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1800 - 1926
(bulk dates 1820 - 1920)

Manuscript Collection Number: 311
Accessioned: Gift of the Moyerman Family, 1972.
Extent: 3 linear ft.
Content: Correspondence, speeches, essays, contracts, sketchbooks, estate inventories, ledgers, financial journals, a passport, and checks.
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: December 1994-January 1995 by J. Andrew Armacost.

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Table of Contents

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Contents List

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 1         Series I.  Papers of Alfred G. Baker (1831-1892)  
               This series preserves the personal papers of
               Alfred G. Baker.  In addition to material from his
               formative years it includes  a substantial
               collection of family papers he inherited through
               his administration of family estates.  Aside from
               papers of the Baker family are papers related to
               the Fales and Rush families of Philadelphia.  

          Series I.1.  Sketchbooks  
               Each book contains six sheets of drawing paper
               separated by tissue.  Each binding is hand sewn
               with a blue paper wrapper and a strip of marbled
               paper at the spine.  Alfred Baker has inscribed
               each of the remaining covers.  Some of the
               individual drawings bear Baker's monogram AGB. 
               Most if not all of the images appear stylistically
               to be copied from instructional manuals of the
               period although no specific editions have been

     F1   1842, Nov 9 no. 4

     F2   1843, Jan 16

     F3   1843, Apr 11 no. 6

     F4   1844, Mar 18
          One of the drawings in this book bears the monogram
          "JDH 1834."  This may indicate that these drawings were
          made from one of the drawing manuals of James Duffield
          Harding (1798-1863).  These drawings do not however
          derive from his Elementary art: or, The use of the lead
          pencil advocated and explained.  London: Charles Tilt,

     F5   1844, Jun 3
          Several of the drawings in this book bear the monogram
          "HG"  This may indicate that these drawings were made
          from one of the drawing instruction manuals of Horace
          Grant.  These drawing are not from his Drawing for
          young children.  New York: Charles F. Francis, 1846.  

     F6   Unreadable inscription
          This is the only sketchbook that contains compositions
          rendered in watercolor.

     F7   Lost cover

          Series I.2.  University of Pennsylvania 1848-1851
               Alfred Baker entered the University of
               Pennsylvania with the sophomore class of 1848 and
               graduated with the class of 1851.  

     F8   Essays and papers, 1848-1850
          Many of these papers were written for Professor Henry
          Reed (1808-1854) and Professor John Fries Frazer.  
               "Preference for the study of Medicine over law"
                    Written for Professor Reed, n.d. 
               "Life and character of the Duke of Wellington" 
               "Characters of Fabius and Hannibal compared"
                    December 4, 1848
               "Beauties of Shakespeare" n.d.
               "Byron's darkness" for Professor Reed, n.d.
               "Demosthenes" Mar 19, 1849
               "Natura fieret laudabile carmen, an arte,
                    quaestitum est"  June 16, 1849
               "Music" Oct 2, 1849
               "Review of Irving's Life of Goldsmith and 
                    Mohammed"  Rough copy for Prof. Reed 
                    Mar 5, 1850
               "Questions on sound as asked by Prof. Frazer"
                    3rd term junior year
               "Translation of the first 40 lines of the 2nd
                    epistle of the Second book" n.d.

1         Series I.  Papers of Alfred G. Baker (cont'd)
          Series I.2.  University of Pennsylvania 1848-1851 (cont'd)

     F9   Speeches, 1850-1851
          Inaugural address as president of the Zelosophic
               Literary Society delivered Saturday evening 
               Jan 5, 1850
          "Avarice" speech for the senior exhibition 
               December 23, 1850
          "Report on the state of society" (draft)
               Delivered 1851 Mar 23
          Speech for Commencement Day

     F10  A. G. Baker's Lecture book, 1849-1851.
          Included are lectures on chemistry, merallic chemistry,
          organic chemistry, and several charts listing the

     F11  Book of lecture notes
          Steam Engines, taken with Prof. Frazer 1st term senior
          Differential Calculus, taken with Prof. Vethake 1st
               term senior year

          Series I.3.  Personal and professional material, 
               circa 1849-1890

     F12  Catalogs of Books in the collection of Alfred Baker

          Catalogue of Books, Alfred G. Baker, Philadelphia,   
               n. d. 
               This catalog of titles and volumes fills the first
               15 pages of this handwritten pamphlet.  Upon the
               last page is an index that has been edited
               apparently for the second catalog.  Topics
                    Fiction and novels
                    Various books that cannot well be classified
          Catalogue of the principal books belonging to Alfred G.
               Baker, n. d.  
               This handwritten catalog bound in leather contains
               books dating no later than 1849.  Topics include:
                    Fiction and Novels
                    Natural history
                    Steam engine
                    Moral science

     F13  Financial Journal, 1866-1868
          Aside from bills receivable, this volume lists
          securities, and properties owned by Baker.  One entry
          is devoted to Baker's investment in Leonard and Baker &
          Co.  Includes an index.  

