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Karl Wolfgang Böer Papers

1945 - 2003

(bulk dates 1961 - 1986)

Table of Contents for Mss Collection Number 483 Series II.

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Series II. Institute for Energy Conversion

Extent: 9 linear ft. (Boxes 21-29)

Dates: 1971-1976 (bulk date 1974)

Contents: administrative files, brochures, correspondence, records, financial documents, invoices, travel documents, diagrams, photographs

Five subseries, reconstructing original filing sequences that had been dispersed throughout boxes from the multiple accessions. Subseries are arranged alphabetically or topically following original file systems. Folder numbering begins anew with each of the five subseries.

Series II comprises early organizational papers of the Institute for Energy Conversion (IEC), which was founded in 1972 by the University of Delaware within the College of Engineering. IEC was established with funding from the National Science Foundation, electric power utilities, and the University of Delaware. The files include material documenting Böer’s activities as IEC Director and Chief Scientist. Under Böer’s direction, the IEC grew from a small research and development group into a major research facility and important training ground for many of the individuals who have contributed to advances in photovoltaic technology for delivery of solar energy. The series is arranged into five subseries: Alphabetical Office Files, Miscellaneous IEC Office Files, Projects, Correspondence, and IEC Formation. Additional files related to IEC are found in Series I. Academic and Professional, and Series VI. SES, Inc.

II.A. Alphabetical Office Files: This subseries was reconstructed based on blue dividers found in multiple boxes. The subjects of the alphabetical files include personnel; Böer’s trips, conferences and speeches; funding from government and industry; suppliers; and contact with corporations and other universities. Particularly interesting are the files in II.A.6 which document the competition between the IEC and other solar energy companies.

II.B. Miscellaneous IEC Office Files: The files in this subseries may have been originally part of II.A. They are housed in this grouping because they could not be reconciled with the original filing order of II.A. The files are in alphabetical order and cover a wide variety of topics including seminars, funding, research, meetings, and publications sponsored by IEC. Staff listings and weekly progress reports reflect the involvement of numerous individuals with IEC.

II.C. Projects: The four sections in this subseries are grouped together because they were part of the IEC Office files but did not fit into the alphabetical sequence of the general administrative files in Series II.A. The files cover several IEC projects including Solar One and document the relationship of IEC with Shell Oil and SES, Inc. Substantial additional material related to SES is found in Series VI. The files related to Solar One, IEC’s prototype solar house, are the most extensive and document the creation, promotion, funding, and maintenance of the project, which celebrated groundbreaking in 1972 and opened in 1973. Diagrams, photographs, charts, and reports illustrate the energy conversion system of Solar One.

II.D. Correspondence: This section houses correspondence from the first years of the IEC. The correspondence arrived together, but was not arranged in one comprehensive filing system. Therefore, this subseries features correspondence arranged both alphabetically by correspondent and by topic.

II.E. IEC Formation: This subseries contains correspondence, meeting notes, committee minutes, budget proposals and other material related to the planning and formation of IEC. The majority of the material is from 1971 and 1972 but includes some documents from 1973. The files document the role of the IEC Advisory Committee, correspondence with University of Delaware president Arthur Trabant, and input from other University advisors.

Series List

II.  Institute for Energy Conversion – Summary Outline
  A.  Alphabetical Office Files
     1. Böer-Personal
     2. Böer-Publications, 1974
     3. Böer Editorial Reviewing
     4. Böer Trips
     5. Colleagues
     6. Competition
     7. Conferences/Call For Papers (Declined)
     8. Conferences (at University of Delaware)
     9. Conference Reports
     10. Funding Sources
     11. Government-Delaware State
     12. Government Agencies-Other States
     13. Government-Federal (Congress)
     14. Government-Federal (other)
     14a. Individual Correspondence with Discontinued Staff, 1973-1974
     14b. Institute Correspondence, 1973 and before
     15. Industry
     16. Miscellaneous
     17. Oil Companies
     18. Personnel-Consultants
     19. Pollution
     20. Power Utilities
     21. Professional Societies
     22. Suppliers
     23. Technical Developments
     24. Universities

  B.  Miscellaneous IEC Office Files
     1. Alphabetical Office Files
     2. Staff Listings
     3. Weekly Progress Reports

