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            Series II. Academic Career.

            Series II.a. Undergraduate: University of Virginia, University of Illinois, University of Chicago


F401    College Class Notes –Biology, Philosophy, History, Sociology

F402    College Class Notes—History of Civilization, Statistics, Biological Sciences

F403    College Class Notes—Verbal Expression, Biological Science (University of Illinois)



Series II.b. Rutgers Law School


17        F404    General (1965-67)


18        F405    Professional Organizations

F406    Business Associations class notes and exam (1967)

F407    Corporate Revolution in America

F408    Creditors’ Rights Course class lists, exams, clippings (1967)                       

F409    Creditors’ Rights Course class notes

F410    Catalogs and correspondence with publishers

F411    The TranscriptRutgers Law School Newspaper

            Series II. Academic Career. (cont’d)

Series II.b. Rutgers Law School (cont’d)


18        F412    Arthur Kinroy Incident—Rutgers Law Professor and ACLU Attorney arrested at

                        House Un-American Activities Commission Hearings (1966)

F413    Role of Lawyers Seminar course notes and student papers

F414    Rockefeller Grant Application (1965)

F415    Statement of Research Project (“Law and Lawyers”) (1966)

F416    “Law and Lawyers” Grant proposal and Bibliographies

F417    Correspondence related to law research project

F418    Guggenheim Fellowship Proposal (1967)

F419    “Law and Lawyers” Background Material A-N (Lawyers last names)

F420    “Law and Lawyers” Project (R-Z)



            Series II.c. SUNY Buffalo


F421    Faculty and Administration Correspondence (I)

F422    Faculty and Administration Correspondence (II)

F423    “Dream of Action”-Notes on the Policy Sciences Program and Approach (1970)


19        F424    Center for Policy Studies

F425    Policy Sciences-paper on Doctoral Program at SUNY (September 1969)

F426    Policy Sciences Correspondence and Memos

F427    Collegium (Committee “To Assist in the Formulation of Long-Range Academic Planning”) (1973)

F428    Spring Collegium, 1979

F429    Descriptions of Possible Courses

F430    Writing Program

F431    Writing Courses, Class lists

F432    Student Evaluations

F433    Clippings and printed material related to Buffalo and SUNY

F434    Miscellaneous Students

F435    “Framework for Evaluating Public Policy Outcome . . .” SUNY Buffalo-Terry H. Martin, 1979. Autograph inscription to Bazelon

F436    1969 Seminar-Student Papers

F437    Fall 1970 Seminar

F438    Corporate Order—Post Industrial Society Seminar; SUNY Buffalo, 1971-73

F439    “Power Seminars” 1971-78

F440    Mass Culture Seminar Fall 1973

            Series II. Academic Career (cont’d)

            Series II.c. SUNY Buffalo (cont’d)


19        F441    Freshmen College Seminar Fall 1974

F442    Writing Workshop Spring 1975

F443    Writing Workshop Fall 1976

F444    Writing Groups October 1976

F445    Solzhenitsyn and the Dissidents Fall 1977

F446    Writers’ Workshop Spring 1977

F447    Social Criticism Spring 1977

F448    Advanced Writing Spring 1978

F449    Writing Workshop Spring 1978

F450    Writing Workshop Fall 1978

F451    Composition 101 Fall 1979

F452    “Writing and Introduction to Reading Literature” (ENGL 208) Spring 1980

F453    Pre-law Reading and Writing (student work) 1981

F454    Pre-Law Fall 1981


20        F455    Writing Workshop Spring 1981

F456    Policy Seminar Spring 1982

F457    Writing Workshop Spring 1982

F458    Advanced Pre-Law Reading and Writing Spring 1983

F459    ENGL 205 Fall 1983

F460    Writing Workshop Fall 1984

F461    Journalism Spring 1984

F462    Writing Workshop Spring 1984

F463    NEH Grant application 1983

F464    Executive Seminar Center, Berkeley Ca. “Effects of Technological Development,” 15-26 May 1967. (Bazelon material included in readings)

F465    “Management and Public Policy” Conference Proceedings, 20-22 May 1971. School of Management, SUNY Buffalo

F466    Bazelon Material used in Harvard Business School Course (1976)



UD Special Collections > Finding Aids > David T. Bazelon Papers Index > Series Outline

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