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Manuscript and Archival Collections

Manuscript and archival collections in Special Collections at the University of Delaware Library are listed alphabetically, by title of collection, on this page. Additional finding aids and collection descriptions will be added as they become available. Manuscript collections at the University of Delaware Library are managed in collection Call Number Series as listed on additional pages.

Access to archival descriptions at the University of Delaware Library is transitioning to a new platform. During an interim launch period, researchers may want to search finding aids here as well as the new site:




  1. A. Colish, Press of, archives
  2. Abbey Theatre playbills and related materials
  3. Account book for a Wilmington, Delaware, dry goods store
  4. Albertson family papers
  5. Alden, Henry Mills, papers
  6. Alden, Henry Mills see also Bauer, Charlotte Andrews, collector, Henry Mills Alden letters collection
  7. Alderson, William T., papers
  8. Alexander, Charles, letter to Tom Clark
  9. Allen, John W., journal of a voyage from Boston to Calcutta
  10. Allen, Margaret and Ned, papers
  11. Allen, William F., scrapbooks
  12. Allmond, Charles, papers

  1. American Academy of Music papers
  2. American Association of University Women Delaware Division records
  3. American Association of University Women Mill Creek Hundred Branch (Del.) records
  4. American Association of University Women Newark Branch (Del.) records
  5. American Association of University Women Wilmington Branch (Del.) records
  6. American Chemical Society, Delaware Section archives
  7. American Propaganda collection
  8. American scrapbook of Victorian chromolithographed art prints
  9. American-Moninger architectural drawings of greenhouses and conservatories
  10. Anderson, Harry, scrap album
  11. Anderson, John, account book
  12. Anderson, John, papers
  13. Andrew Clow & Co. papers
  14. Angelica and Amity Presses archive of the

  1. Archaeological Society of Delaware records
  2. Armstrong, Mary F., commonplace book
  3. Arsht, Roxana Cannon, papers
  4. Ashhurst family papers
  5. Auchincloss, William S., scrapbook
  6. Auden, W. H. (Wystan Hugh), letters to Reed Whittemore
  7. Ayer family papers
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  1. Bailey, Jeffrey, collection of James Leo Herlihy papers
  2. Bair, Myrna L., papers
  3. Baker, Alfred Gustavus, papers
  4. Baker - Fales - Rush family papers
  5. Bamberger books archive
  6. Bancroft, Samuel, and Joseph Bancroft and Sons, records
  7. Barker, Elsa, letters to
  8. Barnes, Robert, collection of Curtis & James River paper samples
  9. Barrett, Albert B., railroad letterbook
  10. Barry, Philip, Foolish Notion : a Comedy : production script
  11. Barry, Sir Gerald, correspondence
  12. Barthelme, Donald, collection
  13. Bartlett, Lee, papers
  14. The Bassoon
  15. Bates, Arlo, and George L. Vose, papers
  16. Bates, George Handy, Samoan papers
  17. Bauer, Charlotte Andrews, collector, Henry Mills Alden letters collection
  18. Bazelon, David T., papers

  1. BBC Third Programme radio scripts
  2. Beadle and Adams archives
  3. Beale, Joseph Hoare, journals
  4. Beck, Lewis White, manuscripts of Kant's Critique of Practical Reason and Other Writings in Moral Philosophy
  5. Beebe, Anna, papers
  6. Beer, John, collection
  7. Bell, Clive, letters to Gilbert Seldes
  8. Bemerkungen über Abdrucken: Rembrandt
  9. Bennett, Paul A., collection
  10. Berrigan, Daniel, correspondence and Hanoi poems

  1. Biddle family papers
  2. Biden, Joseph R., Jr., senatorial papers
  3. Billing, Louis, travel diary
  4. Binyon, Laurence, correspondence
  5. Bird & Bull Press archives
  6. Bissinger, Karl, papers

  1. Black family papers
  2. Black, Jeanie Groome, travel diaries
  3. Black, John Janvier, papers
  4. Black, Samuel H. (Samuel Henry), Selected from various authors: Chosen paragraphs, agreeable to the fancy of the compiler
  5. Black Stone Press archive
  6. Black, Lester F., sample book of calligraphic calling cards
  7. Black, Robert M., docket book
  8. Blackburn, Paul, Provenal poets collection
  9. Blanding family papers
  10. Blank, Frederic A., papers
  11. Blessington, Marguerite, Countess of, letter to William Longman

  1. Böer, Karl Wolfgang, papers
  2. Böer, Karl Wolfgang, papers supplement
  3. Boggs, J. Caleb, letter to John M. Dawson
  4. Bogosian, Eric, The Revolutionary Aesthetic of Beauty : essay
  5. Boland, Eavan, "March 1 1847. By The First Post" poem
  6. Bolger, Dermot, discussion with Tim Murray and Rebecca Johnson Melvin
  7. Bongé, Lyle, correspondence with James Leo Herlihy
  8. Book of hours : Use of Noyon
  9. Bookbinding notes
  10. Booth, James C., papers
  11. Booth, Thomas R., diaries
  12. Borgnis, Florence & Alfred, travel collection
  13. Boss, Charles, Daily report of Charles Boss. Life and adventures on the frontiers.
  14. Boulter, Clara Agnes, mid-nineteenth century scrapbook from the American South
  15. Bounds, Roland E. science fiction paperback collection
  16. Bounds, Roland E., papers and ephemera collection
  17. Bounds, Roland E., science fiction periodical collection

  1. Bowles, Paul, collection
  2. Bowles, Paul, correspondence with John Widdicombe
  3. Bowles, Paul, letter to Pud Gadiot
  4. Bowles, Paul, letters to Irving Stettner
  5. Bowles, Paul, letters to John Martin
  6. Bowles, Paul, letter to Michael Fordyce
  7. Bowles, Paul, letters to Nathalie Blondel
  8. Bowles, Paul, letter to Ruth Baron Honsberger Poole
  9. Bowles, Paul, letters to John B. L. Goodwin
  10. Bowles, Paul, letters to William Saroyan
  11. Bowles, Paul, papers
  12. Bowles, Paul see also Herrmann, Irene - Paul Bowles collection
  13. Bowles, Paul see also Hoyt, Nancy - Paul Bowles collection
  14. Bowles, Paul see also Sawyer-Lauçanno, Christopher, papers related to Paul Bowles
  15. Bowles, Paul see also Skerl, Jennie, Paul Bowles collection

  1. Boyce, Truxton W., genealogical research and family papers
  2. Boyle, Hilary, letter to Priontios D. Scannlain
  3. Boyle, Kay, letters to Basil Burwell
  4. Boyle, Kay, letters to Helga Einsele
  5. Boyle, Kay, letters to Robert Nellen
  6. Boyle, Kay, papers related to Irish Women
  7. Boyle, Kay, papers relating to the Citizens' Mission to Cambodia
  8. Boyle, Kay, papers
  9. Boytinck, Paul - C.P. Snow collection

  1. Brace, Seth C., collection
  2. Bradley commonplace book
  3. Brayman, Harold, papers
  4. Brayman, Harold, papers supplement
  5. Brennan, Robert, and Maeve Brennan papers
  6. Brenner, Summer, papers
  7. Brewer, William Augustus, bookplate collection
  8. Bright family papers
  9. Brinnin, John Malcolm - Kimon Friar correspondence
  10. Brinnin, John Malcolm, letters to John Matthew O'Shea
  11. Brinnin, John Malcolm, papers
  12. Brinnin, John Malcolm, papers supplement
  13. Brinton family papers
  14. British late-Victorian album with "Ally Sloper" characters and other scraps
  15. British scrapbook of the late Regency - early Victorian period
  16. Brooks, Shirley, letters
  17. Brown, Edward E., Biography of my campaign in the Phillippines
  18. Brown, Harry Fletcher, collection
  19. Brown, Henry Kirke see Bush-Brown, Henry Kirke, "Henry Kirke Brown: The Father of American Sculpture" manuscript
  20. Brown, Patricia D., Colonel, the papers of, related to Vietnam
  21. Browne, Gordon, letters to
  22. Browne, N.B., papers
  23. Browning, Armistead W., Jr., papers