     F14  Personal and professional correspondence, 1866-1890
          Includes an 1867 article of agreement between Samuel
          Leonard, James B. Leonard, Edwin F. Houghton, and
          Alfred G. Baker who served as co-partners in a dry
          goods and importing business under the name "Leonard,
          Baker + Co."  Included as well is Alfred Baker's
          reaction to his wife on the 1885 American Academy of
          Music court decision.

          Series I.4. Trips abroad, 1891 and 1892

     F15  Passport
          This large sheet of paper issued by the United States
          Department of State bears an extremely large and
          elaborate watermark.  Inscribed is a physical
          description of Alfred Baker, and upon the recto is a
          cryillic stamp dated 1892.  (Removed to oversize

1         Series I.  Papers of Alfred G. Baker (cont'd)
          Series I.4. Trips abroad 1891 and 1892 (cont'd)

     F16  Cash book, Jun 21-Sep 4, 1891 
          This book records the Bakers' daily expenses.  One
          folded item has been removed from the book and placed
          in the folder.  The book was totaled weekly and
          inscribed with the following locations:
               Jun 28    Edinburgh, Scotland
               Jul 5     Lake Winderm, England
               Jul 12    Brighton, England
               Jul 19    Vichy, France
               Jul 25    Berne, Switzerland
               Aug 2     Zurich, Switzerland
               Aug 9     Vienna, Austria
               Aug 16    Berlin, Germany
               Aug 23    Frankfurt, Germany
               Aug 30    Brussels, Belgium
               Sept 4    Paris, France

     F17  Cash book, June 23-Sep 13, 1892 
          This book records the Bakers' daily expenses and
          locations in Europe.  As with the previous volume this
          book was totaled weekly and inscribed with the
          following locations:
               Jul 3     Christiania, Norway
               Jul 10    Berlin Germany
               Jul 17    Baden-Baden, Germany
               Jul 24    Lucerne, Switzerland
               Jul 31    Venice, Italy
               Aug 7     Stresa, Italy
               Aug 14    Geneva, Switzerland
               Aug 21    Bâle [Basel], Switzerland
               Aug 28    London, England
               Sep 4     London, England
               Sep 11    Scarborough, England
               Sep 13    Liverpool, England

     F18  Correspondence and receipts, 1891-92
          This includes a letter that records Alfred Baker as a
          Saloon passenger aboard the steamship Majestic bound
          from Liverpool to New York Oct 14, 1891.  Included as
          well are many store receipts from London establishments
          from Aug and Sep 1892. 

          Series I.5. Estate and papers of Michael V. Baker
               This series includes materials inherited by Alfred
               Baker from the estate of his father, Michael V.
               Baker.  Preserved are personal papers of Michael
               V. Baker as well as account ledgers and material
               relating to M.V. Baker's administration of the estate
               of his father, Michael Baker (Alfred Baker's

          Personal papers and ledgers

     F19  Financial records and correspondence, 1835-1853
          This folder preserves two series of records relating to
          a parcel of land in Wincester, Massachusetts, that was
          purchased from Eben Smith, Jr., of Boston by Michael V.
          Baker in 1852.  The first series of papers, recorded on
          white paper, numbered 7-15, and dated 1852-1853, 
          includes letters to and from Michael V. Baker and Eben
          Smith, Jr., regarding purchase of the property. The
          second series, on blue paper numbered from 1-11 and
          dated 1835-1852, preserves all the previous property
          records that had presumably been in the possession of
          Eben Smith.  These may have been included with Eben
          Smith's letter of March 29, 1852.

