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Karl Wolfgang Böer Papers

1945 - 2003

(bulk dates 1961 - 1986)

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Table of Contents for Series IV.

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Scope and Content Note

Series IV. American Section of International Solar Energy Society (ASISES)

Extent: 7 linear ft. (Boxes 36-43)

Dates: 1976-1986

Contents: Brochures, conference programs, correspondence, financial papers, flyers & pamphlets, general office files, manuals, meeting minutes, newsletters.

Three subseries, organized by function: Administrative Files, Financial Files, Publication Files. The files are numbered sequentially through the entire series.

Series IV comprises materials related to the American Section of International Solar Energy Society (later shortened to American Solar Energy Society, or ASES), a professional organization that advanced the use of solar energy through the gathering and dissemination of information related to renewable energy sources. The primary activities of ASES include hosting and organizing conferences and symposia, publishing periodicals, scholarly journals, and conference proceedings, and encouraging research and public awareness of solar energy.

Karl W. Böer was an active member of ASES, serving as a member of their Board of Directors beginning in 1974, then as Chairman of the Board from 1976-1977. Böer also served on the Executive Committee, the Publications Committees, the Long Range Planning Committee, and as a member of the Physics Division throughout the late 1970s and early 1980s. ASES opened an office at the University of Delaware in 1978, which eventually became a main office for the organization’s publication projects. For information on their agreement with UD, see ASES IV.A.5 Contract (F86).

Series IV is divided into three subseries and organized alphabetically by topic, largely maintaining the original organizational order. The series primarily documents a portion of the publishing activities and conference involvement of ASES during the late 1970s and early 1980s. A significant amount of correspondence remains interfiled throughout the series, providing useful contextual information about the accompanying materials.

IV.A. Administrative Files subseries comprises the administrative files of ASES and is divided into five smaller sections.

Series IV.A.1. Conference & Meetings section are organized alphabetically by topic and include materials that document ASES policies, planning procedures, and proceedings of various conferences and meetings. Also included are proposal packets from potential host-cities. Conference participation represents one of the organization’s primary activities and this section documents several conferences during the last half of the 1970s; the 1976 ASES-sponsored conference in Winnipeg is particularly well documented.

Series IV.A.2. Committees & Divisions is organized alphabetically and contains materials related to the organizational structure of ASES, documenting the operations and function of the society. The materials in this section show both the scope and the development of ASES as an organization.

Series IV.A.3. Correspondence is organized by year and contains both incoming and outgoing correspondence of Karl Böer, Albert Henderson (Director of Publications), the Headquarters office in Boulder, Colorado, and other miscellaneous correspondents concerning a variety of general business topics and ASES activities.

Series IV.A.4. Solar Energy Associations is organized alphabetically and represents the various state regional chapters affiliated with ASES. These files vary greatly in scope and are primarily comprised of informational materials such as pamphlets and newsletters produced by the individual agencies.

Series IV.A.5. General Files is organized alphabetically by topic and contains miscellaneous materials related to ASES operations and activities, such as Board meetings and Chapter membership.

Series IV.B. Financial subseries contains materials related to ASES budget and financial reports during the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Series IV.C. Publications subseries contains a variety of materials including copyright applications, distribution records, correspondence between contributors and editors, manuscripts of published articles, production materials, profit and loss reports, and other administrative documents. One function of ASES was the preprinting of the papers delivered at the ASES-sponsored Passive Solar Conferences. The proceedings from the Seventh National Passive Solar Conference (Knoxville, Tennessee: 1982) is well represented in this series by production materials, manuscripts, and correspondence. Also included in this section are materials related to various periodicals published by ASES, such as Solar News & Views, Solar Age, and Solar Vision. Other publications include Journal of Wind Energy, Passive Solar Journal, Progress in Solar Energy, and Solar Energy Technology Handbook.