  C.  Projects
     1. Solar One
     2. SES
     3. Shell Oil
     4. Other IEC Projects

  D.  IEC Correspondence
     1. Alphabetical Correspondence Files
     2. Subject Files

  E.  Early IEC
          Series II.  Institute of Energy Conservation Files
          Series II.A.  Alphabetical Files

Contents List

Box -- Folder -- Contents

          Series    II.A.1. Böer-Personal

21   F1   Böer Resumes
     F2   KWB Outline—Photovoltaic Conversion
     F3   Patent Attorney - Weigel

          Series II.A.2.  Böer-Publications 1974

     F4   Manuscripts—Pending and Future
     F5   Photoconductivity—Chapter 7, 1971
     F6   Publications (Reprints)—(Akademie Verlag)
     F7   Tuebner Verlag—Böer Editing

          Series II.A.3.  Böer Editorial Reviewing

     F8   International  Journal  of Physical  and  Chemical
          Engineering—Editorial Reviewing, 1974
     F9   Journal  of  Applied Physics—Editorial  Reviewing,
     F10  National Science Foundation—Editorial Reviewing
     F11  Naval Research Lab—Editorial Reviewing, 1974
     F12  Physica Status Solidi (a)—Editorship, 1974
     F13  Physica Status Solidi—Editorial Reviewing, 1974
     F14  Physical Review—Editorial Reviewing, 1974
     F15  Reviewing for Physica Status Solidi
          Series II.A.4.  IEC--Böer Trips
     F16  American Conference Center—New York City—June 1974
          Series II.A.  IEC--Alphabetical Files--Trips

     F17  American  Defense Preparedness Association—Bolling
          Air Force Base—March 1974
     F18  American  Physics  Society—Philadelphia,  PA—March
     F19  American Society of Metals—Wilmington, DE—May 1974
     F20  APPA Meeting—Denver, CO—February 1974
     F21  APPA—Phoenix, AZ—April 1974
     F22  Atomic   Energy   Commission  and  NSF—Germantown,
          MD—June 1974
     F23  College  Goals  Conference—Annapolis,  MD—November
     F24  Conference on Electrical Insulation and Dielectric
          Downingtown, PA—October 1974
     F25  DuPont  Seminar—Textile  Research  Lab—Wilmington,
          DE—September 1974
     F26  Electrochemical    Society    Meeting—New York
          City—October 1974
     F27  Electro-chemical   Society  Programming—Princeton,
          NJ—June 1974
     F28  ERPI—Palo Alto, CA—June 1974
     F29  Executive Seminar Center—Long Island, NY—May 1974
     F30  Hamburg Conference—Germany—September 1974
     F31  ICI America—Sigma Xi—February 1974
     F32  IECEC Conference—San Francisco, CA—August 1974
     F33  IEEE  Dinner  Meeting  (Cancelled)—Dayton,  OH—May
     F34  IEEE—Somers Point, NJ—February 1974
     F35  ISES—US Section Meeting—Denver, CO—August 1974
     F36  Johns Hopkins Colloquium—Silver Spring, MD—October 1974
     F37  Lions—Kennett Square, PA—February 1974

     F38  Madrid (NSF International) Meeting—Spain—September1974
     F39  National Audubon Society—Mauckport, IN—May 1974
     F40  Naval  Research Lab—Sigma Xi—Washington DC—January 1974
     F41  New England Sierra Club and Clark
          University—Energy Sources Conference—Worcester,
          MA—October 1974
     F42  New York Scientists Committee for Public
          Information—New York City—January 1974
     F43  NSF Grantees Meeting—Philadelphia, PA, 1974
     F44  NSF Japanese Symposium on Solar
          Energy—Maryland—June 1974
     F45  NSF   Workshop   on   Solar  Collectors—New   York
          City—November 1974
     F46  NSF Workshop on Solar Heating and
          Cooling—Washington DC—June 1974
     F47  NSF—Grantees Meeting—Pasadena, CA—June 1974
     F48  NSF—Rappaport Materials—University of
          Arizona—Tucson, AZ—May 1974
     F49  Picatinny Arsenal—Dover, NJ—January 1974
     F50  Shell Lecture Series—Houston, TX—May 1973
     F51  Sigma Xi—Swarthmore, PA—March 1974
     F52  Solar Working Group—Washington DC—May 1974
          Speaking Engagements 1975
     F53  11th Annual IEEE Photovoltaic
          Conference—Scottsdale, AZ—May
     F54  Delaware County Institute of Science—Media, PA—May
     F55  Delmarva Science and Engineering Association—Maryland—May
     F56  Hillsborough Community College—Tampa, FL—April
     F57  NASA Lewis Workshop—Washington DC—March

