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Karl Wolfgang Böer Papers

1945 - 2003

(bulk dates 1961 - 1986)

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Table of Contents for Series V.

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Scope and Content Note

Series V. Karl W. Böer’s Professional Writing

Extent: 10.75 linear ft. (Boxes 44 – 54)

Dates: 1950-2004

Contents: Published works, correspondence, drafts, research notes, research material, graphs and figures

Arrangement: Four subseries, reflecting separately maintained sequences of published and draft writings. File numbering sequences begin anew with each subseries, and the first subseries follows a numerical system originally maintained by Böer. The third subseries has irregular file numbers, as explained in the contents list.

Series V. chronicles Karl W. Böer’s professional writings. The publications span 54 years (1950-2004) and encompass the majority of Böer’s career. This series reflects Böer’s enormous contribution to the solar energy community and his close work with colleagues and research assistants. The attached document, Appendix , provides a bibliographic listing of Böer’s writings. The files have been separated into four sub-series labeled “Numbered Publications” (as originally maintained by Böer), “Correspondence,” “Draft Files,” and “Research Publications.” The four subseries follow closely original order of the files as they were received.

Series V.A. Numbered Publications uses an internal numbering system designed and maintained by Böer’s administrative assistant. The numbering system is roughly chronological, tracking professional publications throughout Böer’s career. Original copies of the assistant’s lists were included with the collection and can be found in a preliminary folder in Box 44. There are several gaps in this subseries because many of the original numbered publications were not available in hard copy. The majority of publications before 1962 are in German.

Series V.B. Correspondence comprises only fifteen folders. The bulk of the correspondence is between Böer and various colleagues concerning manuscripts, publication plans, and article reprint requests.

Series V.C. Drafts contains files of drafts, notes, correspondence, and figures. The few drafts in this series show evidence of extensive revisions, as well as articles not included in subseries V.A. Also retained were the original copies of figures, charts, and graphs that were published in conjunction with the articles. Series V.C.1. contains drafts, figures, and tables corresponding to Böer’s numeric system of identification for published writings (Appendix V.1). Series V.C.2. contains other drafts, figures, and tables, and includes material related to Böer’s two-volume Survey of Semiconductor Physics (1990-1992). V.C.2 also contains drafts of unpublished works, including one book-length project.

Series V.D. Research Publications by Others were collected by Böer as sources for his own publications and his general research files. Many of the articles contain notes related to Böer’s publication efforts. They are roughly arranged by topical categories assigned by Böer; however, this series of files arrived with out a clearly identifiable principle of organization; this original order has largely been maintained. Additionally, this series contains miscellaneous drafts, figures, and other materials that appear to pertain to Böer’s general research interests, and that could not be more precisely identified. The publications are not itemized in this finding aid.

Series List


Series V. Karl W. Böer Professional Writing

V.A. Numbered Publications (by KWB) V.B. Correspondence V.C. Draft Files 1. Numbered Drafts 2. Miscellaneous Drafts V.D. Research Publications

Contents List

Box -- Folder -- Contents

               Series V.  Karl W. Böer Professional Writings
          	   Series V.A.  Numbered Publications
               Publications are roughly chronological and
               follow Böer’s original filing system, which is #0 - #344.  Physical copies of publication numbers #0 - #309 are available here, though even this subset is
               not complete.
44   Fx   Böer Publication Records
          Note: See Appendix A for a complete
          bibliographical, numbered listing of  Böer’s
     F0 -
     F100  Publications #0 - #100
45   F101 -
     F233 Publications #101 - #233
46   F234 -
     F309 Publications #234 - #309

             Series V.B.  Correspondence
               Includes correspondence regarding
               manuscripts, publication plans, and article
               reprint requests.

     F1   Reprint Requests, 1975-1976

     F2   Reprint Requests, 1984-1985
     F3   Correspondence concerning manuscripts submitted
     F4   Correspondence concerning textbook

     F5   Figure Reproduction Requests, Photoconductivity
     F6   Reading Files—PR (1)
     F7   Reading Files—PR (2)
     F8   Reading Files—PR (3)
     F9   Reading Files—January 1, 1975 – April 17, 1975
47   F10  Reading Files—1978 – July 1982 (1)

     F11  Reading Files—1978 – July 1982 (2)
     F12  Reading Files—1978 – July 1982 (3)
     F13  Reading Files—August 1982 – May 10, 1983

     F14  Solicitation of UNIDO Paper, 1986

     F15  Survey of Solid State Physics—Reviews, Misc.

