260,006

     F410 Drawing B260,007 series

     F411 Drawing B260,010 – C260,015

     F412 Drawing A260,016 – B260,021

     F413 Drawing B270,001; B270,003 – B270,007; D270,009

     F414 Drawing A270,011 – B270,019

     F415 Drawing C270,020 – C270,023

     F416 Drawing C270,034 – B270,038

     F417 Drawing C280,051 – E) C280,052; E) C280,055 – 56;

     E) B280,058 – 59

     F418 Drawing C280,060 – B280,069

     F419 Drawing B280,070 – B280,079

     F420 Drawing B280,080 – B280,082; C280,084 – B280,086;


     F421 Drawing A280,090 – D280,098

     F422 Drawing D280,100; B280,106 – A280,109

     F423 Drawing A280,110 – A280,019

75   F424 Drawing A280,120 – A280,026; A280,028 – B280,029

     F425 Drawing B280,130 – A280,139

     F426 Drawing A280,140 – B280,149

     F427 Drawing C280,150 – C280,159

     F428 Drawing A280,160 – B280,169

     F429 Drawing A280,171 - A280,173; C280,177 – B280,179

          VI.B.3.  SES--Drawings

75   F430 Drawing B280,180 –  B280,186

     F431 Drawing B280,190 – B280,191; A280,195; C280,199

     F432 Drawing C280,200 – A280,208

     F433 Drawing B281,003 – A282,007

     F434 Drawing C282,009 – C282,016

     F435 Drawing C283,002 – C283,003A

     F436 Drawing E290,001

     F437 318128 Drawings—EWO 2109, 2386, 2458, 2945, 3717,
          3786, 3803, 4111
     F438 318128 Drawings—EWO 2182, 2411, 2438, 2458, 2488,
     F439 318128 Drawings—EWO 2862, 2941, 2945, 3016, 3713,
          3717, 3786, 3803
     F440 318128 Drawings—EWO 2521
     F441 318128—EWOs: 2525, 2590, 2606, 2650, 2651, 2653,
          2657, 2658, 2682-84, 2693, 2711, 2726, 2758, 2760-
     F442 318158 Drawings—EWO 2629, 2969, 3222, 3685, 4102,
     F 443     318158—EWOs 2921, 2937, 2970, 2985
     F444 318198—EWO 2641
     F 445     318208 MISC
     F446 318218—EWO 2667
76   F447 318,298 MISC Drawings
          Instruction Manual for Model 12-1000M
     F448 Final Repro.
     F449 Revisions
     F450 Solar Array—Rough
          VI.B.3.  SES—Drawings
     F451 Mounting Instructions—Nos. 8001, 21, 31, 41, 51, 61, 71, 81, 91, 8101
     F452 318102 Drawings—EWO 1015, 2109
     F453 Misc. Drawings
          Systems #3
     F454 CdS Evaporator Parts
     F455 Deviation Requests/Reports
     F456 Documents
     F457 Malfunction Reports
     F458 Memos
     F459 Purchase Order Copies
     F460 Cryo Shield, 8102, E102038, EWO 2109
     F461 Electrochemical Analysis Drawing, Hirschle
     F462 Experimental Guides and Crucibles
     F463 Crucible
     F464 Substrate
     F465 Substrate Tray
     F466 HVEC Schematic
     F467 IBM R&D Journal—Drawings for Böer Publications
          Load Lock Evaporator
     F468 Conference Notes
     F469 Correspondence
     F470 Drawings
     F471 HVEC Quote #2
     F472 IVE Proposal #2
     F473 Leybold-Heraeus Proposal #2
     F474 Model Source Testing
     F475 Programmable Control
     F476 Pumping Speed
     F477 Tech. Specs., Purchase Orders
     F478 Trap Chiller
     F479 System 4
          VI.B.3.  SES—Drawings
     F480 System 4—Substrate Heater
     F481 Unidentified Drawings
     F482 Valves—High Drawings
     F483 Valves—Gate
77   F484 ¾” Shaft Seal
     F485 1” Shaft Seal
     F486 2” Shaft Seal
     F487 AIRCO 5TI Program
     F488 AIRCO Temescal
     F489 AIRCO Correspondence
          AIRCO Temescal Drawings—SES Coater
     F490 2” Dia. Shaft Seal Assembly
     F491 Control Panel
     F492 Crucible Rack
     F493 Crucible Transport Assembly
     F494 Elevating System
     F495 Elevator Lifting Assembly
     F496 Mechanical Assembly
     F497 Mechanical Assembly Part II
     F498 Mechanical Assembly Part III
     F499 Mechanical Assembly Part IV
     F500 Misc. Part I
     F501 Misc. Part II
     F502 Source, Base plate & Shutter
     F503 Source Heater Assembly
     F504 Substrate Heater
     F505 Thermocouple Lifter
     F506 Translating System
     F507 Unnumbered
     F508 Vacuum Piping
     F509 Water Piping
     F510 Parts Lists