           Series  II.A.   IEC--Alphabetical Files—Speaking,1975
21   F58  Speech Announcements
     F59  Unitarian Church—Wilmington, DE—April
     F60  US/Spain Workshop—Solar Energy Utilities—June
     F61  Various
     F62  William Roth Youth Leadership Conference—Delaware—March
     F63  Texas Tech Symposium—Lubbock, TX—October 1974
     F64  University  of  Massachusetts  Colloquium—November 1974
     F65  US  Senate Commerce Committee—Washington  DC—March 1974

          Series II.A.5.  IEC--Colleagues
     F66  Bockris, J. O’M, 1973-1974
     F67  Bogus, Klus, 1973
     F68  Braerman, William F, 1974
     F69  Bragagnolo, Julio A, 1974
     F70  Comings, Edward W, 1975
     F71  Duffie, J.A, 1973-1974
     F72  Eder, F.X, 1974
     F73  Farber, Eric A, 1974
     F74  Heiland, Professor Doctor G, 1973
     F75  Lof, George, 1974
     F76  Loferski, Joseph J, 1974
     F77  Morse, Frederick E, 1973
     F78  Niekish, Professor Dr. E.A, 1975
     F79  Palz, Wolfgang, 1974
     F80  Rabenhorst, D.W, 1972
     F81  Rass, Doctor R, 1973
     F82  Schanda, Janos, 1974
     F83  Shurcliff, W.A, 1974
     F84  Various, 1974-1975
     F85  Voigt, Hans, 1974
     F86  Weiser, Professor K, 1973
     F87  Wright, Conrad, 1974
     F88  Yellott, John I, 1973
          Series II.A.6.  IEC--Competition
     F89  Various, 1974
     F90  Budco—Solargy, 1974
     F91  Energy Conversion Devices, Inc, 1974
     F92  Energy Conversion Devices, Inc, 1975
     F93  Kalwell Corporation, 1974
     F94  Lawrence Livermore, 1974
     F95  Nuclear Energy Research Program, 1974
     F96  Ridley Park, 1974
     F97  Silicon Cells—Conoco, 1974
     F98  Showa Aluminum—Solar Energy Collector Panels, 1974
     F99  Skytherm, 1974

     F100 Solar Energy Company, 1974
     F101 Solarlab, 1974
     F102 Textron-Spectrolab, 1974
     F103 Thomason, HJL, 1974
     F104 Tyco Laboratories Inc, 1974
     F105 Wright-Ingraham Institute
          Series  II.A.7.  IEC--Conference/Call  for  Papers (Declined)
     F106  CdS  Workshop at University of Delaware—April-May 1974
     F107 Conferences, Invited Papers Correspondence (Declines), 1974
22   F108 Energy Seminar—One Day Cancelled—March 1975
     F109 Food Conference—January 1975
     F110 Solid Waste Management Colloquium, 1974
     F111 Unesco Science Author (Dan Behrman)
     F112 University of Delaware Sea Grant, 1973
          Series  II.A.8.  IEC--Conference at University  of Delaware
     F113 Delaware Conference on Solar Energy, 1971
     F114 IECEC, 1975
     F115 IECEC—Papers To Be Submitted—August 1975
          Series II.A.9.  IEC--Conference Reports
     F116 American Vacuum Society—June 1974
     F117 Conference  on  Molten Salts—Wolfeboro,  NH—August 1973

