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101 of the Greatest Films

In Commemoration of the Cinema Centenary


101 of the Greatest Films

A Selected List

Prepared by
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All titles listed are in the University of Delaware Library collection.

400 Blows -- VHS 418

Classic New Wave feature of the coming-of-age story of a boy left to his own devices in an indifferent adult world. Winner of numerous awards. French with English subtitles.

Francois Truffaut, France, 1959, 97 mins.

8 1/2 -- VHS 495

Fellini's autobiographical masterpiece, the unique portrayal of a film director who finds himself trapped by fears and insecurities during the creative process. With Marcello Mastroianni. Italian with English subtitles.

Federico Fellini, Italy, 1963, 138 mins.

Aguirre: The Wrath of God -- VHS 666

"One of the great, mad, passionate, foolhardy masterpieces -- as reckless and as brilliant as Greed or Apocalypse Now" (Roger Ebert). Shot on location in the Amazon, Klaus Kinski is Aguirre searching for El Dorado -- the mythical City of Gold. German with English subtitles.

Werner Herzog, Germany, 1972, 94 mins.

American Graffiti -- VHS 334

George Lucas' lighthearted film about the coming-of-age of a group of high school students in northern California. Great rock'n'roll score.

George Lucas, USA, 1973, 110 mins.

American in Paris, An -- VHS 363

One of Gene Kelly's classic musicals. An expatriate American painter falls in love with the French city and a beautiful, young woman. Features the music of George Gershwin.

Vincente Minnelli, USA, 1951, 115 mins.

Annie Hall -- VHS 553

Woody Allen's romantic comedy won the Oscar for best picture in 1977. Woody plays the neurotic Alvy Singer who falls in love with Diane Keaton.

Woody Allen, USA, 1977, 94 mins.

Apocalypse Now -- VHS 54

Perhaps the most ambitious war film ever. A surreal look at the Viet Nam experience through the eyes of an American officer sent out on a mission to meet with a renegade warrior named Kurtz. Loosely based on Joseph Conrad's, Heart of Darkness.

Francis Ford Coppola, USA, 1979, 153 mins.

Battleship Potemkin -- VHS 673

Sergei Eisenstein's depiction of the mutiny of the crew of the Potemkin during the insurrection of 1905. The bold imagery, stylized composition and powerful, rhythmic editing combine to make it a film consistently voted one of the top ten of all time. **Digitally remastered.

Sergei Eisenstein, USSR, 1925, 65 mins.

Beauty and the Beast -- VHS 18

Jean Cocteau's superb adaption of Marie Leprince de Beaumont's dark fairy tale is an inventive and stylized depiction of erotic obsession, about a young woman's discovery of a ravaged soul beneath a monstrous beast.

Jean Cocteau, France, 1946, 93 mins.

Bicycle Thief -- VHS 451

A deceptively simple story of an unemployed man and his son finding work pasting up signs. The work requires a bicycle, which is then stolen. A landmark of Italian Neo-Realism. Italian with English subtitles.

Vittorio de Sica, Italy, 1948, 90 mins.

The Birth of a Nation -- VHS 825

D.W. Griffith's epic story assessed the political, social, racial and personal consequences of the Civil War on American life, from the perspective of two families, the southern Stonemans and the northern Camerons.

D.W. Griffith, USA, 1914, 187 mins.

The Blue Angel -- VHS 407

The English-language version of von Sternberg's classic, which differs not only in language, but also in some plot variations from the original German version. Marlene Dietrich stars as the cabaret singer Lola Lola who brings men to their knees. English dialog.

J. von Sternberg, Germany, USA, 1930, 90 mins.

Blue Velvet -- VHS 164

David Lynch's demystification of American normalcy. Pitched between '40s camp and the '80s post-modernism, Kyle Mclachlan stars as a college student who discovers a severed ear, leading to a strange and perverse odyssey.

David Lynch, USA, 1986, 120 mins.