          VI.B.4.  SES--Acceleration Physics Tests
78   F1   Acceleration Physics [AP] Main Index, May 1983
     F2   AP Test Index & Date, June 1983 (Part 1)
     F3   AP Test Data, June 1983 (part 2)
     F4   AP Test Data, June 1983 (part 3)
     F5   Cell Performance Test Results
     F6   SOL-1
     F7   SOL-2
     F8   SOL-3
     F9   LSEF Stalk Tests
     F10  LSEF-1 (Part 1)
     F11  LSEF-1 (part 2)
     F12  LSEF-2
     F13  LSEF-3
     F14  LSEF-4
     F15  LSEF-5 (Part 1)
     F16  LSEF-5 (part 2)
     F17  LSEF-6 (Part 1)
79   F18  LSEF-6 (part 2)
     F19  LSEF-7
     F20  LSEF-8
     F21  LSEF-9
     F22  LSEF-10
     F23  LSEF-10 & RT-1
     F24  LSEF-11 (Part 1)
     F25  LSEF-11 (part 2)
     F26  Database Macro Documentation (AFL)
     F27  AFL-0
     F28  AFL-1 Logbook
     F29  AFL-1 (Part 1)
     F30  AFL-1 (part 2)
     F31  AFL-1 (part 3)
     F32  AFL-2 Logbook
     F33  AFL-2
     F34  AFL-3
     F35  AFL-4
     F36  AFL-6
80   F37  AFL-7
     F38  AFL-8
     F39  AFL-9
     F40  AFL-10
     F41  AFL-10 & AFL 12
     F42  AFL-10—A8202042-5
     F43  AFL-10—QA8202042-6
     F44  AFL-11 (Part 1)
          VI.B.4.  SES--Acceleration Physics Tests
     F45  AFL-11 (part 2)
     F46  AFL-11 (part 3)
     F47  AFL-11—Diurnal II; “R” Designation
     F48  AFL-12
     F49  AFL-12—A2032-2, A2042-5, A2042-6
     F50  AFL-12—A820203-2
     F51  AFL-13
81   F52  AFL-14
     F53  AFL-15
     F54  AFL-16
     F55  AFL-17
     F56  AFL-18
     F57  AFL-19
     F58  AFL-20 (Part 1)
     F59  AFL-20 (part 2)
     F60  AFL-21
     F61  AFL-22
     F62  AFL-23 (Part 1)
     F63  AFL-23 (part 2)
     F64  AFL-23 (part 3)
     F65  AFL-23 (part 4)
     F66  AFL-24
          VI.B.4.  SES--Acceleration Physics Tests
     F67  AFL-25 (Part 1)
     F68  AFL-25 (part 2)
     F69  AFL-26
82   F70  AFL-27
     F71  AFL-28
     F72  MAT-0
     F73  MAT-1
     F74  MAT-2
     F75  MAT-3
     F76  MAT-4
     F77  MAT-5
     F78  MAT-6
     F79  MAT-7
     F80  MAT-8
     F81  MAT-9
     F82  MAT-10
     F83  MAT-11
     F84  MAT-12
     F85  MAT-13
     F86  MAT-14
83   F87  MAT-15
     F88  AMB-1
     F89  AMB-2
     F90  AMB-3
     F91  AMB-4
     F92  AMB-5
     F93  AMB-6
     F94  AMB-7
     F95  AMB-8
     F96  STOIC-1
     F97  STOIC-2
     F98  STOIC-3
     F99  CAP-1
     F100 CAP-2
     F101 LTL-1
     F102 LTL-2
     F103 LTL-3
     F104 LTL-4
     F105 LTL-5
     F106 LTL-6
     F107 LTL-7
84   F108 RT-1
     F109 CdS-1 – CdS-2
     F110 BAS-1
          VI.B.4.  SES--Acceleration Physics Tests
     F111 BAS-2
     F112 BAS-3
     F113 IEC-1 – IEC-5
     F114 TNE-1
     F115 SMX-1 – SMX-8
     F116 UHV-1
     F117 Array Disproportion Measurements, 1982
     F118 Fluxless Arrays
     F119 Roof Array Results
     F120 Array 2-4
     F121 Array 6-11
     F122 Array 9-10—M1013
     F123 Array 10—Phoenix
     F124 Array (Phoenix) 1013, Ladder 401
     F125 Phoenix Information File
     F126 Phoenix Data
     F127 Phoenix Notebooks 1-2
     F128 Array 11-15
     F129 Array 12-20
85   F130 Array 19-20
          Roof Tests
     F131 A-6011-1 -- A-6011-5
     F132 A-6211-1 -- A-6211-5
     F133 A-6223-1 -- A-6223-4
          VI.B.4.  SES--Acceleration Physics Tests
          Roof Tests
     F134 A-7191A-1 -- A-7191A-3
     F135 A-7191B-1 -- A-7191B-3
     F136 JFW-30—El Capitan Array
     F137 Ladder Assembly Process Specifications
     F138 Meter Panel—FR B4057
     F139 Miscellaneous Charts, Lists, and Indexes for
          Drawings, Equipment, and Projects
          Rooftop Measurements
     F140 B634
     F141 B648
     F142 Transfer Standards
     F143 Roof Tests
     F144 Solar Arrays—Instructions and Cost Estimates 1-9,
     F145 Solar Arrays—Instructions and Cost Estimates 15-
          28, 30
     F146 Solar Arrays and Mounts—Drawings
     F147 Solar Panel Model 12-150
     F148 Solar Panels—Competitors
     F149 WED-223 – WED 227
     F150 Unidentified Tests-1
86   F151 Unidentified Tests-2
     F152 Unidentified Tests-3