          Series II.A.9.  IEC--Conference Reports

     F118 Mitre  Symposium—Solar Energy—Heating and  Cooling
          of Buildings—May 1974
     F119 NSB Meeting—Performance Criteria—November 1974
     F120 NSF Material Science—May 1974
     F121 NSF/RANN Workshop on Solar Heating and Cooling  of
          Buildings, June 1974
     F122 Revere Copper Symposium (Collectors)—July 1974
          Series II.A.10.  IEC--Funding Sources
     F123 Atomic Energy Commission, 1974
     F124 Cities Service (Mr. Rosen), 1974
     F125 Electric Power Research Institute, 1974
     F126 Energy Task Force, 1975
     F127 EPRI-Meeting  with  Spencer-Wednesday  August  28, 1974—2:00 pm
     F128 ERDA, 1975
     F129 NASA, 1974
     F130 Pakistan—University of Baluchistan, 1974
     F131 Tennessee Valley Authority, 1974
     F132 Various, 1974
          Series II.A.11.  IEC--Government—Delaware State
     F133 Delaware, State of—Governor’s Office, 1974
     F134 Delaware, State of—Legislature, 1974
     F135 State of Delaware—Presentation—May 1974
           Series  II.A.12.  IEC--Government  Agencies—Other States
     F136 Council of State Governments—Speaking Engagements—July 1975
     F137 Illinois,   State   of—Office   of the Energy Coordinator, 1974
     F138 Indiana, State of—Department of Commerce
     F139 National   Governor’s  Council  on   Science   and
          Technology, 1974
     F140 New   York   State  Department  of   Environmental
          Conservation, 1973
          Series II.A.13. IEC--Government—Federal (Congress)
     F141 Acts—Senate and House, 1974
     F142 Bible, Alan—U.S. Senate, 1974
     F143 Biden, Joe—U.S. Senate, 1974
     F144 Bills—House of Representatives, 1974
     F145 Bills—Senate, 1973-1974
     F146 Congressional Record (Excerpts), 1973-1974
     F147 Federal Government—Contracts, 1974
     F148 Hearings, Senate and House, 1973-1974
     F149 Humphrey, Herbert—U.S. Senate
     F150 Inventory  of R&D—House Committee on  Science  and
          Astronautics, 1975
     F151 Magazine Articles—Government and Solar Energy
     F152 Military, 1974
     F153 Miscellaneous, 1974
     F154 Roth, William—U.S. Senate, 1973-1974
     F155 Testimony—House Commerce Committee—March 29, 1974
     F156 U.S. House of Representatives—Correspondence, 1974

22   F157 U.S. Senate—Correspondence, 1974
          Series II.A.14.  IEC--Government—Federal (Other)
     F158 General Political Issues and Trends, 1974
     F159 Library  of  Congress—National  Reference  Center, 1974
     F160 The White House, 1974
     F161 U.S. Commissions and Agencies, 1974
     F162 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 1974
          Series II.A.14a.  IEC--Individual Correspondence with Discontinued Staff, 1973-1974
     F163 Bente, Paul F.—Power
     F164 Bente, Paul F.—Miscellaneous
     F165 Crittendon, L. Ray
     F166 Freedman, Norman S.
     F167 Miller, David B.
     F168 Ridenour, Steve

