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Manuscripts of
Immanuel Kant's
Critique of Practical Reason
and Other Writings in Moral Philosophy

1943 - 1949


Manuscript Collection Number: 122
Accessioned: Purchase
Extent: 19 items (1 linear ft.)
Content: Autograph manuscript, typescript, galley proofs, page proofs, and printed edition
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: Reprocessed 1990-1991 by Anita A. Wellner

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Table of Contents

Biographical Note

Lewis White Beck, born September 26, 1913, in Griffin, Georgia, was an Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Delaware from 1941-1948. Prior to teaching at Delaware Beck was an instructor in Philosophy at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Beck became Professor of Philosophy at the University of Rochester in 1949, after teaching at Lehigh University for one year (1948-1949). At the University of Rochester Dr. Beck also served as the Dean of the Graduate School from 1956-1957 and as the chairman of the Department of Philosophy from 1949-1966. Dr. Beck has been the Emeritus Professor of Intellectual and Moral Philosophy at the University of Rochester since 1979.

Dr. Beck received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Emory University in 1934, his Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy degrees from Duke University in 1935 and 1937 respectively. He has received honorary degrees from Hamilton College, Emory University, and the University of Tubingen, Germany.

In addition to his translation of Kant's Critique of Practical Reason and Other Writings in Moral Philosophy, Beck has written numerous books. Some of these titles include The Actor and the Spectator (1975), Essays on Kant and Hume (1978), Early German Philosophy (1968), Studies in the Philosophy of Kant (1965), and Kant Selections (1988).


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Scope and Content Note

The Lewis White Beck Manuscripts consist of the various stages of drafts toward Beck's translation and editing of Immanuel Kant's Critique of Practical Reason and Other Writings in Moral Philosophy. The papers include an autograph draft, a typescript version, galley proofs, page proofs, and the published edition.

Series List

I.   Autograph Manuscript                                   p.4

II.  Typescript                                             p.4-5

III. Galley Proofs                                          p.5

IV.  Page Proofs                                            p.5

V.   Published Edition                                      p.5 

Contents List

Box -- Folder -- Contents

1         Series I.  Autograph Manuscript, [1943]
               Consists of a few typed pages with the bulk of the material being
               handwritten on loose pages of in spiral notebooks.  Includes the text of the
               translation (pages 52-357 of the published volume).  Does not include the
               preliminary matter, preface, introduction, contents, index or bibliography. 
               15 items (789 pp.)  

          "Foundations... Metaphysics of Morals"
     F1   Pages 52-79
     F2   Pages 79-117

          "Critique of Practical Reason"
     F3   Pages 118-224
     F4   Pages 224-249
     F5   Pages 249-260

     F6   "An Inquiry into the Distinctness of the Fundamental Principles of Natural
               Theology and Morals," pages 261-285

     F7   "What is Enlightenment?," pages 286-292

     F8   "What is Orientation in Thinking?," pages 293-305

          "Perpetual Peace..."
     F9   Pages 306-323
     F10  Pages 324-345

     F11  "Supposed right to lie from altruistic motives," pages 346-350

     F12  "Selections from Metaphysics of Morals," pages 351-357

2         Series II.  Typescript, n.d.
               Bears extensive autograph corrections and editor's notations.  Consists of
               the translator's preface, introduction, text of the translation and
               bibliographical notes.  Not included are the title page, the table of contents
               and the index.  1 item (647 pp.)

     F13  Pages 1-200

     F14  Pages 201-300

     F15  Pages 301-400

     F16  Pages 401-550

     F17  Pages 551-657

          Series III.  Galley Proofs, [1948]
               Bears extensive autograph corrections, additions to the text, and editor's
               notations.  Consists of one compilation of proofs which appear to be
               pieces of different sets.  Included are the translator's preface, introduction,
               text of the translation, index and bibliographical note.  151 galleys.
               Note: Housed in galley box in the manuscript oversize shelves.

     F18  Galley proofs

3         Series IV.  Page Proofs, [1948]
               Bears the autograph note, "Beck's Copy," and bears autograph corrections. 
               Includes all material in the published edition with the exception of the
               table of contents and the index.  1 item (372 pp.)

     F19  Page Proofs

4         Series V.  Published Edition
               Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1949. 1 item (370 pp.)

     F20  Published edition with dust jacket. 

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