          Series VI.B.5.  SES--Patents
86   F153 Patent Applications
     F154 Patent Office Replies
     F155 Böer—Light Beam Deflection
     F156 Böer—Miscellaneous Patents
     F157 Böer—Photovoltaic Cell
          Patents Committee
     F158 1976
     F159 1977
     F160 1978
     F161 1979
     F162 Connolly, Bove, & Lodge
     F163 Mortenson & Weigel
     F164 Mortenson & Uebler
     F165 1973-1978

87   F166 1978-1984
     F167 Large Scale Terrestrial Direct Solar Conversion
          (Part 1)
     F168 Large Scale Terrestrial Direct Solar Conversion
          (part 2)
     F169 Offer to License—Nov 1978 – Nov 1981
     F170 Patent Policies
          Patent Publications Approved
     F171 KWB, 1979
     F172 Luszcz
     F173 Smith
     F174 Others, 1979
     F175 Patent Publications, 1980 – 1981
     F176 Patent Publications Committee
     F177 Patent Search Report (Part 1)
     F178 Patent Search Report (part 2)

          Series VI.B.5.  SES—Patents
88   F179 Patents—Telkes, Maria
     F180 U.S. 4,011,190 (Telkes)
     F181 U.S. 4,127,424 (Ullery)
     F182 U.S. 4,259,409 (Arnold)
     F183 U.S. 4,260,428 (Roy)
     F184 U.S. 4,260,429 (Moyer)
     F185 U.S. 4,262,161 (Carey)
     F186 U.S. 4,283,591 (Böer)
     F187 3.A U.S. 3,986,969 (Telkes)
          Patent Disclosures
     F188 KWB (Part 1)
     F189 KWB (part 2)
     F190 1974 – 1981
     F191 IEC & UD—Nov-Dec 1978
     F192 Procedure
     F193 83-1—Chio & Delgado
     F194 Licensing—1975 – 1978
     F195 Invention Disclosure—Solavolt International
     F196 Miscellaneous Patent Documents
     F197 Offer to License—Apr 1974 – Jun 1976
     F198 Patent Disclosures—UD & SES
     F199 Patents / Inventions Disclosures Log
          Inventions Disclosure
     F200 82-1—Ullery, Lee
     F201 82-2—Ullery & Engelgau
     F202 82-3—Ullery & Luszcz
     F203 82-4—Florio

          Series VI.B.5.  SES—Patents
          Inventions Disclosure
88   F204 82-5—Buhks
     F205 82-6—Florio
     F206 82-7—Leyman, Carey, Bragagnolo
     F207 82-8—Ullery & Engelgau
     F208 3.B S.N. 043,315 (Barnett)—Method and Apparatus
          for Continuous Manufacturing of Thin Film
     F209 3.C. S.N. 043, 317 (Baron)—Method for Continuous
          Deposition by Vacuum Evaporation
     F210 S.N. 362,095 (Baron)—Method for Continuous