               Series V.C.  Professional Writing--Draft Files
               Files include drafts of published works that
               were omitted from the original V.A. series.
               Also included is correspondence between Böer
               and colleagues, original copies of published
               figures and graphs, and handwritten research
               V.C.1.  Numbered Drafts
               The folder numbers correspond to Böer’s
               filing system inV.A.
     F    62   Drafts of Publication #62, etc.
     F    79
     F    85
     F    92
     F    93
     F    95
     F    96
     F    97
     F    98
     F    99
     F    104
     F    105
     F    106 (1)
     F    106 (2)
     F    106 (3)
     F    108
     F    109
     F    110
     F    111
     F    112
     F    113
     F    114
     F    115
     F    116
     F    117
     F    118
     F    119
     F    120
     F    121 (1)
     F    121 (2)
     F    121 (3)
     F    123
     F    125
     F    126
     F    127
     F    128
     F    129
     F    130
47   F    131
     F    132
     F    157
     F    178
     F    182
     F    185
     F    186
     F    187 (1)
     F    187 (2)
     F    188
     F    189
     F    190
     F    191
     F    194
     F    195
     F    196
     F    198
     F    202
     F    203

48   F    208
     F    209
     F    211
     F    213
     F    225
     F    226
     F    230
     F    231
     F    231 Appendix
     F    232
     F    232 Appendix
     F    234
     F    236
     F    237
     F    242
     F    243 (1)
     F    243 (2)
     F    243 (3) Part I
     F    243 (4) Part II
     F    244
     F    245
     F    281
     F    284
          V.C.2.  Professional Writing--Miscellaneous Drafts
                  Folders are filed in alphabetical order.
49   F285 A Factor--Transparencies
     F286 Ag 1986—Transparencies
     F287 b 21 tex—Diagrams 1
     F288 b 21 tex—Diagrams 2
     F289 b 21 tex—Figures
     F290 b 22 tex—Diagrams
     F291 b 22 tex—“The jV-Characteristics of Solar Cells”
     F292 b 22 tex—“Winterim Solar Energy” 2/13/78
     F293 b 24—Equations & transparencies
     F294 Band Model—Diagrams
     F295 “Carrier Transport in Built-in and External
          Fields”—Figures and Diagrams
     F296 The CdS/Cu2S—Transparencies
     F297 “CdS Detector Models”
     F298 “CdS Detector Models”—Honeywell Analysis, drafts,
          comments, revisions
     F299 CdS n(x), (x), F(x), v(x), j(x)—figures

     F300 “Characteristics of Schottky-like Barriers and Junctions”—transparencies
     F301 Chapter manuscript with corrections for Ovshinsky,
          ed. Amorphous Semiconductor Switching
     F302 Classical Carrier Transport in Semiconductors (KWB)—Part 1
     F303 Classical Carrier Transport in Semiconductors (KWB)—Part 2
     F304 Cu2S & CdS Excitation
     F305 Cu2S Junction/Expanded Junction CdS—diagrams
     F306 Cu2S: n(x)jn
     F307 “Current Voltage Characteristics of Solar Cells”
     F308 CuxS  nj & g(x), n(x)
     F309 Development of an analytical Expression For IV-
          Characteristics of Non-Ideal Solar Cells—Figures &
     F310 “Drift Field Influence on nip-Solar Cell Performance”—presentation
     F311 “Electrodes of Photoconductors”—RES Proposal
     F312 “Electronic Properties of Solids”—presentation material
     F313 “Estimation on Thermal Initiation”—Notebooks and equations
     F314 “Evaluation of Sensitivity in Integrated Star Detection Devices”
     F315 “Field Enhanced Ionization of Defects in Solids”—manuscript with notes
     F316 “Field Quenching as a Mechanism for Negative
          Differential Conductivity in CdS”
     F317 Field Quenching Equations
     F318 “Film—Physics”  General Remarks—notes
     F319 First Concepts of Ovonics-Mechanicsm, February 1969
     F320 GE Graphite Tables
     F321 “Heterojunction Interface Influence on Voc and Vsc”
     F322 “High- and Low- blocked Heterojunctions”—diagrams and transparencies
     F323 High Efficiency CdS / Cu2S (7 Jan 1982)—Transparencies
     F324 Hodgins & Hoffman; Woodall & Hovel— Figures
	 F325 “Ideal-Real Semiconducting Glass and Low-High Conductivity Transition”
	 F326 Influence of Electric Field on Collection Efficiencies of Solar Cells—Figures
     F327 Interface—Figures & Transparencies
     F328 Interface Recombination—Figures
     F329 jsc-related—Figure 11a—Cds/Cu2S Cell Short Circuit Current
     F330 Junction Theory—transparencies
     F331 Junction Interface Regions—figure
     F332 jv—figures
     F333 jv—jo, A—Figures & Transparencies
     F334 jv Kinetics—Figures
     F335 jv—measured—figures
     F336 jv—Physics Theory Basics—figures
     F337 jv—Wire Grid Roof Top Testing—charts & figures
     F338 “Light-Induced Loss Mechanism in Backwall Solar
          Mechanism”—presentation material
     F339 North Holland Publishing Company--figures
     F340 “Optical Filler of Variable Density”
     F341 Original Copies—PN Junction 1E6
     F342 Original Copies—PN Junctions 6E6
     F343 Original Copies—PN Junctions 3E5
     F344 Original Copies—CdS Cu2S 3E5
     F345 Original Copies—CdS Cu2S 1E6
     F346 Original Copies—CdS Cu2S 6E6
          V.C.2.  Professional Writing--Miscellaneous Drafts
     F347 Originals  into Text
     F348 Ovshinsky Effect—“Own Theories, Proposals,” 1968
     F349 Pakistan Talk 1987—Figures, Tables, Transparencies