Series List

Series IV. American Section of International Solar Energy Society

A. Administrative Files, A-Z 1. Conferences & Meetings 2. Committees and Divisions 3. Correspondence 4. Solar Energy Associations (by State or Geographic region) 5. AS of ISES General Files, A-Z B. Financial Files C. Publication Files

Contents List

Box -- Folder -- Contents

  Series IV.A.  ASISES--Administrative Files
          Series IV.A.1.  Conferences & Meetings

36   F1   ISES Annual Meeting—Ft. Collins, CO—1974
     F2   Conference Policy Manual
     F3   Winnipeg Conference Proposal, 1976 (part 1)
     F4   Winnipeg Conference Proposal, 1976 (part 2)
     F5   Annual AS of ISES Meeting, Winnipeg 1976 (part 1)
37   F6   Annual AS of ISES Meeting, Winnipeg 1976 (part 2)
     F7   Board Meeting and Brainstorming Session, Delaware Mar 1977
     F8   Annual AS of ISES Meeting, Orlando Jun 1977
     F9   Photovoltaics Solar Energy Conference, Sep 1977
     F10  International Conference of Solar Energy, New Delhi Nov 1977
     F11  Alabama Conference Proposal, 1978
     F12  Cleveland Conference Proposal, 1978
     F13  Annual AS of ISES Meeting, Denver 1978
     F14  United Nations Conference, 1978
     F15  Clean Energy Conference, Dec 1978
     F16  Conference Notices, 1978
     F17  Cosponsored Conferences & Affiliated Members, 1978
     F18  Intersociety Energy Conversion Engineering Conference, August 1979
     F19  Opening Speech ASES, Jun 1986
          Series IV.A.2.  ASISES--Committees & Divisions
     F20  Awards Committee
          Series IV.A.2.  ASISES--Committees & Divisions
     F21  By Laws Committee
     F22  Committees, 1978
     F23  Divisions Committee (Meyers)
     F24  Executive Committee AS of ISES
     F25  Long Range Planning Committee
     F26  Meetings and Conferences Committee
     F27  Membership Committee
     F28  Nominating Committee (AS of ISES)
     F29  Officers, Members of the Board, Committee Members, Staff 1977

          Publications Committee
     F30  Correspondence
     F31  Editorial Board
     F32  Minutes and Meetings
38   F33  Operations of Publications Office
     F34  Standards Committee
     F35  Testing and Standards Committee
     F36  Topical Divisions
     F37  Agricultural Division
     F38  Architecture / Construction Division
     F39  Biology and Chemistry Division
     F40  Engineering Division
     F41  Passive Division
     F42  Physics Division (part 1)
     F43  Physics Division (part 2)
     F44  Physics Division (part 3)
     F45  Socio Economics Division
     F46  Solar Radiation Division
     F47  Wind Division
          Series IV.A.3.  ASISES--Correspondence
     F48  Board of Directors
     F49  Böer, Karl W.
     F50  Colleagues
     F51  Headquarters 1981
     F52  Headquarters Operations
     F53  Henderson, Albert (part 1)
     F54  Henderson, Albert (part 2)
          Miscellaneous Correspondence
     F55  1978
39   F56  1979
     F57  1980 (part 1)
     F58  1980 (part 2)
     F59  1981
     F60  1982
          Series IV.A.4.  Solar Energy Associations (SEA)
     F61  Alabama Solar Energy Association
     F62  Arizona Solar Energy Association (S.E.A.)
     F63  California, Northern S.E.A.
     F64  Delaware S.E.A.
     F65  International Solar Energy Society
     F66  Kansas, Maine, Michigan S.E.A.
     F67  Mid-Atlantic S.E.A. (part 1)
     F68  Mid-Atlantic S.E.A. (part 2)
     F69  Minnesota – Nevada S.E.A.
     F70  New England S.E.A.
     F71  New Mexico S.E.A.
     F72  New York: Eastern S.E.A.
     F73  New York: Metropolitan Solar Energy Society
     F74  North Carolina, Ohio S.E.A.
     F75  Pacific Northwest S.E.A.
     F76  Tennessee, Texas S.E.A.