  1. Budd family papers
  2. Bukowski, Charles, "Action": short story typescript
  3. Bukowski, Charles, "The Life of a Bum": short story typescript
  4. Bukowski, Charles, poems and letter
  5. Bullins, Ed, It Bees Dat Way (a Confrontational Ritual) : play
  6. Bunting, Basil, Briggflatts : an autobiography : typescript
  7. Burd family papers
  8. Burdick, Kim Rogers, papers related to Delaware folklife
  9. Burdick, Kim Rogers, papers
  10. Burke, W. Merritt, III, pulp paperback book collection
  11. Burroughs, Edgar Rice, comic book collection
  12. Bush-Brown, Henry Kirke, "Henry Kirke Brown: The Father of American Sculpture" manuscript
  13. Bynner, Witter, letter to Helen Bramble
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  1. C. B. Cottrell & Sons Co. printing specimens and trade catalogs
  2. Cairns, Edward, papers
  3. Calder, John H., Stewart's Diary for 1860
  4. Caldwell, Joseph, papers
  5. Callender, Donald W., Jr., papers
  6. Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament records
  7. Campbell, Thomas, letter to Frederick De George
  8. Canterbury, Katrina, collection of Burt L. Standish - Frank Merriwell books
  9. Carey Bros. Wallpaper Manufacturing Company records
  10. Carper, Thomas R., Congressional papers
  11. Carr, Virginia Spencer, papers
  12. Carroll, Jim, poems
  13. Carter, Frederick, letters to Tom Turner
  14. Carter, John, papers
  15. Carty family papers
  16. The Centennial scrap book

  1. Champney, Richard, Journal of Travels Commencing from the Year 1798
  2. Chance, Elbert T., papers
  3. Chanticleer archives
  4. Chappell, Daniel A., Remarks on board the ship Rambler
  5. Chase, George P., "Madness of rebellion" : essay
  6. Chester, Alfred, letters to Curtis Harnack
  7. Chew, Phyllis G., World War I scrapbooks
  8. Child, William B., letter to Ferris Greenslet with Elihu Vedder poems
  9. Children of the American Revolution see Jones, Frazer, papers
  10. Children's scrapbook belonging to "A.R."
  11. Chrysler Corporation Newark Assembly Plant collection
  12. Chrysler Corporation Newark Assembly Plant oral history collection

  1. Claghorn, John W., papers
  2. Claire, William F., card to Timothy Murray
  3. Claire, William F., collection related to James T. Farrell
  4. Clapp, William, papers
  5. Clark, David, papers
  6. Clark, John Alonzo, the Reverend, sermons
  7. Clarke, Austin, letters to [Michael] Begnal
  8. Clarke, John, On board the ship Governor Morton
  9. Clay, Henry, presentation items
  10. Clayton, Donna, collection
  11. Cleaver, Joseph, Diary kept at Delaware College
  12. Clifford, Lucy, letters
  13. Clifford, William John Cavendish, log of H.M. Ship Undaunted

  1. Coatsworth, Elizabeth, papers
  2. Cobden-Sanderson, Richard, letters to
  3. Coffey, Brian, papers
  4. Coffey, Brian, letter to Dee
  5. Coffey, Brian, letters to Mark Axelrod
  6. Cohen, William J., papers
  7. Cohn, Louis Henry, and Marguerite Hemingway collection
  8. Colburn, Allan P., notebooks
  9. Coleman, Emily Holmes, papers
  10. Collins and Autenrieth architectural works

  1. Colum, Padraic, "The County Mayo" poem
  2. Colum, Padraic, "The Miracle of the Corn" playscript and theater program
  3. Colum, Padraic, "Timbuktu" playscript and letter
  4. Colum, Padraic, letter to Bruce Kellner
  5. Colum, Padraic, letter to Harry [Salzberg]
  6. Colum, Padraic, letter to Mary Ethel McAuley
  7. Colum, Padraic, letter to Mr. Gourley
  8. Colum, Padraic, letters to Edward Frank Allen
  9. Colum, Padraic, papers

  1. Combs, Tram, correspondence
  2. Combs, Tram, correspondence with Agnes Selkirk Clark
  3. Conant poster collection
  4. Conard-Pyle Company records
  5. Conard-Pyle Company records supplement
  6. Cooke, Jay, papers
  7. Corman, Cid, journals
  8. Corman, Cid, letters to David Giannini
  9. Cornford, Frances Darwin, letters and poems
  10. Corso, Gregory, letters and poems
  11. Coughlin, Jack, portraits of Beckett
  12. Cowdrey, Mary Bartlett, papers

  1. Cramp, Edwin S., papers
  2. Cruikshank, George and Robert, collection
  3. Cuala Press
  4. Cumberland, Sharon, papers
  5. Cummins, William Polk, papers
  6. Cunard, Nancy, and Hugh Ford, letters to David Garnett
  7. Curtis, Cyrus H.K., papers
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  1. Daley, Anne, autograph album
  2. Daniels, Pearl Herlihy, map collection papers
  3. D'Arcy, Margaretta, postcard to Bernard McKenna
  4. Darley, Arthur, personal journal of Captain Arthur Darley, R.N.
  5. Davenport, Guy, letters
  6. Davids, Richard W., Centennial Exposition scrapbook
  7. Davis, Richard Harding, collection
  8. Dawson, Ann Fox, Project Jazz Festival scrapbook
  9. Dawson, Luella Delamartre, photographs of China
  10. Day Lewis, C. (Cecil), letters to Terence Tiller

  1. De La Mare, Walter, letters to John Middleton Murry
  2. Dean, William, notebooks
  3. Delany, Samuel R., collection
  4. Delany, Samuel R., collection of manuscripts and correspondence
  5. Delauney, Ralph, collection related to Tennessee Williams' The Rose Tattoo

  1. Delaware Academy of Science Iron Hill Museum oral history recordings and transcripts
  2. Delaware Afro-Latina oral histories collection
  3. Delaware Association of Family and Consumer Sciences records
  4. Delaware clippings and scrapbook collection
  5. Delaware College. Pestalozzi Literary Society
  6. Delaware Council for International Visitors records
  7. Delaware Folklore Society audio recordings
  8. Delaware Health Council
  9. Delaware Humanities Forum archive
  10. Delaware Miscellany collection
  11. Delaware nineteenth-century business and trade card collection
  12. Delaware oral history, Robert H. Richards, Jr., collection
  13. Delaware postcards collection
  14. Delaware State Beekepers Association records
  15. Delaware Theatre Company records
  16. Delaware Theatre Company records supplement
  17. Delaware Victory Bond manuscript collection
  18. Delaware Women's Conference, records

  1. DePol, John, papers
  2. Desegregation of Delaware archive
  3. Di Prima, Diane, collection of letters and poetry
  4. Digby, John, papers
  5. Digest of Town Council Minutes Newark, Delaware
  6. Dinwiddie, Robert, official correspondence and military letters of Virginia Colony Lt. Gov.