          1851 Jan 26    MVB            to   Eben Smith, Jr
               Jan 29    MVB            to   Eben Smith, Jr.
          1852 Jan 31    Eben Smith, Jr to   MVB
               Feb 3     Eben Smith, Jr to   MVB
               Feb 7     Eben Smith, Jr to   MVB
               Mar 5     Eben Smith, Jr to   MVB
               Mar 16    MVB            to   Eben Smith, Jr
               Mar 29    Eben Smith, Jr to   MVB

1         Series I.  Papers of Alfred G. Baker (cont'd)
          Series I.5. Estate and papers of Michael V. Baker (cont'd)

     F20  Correspondence and financial records, 1832-1866
          Included is further correspondence with Eben Smith,
          Jr., and Thomas P. Smith, both of Boston,
          Massachusetts.  Included as well are transactions with
          the Bank of New South Wales 1854-1855, and a document
          from the Citizens' Bounty Fund Committee, which
          supported Civil War soldiers, listing the unpaid
          soldiers by name as of April 4, 1864.

          1852 Feb 13    MVB                 to   Eben Smith, Jr.
               Nov 11    Thomas P. Smith     to   MVB
               Nov 12    Thomas P. Smith     to   MVB
          1853 Jan 29    William J. Bodwell  to   MVB

               Feb 10    Thomas P. Smith     to   MVB
               Mar 11    Thomas P. Smith     to   A.W. Smith
               Mar 22    MVB                 to   Thomas P. Smith
               May 31    Thomas P. Smith     to   MVB
               Jun 8     MVB                 to   Thomas P. Smith
               Jul 20    Thomas P. Smith     to   MVB
               Jul 24    Eben Smith          to   A.H. Fiske
               Jul 29    MVB                 to   Thomas P. Smith
               Sep 1     MVB                 to   W.J. Bowditch
               Sep 30    MVB                 to   Thomas P. Smith
               Nov 11    MVB                 to   Thomas P. Smith

     F21  Cash Book, 1852-1866
          The first 19 pages contain records of the estate of
          Michael Baker administered by Michael V. and Abraham
          Baker during 1852-1858.  This is followed by an account
          of Michael V. Baker's investments for other individuals
          during 1864-1866.  Individuals include Rebecca Ritter,
          Rachel Stewart, Elizabeth Baker, Elizabeth W. Baker,
          Mary Baker, Mary Martin, and Ann Smith.  One document
          found in this book has been removed and placed with the
          ledger in the folder.  

     F22  Cash Book, 1852-1866
          The first 37 pages contain records of the estate of
          Michael Baker administered by Michael V. and Abraham
          Baker 1852-1860.  This is followed by an account of
          Michael V. Baker's investments for other individuals,
          1863-1866.  One document found in this book has been
          removed and placed with the ledger in the folder. This
          financial record is written on the recto of a leaf
          describing Michael V. Baker's involvement with the
          Citizens' Bounty Fund Committee which supported Civil
          War soldiers.  

     F23  Ledger, 1858-1865.  
          Accounts of cash, property, and investments fills pages
          1-60 and 76-117.

          Estate of Michael V. Baker (D. circa 1866)

     F24  Ledger from the estate of M.V. Baker, 1866.
          Account of estate executed by Abraham and Alfred G.
          Baker.  Contains page references to the 1852-1866 cash
          book (F 22).  Fill pages 2-95, 150-165, and is indexed. 
     F25  Papers from the estate of Michael V. Baker
          Includes an 1866 inventory of the estate by Alfred G.
          and Abraham Baker, executors.  

     F26  Check book, 1866 (attributed to the estate)
          An inscription reveals that this book relates to an
          account at the Commercial National Bank that was opened
          in the names of A. and A.G. Baker, and the first
          deposit was made July 2, 1866.

          Series I.6  Estate and personal material of 
                    Henrietta Rush (D. circa 1874)
               Alfred Baker served as executor for the estate of
               Henrietta Rush who was his wife's aunt.

     F27  Receipt book, 1836-1873
          Records payments from George Fales, trustee of the
          estate of Henrietta Rush, to Henrietta Rush.

     F28  Estate papers of Henrietta Rush, 1874-1875
          Documents Alfred Baker's administration of Henrietta
          Rush's estate.

          Series I.7  Estate of Mary Rush Hassinger
               Alfred Baker served as acting attorney for the
               estate of Mary Rush Hassinger in 1875.  She was
               Alfred Baker's wife's aunt.

     F29  Papers from the estate of Mary Hassinger, 1875

          Series I.8  Estate and Papers of George Fales 
               George Fales was Alfred Baker's father-in-law, and
               vice president of the Franklin Fire Insurance Co.
               when Alfred Baker was President.