          Deposition by Vacuum Evaporation
     F211 Invention Release—Matthews
     F212 2.A. S-4200, S.N. 944,999-076,596 (Barnett)—Thin
          Film Photovoltaic Cells
     F213 S.N. 584,384
     F214 S.N. 419,799—Böer
     F215 S.N. 419,800 (Improved Grid Geometry)
     F216 Dalal & Windawi Release
     F217 Higgins Disclosure
     F218 1.A—Photovoltaics
     F219 1.B—Phase Change Materials
     F220 1.C.1  UD 79-54 / IEC 79-17 (Marks)—Investigation
          of Thermal Energy Storage Capacity
89   F221 1.C.2 UD 81-02 / IEC 80-08 (Marks)—Thickening
Agent for Phase
          Change Thermal Energy Storage Capacity
     F222 Patent Application 188,019
     F223 CIP-I—188,019
          Series VI.B.5.  SES--Patents
89   F224 CIP-I—319,523
     F225 CIP II—S.N. 341-728
          Release of Technical Information (RTI)
     F226 Log
     F227 Allen / Buhks—Copper Electromigration
     F228 Allen—Electromigration of Copper Ions
     F229 Bragagnolo—Improved Theoretical Model
     F230 Bragagnolo—Reproducible Fabrication of High
          Efficiency CdS / Cu2S Cells
     F231 Bragagnolo—Stability of CdS Thin Cells
     F232 Brickman—Spectral Response Analysis Tool
     F233 Buhks—Quantum Mechanical
     F234 Hadley—CuxS / CdS  FF Loss Measured by AC I (V)
     F235 Cook / Matysik—AES Study of Copper Injection
     F236 Florio—Copper Diffusion in CdS Layer
     F237 Hench—Process Control of Vacuum Deposited CdS
     F238 Matysik—Energy Gain Spectra in Low energy Electron
     F239 Matysik—Lateral Cu Electromigration
     F240 Matysik—Spectroscopy of CdS
     F241 Moldovan—AES Analysis of SnO2:Sb Thin Films
     F242 Pernisz—Development of a Standard Test Method for
          Measuring Photovoltaic Cell Performance
     F243 Pernisz—Device Characteristics of CuxS / CdS Solar
          Cells During Degradation and Heat Treatment
     F244 Pernisz—Junction Capacitance and Dispersion of
          Device Admittance of a Front-Wall Photovoltaic
          Thin-Film Cell
     F245 Roy—CdS Deposition on moving Substrates
     F246 Roy—Multi-layered CdS Growth Process
     F247 Roy / Luszcz—Structural and Substructural
          Characteristics of Vacuum Evaporated Oriented CdS
          Films (Part I & II)
     F248 Womac—Technical Talk on Degradation Phenomenon
     F249 Zama--Photovoltaics