  1. Dobson, Alban, Austin Dobson collection
  2. Dobson, Austin, see Dobson, Alban, Austin Dobson collection
  3. Dobyns, Stephen, At Three : poem
  4. Dodd, Mead, & Co. archive
  5. Dodds, George, ship's log for the snow Susana
  6. Donnell, Samuel M., account books
  7. Donnell, Samuel M., insurance records for Newark, Delaware
  8. Doran, James S., private journal of James S. Doran
  9. Dorn, Herbert, papers
  10. Dorsey, George M., letters
  11. Douglas, Lester, collection
  12. Dreamstreets archive

  1. Dukore, Bernard Frank, collection of Barrie Stavis papers
  2. Dunbar, Paul Laurence, letters to Reginald Wright Kauffman
  3. Dunbar-Nelson, Alice, papers
  4. Dunn, Alice Goodsell, notes on British literature and theater scrapbook
  5. Dunsany, Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, Baron, "A Matter of Law" short story
  6. Dunsany, Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, Baron, "A Tale of Revenge" short story
  7. Dunsany, Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, Baron, letter to Katherine Marie Cornelia Brégy
  8. Dunsany, Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, Baron, letter
  9. Durfee, P. B., My Journey to Memphis
  10. Dussauce, Hippolyte, papers
  11. Dutilh family business records
  12. Dyeing catalog collection
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  1. Early twentieth-century British children's scrapbook
  2. Eastern States Archeological Federation records
  3. Eclectic nineteenth-century British scrapbook
  4. Edgerton, Bertha and Ruth, scrapbooks
  5. Edgerton, F. D., medical journal
  6. Eigner, Larry, Cleary Outlined : page proofs
  7. Eigner, Larry, letters and poems
  8. Eigner, Larry, stories : eight manuscripts
  9. Ellegood see Torbert - Ellegood collection
  10. Elliot, Mary Jane, papers
  11. Elliot-McKee family deeds
  12. Embrey, Lee Anna, student diaries
  13. Emerson, H.A., journal of
  14. Empson, William, letters
  15. En Passant archive
  16. Engle, Paul, letters and enclosures to Alex Williams
  17. Enslin, Theodore, letters to Howard McCord
  18. Ernest, John Reynolds, papers

  1. Ervine, St. John G. (St. John Greer), "The Preacher's Practice" short story
  2. Ervine, St. John G. (St. John Greer), letter to Dinner and Morum
  3. Ervine, St. John G. (St. John Greer), letter to Miss Gwen John
  4. Ervine, St. John G. (St. John Greer), letters to Arthur St. John Adcock
  5. Ervine, St. John G. (St. John Greer), letters to Eric N. Simons
  6. Ervine, St. John G. (St. John Greer), letters to Rubinstein and Lawson
  7. Ervine, St. John G. (St. John Greer), letters to Sir Gerald Reid Barry
  8. Ervine, St. John G. (St. John Greer), letters to William Armstrong

  1. Etching collection
  2. Evans, Abbie Huston, letters to Odell Shepard
  3. Evans, George G., family papers and supplement
  4. Evans, Mary J., notebook
  5. Evans, Montgomery, II, collection of Lord Dunsany manuscripts
  6. Everson, William, collection
  7. Evix, D.C., Lonely Hours. A Collection of Miscellaneous Songs and Poems
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  1. Farano, Michel, papers
  2. Farrell, James T., letters to William F. Claire
  3. Farrell, James T., papers
  4. Farrell, James T., see Wallenstein, Barry - James T. Farrell collection
  5. Farrell, Rita, collection related to dance
  6. Feiffer, Jules, Little Murders : second draft screenplay
  7. Feinberg, Sidney, and George Grady, letters from calligraphers to
  8. Ferber, Edna, letters to Flora May Holly
  9. Ferguson, Robert, Land indenture between Robert Ferguson, his wife Jane, and Joseph Kinkead, NewArk, New Castle County, Delaware
  10. Fernald, James C., architectural blueprints

  1. Field, Edward, Alfred Chester, archives
  2. Field, Edward, Alfred Chester, papers
  3. Flanner, Hildegarde, An Elegy For Honor : poem
  4. Flint, William Russell, Sir, letters to Kay Pickford
  5. Ford, Arnold Josiah, Shine On, Eternal Light : a poem in seven stanzas [hymn]
  6. Ford, Charles Henri, papers related to Om Krishna II
  7. Ford, Charles Henri, letters to Ted Joans
  8. Forman, H. Buxton, papers relating to John Keats
  9. Forney, John W., the letters of Occasional
  10. Fotterall, Sarah K., Manuscript recipe book
  11. Foundation Center Cooperating Collection - Delaware: Tax Returns of Private Foundations in Delaware Forms 990-Pf And 990-Ar

  1. Fraim, Robert C., poetical writings
  2. Frank, Waldo, papers
  3. Frear, J. Allen, Jr., papers
  4. Fred's nineteenth-century British album of scraps and greeting cards
  5. Friends of the Newark Free Library records
  6. Friends of Rockwood records
  7. Friendship Fire Company, Wilmington, Delaware, records
  8. Frym, Gloria, publicity materials and typescripts
  9. Fulton, Edward A., collection
  10. Fulton, Gardiner, papers
  11. Futurism collection
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  1. Gallagher, Hugh F., Jr., family papers
  2. Gardner, Ralph D., papers
  3. Garland, Bruce, Thomas Wise collection
  4. Gass, William H., letter to Jonathan Carroll
  5. Georgetown, Delaware, businesses, archives of
  6. German-American manuscript recipe book
  7. German Dyeing Catalog collection
  8. Gerstler, Amy, letter and postcards to Tom Clark
  9. Gibbon, Monk, "Being But Men" poem
  10. Giles, John C., Incidental notes of a trip to Europe made in 1868
  11. Gilmour, Robert, letter to William Young
  12. Ginsberg, Allen, letters to Gregory Corso
  13. Ginsberg, Allen, poems and letters
  14. Giorno, John, letters to William Levy
  15. Girvin family papers
  16. Glasford, Hugh, Land indenture between Hugh and Ann Glasford and Robert Ferguson for property in the White Clay Creek Hundred

  1. Gogarty, Oliver St. John, American lecture tour publicity collection
  2. Gogarty, Oliver St. John, letter to Ernest Augustus Boyd
  3. Gogarty, Oliver St. John, letter to Richard Barry
  4. Gogarty, Oliver St. John, letter to Ted Robinson
  5. Gogarty, Oliver St. John, poems and documents
  6. Gold, Sir Joseph, collection related to Samuel Beckett
  7. Gold, Sir Joseph, literary manuscript collection
  8. Gold, Sir Joseph, political and miscellaneous ephemera collection
  9. Goodloe, Daniel R. (Daniel Reaves), letter
  10. Goodman, Mitchell, letters to Robert Wilson
  11. Goodrich, Lloyd and Edith Havens, papers relating to Albert Pinkham Ryder
  12. Gosse, Edmund, letters
  13. Goudy, Frederic W., papers

  1. Graff family papers
  2. Gratz, Alfred family papers
  3. Gravell, Thomas, watermark collection
  4. Gray, George, papers
  5. Great Britain. Board of Ordnance. Plymouth Office of Ordnance record book of the
  6. Great Raven Press
  7. Green, Paulette, paper collection
  8. Greenwatch Institute records
  9. Greggs, Herbert D., Green Bags/White Linen : a one-act play : typescript
  10. Gregory, Lady, letter and cards to Talbot Press
  11. Gregory, Lady, letter to Dorothy Radcliffe
  12. Gregory, Lady, letter to Grosvenor
  13. Gregory, Lady, letters to Ethel Rolt Wheeler
  14. Gregory, Lady, letters to Mrs. Henry LaBarre Jayne

  1. Grier, A. O. H., letter to Blanche J. Swayne
  2. Griggs, Mary B., compositions
  3. Grindell, John, The overland narrative of John Grindell: Platteville, Wis. To California
  4. Grover, John C., Civil War journal
  5. Grubb family papers
  6. Guare, John see Hoffman, Richard - John Guare collection
  7. Guinan, John, "Black Oliver" playscript
  8. Gutteridge, Bernard, The Ladies of St Leonards : poem
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  1. H. Rubinfine & Son archive
  2. Halio, Jay, papers related to Angus Wilson
  3. Hall, John Wood, shipping papers
  4. Hall, S.C. and Mrs. S.C., collection
  5. Hamilton and Hood papers
  6. Hancock, Winfield Scott, papers
  7. Handy, George, papers
  8. Hannum, Robert Marshall vs. the Wilmington City Railroad Co. papers
  9. Hansberry, Lorraine see Hoffman, Richard - Lorraine Hansberry collection