          Correspondence and ledgers belonging to George Fales

     F30  Correspondence and receipts, 1828-1846
          Included are three letters from Eliza M. Rush, one 1833
          letter from William Rush and one 1846 letter from Lewis
          Shaw Rush, and several letters from Mr. Lothrop who was
          the business partner of George Fales in the firm Fales
          and Lothrop, Co.  These letter contain many watermarks
          and wax seals.

          1833 Apr 23    William Rush   to   GF, Philadelphia
          1834 Jul 19    Fales, 
                         Lothrop, & Co. to   GF, Providence, RI
               Jul 25    Fales, 
                         Lothrop, & Co. to   GF, Providence, RI
               Aug 7     Fales, 
                         Lothrop, & Co. to   GF, Providence, RI
          n.d.           Eliza M. Rush  to   GF, Philadelphia
          1835 Sep 4     Eliza M. Rush  to   GF, Cheever& Fales
          n.d. Apr 29    Eliza M. Rush  to   GF, Philadelphia
          1839 Dec 14    John Mitchell  to   GF, Philadelphia
          1841 Jul 26    Z. Lothrop     to   GF, Cape May, NJ
               Aug 1     Z. Lothrop, &
                         D. C. Wharton  to   GF, Cape May, NJ
          1843 Aug 8     Fales, 
                         Lothrop, & Co. to   GF, Cape May, NJ
          1846 Aug 1     Lewis S. Rush  to   GF

2    F31  Receipt book, 1826-1862
          Records signatures of individuals who received money
          from George Fales.

     F32  Correspondence and receipts, 1860-1876
          Included are receipts from many Philadelphia merchants:
          Benjamin J. Williams, venetian blind manufacturer;
          Wartman & Wunder, beef merchants; and Wm. H.C. Riggs,
          merchant of clocks and chronometers.  Included as well
          is a deed and correspondence with Ezra N. Davis related
          to property in Logan County, Illinois.
     F33  Bank book for Commercial Bank, 1859-1871
          Records balance of the account.

     F34  Check stubs, Commercial Bank, 1857-1869

     F35  Check stubs, Commercial National Bank 1869-1871
          The front cover bears an erroneous attribution to
          George Fales Baker.

          Estate of George Fales (D. 1879)
          The estate was executed by Alfred G. Baker.  

     F36  Estate papers of George Fales, 1878-1879
          Included is a copy of the last will and testament of
          1879, the inventory of the Estate of George Fales which
          was filed Mar 18, 1879, and correspondence related to
          property in St. Louis, Missouri.  

          Series I.9.  Estate and papers of Colonel Lewis Rush
               This series preserves some of the personal and
               estate papers of Colonel Lewis Rush, the son of
               Conrad Rush, who served in the Revolutionary War
               and in the War of 1812.  Papers from his estate
               span the years 1836 to 1887 when it was
               administered by Alfred Baker.  Included as well
               are some papers of his wife Mary Rush and some
               papers of his sons.  

          Personal correspondence and receipts of Lewis Rush

     F37  Correspondence and receipts, 1803-1811, 1814, 1817-1823
          Contains material related to Lewis Rush's role as
          treasurer of the Schuylkill Flat Rock Bridge Company. 

          1814 Nov 15    John Read           to   LR
          1823 Jun 4     WR, Laguna          to   LR
     F38  Correspondence and receipts, 1824-1829
          Contains a 1824-25 subscription notice from the
          Democratic Press, permits for Schuylkill water, and
          correspondence from Thomas Rush, and William Rush who
          in 1829 was residing in a debtor's apartment.  

          1824 Nov 10    John M. Scott  to   LR
               Nov 12    John Markoe    to   LR
          1826 Apr       Tho M. Rush    to   LR
          1827 Feb 10    William Rush   to   LR
               Oct 18    James Rush     to   LR
          1829 May 30    William Rush   to   LR

     F39  Correspondence and receipts, 1830-1835, n.d.
          Contains an inventory of an unidentified warehouse
          containing pigments and other painting supplies, notes
          on property belonging to Richards and Rush,
          correspondence with William Rush, and an unidentified
          handwritten will (possibly by Lewis Rush).  

          1830 Feb 18    William Rush   to   LR
          1831 Jul 25    William Rush   to   LR
               Oct 1     William Rush   to   LR

          Estate of Lewis Rush
     F40  Estate receipt book, 1836-1848
          Records payments made to family members and non-family
          members including J.R. Ingersoll.  The last 20 pages 
          record money paid to Mary Rush 1838-1840.

     F41  Estate bank book 1836-1837
          Record of account held at Farmers and Mechanics bank.  