          Series IV.A.5.  ASISES--General Files
     F77  ASES – Flyers & Pamphlets
     F78  American Association for the Advancement of Science
     F79  ASAE Evaluation Report
40   F80  Board Meeting – ISES
     F81  Board Meetings, 1977
     F82  Board of Directors Minutes, 1982
     F83  Chapter Caucus
     F84  Chapter Coordinator
     F85  Chapter Membership
     F86  Contract – University of Delaware & AS of ISES
     F87  Department of Energy
     F88  ISES News
     F89  Miscellaneous
     F90  Physica Status Solidi
          Series IV.B.  ASISES--Financial Files
     F91  Budget 1976/1977
     F92  Budget 1978
     F93  Budget 1979/1980
     F94  Budget Publications 1979
     F95  Budget Publications 1980
     F96  Budget 1981
     F97  Budget Publications 1981
     F98  Budget 1983
     F99  Chart of Accounts
     F100 Financial Statements 1977-1982
     F101 General Accounts ASES, 1985-1988
     F102 General Accounts ISES, 1985-1988
     F103 Miscellaneous (Kincel, John)
          Series IV.C.  ASISES--Publication Files (A-Z)

     F104 Activities Reports: Publications
     F105 Business Plan

          Series IV.C.  ASISES--Publication Files (A-Z)
     F106 Chemical Solar Energy Conversion, 4 Vol. series -- Bolton
     F107 Contracts
          Correspondence – Advances in Solar Energy
     F108 Editors, 1981-1982
41   F109 Editors, 1983-1985
     F110 Vol. 1
     F111 Vol. 2
     F112 Vol. 3
     F113 Vol. 4
     F114 Correspondence with Solar Age Magazine
     F115 Correspondence – Solar News & Views – Contributors
     F116 Correspondence – Solar News & Views – General
     F117 Copyright Clearance Center
     F118 Copyright Requests
          Distribution – Unipub
     F119 (part 1), 1979
     F120 (part 2), 1979
     F121 1980
     F122 1981
     F123 Distribution – Van Nostrand Reinhold
     F124 Energy Conserving Greenhouses (Hayes & Wilson)
     F125 Fulfillment, M&B
     F126 Journal of Wind Energy, Jan 1983
     F127 Journal of Wind Energy, Vol. 1 No. 1 – Various authors
     F128 Legal
     F129 Library of Congress, Deposit of Copies
     F130 Media Questionnaire

          Series IV.C.  ASISES--Publication Files (A-Z)

     F131 Microfiche Contract
42   F132 1st Passive Solar Conference, 1976
     F133 7th Passive Solar Conference, 1982
     F134 7th Passive, Progress in Passive Solar Energy Systems
     F135 7th Passive, Progress in Passive Systems – Emery, Ashley
     F136 7th Passive, Progress in Passive Systems – Various Authors (part 1)
     F137 7th Passive, Progress in Passive Systems – Various Authors (part 2)
     F138 8th Passive Conference, authors of conference papers
     F139 9th Passive Conference
     F140 Passive Solar Design Handbook, Vol. 3, and Supplement
     F141 Passive Solar Journal, Summer 1982
     F142 Periodicals – Solar Age, Solar Vision, Solar News & Views
     F143 Possible New Publications

     F144 Proceedings of the ASES Annual Meeting, 1976
     F145 Proceedings of the ASES Annual Meeting, 1983 (part 1)
     F146 Proceedings of the ASES Annual Meeting, 1983 (part 2)
     F147 Proceedings of the ASES Annual Meeting, 1983 (part 3)
     F148 Proceedings of the ASES Annual Meeting, 1984
     F149 Progress in Solar Energy, VOL 6 (part 1)
     F150 Progress in Solar Energy, VOL 6 (part 2)
     F151 Publication Listings
     F152 Publication Orders
          Series IV.C.  ASISES--Publication Files (A-Z)
43   F153 Publications Pamphlet
     F154 Publications Pricing Policy
          Publication Profit / Loss
     F155 1978-1979
     F156 1980
     F157 1981
     F158 Publication Reports, 1978-1979
     F159 Publication Reports, 1980-1981
     F160 Reprint Report
     F161 Reviewers
     F162 Solar Age
     F163 Solar Age Executive Committee
     F164 Solar Age Operations
     F165 Solar Calendar
     F166 Solar Energy Industries Association
     F167 Solar Energy Technology Handbook -- Dekker, Marcel
     F168 Solar Law Reporter
     F169 Solar Pond Newsletter
     F170 Solar Vision – Board Meetings
     F171 Solar Vision – Financial Reports
     F172 Solar Vision – Reports
     F173 What Works?
     F174 Wind Energy Conference, Minneapolis, Jun 1983

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