  1. Harding, Henry A., ship's log of the Otago
  2. Hardy, George, letters to Elizabeth Gurley Flynn
  3. Hareven, Tamara K., papers
  4. Harris, Ella, nineteenth-century American scrapbook
  5. Harris, Mark, papers
  6. Harris, Mark, papers supplement
  7. Harris, Mark, letters to Martha Harris
  8. Harrison Street Methodist Church papers
  9. Hart, John E., collection regarding Albert Halper
  10. Hartshorne, Charles and Dorothy - Jeremy Ingalls collection
  11. Hartshorne, William, bill of lading
  12. Haselwood, David, John Wieners publisher's files for The Hotel Wentley Poems
  13. Haverlin, Carl, papers related to Carl Sandburg
  14. Hawley, Robert, letters to David Meltzer
  15. Hazlitt, Margaret, Recollections
  16. Hazlitt, William, holograph note of subscription to Mr. Saunder's Library

  1. Heap, Jane see Reynolds, Florence, collection related to Jane Heap and The Little Review
  2. Hemingway, Ernest, collection
  3. Hemingway, Ernest, manuscripts
  4. Henderson, Benjie, papers
  5. Henry, Margaret Rose, speeches
  6. Ship Herald Stonington (ship's log)
  7. Herbert, Charles, Revolutionary War journal
  8. Herdman, John David, Jr., Day Book
  9. Hergesheimer, Ella Sophonisba, collection
  10. Herlihy, James Leo, letters to Edward P. Mitchell
  11. Herlihy, James Leo - Lyle Bongé correspondence
  12. Herlihy, James Leo, papers
  13. Herrmann, Irene - Paul Bowles collection
  14. Hewitt, Graily, letters to Sidney Feinberg

  1. Hichens, Robert Smythe, letter to Mrs. Fitzgerald Mann
  2. Hickey, Emily Henrietta, letter to Lord Archbishop
  3. Hill, Mary, correspondence
  4. Historic map collection
  5. Hodge, Frederick A., log of the HMS Minotaur
  6. Hoe & Company see R. Hoe & Company collection

  1. Hoffman, Richard, collection of American and British theater and film scripts
  2. Hoffman, Richard - Arthur Miller collection
  3. Hoffman, Richard - August Wilson collection
  4. Hoffman, Richard - Beth Henley collection
  5. Hoffman, Richard - David Mamet collection
  6. Hoffman, Richard - David Rabe collection
  7. Hoffman, Richard - John Guare collection
  8. Hoffman, Richard - Lorraine Hansberry collection
  9. Hoffman, Richard - Neil Simon collection
  10. Hoffman, Richard - Woody Allen collection

  1. Hogarth, William, engravings
  2. Holland, Thomas Agar, letters to George Reid
  3. Holmes, John Clellon, letters to Richard Douglass
  4. Holmes, John Clellon, letter to Shirley Allen
  5. Holmes, John Clellon, letter to Shirley Holmes
  6. Holocaust Testimonies Project
  7. Holzapfel, Rudi, letters to Ellen Shannon-Mangan
  8. Holzapfel, Rudi, papers
  9. Holzapfel, Rudi, poetry manuscripts

  1. Homer, William Innes, papers
  2. Homer, William Innes, papers related to Albert Pinkham Ryder
  3. Hone, Joseph M., letters to Hylda Wrench
  4. Hood, W. Russell, collection related to typography and graphic design
  5. Horn, Charles S., ledgers
  6. Horn, Charles S., Rehoboth, Delaware, Voter Registers and Tax Assessments
  7. Hoskins, Katherine, papers
  8. Hoskins, Mary A. H., Journal for the year 1857
  9. Hossinger, James, papers
  10. Houghton, Clinton Osborne, diaries
  11. Howell, Charles, journey at sea on board the ship Marcus of Sag Harbor, B. Green Master
  12. Howell, Ebenezer, Land indenture between Ebenezer Howell and his wife Sarah, from Cumberland County, New Jersey, to William Armstrong of Newark, Delaware
  13. Howells, William Dean, letter to Mr. Underwood
  14. Hoyt, Nancy - Paul Bowles collection

  1. Hughes, Langston, ephemera collection
  2. Hughes, Langston see Sissle, Noble, and Langston Hughes, Swingtime at the Savoy : Good Time No. 1 : radio transcript
  3. Hulings, David Watts, papers
  4. Hull, John C., letters to John Thompson
  5. Humberd, Charles, dime novel collection
  6. Hunn, Ezekiel, Jr., letters to Lydia Hunn
  7. Hunt, Leigh, letter to Charles Ollier
  8. Hutchison, Harriet Elizabeth, papers
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  1. Ingalls, Jeremy see Hartshorne, Charles and Dorothy - Jeremy Ingalls Collection
  2. Ingraham, Duncan N., journal of a cruise in the U.S. Steam Sloop Richmond
  3. Irish Theatre journals
  4. Iron Hill Museum see Delaware Academy of Science. Iron Hill Museum. Iron Hill Museum oral history recordings and transcripts
  5. Ives, Mary Olmstead, A year in England
  6. Ivers, M.J. see M.J. Ivers and Company archives
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  1. J. J. Lankes Bookplate collection
  2. J.K. Wright Printing Ink Company records
  3. Jackson, Andrew, autograph signature
  4. Jackson, Frederick, postcard to Mrs. H. E. Poole
  5. Jackson, John, albums of specimens of dried flowers and plants
  6. Jackson, Lucy R., letters to Elizabeth Shippen Green Elliott
  7. Janvier, John, account books for New Castle, Delaware
  8. Jenks, Craigie P., Journal and memo'da
  9. Jennings, Elizabeth, letters & poetry manuscripts
  10. Jennings, Elizabeth, papers
  11. Jennings, Elizabeth, poetry manuscripts
  12. Jennings, Elizabeth, poetry notebooks
  13. The Jenny Lind album : a friendship album from Mary Ann De Souza to Esther Bolster
  14. Jenny Pitts (bark) ship's log

  1. Johannes, de Rupescissa, Liber de consideratione quintae essentiae omnium rerum
  2. Johnson, Charles, papers
  3. Johnson, Everett C. and Louise Staton, papers
  4. Johnson, Fridolf, papers
  5. Johnson, George S., journal of a whaling voiage [sic] in the Atlantic ocean on Board Schr Antarctic
  6. Johnson, R. Brimley, papers relating to Shelley-Leigh Hunt
  7. Johnson, Robert Underwood, collection
  8. Jones, Frazier, papers of the Robert Kirkwood Society, Children of the American Revolution
  9. Jones, Gayl, For Clarence Major : poem
  10. Jones, Thomas F., Sr., papers regarding the Civilian Conservation Corps and Pearl Harbor
  11. Jong, Erica. How to Save Your Own Life : a novel : manuscript
  12. Jordan, John W. (John Woolf), "Random Notes of a Week's Visit to England" scrapbook
  13. Joyce, James, "In the dark pinewood" poem
  14. Junior Order of United American Mechanics Harmony Council, No. 23, Cheswold, Delaware, records
  15. Justice, Donald, papers
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  1. Kallal, Catherine W., papers
  2. Kasebier, Gertrude, papers
  3. Kasebier collection
  4. Kaufman, Alan, letters to Timothy Murray
  5. Kaufman, Alan, papers
  6. Kaufman, Edward E. "Ted", papers
  7. Kean, Charles John, letter to J. Webster
  8. Kells, Press of, collection
  9. Kelley, Robert, "The Common Shore" : uncorrected proofs and letter
  10. Kent, Rockwell, letters to David Wesley
  11. Kettell, George F., correspondence