Bonnie and Clyde -- VHS 312

Depression era bank robbers Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow are immortalized on the screen by Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty in the controversial and influential film by Arthur Penn.

Arthur Penn, USA, 1967, 111 mins.

Breathless -- VHS 876

A beautiful new video master of one of the key films of the French New Wave, in which a happy-go-lucky Parisian crook (Jean Paul Belmondo) falls in love with an American girl (Jean Seberg) with disasterous results. French with English subtitles.

Jean-Luc Godard, France, 1959.

Cabaret -- VHS 84

Classic musical drama takes place in Germany in 1931 during the rise of the Nazi party. Great performance by Joel Grey as the night club host. Liza Minelli and Michael York star.

Bob Fosse, USA, 1972, 128 mins.

Cabinet of Dr. Caligari -- VHS 493

A newly mastered print of the often imitated Expressionist classic, a hypnotist and the somnabulist under his power wreak havoc in a highly stylized world. Silent with an orchestral score.

Robert Wiene, Germany, 1919, 52 mins.

Casablanca -- VHS 161, VHS 1984, VHS 2321, VDISC 7

The high-water mark of classic American studio film-making, this special 50th century anniversary edition has been digitally remastered and includes the original theatrical trailer, a documentary on the making of the film, and a companion booklet. With Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, Paul Henreid, Claude Rains, Conrad Veidt, Sydney Greenstreet and Peter Lorre.

Michael Curtiz, USA, 1942, 102 min.

Children of Paradise -- VHS 2297, VDISC 9

Marcel Carne's delicate yet elaborate portrait of the actors and thieves who made the Boulevard du Crime their home. Includes interview with Carne, treatment and photos.

Marcel Carne, France, 1943-45, 188 mins.

Citizen Kane -- VHS 626

One of the greatest films ever made, in a version painstakingly restored to its original brilliance. With Orson Welles, Everett Sloane and Joseph Cotten. Cinematography by Gregg Toland, script by Welles and Herman Mankiewicz.

Orson Welles, USA, 1941, 119 mins.

City Lights -- VHS 624

Bittersweet story has the Little Tramp falling in love with a beautiful, blind flower girl and raising money for an operation to cure her. Silent.

Charles Chaplin, USA, 1931, 86 mins.

Day for Night -- VHS 487

One of the best film-within-a-film movies ever made. Francois Truffaut captures the energy and artistry of the filmmaking process.

Francois Truffaut, France, 1973, 120 mins.

Deer Hunter -- VHS 182

Five friends from a dingy steel mill town in Pennsylvania confront the realities of the Viet Nam war and the meaning of heroism and friendship.

Michael Cimino, USA, 1978, 183 mins.

Double Indemnity -- VHS 104

Barbara Stanwyck is the platinum blonde, Fred MacMurray the insurance salesman she ensnares in a plot to kill her businessman-husband and collect on the double-indemnity clause in his policy. Classic American film noir.

Billy Wilder, USA, 1944, 107 mins.

Dracula -- VHS 708

Bela Lugosi stars as the debonair Count in this classic version of Bram Stoker's tale of the bloodsucking fiend.

Tod Browning, USA, 1931, 75 mins.

Duck Soup -- VHS 316

One of the funniest films by the Marx Brothers! The small nation of Fredonia has given Groucho complete power to restore order. Political satire and madness both. With Margaret Dumont and Louis Calhern.

Leo McCarey, USA, 1933, 70 mins.

East of Eden -- VHS 1330

From John Steinbeck's novel of conflict and alienation between a father and his son. James Dean gives a haunting and powerful performance in his first starring role.

Elia Kazan, USA, 1955, 115 mins.

Easy Rider -- VHS 277

Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper play two drifters who motorcycle their way across America only to be confronted with violence and bigotry.

Dennis Hopper, USA, 1969, 94 mins.

Fellini Satyricon -- VHS 423

Federico Fellini's surreal odyssey through pagan Rome. A bizarre, hallucinatory journey that is a feast for the eyes.

Federico Fellini, Italy, 1969, 129 mins.