          Series  II.A.14b.   IEC--Institute  Correspondence, 1973 and before
     F169 Institute Correspondence—Before 1973
          Series II.A.15.  IEC--Industry
23   F170 Accounting Office, General (U.S.), 1974
     F171 Agency for International Development (AID)—Department of State, 1974
     F172 American Cyanamid—Sponsored Research with NSF/RANNgrant
     F173 Architects (Various), 1974
     F174 Artech Corporation, 1974
     F175 Beckett New Town, 1974
     F176 Bells Labs, 1974
     F177 Bonner, Funk and Associates
     F178 Building Technology, Inc, 1974
     F179 Burnham Corporation, 1974
     F180 Commerce, Department of, 1974
     F181 Council on Environmental Quality, 1974
     F182 Defense, Department of, 1974
     F183 DuPont De Nemours and Company, 1974
     F184 Ecosol, LTD.
     F185 Energy Research and Development Administration (ERDA)
     F186 Fairchild Industries Contract
     F187 Fairchild Industries, 1974
     F188 Federal Energy Office—Region II
     F189 General Electric Industry, 1974
     F190 General Motors Corporation, 1974
     F191 Globe-Union Incorporated, 1974
     F192 Griffith, I.D. (Inc.), 1974
     F193 Harbison-Walker (Refractors), 1974
          Series II.A.15.  IEC--Industry
     F194 Industry General
     F195 International Nickel Company, 1974
     F196  International Research and Development  Co  Ltd., 1974
     F197 Japan Combustion Appliances, 1974
     F198 Japan Express, Inc, 1974
     F199 Japan Industrial Planning Association, 1974
     F200 Japan Industrial Planning Organization, 1974
     F201 Lee Payne Industrial Design, 1974
     F202 3M, 1974
     F203 Matsushita Electric Corporation of America, 1974
     F204 National   Building  Research   Institute   (South
          Africa), 1974
     F205 National Bureau of Standards (ETIP), 1974
     F206 Nippon Sheet Glass, 1974
     F207 Office of Technological Assessment
     F208 Overseas Industry Research Center, 1974
     F209 Owens—Corning Fiberglas, 1974
     F210 PS Company, LTD (Japan), 1974
     F211 S.A.T./ Eltek
     F212 Sekisui Chemical Company, 1974
     F213 Shin Asahigawa Co., Ltd., 1974
     F214 Visit to S.A.T., Paris—October 2, 1974
     F215 Westinghouse Electric, 1974

          Series II.A.16.  IEC--Miscellaneous
23   F216 Alternative Technology Information Center, 1974
     F217 Brandywine River Museum, 1974
     F218 Desert Sunshine Exposure Test, 1974
     F219 Energy Institute (NY), 1974
     F220 Energy Research Incorporated, 1974
     F221 Environmental Action of Colorado, 1974
     F222 Longwood Gardens
     F223 Midwest Research Institute Questionnaire
     F224 National Academy of Science, 1974
     F225 National Audubon Society, 1974-1975
     F226 National  Advisory Council on Research  in  Energy
     F227 National Legislative Conference, 1974
     F228 National Research Council, 1974
     F229 Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc, 1974
     F230 National Solar Energy Institute
     F231 Newspaper  Articles Related to IEC,  Solar  Cells,
          and Solar Energy
     F232 Project Independence Hearings, 1974
     F233 Research Centers Directory, 1974
     F234 Resources for the Future, Inc.—Washington DC, 1973
     F235 Smithsonian  Science  Information  Exchange,  Inc,
     F236 Travel Reports—K.W.B.
     F237 University City Science Institute—Power Information Center, 1974
     F238 United Nations University Foundation, 1974
          Series II.A.17.  IEC--Oil Companies
     F239 General Oil Company Matters, 1974
     F240 Gulf Research and Development Company, 1974
     F241 Sun Oil Company of Pennsylvania, 1974
     F242 Sun Ventures (Subsidiary of Sun Oil), 1974
     F243 Texaco, Inc, 1974
          Series II.A.18.  IEC--Personnel--Consultants
     F244 Paul Rappaport—IEC
     F245 Moore, Harold D, 1974
     F246 Schertz, Glen, 1974
     F247 Berg, Charles A. (Dr.)
     F248 Fred Chernow—IEC
     F249 Hackman, Robert
     F250 Kulacki, F.A. (Dr.)
     F251 T.A. Lawand—IEC
     F252 Sargent, Stephen L. (Dr.), 1974
     F253 P.R. Contacts
     F254 Speaking  Engagements—Tour Summary  /  Solar  One, 1974
          Series II.A.19.  IEC--Pollution
     F255 CO2 Pollution, 1974
          Series II.A.19.  IEC--Pollution
     F256 H2S Pollution, 1974
     F257 Pollution Control, 1974
     F258 Other Pollutants, Notes & Documents

          Series II.A.20.  IEC--Power Utilities
     F259 Arkansas Power and Light Company
     F260 Atlantic City Regional Electric, 1974
     F261 Baltimore Gas and Electric, 1974
     F262 Delmarva Power Company, 1974
     F263 Electricite De France—Direction Des Etudes et Recherches
     F264 Interstate Power Club, 1974
     F265 Middle Atlantic Power Research, 1974
     F266 Northeast Utilities, 1974
     F267 Ohio Edison Company, 1974
     F268 Pennsylvania Power and Light Company
24   F269 Philadelphia Electric, 1974
     F270 Potomac Electric Company, 1974
     F271 Power Utilities—General, 1974
     F272 South Jersey Gas
     F273 Tampa Electric Company
          Series II.A.21.  IEC--Professional Societies
     F274 American Public Power Association, 1974