     F350 “Photo-Conductance Through CdS Sandwich Cells”
     F351 “Physical Discussion on the Organic Threshold Switch”--1968
     F352 “The Physics of Front-Wall Solar Cells”
     F353 “Polycrystalline Semiconductor Heterojunction
     F354 “Polycrystalline Semiconductor Heterojunction
          Modeling”—Figures and Tables
     F355 “Polycrystalline Semiconductor Heterojunction
     F356 “Polycrystalline Semiconductor Heterojunction
          Modeling (CdS/CuInSe2)”—figures and diagrams
     F357 Presentation:  New Delhi and Sidney
     F358 “Report on Temperature Distribution in OMS Pore
     F359 Rompe Paper—“High-Field Carrier Transport”—equations
     F360 Rompe Paper—“High-Field Carrier Transport”—figures
     F361 Rompe Paper—“High-Field Carrier Transport”—figures
     F362 Rompe Paper—“High-Field Carrier Transport”—printer
     F363 Schottky-like Barriers—Figures
     F364 SES 1981—Transparencies
     F365 Shape of jV—Figures and Transparencies
     F366 Solar Cell Applications—ARCO slides with captions
          and TLS
     F367 “Space Change Effects in Semi-Conductors” 1985-
           1992—preprint of unpublished work
     F368 Spain and Germany—transparencies
          Survey of Semiconductor Physics
51   F369 Correspondence—Publications
     F370 Correspondence—Van Nostrand Reinhold and Reviews
     F371 Diagrams, Miscellaneous Planning Material
     F372 Figures—Volume 1
     F373 Figures—Volume 2
     F374 Final Version of Chp. 1, Book II

     F375 Tex Notes—computer program user information
     F376 “Theory of Thin Film Photovoltaics”—transparencies
     F377 “To Be Done”—CdSCu2S
     F378 “To Be Done”—PN Junction 1E6
     F379 “To Be Done”—PN Junction 6E6
     F380 “To Be Done”—PN Junction 3E5
     F381 “To Be Done”—CdsCu2S 6E6
     F382 “To Be Done”—CdSCu2S 1E6
     F383 “To Be Done”—CdSCu2S356
     F384 “Transitions between Stationary and Moving High-
          Field Domains in CdS”—transparencies, figures
     F385 “Über die Beeinflussung der spektralen Verteilung des Photostromes”
     F386 unidentified Chapter 5 and Presentation—diagrams 1
     F387 unidentified Chapter 5 and Presentation—diagrams 2
     F388 unidentified Chapter 5 and Presentation—diagrams 3
     F389 unidentified draft #1
     F390 unidentified equations—CdS/Cu2S Solar Cell
     F391 unidentified figures—Solar Cell Production
          V.C.2.  Professional Writing--Miscellaneous Drafts
     F392 unidentified paper and correspondence
     F393 Unidentified Solar One transparencies
     F394 Unpublished Research
     F395 Voc Related

          V.D.  Research Materials and Publications (from KWB’s Files)
                  With original topical categories.
			      Publications not itemized.

52   F1   Miscellaneous Articles & Publications 1
     F2   Miscellaneous Articles & Publications 2
     F3   Miscellaneous Articles & Publications 3
     F4   Miscellaneous Articles & Publications 4
     F5   Miscellaneous Articles & Publications 5
     F6   Miscellaneous Articles & Publications 6
53   F7   Miscellaneous Articles & Publications 7
     F8   Miscellaneous Articles & Publications 8
     F9   Miscellaneous Articles & Publications 9
     F10  Miscellaneous Articles & Publications 10
     F11  Boundaries / Surface-Interface
     F12  Calculations
     F13  Copper Instability in CuxS
     F14  High-Efficiency III-V Solar Cells—Transparencies
     F15  High-Field Effects & Solar Cell Performance
     F16  Physics of Cell Operation—Transparencies
     F17  Reducing Greenhouse Effect—Presentation
     F18  Si Solution Curves
     F19  Spectral Distribution
     F20  Superlattices (part 1)
54   F21  Superlattices (part 2)
     F22  Superlattices (part 3)

          V.D.  Research Materials and Publications (from KWB’s Files)
     F23  Superlattices (part 4)
     F24  Superlattices / Semiconductors
     F25  Surface / Interface
     F26  Thin Film Status Report [1983]—Transparencies
     F27  Unidentified Graphs / Charts

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