The General -- VHS 642

Considered by many to be the last great comedy of the silent era. A Confederate Army reject, Keaton, commandeers a locomotive engine and sets off in hot pursuit of Union soldiers in one of the truly greatest chase scenes ever. With a new musical score.

B. Keaton/Clyde Bruckman, USA, 1927, 76 mins.

The Godfather I and II -- VHS 53, VHS 966

Epic work based on the novel by Mario Puzo concerning the lives of a New York-based crime syndicate family featuring a fabulous cast, including Marlon Brando, Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino and Robert Duvall. Godfather Part II won seven Academy Awards.

Francis Ford Coppola, USA, 1972-74, 371 mins.

Gone With the Wind -- VHS 297, VHS 2974

A film beyond criticism, a work that welds together Hollywood classicism and literary adaption with grace. With Clark Gable, Vivian Leigh, Leslie Howard, Olivia de Havilland and Hattie McDaniel.

Victor Fleming, USA, 1939, 222 mins.

Grand Illusion -- VHS 2151

A beautifully mastered version of Jean Renoir's great masterpiece, a classic comment on war's fading glory. With Jean Gabin, Pierre Fresnay and Erich von Stroheim. French with English subtitles.

Jean Renoir, France, 1937, 111 mins.

High Noon -- VHS 303

Gary Cooper won an Oscar for his portrayal of a sheriff who is abandoned by the town he has sworn to protect. Grace Kelly is his young bride. One of the most suspenseful Westerns ever made.

Fred Zinneman, USA, 1952, 84 mins.

Hiroshima Mon Amour -- VHS 23

From the beginning, in which the love-making of a French actress (Emmanuelle Riva) and a Japanese architect (Eiji Okada) is intercut with newsreel footage of Hiroshima's atomic holocaust and its aftermath, to the couple's painful walk through the reconstructed city, Resnais' film captures both the pain and the richness of war. French with English subtitles.

Alain Resnais, France, 1959, 91 mins.

His Girl Friday -- VHS 812

One of the wittiest Hollywood comedies: Rosalind Russell is the ace reporter ready to quit for marraige; Cary Grant, her editor, trying to convince her to stay. Sophisticated comedy from Howard Hawks.

Howard Hawks, USA, 1940, 95 mins.

Intolerance -- VHS 832

The fall of Babylon, death of Christ, massacre of the Huguenots, and a modern drama--all cross-cut and building with enormous energy to a thrilling chase and finale. Far ahead of its time, this film by D.W. Griffith presents a powerful viewing experience. The sets for the Babylonian sequence were the largest ever built for a film.

D.W. Griffith, USA, 1916, 190 mins.

King Kong -- VHS 287

The story of the great ape, his capture, escape and doomed attempt to run away with the woman he loves. Early, spectacular special effects.

Merian C. Cooper, USA, 1933, 100 mins.

La Dolce Vita -- VHS 290

Considered a landmark achievement even by Fellini's standards, this film explores the surface realities in the life of a society journalist. Stars Marcello Mastroianni.

Federico Fellini, Italy, 1960, 175 mins.

L'Aventura -- VHS 628

A film about the fragility of human relationships, which established Antonioni as a major talent. A party of rich Italians land on an uninhabited island, and one young woman disappears. Italian with English subtitles.

Michelangelo Antonioni, Italy, 1960, 145 mins.

Lancelot of the Lake -- VHS 509

Robert Bresson's haunting, mystical masterpiece is set in the last days of the age of chivalry, depicting the doomed quest of the Knights of the Round Table for the Holy Grail. This is a film as audacious as it is mesmerizing. French with English subtitles.

Robert Bresson, France, 1975, 80 mins.

The Last Laugh -- VHS 1367

One of the major works of German silent cinema, Friedrich W. Murnau's class drama depicts the fall of a respected, aging, hotel doorman (Emil Jannings), who is cruelly stripped of his position and reduced to bathroom attendant. Cinematography by Karl Freund.