     F275 American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 1974
     F276 German Physical Society
     F277 International Solar Energy Society, 1971-1975
     F278 Solar Energy Society of America, 1974
     F279 Solar Industries Association, 1974
          Series II.A.22.  IEC--Suppliers
     F280 Abcite Suppliers, 1974

     F281 Alcoa (Selective Surface), 1974

     F282 Amtek (Coating for Flat Plate Solar Energy Collector), 1974

     F283 Barber-Nichols, 1974
     F284 Corning Glass Works, 1975
     F285 Diamond Chemical Company, 1974
     F286 DuPont Company, 1974
     F287 Gould Inc, 1974
     F288 Harrison Radiator, 1974
     F289 International Lead Zinc Research Organization Inc, 1974
     F290 Lab Sciences, 1974
     F291 Marks Polarized Company, 1974
     F292 Martin Marietta Aerospace, 1974
     F293 Olin Brass, 1974
     F294 Pittsburgh Plate Glass (PPG), 1974
     F295 Rapcofoam, 1974
     F296 Reynolds Metal Suppliers, 1974
     F297 Rohm and Hass, 1974
     F298 Roland Winston Collection, 1974
     F299 Roll Bond, 1974
     F300 Saskatchewan Minerals, 1974
     F301 Varian Vacuum Division, 1974
     F302 ESB Inc, 1974
     F303 Evans Products Company, 1974
          Series II.A.23.  IEC--Technological Developments
     F304 Cadmium (Cd) Resources
     F305 CdS/Cu2S Cells
     F306 CdS—Gould/Clevite Company
     F307 Dr. Telkes Technological Contributions, 1974
     F308 Grid Protection, 1974
     F309 Superflywheel
          Series II.A.24.  IEC--Universities
     F310  Associated  Universities  Inc.  (US/USSR  Working Group), 1974
     F311 Franklin Institute, 1974
     F312 Harvard University, 1974
     F313 Johns Hopkins, 1974
     F314 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1974
     F315 State University of New York, 1974
     F316 Texas Tech
     F317 University of Arizona, 1974
     F318 University of Massachusetts, 1974
     F319 University of Michigan, 1973
     F320 University of Pennsylvania, 1974

          Series II.B.1.  IEC--Alphabetical Office Files
24   F1    Advertising—Malcolm L. Mackenzie and Associates, 1972
     F2   Advisory Board to Director
     F3   Advisory Committee For IEC (University), 1974
     F4   Annual Report of IEC for the President, 1972-1974
     F5   Budget, 1974-1975
     F6   Climate—Electric Power, 1961-1971
     F7   Collector Testing, 1974
     F8   Confidentiality Agreement, 1974
     F9   Current Research
     F10  Descriptive Brochure of IEC
     F11  Development
     F12  DP&L Data
     F13  DP&L General
     F14  Early SERI Comments
25   F15  Helium—Natural Resource—June 2, 1972
     F16  Interconnection—PA, NJ, MD
     F17  Inventions
     F18  January Meetings at IEC—(Marine Studies, Biology), 1974-1975
     F19  January  Meetings at IEC—(Business  and  Economy), 1975
     F20  Joint Appointments, 1974
     F21   Kelbaugh,  Douglas—Design  for  Solar  House   at Princeton
     F22  Lab Notebooks, 1974
     F23  Legal Aspects of Electric Power, 1972
     F24  Letters of Support, 1971
     F25  Miscellaneous Announcements 1979-1980
     F26  New Contacts, 1972
     F27  Patent – U of D Patent Agreement
     F28  Photographs—IEC Building and Researchers
     F29  Presentation, 1974
     F30  Press Releases, 1974-1975
     F31  Projects--Open
     F32  Proposed Policies RE: Funding, 1974
     F33  Publication (Policy/Procedure), 1974
     F34  Report on IEC—(by Shirland)
     F35  Research Program, 1974
     F36  “Sales Effort”
     F37  Seminars, 1974-1975
     F38  Solar Energy Panel—June 5, 1972
     F39  Solar Energy Systems Definition
     F40  Solar Two Proposal
     F41  Staff Meetings, 1974
     F42  Standard  Cells  Production and  Performance—(N.S. Freedman)
     F43  To Be Corrected
     F44  Unit Cost Table
     F45  Visitors to IEC
     F46  Washington Personnel
          Series II.B.2.  IEC--Staff Listings