  1. Kirk, James, family papers
  2. Kline, Herbert, collection related to the film Barabbas (The Thief and the Cross)
  3. Klinkowitz, Jerome, papers relating to Kurt Vonnegut
  4. Knauf, Paul W., Jr., World War II photograph collection
  5. Koch-Messchert family papers
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  1. Laidlaw, Douglas S., letterbook
  2. Lambert, Gavin, I Never Promised You a Rose Garden : screenplay
  3. Lambert, Gavin, Sons and Lovers : screenplay
  4. Lambert, Gavin, Such a Gorgeous Kid Like Me : screenplay
  5. Lang, Patricia Ethelwyn, papers
  6. Lanman, Charles, papers
  7. Larsen, Wanda, papers
  8. Larsson, Raymond Ellsworth, letters, poems, and manuscripts
  9. Latimer family papers
  10. Lavin, Mary, letter to "Charlotte"
  11. Lawless, Emily, letter to Smith
  12. Lawrence, Seymour, papers related to Kurt Vonnegut
  13. Lawton, Rae, travel diary
  14. Layton, Caleb S., correspondence
  15. Layton, L. Lee, Jr., papers

  1. Le Sueur, Meridel, collection see Schleuning, Neala, Meridel LeSueur collection
  2. Le Sueur, Meridel, papers
  3. League of Women Voters of Newark, DE, archive
  4. Leahy, Paul, papers
  5. Leech, Steven, papers
  6. Letters written during a South American cruise, 1827-1828, 1832
  7. Levine, Philip, letters to Stephen Berg
  8. Lewis, Dorsey Waitman, papers
  9. Lewis, Henry Carvill, papers
  10. Lewis, John Frederick, papers
  11. Lewis family papers

  1. Lieberman, J. Ben, papers
  2. Lieberman leaf collection
  3. Lilley, David N., letters
  4. Lincoln, Abraham, autograph documents from the Lincoln collection
  5. Lincoln Club of Delaware, Abraham Lincoln collection
  6. Lindeman, Rachel Leah, album
  7. Lipton, Lew, Harlem Cavalcade : story and screen play
  8. Littell family papers and Littell family images
  9. Livermore, William, papers
  10. Living Theatre ephemera collection

  1. Logan, Rayford Whittingham, letter to Pauline Young
  2. Loos, Anita, A Girl Like I: typescript
  3. Loos, Anita, letters to Ray Pierre Corsini
  4. Lovelace, Ralph Milbanke, Earl of, letter and ephemera
  5. Loveman, Samuel, papers

  1. Lover, Samuel, "Paddy's Portfolio" programme
  2. Lover, Samuel, letter to Andrew T. Thorp
  3. Lover, Samuel, letter to Deane
  4. Lover, Samuel, letter to Edward Wolford
  5. Lover, Samuel, letter to Le Chevalier Chatelain
  6. Lover, Samuel, letter to Mrs. Edmund Grundy
  7. Lover, Samuel, letter to William Pickering
  8. Lover, Samuel, letters

  1. Lowenfels, Walter, letters to Allen De Loach
  2. Lueders, Alfred D., Metropolitan Merchandise Marts. Inc / Clifton Park Manor collection
  3. Lukens family papers
  4. Lunt, Dudley Cammett, Taylors Gut manuscripts
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  1. M. J. Ivers and Company archives
  2. McAlmon, Robert, letters to Edward Titus
  3. MacArtor, June D., papers
  4. Mackenzie, Malcolm L., papers
  5. McCann, Richard, papers
  6. McClure, Michael, correspondence with Arthur and Kit Knight
  7. McClure Publishing Company archives
  8. McCord, Howard, papers
  9. MacDiarmid, Hugh, papers
  10. MacDiarmid, Hugh, papers related to First Hymn to Lenin & Other Poems
  11. MacDonogh, Patrick, letter to Seumas O'Sullivan
  12. MacGill, Patrick, letter, notes, and poem
  13. McGraw, DeLoss, Artwork related to W. D. Snodgrass
  14. MacGreevy, Thomas, letters to Eleanor and Frederick Reid

  1. McKee, Robert B., papers
  2. McKenna, Bernard, collection related to Irish Theater and Writers
  3. McKenna, Stephen, papers
  4. McLeod family papers
  5. Macleod, Norman, manuscripts
  6. MacMahon, Bryan, "The Gap of Life" : play
  7. MacNamara, Brinsley, manuscripts
  8. Mackay, Eric, letters and manuscripts

  1. MAFPA records see Mid-Atlantic Food Processors Association, Inc. records
  2. Mallouk, Robert S., scrapbooks of World War II cartoons
  3. Mamet, David, see Hoffman, Richard - David Mamet collection
  4. Mangino, Jayne, ephemera collection
  5. Manners, J. Hartley, letters to Philip Troup
  6. Manuscript recipe book
  7. Manuscript recipe and clippings book
  8. Manuscript recipe and clippings book
  9. Manuscript recipes

  1. Marshals of Napoleon collection
  2. Marston, Alice, scrapbook
  3. Martin, Edward William, architectural works
  4. Martin, John Hill, family papers
  5. Martin, Joseph, Journal of a voyage from Philadelphia to Antwerp
  6. Marvel, David T., family correspondence
  7. Masten, Cornelius, papers
  8. Matlack family, letters to Samuel J. Matlack
  9. Maton, Charles, Cours de Tissage de Saint-Quentin
  10. Matthews, Elva De Pue, papers
  11. Maulsby family papers
  12. Maxwell, James R., papers
  13. Maxwell, John, letter to Samuel Lover

  1. Medill, Agnes P., Boys' and Girls' Liberty Clubs of Delaware Scrapbook
  2. Merci Train collection
  3. Meredith, Samuel, letters and documents
  4. Meredith, Samuel, papers
  5. Mergenthaler Linotype Company records
  6. Messersmith, George S., papers
  7. Metcalf, Paul C., letters to Ted Wilentz
  8. Meynell, Alice, letters to Ethel Rolt Wheeler

  1. Mid-Atlantic Food Processors Association, Inc. records
  2. Middle Atlantic Archaeological Conference records
  3. Middle States Council for the Social Studies archive
  4. Milford High School (Milford, Mass.), Daily journal of Milford High School
  5. Milford New Century Club archives
  6. Miller, Arthur, see Hoffman, Richard - Arthur Miller collection
  7. Miller, Arthur, The Misfits : dialogue continuity and cutting continuity
  8. Miller, Henry, collection of Reflections on the Life of Mishima
  9. Millgate, Michael - C.P. Snow collection
  10. Mitchell, Colby C., Journal of Rev. C. C. Mitchel from New York/Boston to Smyrna
  11. Mitchell, Littleton and Jane, papers
  12. Mizener, Arthur, letter to John S. Monagan
  13. Mizener, Arthur, papers

  1. Modern Editions Press, pamphlet series one collection
  2. Monroe, Harriet, letters to Grant Hyde Code
  3. Montague, John, postcard to "William"
  4. Moore, George, collection
  5. Moore, George, letters to Lady Leonie Leslie
  6. Moore, George, letters
  7. Moore, Harry, papers
  8. Morgan, Charles, letter to unidentified recipient
  9. Morgan, Charles, letters to Edith Koch
  10. Morgan, Charles, letter to Mademoiselle Engel
  11. Morgan, Charles, letter to Miss Christian
  12. Morgan, Charles, letters to Mrs. Hotson
  13. Morgan, Charles, letter to Reverend R. Barrett
  14. Morgan, Charles, letters to Ronald Armstrong
  15. Morgan, George, papers
  16. Morgan, Lady (Sydney), letter to Henry Colburn
  17. Morgan, Lady (Sydney), letter to Madame Thayer
  18. Morris family papers
  19. Morris, Cleveland, papers related to the Delaware Theatre Company
  20. Morris, Dr. Allston, papers of, relating to Southbridge Medical Advisory Council
  21. Morris, Henry, Swine Print : serial and letter to Anne
  22. Morton, James M., travel journal
  23. Moyerman Autograph collection
  24. Mrabet, Mohammed, correspondence, reviews, and other material