     F250 RTI—Correspondence
     F251 RTI-1—Matysik
     F252 RTI-2—Matysik, Ramos
     F253 RTI-3--Matysik
     F254 RTI-4—Zwicker, Brickman, Hadley, Matysik
     F255 RTI-5—Matysik
     F256 RTI-6—Roy, Luszcz
     F257 RTI-7—Roy
          Series VI.B.5.  SES—Patents
89   F258 RTI-8—Florio
     F259 RTI-9—Tonneman, Matysik, Kramer
     F260 RTI-10—Kaszeta
     F261 RTI-11—Kaszeta
     F262 RTI-12—Kaszeta
     F263 RTI-13—Roy
     F264 RTI-14—Pernisz
     F265 RTI-15—Arnold
     F266 RTI-16—Roy
     F267 RTI-17—Roy
     F268 RTI-18—Roy
     F269 RTI-19—Hadley
     F270 RTI-Miscellaneous (part 1)
     F271 RTI-Miscellaneous (part 2)

          Series VI.B.6.  SES--IEC Reports
90   F272 Adjustment of CuS Stoichiometry
     F273 Analysis of the Evaporation of CdS
     F274 Analysis of X-Ray Diffraction of Oriented CdS
     F275 CdS-Cu2S Heterojunction Cell Research—Quarterly
          Progress Report
     F276 CdS-Cu2S Heterojunction Cell Research—Final Report
     F277 Classical Theory of Free Carrier Absorption and
     F278 Comment on “A Simple Measurement of Absolute Solar
          Cell Efficiency”
     F279 Comment on Optical Properties of Crystals of
          Cuprous Sulfides
     F280 Determination of Copper in CdS-CuxS Films
     F281 Effects of CdS Material Parameters on the
          Formation of Thin Film
     F282 Effects of Heat Treatment on CuxS – CdS Junction
     F283 Electron Diffraction Study of Phases in the
Surface Layer of CuS / CuxS
          Solar Cells
     F284 Environmental Aspects of CdS Usage in Solar Energy
     F285 Evidence of p/n Homojunction Formation in Zn3P2
     F286 Flat Plate Collectors with CdS Solar Cells
     F287 Formation and Properties of Cuprous Sulfide for
          Thin Film
     F288 Formation and Study of ZnxCd1-x S-Cu2S
     F289 Grid Simplification on CdS / Cu2S Solar Cells
     F290 Growth of Large Zn3P2 Crystals by Vapor Transport
     F291 Heat Treatment of Dip-Formed Cuprous Sulfide Films
          Improved Amorphous Si Solar Cells
     F292 Quarterly Progress Report #4
     F293 Quarterly Progress Report #5