     F47  IEC Staff Listings
     F48  Barnett, Allen
     F49  Bente, Paul F.
     F50  Bos, Piet B.
     F51  Dalal, Vikram L.
     F52  Fried, Albert A.
     F53  Hill, Bruce E.
     F54  Kando, Paul F.
     F55  Kuzay, Turner
     F56  Massicot, Paul
     F57  Phillips, Jim and Alan Rothwarf
     F58  Sansregret, Joseph Leo
     F59  Shirland, Fred A.
     F60  Taylor, Daniel Raymond
     F61  Telkes, Maria
     F62  Trela, John
     F63  Van Der Berg, Lodewijk, 1974
     F64  Vos, Peter
     F65  Warfield, George
          Series II.B.3.  IEC--Weekly Progress Reports
25        Weekly Progress Reports, 1974
     F66  Burton
     F67  Hadley and Hench
     F68  House Group
     F69  Internal Correspondence
     F70  Miller
     F71  Pilot Line, 1972-1974
     F72  Ridenour
     F73  Rothwarf
     F74  Storti
     F75  Tseng
     F76  Windawi
          Weekly Progress Reports, 1975-1977
     F77  Bragagnolo, 1976-1977
     F78  Burton, 1975
     F79  Hadley and Hench, 1975
     F80  Kuzay, 1975
     F81  Phillips, 1975
     F82  Rothwarf, 1975
     F83  Storti, 1975
     F84  Tseng, 1975
     F85  Windawi, 1975

          Series II.C.1.  IEC--Solar One
26   F1    2nd  Annual Progress Report to Sponsoring  Power Utilities
     F2   Brochures—Solar One
     F3   Budget, 1973
     F4   Charts and Illustrations
     F5   Collector Analysis Charts
     F6   Conference—Prospective Sponsors—August 1974
     F7   Construction—General, 1973
     F8   Curves of Solar House Roof—Panels, 1973
     F9   Data Acquisition
     F10  Data Acquisition—Solar One, Continued (1976)
     F11  Davis, Bob
     F12  Dedication Ceremony, 1973
     F13  Description of the Energy conversion system of the
          University of Delaware Solar House, 1973
     F14  Diagram, Photographs
     F15  Encapsulation, 1974
     F16  Equipment Donation (DuPont), 1972
     F17  First Results—May 1974
     F18  Furniture
     F19  Garage Display, 1973
     F20  Groundbreaking Ceremony, 1973
     F21  Group Minutes, 1974
     F22  Heat Pump (York), 1974
          Series II.C.1.  IEC--Solar One
26   F23  Heating and Cooling Diagrams, 1973
     F24  Krapf, Frederic G, 1974
     F25  Memos and Review of Solar Thermal Programs
     F26  Miscellaneous
     F27  Paper Transparencies
     F28  Panel Construction and Deployment, 1973
     F29  Panels and Subpanels and Cells, 1974
     F30  Phase Change Material Reports—Modular Wall Panels
     F31  Plexiglas Skylights, 1973
     F32  Press Release
     F33  Program Guide For a Solar House—August 1972
     F34  Progress, Completion, Status Reports, 1973
     F35  Progress Report, 31 March 1975 and Charts
     F36  Public Relations, 1972-1973
     F37  Solar Development Project (Village)
     F38  Solar Plant Operations
     F39  Solar Van—“Ford Renderings”
     F40  Solar Van—General
     F41  Solar Van—Winnebago Industries
     F42  Solar Water Heaters (M. Telkes)
     F43  Southern    California   Edison    Company—Current
          Sponsor, 1974
     F44  Status Report
     F45  Thermal Storage, 1974
     F46  Tours, Hours, Etc., 1974
     F47  Urethane Insulation, 1974
     F48  Visitors (Actual and Interested)
     F49  “Work to be Performed” (List)—July 1974-June 1975
          Series II.C.2.  IEC--Solar Energy Systems (SES)