  1. Muir, Percy H., letters to Rev. James Brown
  2. Muir, Percy H., review of John E. T. Clark's Musical Boxes
  3. Mullen, Shaun D. journalism papers
  4. Mulligan, Michael, account books for Delaware City, Delaware
  5. Mulock, Isaac F. R., lecture notes
  6. Munroe, John A., papers
  7. Murray, George W., Jr., and Pauline Murray papers
  8. Murray, John, letter to Mrs. Tindal
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  1. Needham, George G., Diary
  2. Nelson, David M., papers
  3. New Century Club of Newark, Delaware, records
  4. New Jersey. Court of Chancery, The Delaware and Raritan Canal and Camden and Amboy Railroad and Transportation Companies, vs. . . .
  5. New London Road/Cleveland Avenue oral histories and research materials
  6. Newark Music Society records
  7. Newark, Delaware, Digest of Town Council Minutes
  8. Newark, Delaware, transcripts of early church records

  1. Nichols, Beverley, papers
  2. Nichols, Dudley, "The Informer" screenplay
  3. Nicholson, Norman, letters to Alan Young
  4. Nicholson, Norman, Norman Nicholson - Recent Poems : script
  5. Nineteenth-century American Military collection
  6. Nineteenth-century British scrapbook of greeting cards
  7. Nineteenth-century children's scrap album
  8. Nineteenth-century children's scrap album with photograph of two boys
  9. Nineteenth-century scrapbook of theatrical, historical, royal, and artistic content
  10. Nixon-Nirdlinger, Frederick G., scrapbook
  11. Norman, Freddie, scrap album
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  1. Oak Knoll Books records
  2. Oakley, Chris, collection
  3. Oakley, Thornton, diaries
  4. Oakley, Thorton and Amy, collection

  1. O'Brien, Edna, "Virginia" playscript
  2. O'Brien, Kate, letter to Douglas Glass
  3. O'Brien, Kate, letter to Mary O'Neill

  1. O'Casey, Sean, "Purple Dust" essay
  2. O'Casey, Sean, "Purple Dust" playscript
  3. O'Casey, Sean, "The Silver Tassie" playscript
  4. O'Casey, Sean, "Young Cassidy" manuscript
  5. O'Casey, Sean, letter to Angela Barry
  6. O'Casey, Sean, letter to Basil Smeed
  7. O'Casey, Sean, letter to Bethel Solomons
  8. O'Casey, Sean, letter to Bonar Thompson
  9. O'Casey, Sean, letter to Harold Waller
  10. O'Casey, Sean, letters to Bumpus and Company
  11. O'Casey, Sean, Sean O'Casey letter to the editor of The Irish Statesman
  12. O'Connor, Frank, plays
  13. O'Connor, Frank, postcard to Nancy McCarthy
  14. O'Connor, Ulick, papers

  1. O'Donnell, Frank J. Hugh, papers
  2. O'Faoláin, Seán and Brian Friel, letters to Joel Wells
  3. O'Faoláin, Seán, letters to John and Mary Marshall
  4. O'Faoláin, Seán, letters
  5. O'Flaherty, Liam, "A Night Attack" short story
  6. O'Flaherty, Liam, "Martinique: An Original Screenplay" (carbon copy)
  7. O'Flaherty, Liam, "Martinique: An Original Screenplay" (ribbon copy)
  8. O'Flaherty, Liam, "The Seduction" short story
  9. O'Flaherty, Liam, letter to Gerald William Bullett
  10. O'Grady, Standish, letter to Morris

  1. Oliver, William A., Jr., collection related to The Mystery of Edwin Drood
  2. Ollier, Charles, letters to Leigh Hunt
  3. Olson, Toby, letters to Carl Thayler
  4. Onions, Oliver, papers
  5. Orpen, William, Sir, "Stories of Old Ireland, and Myself" manuscript
  6. O'Sullivan, Seumas, letter to Barker
  7. Osborn, Stanley Hart, A diary of the American Red Cross Sanitary Commission to Serbia 1915-16
  8. Owen, Peter, archive
  9. Owens, Frank E. and Anna Hayes, family papers
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  1. Pagany archive
  2. The Park 1 archive
  3. Parker, Charles and Inge, greeting cards to Miriam Willis
  4. Parker, David Bigelow, letterbook
  5. Patriotic Order of the Sons of America collection
  6. Patterson, William D., journal
  7. Paxson, Alfred I., family history, diary, and reflections

  1. Pearn, Nancy, papers
  2. Pearson, G. Burton, Jr., papers
  3. Pedrick, Mark, letter to Adam Harbeson
  4. Pennsylvania. Militia. Regiment, 1st., Constitution, bylaws and standing resolutions . . .
  5. Penny, Georgina M. Cooper, copybook and poetry scrapbook
  6. Pentagram Press archives
  7. Perelle, Gabriel, collection
  8. Perry, Warner, papers
  9. Pestalozzi Literary Society see Delaware College. Pestalozzi Literary Society
  10. Peter Koch printer papers
  11. Peter Owen, Inc. archives

  1. Philadelphia Inquirer see Sloan, Helen Farr, notebooks
  2. Philadelphia Theatrical papers
  3. Philadelphia weather diary
  4. Phillips, Gene, collection of James T. Farrell papers
  5. Phillpotts, Eden, collection
  6. Phoebus, Mia, collection of Tennessee Williams papers

  1. Pieratt, Asa, collection of ephemera relating to Kurt Vonnegut
  2. Pieratt, Asa, papers related to Kurt Vonnegut: A Comprehensive Bibliography
  3. Pierce family papers
  4. Pilsbury, Caroline, letters to Hannah Stickney
  5. Planned Parenthood of Delaware archives
  6. Plough Press archives
  7. Plymell, Charles, manuscripts
  8. Plymouth Office of Ordnance, Great Britain. Board of Ordnance. record book

  1. Pommy-Vega, Janine, manuscripts
  2. Pond, James B. (James Burton), papers
  3. Poole, J. Morton, letter to James Canby
  4. Posner, David Louis, papers
  5. Posner, David Louis, poems and correspondence with John Ciardi
  6. Potter family papers
  7. Powell family papers
  8. Powell, Walter A. (Walter Anderson), letters to William P. Frank
  9. Price, Eli K., papers
  10. Proscenium Press archives
  11. Prueitt, Felix N., photograph albums
  12. Purdy, James, manuscripts
  13. Puymaurin, Jean-Pierre-Casimir de Marcassus, baron de, Receueil d'Observations
  14. Pyle, Howard, correspondence
  15. Pyle, Katharine, papers
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  1. Quintana, Alvina E., Delaware Afro-Latina oral histories collection see Delaware Afro-Latina oral histories collection

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  1. R. Hoe & Company collection
  2. Rabe, David see Hoffman, Richard - David Rabe collection
  3. Rahn, Charles Edward, architectural drawings
  4. Ramsey, Paul, Scenes for a Dying : poem
  5. Rather Press collection
  6. Raven Arts Press archive
  7. Read family papers
  8. Reade, John, family papers
  9. Reading, Philip, Sermons on Various Subjects Preached at Apoquiniminck in the Year 1765
  10. Recipes
  11. Recipes for Cake, pies, & pudding &c
  12. Reed, Henry Clay, papers
  13. Reed, Ishmael, papers