          Series VI.B.6.  SES--IEC Reports
          Improved Semiconductors for Photovoltaic Solar
90   F294 Quarterly Report #3
     F295 Quarterly Report #4
     F296 Quarterly Report #5
     F297 Improvements in the Performance of a Low Cost Thin
          Film Solar Cell
     F298 Materials for Solar Photovoltaic Energy Conversion
     F299 Measurements of DC Conductivity of Evaporated CdS
     F300 Metallurgical Preparation Techniques for
     F301 Mg Diffused Zinc Phosphide N/P Junctions
     F302 Morphology of Dip-Formed Cuprous Sulfide Films
     F303 New X-Ray Diffraction-Fluorescence Method
     F304 On A Method of Controlling CuS Stoichiometry
     F305 Optical Properties of CuS Films: First Results
     F306 Optical Windows in Nickel-Iron Substrates
91   F307 Photon Loss Analysis of This Film CdS / Cu2S Photovoltaic Devices
     F308 Pinholes in Evaporated and in Barriered CdS Films
     F309 Plasma Processing and Related Technologies
     F310 Polycrystalline Zn3P2 Schottky Barrier Solar Cells
     F311 Preliminary CuxS Sheet Resistance on Thin Film CuxS-CdS
     F312 Progress in the Development of High Efficiency
          Thin Film Cadmium Sulfide Solar Cells
     F313 Proposal Submitted to United States Energy
          Research and Development Agency in Response to RFP
          No. EG-77-R-03-1459—Cadmium Sulfide / Copper
          Sulfide Heterojunction Cell Research
          Series VI.B.6.  SES--IEC Reports
     F314 Proposal Submitted to United States Energy
          Research and Development Agency in Response to RFP
          No. E(49-18)-2312, Improved Semiconductors for
          Photovoltaic Solar Cells
     F315 Proposed Definition of AM1 Solar Simulation for
          Standardized Testing of Solar Cells
     F316 Proposal Submitted to DOE—Applications of
          Microelectronic Techniques to the Development of
          Thin Film Photovoltaic Devices
     F317 Proposal Submitted to DOE—Improved Semiconductors
          for Photovoltaic Solar Cells
     F318 Proposal Submitted to Motorola—Silicon
          Concentrator Solar Cells Manufacturing Development
     F319 Quenching of Photoconductivity in CdS
     F320 Recent Progress in Thin Film Polycrystalline Solar
          Cells Based on Cadmium Sulfide
     F321 Reflection Mode of Operation of the Cu2S-CdS Solar
     F322 Reports on SES-Sponsored Research, Sep 1975 – Apr 1976
     F323 Research Directed to Stable High-Efficiency CdS
          Solar Cells
     F324 Scanning Electron Microscopy Study of CdS Solar
     F325 Schottky Barrier Grid Devices on Zn3P2
     F326 Schottky Solar Cells on Thin Polycrystalline Zn3P2
     F327 SES Evaluation of Heat Treatment Effects on
          Minority Carrier Diffusion Lengths and Junction
          Collection Factor in CuxS / CdS Solar Cells
     F328 Sheet Resistance Component of Series Resistance in
     a Solar Cell as a
          Function of Grid Geometry
     F329 Spectral Response Measurements of Minority-Carrier
          Diffusion Length in Zn3P2
     F330 Spectral Response Measurements on
          Electrochemically Analyzed CuxS / CdS Cells

          Series VI.B.6.  SES--IEC Reports
     F331 Standard Process Procedures Manual for Fabrication
          of CuxS / CdS Thin Film Cells
     F332 Studies of In-depth Compositions of Copper Sulfide
          in CdS / Cu2S Solar Cells
     F333 Studies Related to ZnxCd1-xS-Cu2dS Solar Cells
     F334 Superposition Principle for Current in Solar Cells
     F335 Technique for Determining C-Axis Orientation of
          Oriented CdS Films
     F336 Technique for the Determination of the Phases in
          the Surface Layers of CdS / Cu2S Cells
     F337 Theoretical Prospects of the CdS / Cu2S Solar
     F338 Thermal Storage Materials for Solar Energy
     F339 Zn3P2 : A Promising Photovoltaic Material
     F340 Zn3P2 : As a Photovoltaic Material
          Zn3P2 : As an Improved Semiconductor for
          Photovoltaic Solar Cells
     F341 7th Quarterly Report
     F342 8th Quarterly Report
     F343 9th Quarterly Report
     F344 10th Quarterly Report
     F345 11th Quarterly Report
     F346 12th Quarterly Report
          Series VI.B.7.  Prototype Solar Cell Modules

148       Note:  fragile – Handle box with care

          Box contains 15 sample Cadmium sulfide solar cells
          with notebook of strata samples

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