27   F50  Agreement—SES, IEC, and UDEL
     F51  Business Plans, 1974
     F52  Correspondence
     F53  Memoranda to File, 1972-1973
     F54  SES, Inc. Monthly Financial Statements, 1974
     F55  SES, Inc. Personnel, 1974
     F56  SES, Inc. Physical Property
     F57  SES/IEC Sponsored Research
     F58  SES/IEC Sponsored Research Proposals
     F59  SES/IEC Sponsored Research Patent Disclosure
     F60  Technical Information, 1974
          Series II.C.3.  IEC--Shell Oil
     F61  Agreements, 1974
     F62  Equipment (Surplus) to IEC, 1974
     F63  Miscellaneous, 1974
27   F64  News Releases, 1974
     F65  Public Relations Department, 1974
     F66  Shell (Annual Reports) 1972-1977
     F67  Shell (Pamphlets of Information)
     F68  Visit—Shell Executives—August 1974
          Series II.C.4  IEC--Other IEC Projects
     F69  Large Scale Terrestrial Solar Energy Utilization
          Employing Thin-Film Direct Solar Energy Converters
     F70  Installation and Maintenance of Solar Heating
          Systems (with Solar Energetics)—1976

          Series II.D.  IEC--Correspondence
          Series II.D.1.  Alphabetical Correspondence
     F1   B—Miscellaneous
     F2   Budget, 1972
     F3   C—Miscellaneous
     F4   Correspondence from Graduate Students
     F5   D—Miscellaneous
     F6   E—Miscellaneous
     F7   F—Miscellaneous
28   F8   G—Miscellaneous
     F9   H—Miscellaneous
     F10  I—Miscellaneous
     F11  IEC General
     F12  IEC Publication requests and Responses
     F13  J—Miscellaneous
     F14  K—Miscellaneous
     F15  L—Miscellaneous
     F16  Memos
     F17  Massicot Corporation
     F18  M—Miscellaneous (1)
     F19  M—Miscellaneous (2)
     F20  Moving
     F21  N—Miscellaneous
     F22  O—Miscellaneous

          Series II.D.1.  IEC--Alphabetical Correspondence
     F23  P—Miscellaneous
     F24  Patents
     F25  Q, R—Miscellaneous
     F26  Referee
     F27  Request for Support
     F28  S—Miscellaneous
     F29  Solar Cells
     F30  Solar Energy Panel
     F31  Solar Heating Collector
     F32  Solar House
     F33  Solar House Dedication
     F34  Solar House Site Visit—May 3, 1973
     F35  Solar One Miscellaneous
29   F36  Symposiums, Etc.
     F37  T—Miscellaneous
     F38  U—Miscellaneous
     F39  V – Z—Miscellaneous
          Series II.D.2.  IEC--Subject Correspondence
     F40  American Section Correspondence
     F41  Book Originals—Physics & Engineering of Solar Cells
     F42  IEC Correspondence
     F43  KWB’s Reprint Requests
          Series II.D.2.  IEC--Subject Correspondence
     F44  Reviewing

          Series II.E.  IEC--Early IEC
     F1   Committee on Energy Conversion—Graduate Policy
     F2   Creation of IEC
     F3   Creation of IEC Proposal
     F4   Dean Greenfield Budget
     F5   Energy Conversion Group—U of D—President Trabant Correspondence
     F6   Energy Conversion Program
     F7   Evaluation of IEC Management and Conditions, 1975
     F8   Formation—Letters of Intent
     F9   Formation—News Reports
     F10  IEC Advisory Committee
     F11  Jan. Meetings, Econom., Agriculture/Marine Studies
     F12  Joint Appointments
     F13  The Planned IEC at the U of D
     F14  IEC Preamble
     F15  Research, Planning Notes
     F16  Pre-planning Notes and Information
     F17  Second Planning Phase


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