  1. Reid, Christina, "My Name, Shall I Tell You My Name?" playscript and theater program
  2. Reid, Eleanor and Frederick, collection related to Jack B. Yeats
  3. Reid, Forrest, letter to Father O'Keeffe
  4. Reisch, Walter see Sherriff, R. C., and Walter Reisch, That Hamilton Woman : screenplay
  5. Reynolds, Florence, collection related to Jane Heap and The Little Review
  6. Reynolds, Thomas M., letters to Louisa J. Seward
  7. Ribner, Irving, papers
  8. Richards, Mary Caroline, letter to Wanda Shult
  9. Richardson, David Lester, "The shades of evening veil the lofty spires …" sonnet
  10. Richardson, William, collection
  11. Ridgely family papers
  12. Rinard, Sally, papers
  13. Ritchie, Anne Thackeray, biographical introductions to The Complete Works of William Makepeace Thackeray

  1. Robert Kirkwood Society see Jones, Frazer, papers ... Children of the American Revolution
  2. Robinson, Lennox, letters
  3. Robinson, Lennox, papers related to John Quinn
  4. Robinson, Winifred J., papers
  5. Rodney family papers
  6. Rogers, Robert Possac, journal of a voyage from Boston to Rio de Janeiro on board ship Franklin
  7. Rohrman, J. Hall, travel journal
  8. Roop-Rogers family papers
  9. Rosenthal, L. N. (Louis N.), lithographic prints of Civil War encampments
  10. Rosenthal, Irving, papers
  11. Ross, Anne Halsey, papers

  1. Ross, William Henry Harrison, document appointing John A. Nicholson to be superintendent of schools in and for Kent County, Delaware
  2. Rostler, Fritz, papers
  3. Rothenstein, William, Sir, and Sir John Rothenstein, collection
  4. Rowell family papers
  5. Rubber Development Corporation, reports
  6. Rubicam, Charles A., architectural drawings
  7. Rubinfine, H. see H. Rubinfine & Son archive
  8. Ruck, Berta, travel papers
  9. Rukeyser, Muriel, letters to David Posner
  10. Rush family papers

  1. Rushmore, Arthur W., papers
  2. Russell, Frank B., geneological collection
  3. Russell, George William [AE], letter
  4. Russell, George William [AE], letter to Ogden Heath
  5. Russell, George William [AE], letter to [Summers]
  6. Russell, George William [AE], letters
  7. Russell, George William [AE], letters and poems
  8. Russell, George William [AE], letters to James Stephens
  9. Russel, William, ledgers
  10. Ryden, George Herbert, correspondence
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  1. Sajous, Dr. Charles, papers
  2. Salmon Publishing, Ltd. archive
  3. Salmon Publishing, Ltd. records supplement
  4. Saltus, Eliza Howe Evertson, commonplace book
  5. Sanchez, Sonia, letter to Jim
  6. Sargent, Emilie Hall, scrapbook of West Indies and South American cruise aboard R.M.S. Mauretania
  7. Saulsbury, Willard, papers
  8. Sawyer-Lauçanno, Christopher, papers related to Paul Bowles
  9. Saxon, John, copybook
  10. Schleuning, Neala - Meridel Lesueur collection
  11. Schleuning, Neala, poster collection
  12. Schneeman, George, calendars
  13. Schoonover, Frank E. - Thornton Oakley, correspondence related to Howard Pyle
  14. Science fiction periodical collection see Bounds, Roland E., science fiction periodical collection

  1. Scott family papers
  2. Scott, Anne Geraldine, correspondence
  3. Scrapbook of automobiles
  4. Scrapbook of turn-of-the-twentieth century portraits of world leaders and international celebrities
  5. Scrapbook of twentieth-century American Valentines and greeting cards
  6. Seed catalogs
  7. Shaw, Caroline, album
  8. Shaw, George Bernard, card to Fred Terry and Miriam Michelson playscript "The Duchess Barbara [of Leeds]"
  9. Shaw, George Bernard, collection
  10. Shaw, George Bernard, postcard to Daphne Harwood
  11. Shedd, Charlotte, tapes and papers
  12. Shepard, Sam, collection
  13. Sherriff, R. C., and Walter Reisch, That Hamilton Woman : screenplay
  14. Sherry, James, "In Case" : manuscript

  1. Shimura, Asao, correspondence with Gilbert Beale regarding Japanese papermaking
  2. Ship Herald Stonington (ship's log)
  3. Shipley family papers
  4. Shipley-Bringhurst-Hargraves family papers
  5. Shipley, Walter Penn, papers
  6. Shippen, Dr. William, Jr., notes from medical lectures
  7. Shirley, John, papers related to Thomas Harriot
  8. Shorter, Clement King, letter to Dr. George Williamson
  9. Shorter, Clement King, letter to Gadric Gregory
  10. Shorter, Clement King, papers
  11. Shorter, Dora, letter
  12. Signatures archive

  1. Simon, Neil, see Hoffman, Richard - Neil Simon collection
  2. Simon, Neil, Broadway Bound : a new comedy playscript and program
  3. Simon, Neil, Chapter Two : screenplay and letter
  4. Simon, Neil, I Ought to Be in Pictures : screenplay
  5. Simon, Neil, Last of the Red Hot Lovers : screenplay
  6. Simon, Neil, Murder by Death : screenplay and shooting calls
  7. Simon, Neil, Seems Like Old Times : screenplay and shooting call
  8. Simpson, Eileen B., papers
  9. Sinclair, John, Guitar Army manuscript
  10. Sissle, Noble, and Langston Hughes, Swingtime at the Savoy : Good Time No. 1 : radio transcript
  11. Skerl, Jennie, Paul Bowles collection
  12. Sloan, Helen Farr, Philadelphia Inquirer notebooks
  13. Smith, Alexander Howland, papers regarding his forgery of Robert Burns's The Jolly Beggars
  14. Smith, Charles, papers
  15. Smith, Edward F., travel journal

  1. Smith, Gwynne, papers
  2. Smith, James E., pocket diary
  3. Smith, Sydney Goodsir, papers
  4. Snodgrass, W. D. see McDraw, DeLoss, Artwork related to W. D. Snodgrass
  5. Snodgrass, W.D., correspondence with Daniela Gioseffi
  6. Snodgrass, W.D., letters and manuscripts to Jerome Mazzaro
  7. Snodgrass, W.D., papers: Fuehrer Bunker Research Library
  8. Snodgrass, W.D., papers
  9. Snow, C.P. see Millgate, Michael - C. P. Snow collection
  10. Snow, Theodora William, "Journal of voyage to England - travels in England, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland…"
  11. Snow, Wilbert, letters to Homer E. Woodbridge
  12. Snowdon, Ruth J., collection of travel slides

  1. Snyder, Henry M., Notes on Americanization
  2. Snyder, Philip, F., Musical researches . . .
  3. Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts transcripts of letters relating to Delaware
  4. Society of the Cincinnati toasts of the New Jersey
  5. Sombre Reptiles Press records
  6. Somerville, E. Œ. (Edith Œnone), letter to Butler
  7. Somerville, E. Œ. (Edith Œnone), letter to Mrs. Allhusen
  8. Somerville, E. Œ. (Edith Œnone), letter to Mrs. Butler
  9. Somerville, E. Œ. (Edith Œnone), letters
  10. Sorrentino, Gilbert, papers

  1. Sorrentino, Gilbert, letters to David Markson
  2. Southmayd, Henry J., Jr., World War II letters to the Southmayd family
  3. Sowden, Emily, travel journal
  4. Sparhawk, George, journal of the U.S.S. Enterprise
  5. Sparks family papers
  6. Spender, Stephen, letter to Reed Whittemore
  7. Spiller, Robert E., collection
  8. Sprague, William Buell, letters from
  9. Standish, Burt L. see Katrina Canterbury collection of Burt L. Standish - Frank Merriwell books
  10. Stavis, Barrie, letter to Horst and Barbara Hhne
  11. Steele, Daniel, letter to Robert Moore
  12. Steele, Marion H. (Marion Harlan), papers
  13. Stern, Madeleine B., papers related to Joseph de Nancrède
  14. Stewart, Angus, correspondence and publishing files
  15. Stewart, Richard H., collection of Abraham Lincoln material
  16. Stewart, Willard, photographs for the WPA & HABS