     F42  Estate receipt book, 1837-1864
          Records money paid by executors J.K. Hassinger and G.
          Fales to William, Lewis, John, and Thomas and bears
          each of their signatures.  

     F43  Estate receipt book, 1837-1874
          Records payments from George Fales to Mary Rush on
          behalf of Henrietta Rush, 1837-1848; records payments
          from George Fales trustee to non-family members, 1846-1874.  

2         Series I.  Papers of Alfred G. Baker (cont'd)
          Series I.9.  Papers of Colonel Lewis Rush(cont'd)

     F44  Receipt book, 1837-1873
          Records payments from J.K. Hassinger on behalf of the
          Lewis Rush estate to Mary Rush on behalf of Ann R.
          Fales, 1837-1849; records payments from Ann R. Fales to
          non-family members 1847-1873; records money paid to
          Mary Rush by George Fales, 1837-1849.

     F45  Estate receipt book no. 2, 1848-1875
          This volume, perhaps a continuation of the volume in
          F40, records payments to family members and non-family
          members.  Among these are records of renovation at the
          Boar's Head tavern in west Philadelphia (1860-1865)that
          was presumably owned by the estate.  Entries for 1864-1870
          include several two-cent U.S. Internal Revenue
          stamps in brown, blue, and orange.

     F46  Estate receipt book, 1864-1874
          Records payments to family members and non-family
          members.  Entries for 1864-1870 include two cent U.S.
          Internal Revenue stamps in brown, blue, and orange.

     F47  Estate cash book, 1875-1885
          Ledger of financial transactions made by Alfred Baker
          in trust for George Fales surviving executor. Fills
          pages 1-12.

3    F48  Estate papers, 1842-1887
          Contains material related to the court case of circa
          1850 and Alfred Baker's administration of the estate in
          the 1870s.  

          Estate and papers of Mary Rush (d. 1849)

     F49  Estate and papers of Mary Rush, 1844-1849
          Mary Rush was the widow of Lewis Rush.  Her estate was
          administered by John and Lewis Rush.  These papers
          contain material related to the 1849 court case brought
          by John and Lewis against David and Mary R. Hassinger,
          Henrietta Rush, and Anna R. and George Fales.  

          Papers of the sons of Lewis Rush

     F50  Papers of John Rush, 1817-1868
          Contains an 1818 pew rent receipt from the Evangelical
          Reformed Congregation of the City and Vicinity of
          Philadelphia, and an 1868 land agreement with Samuel
          Bunting, Jr.

     F51  Papers of Thomas Rush 1823-1829
          Contains a December 8, 1829 letter from A. Butler to
          Thomas Rush.

     F52  Papers of William Rush, 1824-1832.
          Included are a group of letters written by William Rush
          recording his voyages to Porto Rico and other locations
          in the Caribbean during 1814.  He discusses the effects
          of the British embargo and the states of various
          markets.  He records as well his many encounters with
          other vessels including British ships of war and
          Baltimore schooners.  By 1825, another letter records
          that William Rush has sailed on the brig Columbia to La
          Guaira and Caracas, Venezuela, where he dealt with
          other merchants like Lehman and Roberts, Lowery, and
          Foster and McDermott.  Preserved as well are some 1824
          recipes of William Rush for rose water, tincture of
          castor, and syrup of Sarsaparilla.  Included as well is
          an 1825 invoice for material shipped on the brig
          Columbia by W. Lehman and E. Roberts.

          1814 Jan 12    WR, Porto Rico to   Lewis Rush
               Feb 4     WR, Porto Rico to   A. Piesch
               Feb 4     WR, Porto Rico to   Ritter
          1815 Jul 27    WR, Mont       to   G. Fales & Co.
               Aug 8     WR, Mont       to   R.J. Gravelle
          1825 Aug 25    WR, Laguira    to   Foster & McDermatt
               Aug 25    WR, Laguira    to   Lowry & Myrs
          1832 Jun 11    WR             to   E.D. Beebe

          Series I.10.  Estate and papers of Ann Rush Fales 
               Ann Rush Fales was the wife of George Fales, and
               mother-in-law of Alfred G. Baker.  

     F53  Receipt book, 1850-1876
          Records pew rents paid by Ann R. Fales and Henrietta
          Rush at the Reformed Dutch Church.  

     F54  Estate and papers of Ann Rush Fales, 1845-1884
          Includes a letter of attorney made out to Alfred G.
          Baker in 1884 and a cash account by Alfred Baker made
          in 1876.  

          Series I.11.  Estate of Michael Baker (D. circa 1890)
               Michael Baker's identity is mysterious, he may
               have been the brother of Alfred G. Baker.

     F55  Estate of Michael Baker
          The estate was handled by Alfred Baker from Dec 1890-Mar 1891. 
          In addition to the first account of the
          estate by Alfred G. Baker this folder contains an
          appraisal of the estate by George Fales Baker and James
          W. McAllister.

          Series II.  Papers of George Fales Baker (1863-1929)
               George Fales baker was the son of Alfred G. Baker
               and Henrietta Rush Fales Baker.

          Series II.1.  Childhood materials
               Like his father G.F. Baker filled several
               sketchbooks with drawings presumably made from
               instructional manuals, perhaps even the ones that
               his father used before him.  

     F56  Sketchbook n.d.
          Inscribed on inside cover "George Fales Baker"

     F57  Sketchbook n.d.
          Inscribed on first page "Geo Fales Baker"

     F58  Latin exercises, book no. 4, Feb 1-Mar 15, 1876 

          Series II.2.  Personal Correspondence

     F59  1880-1923
          Contains a letter from A.G. Baker from the Grand Union
          Hotel in Saratoga Springs, N.Y.  Includes
          correspondence from Anne H. R. Baker Lewis.  

          1880 Aug 16    Alfred G. Baker     to   GFB
          1906 Jul 18    Anne H.R.B. Lewis   to   GFB
          1923 Feb 20    Henry H. Belknap    to   GFB

          Series II.3.  College of Physicians of Philadelphia 
               George Fales Baker served on the Committee on
               Finance for the College of Physicians.

     F60  1907, 1914

     F61  1915 Jan-Jun

     F62  1915 Jul-Dec
          This folder contains material related to the estate of
          Louis Duhring (1845-1913; University of Pennsylvania
          class of 1865) which was donated in part to the

     F63  1916

     F64  1917-1919
     F65  1921-1925, n.d.

          Series II.4.  Estate and personal material of 
                    Mary Baker (D. circa 1894)
               This estate was executed by George Fales Baker and
               Elizabeth W. Baker.

     F66  Account book, 1891-1900
          Records financial holdings of Mary Baker with reference
          to what she inherited from Michael Baker and Abraham
          Baker, and is indexed.  Several sheets of calculations
          have been removed from the volume and placed in the
          folder.  This fills pages 1-113, and 150-179.

     F67  Estate papers, 1894-1900
          Contains a copy of Mary Baker's will dated 1894, and a
          copy of the second and final account of the Estate of
          Mary Baker dated 1900.  This fills pages 2-39.

     F68  Estate ledger, Jun 1894-May 1900
          Records financial transactions of George Fales Baker
          and Elizabeth W. Baker on behalf of the estate of Mary

          Series II.5.  Henrietta Rush Fales Baker (1838-1897)
               George Fales Baker served as the attorney for his
               mother, Henrietta R.F. Baker, after the death of
               his father Alfred G. Baker.

     F69  Securities ledger, n.d.
          This contains a listing of the securities held by
          H.R.F. Baker and is stamped in the front "Dr. Geo.
          Fales Baker, Attorney."  Among other securities
          recorded are 1110 shares of the American Academy of
          Music and 115 preferred shares of the American Academy
          of Music.  

     F70  Material related to the estate, 1894-1898
          Contains material related to an orphans court petition
          filed by George Fales Baker, and cancelled checks.

     F71  Estate Bank Book, 1922-1929
          Records balance of account held at the Provident Trust
          Company of Philadelphia.  

          Series II.6.  Estate and papers of Elizabeth W. Baker
               (D. circa 1900)
               This estate was executed by George Fales Baker.

     F72  Papers related to the estate, 1891-1900
          Includes a Letter of Attorney made out to George Fales
          Baker in 1891.  

     F73  Estate Ledger, 1900-1901
          This fills pages 2-27.  

          Series II.7.  Anne Henrietta Rush Baker Papers
               (B. 1868)
               Anne Hennrietta Rush Baker was the sister of
               George Fales Baker and the daughter of Alfred G.

     F74  Sketchbook, n.d.
          This sketchbook is attributed to Ann H.R. Baker on the
          basis of a history exam by her that was found inside
          the volume.  In binding and content, it is unlike any
          of the other sketchbooks in the collection for it
          contains foliage studies rendered in charcoal and white
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