  1. Stock, Irvin, papers
  2. Stoddard, Richard Henry, papers
  3. Stokes, William Axton, papers
  4. Stone, Nathan, the Reverend, sermons
  5. Storey, George Adolphus, papers
  6. Strickland, Peter, papers
  7. Strong, Frederick G., journal of a voyage from Boston to Newfoundland
  8. Strong, L.A.G., letters to Mary Turner and Tom Turner
  9. Sturgell, Jack, collection
  10. Symons, A.J.A., papers
  11. Symons, Julian, manuscripts

  1. Synge, John Millington, letter to Fay
  2. Sypherd, Wilbur Owen, papers
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  1. Tatum, George B. papers
  2. Teasdale, Sara, letters to Joyce and Aline Kilmer
  3. Teasdale, Sara, letters to Orrick Johns
  4. Telford, Fred, Charles P. Messick, papers
  5. Textile Manufacturers papers
  6. Thatcher family papers
  7. Thayer, Ceil Smith, papermaking and watermarks collections
  8. Theatre Guild, Inc. collection regarding William Saroyan's Love's Old Sweet Song
  9. Thompson, William G., Briarwood Writers' Alliance correspondence and publicity records
  10. Thoyts, E.E., old paper watermarks
  11. Tilghman family papers
  12. Tilghman, Marjorie J., papers

  1. Tober, Frank W., collection on literary forgery
  2. Tober, Frank W., French revolutionary-era song sheets and pamphlets
  3. Tober, Frank W., manuscript and early printed leaf collection
  4. Tober, Frank W., papermaking and paper samples collection
  5. Tober, Frank W., papers
  6. Torbert - Ellegood collection
  7. Torch Club of Delaware records
  8. Townsend, George Alfred, collection
  9. Townsend, George Alfred, correspondence
  10. Townsend, Joseph Brevitt, papers
  11. Townsend, Joseph Brevitt, papers supplement

  1. Townsend family papers
  2. Tragara Press
  3. Traubel, Horace, You Are Going to Have a Baby : poem
  4. Trumbull, Henry Clay, correspondence
  5. Tupper, Samuel, Rev., diary
  6. Tynan, Katharine, letter to Elkin Mathews
  7. Tynan, Katharine, letters to Aliston [?] Mathews
  8. Tynan, Katharine, letters to Egan Mew
  9. Tynan, Katharine, letters to Langbridge
  10. Tynan, Katharine, letters to Miss Gosset
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  1. Ulster Theatre plays
  2. United States Light-House Board collection
  3. University of Delaware audio recordings of poetry readings
  4. University of Delaware Women's Studies oral history collection
  5. University of Georgia Press collection
  6. University Place Book Shop papers
  7. Untermeyer, Louis, correspondence with John D. Weaver
  8. Untermeyer, Louis, papers
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  1. Victorian paperback covers
  2. Viele, Teresa, scrapbooks
  3. Viereck, George Sylvester - letters to Eric and Era Posselt
  4. Viereck, George Sylvester - John Thomas Head correspondence
  5. Vietnam War Literature collection of dust jackets
  6. Viñes, Ricardo, collection of music manuscripts
  7. Vinton, John Rogers, Private Journal No. V
  8. Virden family papers
  9. Voorhies, Athaliah, spiritual journal
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  1. Waddell, Helen, letter to Stanley Nott
  2. Wakeman, Geoffrey, Plough Press collection
  3. Wallenstein, Barry - James T. Farrell collection
  4. Waller, Alfred and Annie, letters
  5. Walsh, Grace Lloyd, papers
  6. Walter, John, Land indenture between John Walter of Christiania Hundred, Delaware, and Joel Swaine of East Marlborough, Pennsylvania
  7. Wanger, Walter, papers
  8. Waples family papers
  9. Ward, Christopher, letter to Marina Wister

  1. Ward, Christopher, papers
  2. Ward, Thomas, Jr., travel journal
  3. Warren, S. Edward (Samuel Edward), Journal Vol. I S.E.W.
  4. Warsh, Lewis, collection
  5. Wehner, Jacob H. and William H., medical notebooks
  6. Welliver, Miriam E., travel diary
  7. Whalen, Philip, Three Mornings
  8. Wheeler, Ethel Rolt, letters to
  9. White, Willard M. (Melvin), scrapbooks
  10. Whitman, Walt, letter to Thomas Donaldson
  11. Whitman, Walt, manuscript
  12. Wieners, John, holograph poetry notebook
  13. Wieners, John, papers
  14. Wieners, John, see Wilson, Robert A., John Wieners collection
  15. Wiggins, Homer C., collection
  16. Wilds, Jennie, and Caddie Lynch, autograph albums and daguerreotypes
  17. Wilkin, David, Land indenture between David Wilkin, his wife Ann, and Jonathan Germain, Blacksmith, of Newark in White Clay Creek Hundred and County of Newcastle on Delaware
  18. Willett, Joseph,1856 eclectic scrapbook of engravings

  1. Williams, Emlyn, letters to Katharine Cornell and Nancy Hamilton
  2. Williams, Harry F., papers
  3. Williams, Patrick, letter
  4. Williams, Senator John J., papers
  5. Williams, Talcott, papers
  6. Williams, Tennessee, collection
  7. Williams, William Carlos, collection
  8. Williams, William H., papers
  9. Williams, William John, papers
  10. Williams family papers
  11. Wilson, Alexander, papers
  12. Wilson, Angus, letter to Sandra Kent

  1. Wilson, Archibald, Forecastle Journals
  2. Wilson, August see Hoffman, Richard - August Wilson collection
  3. Wilson, Elizabeth H., papers
  4. Wilson, Gregory C., collection of African-American postcards and trade cards
  5. Wilson, Helen Howard, collection of work books for Froebel's System of Gifts
  6. Wilson, Robert A., collection related to James Purdy
  7. Wilson, Robert A., collection
  8. Wilson, Robert A., John Wieners collection
  9. Wilson, Robert A., Marianne Moore collection
  10. Wilson, Wilbur T., map collection
  11. Wilson family papers
  12. Wise, Thomas, see Garland, Bruce, Thomas Wise collection
  13. Wiksell, Gustave Percival, miscellaneous material related to Bliss Carman, F. B. Sanborn, and R. W. Trine
  14. Wolf, Dale E. and Clarice, papers and memorabilia
  15. Wolfe, Richard J., Louis Herman Kinder and fine bookbinding in America : a chapter in the history of the Roycroft Shop : galley proofs

  1. Wolkind, George, papers
  2. Woman's Suffrage collection
  3. Woman's Club of Claymont records
  4. Woolf, Douglas, papers
  5. World fairs and expositions collection
  6. World War II maps and radio broadcasts
  7. World's Columbian Exposition scrapbook
  8. Wright, Charles, Victorian scrap album
  9. Wright, J.K. see J.K. Wright Printing Ink Company records
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  1. Yagoda, Ben, papers
  2. Yeats, Jack Butler, correspondence
  3. Yeats, Jack Butler, letter to Lady Gregory
  4. Yeats, Jack Butler, letters to Elkin Mathews
  5. Yeats, John Butler, letters
  6. Yeats, W. B. (William Butler), letter to George MacDonald
  7. Yeats, W. B. (William Butler), collection
  8. Yellow Barn Press, collection of John DePol wood blocks
  9. Young, Anne Wheeler and William Young, scrapbooks
  10. Young, Pauline, papers
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  1. Zebley, Frank R., papers
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