Friedrich W. Murnau, Germany, 1923, 91 min.

Last Year at Marienbad -- VHS 19

The strange geometry of a romantic triangle marks the beginning of this elegant, labyrinthine puzzle. Highly stylized, this surreal film is the subject of myrian interpretations. French with English subtitles.

Alan Resnais, France, 1961, 90 mins.

Lawrence of Arabia -- VHS 283

Expansive, romantic screen version of the biography of T.E. Lawrence, the English leader of the Arab revolt against Turkey in WW I. Starring Peter O'Toole as Lawrence.

David Lean, England, 1962, 222 mins.

M -- VHS 313

Police and criminals alike track down a psychopathic child killer in this masterpiece by Fritz Lang. Peter Lorre as the murderer delivers an unforgettable performance. German with English subtitles.

Fritz Lang, Germany, 1931, 95 mins.

Magnificent Ambersons -- VHS 668

Orson Welles' classic film about the decline of a wealthy midwestern family. The camera work is especially noteworthy. Starring Joseph Cotten and Agnes Moorehead.

Orson Welles, USA, 1942, 88 mins.

Malcolm X -- VHS 2875

What may turn out to be Spike Lee's greatest film is the story of the life of the 1960's black activist. A superb performance by Denzel Washington in the title role.

Spike Lee, USA, 1992, 193 mins.

Maltese Falcon -- VHS 831

Outstanding detective drama which improves with each viewing and never ceases to amaze. Great actors Humphrey Bogart, Mary Astor, Sydney Greenstreet and Peter Lorre, based on Dashiell Hammet's thriller, directed by John Huston.

John Huston, USA, 1941, 101 mins.

Marriage of Maria Braun -- VHS 499

Rainer Werner Fassbinder's film about a German woman who marries a Wehrmacht officer whom she loses to the war. One of Fassbinder's most straighforward narratives, it has his odd mix of social commentary, offbeat humor and perverse eroticism. German with English subtitles.

Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Germany, 1979, 120 mins.

Mean Streets -- VHS 322

Set in New York's Little Italy, Mean Streets follows Harvey Keitel as he slowly climbs into the hierarchy of a local Mafia family. Keenly observed, gritty and violent, this early film by Scorsese clearly foreshadowed his later work, and established him as a major American talent. With Robert DeNiro, Cesare Danova and Amy Robinson.

Martin Scorsese, USA, 1973, 112 mins.

Mephisto -- VHS 399

An actor in pre-war Germany, whose quest for success leads him to subordinate everything, is ultimately drawn into a poisonous circle of evil from which he can no longer escape. English dubbed.

Istvan Szabo, Hungary, 1981, 132 mins.

Metropolis -- VHS 398

The first classic of the science fiction genre. Visually stunning depiction of a giant city controlled by an authoritarian industrialist who lives in a paradise-like garden while the workers live and struggle in subterranean sections of the city. Silent.

Fritz Lang, Germany, 1926, 90 mins.

Modern Times -- VHS 172

Charlie Chaplin's satire of life in an industrial society as Charlie confronts all the dehumanizing inventions of a futuristic manufacturing plant.

Charles Chaplin, USA, 1936, 89 mins.

Mother (Okasan) -- VHS 1938

Mikio Naruse's portrait of silent sacrifice and secret strength, the moving story of the Fukuhara family, whose business is in ruins, and whose lives are filled with tragedy. Japanese with English subtitles.

Mikio Naruse, Japan, 1952, 98 mins.

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington -- VHS 13

James Stewart stars in this classic American film as the naive Jeff Smith; it is a moving vision of honor amid political squalor.

Frank Capra, USA, 1939, 125 mins.

Nanook of the North -- VHS 1352

Early documentary study of the daily life and hardships of an Eskimo family, still considered superb filmmaking and a landmark. This print has an organ music sound track. Silent.

Robert Flaherty, USA, 1922, 55 mins.

Nashville -- VHS 999

An explosive drama and human comedy that interweaves the lives of 24 major characters during a five-day period in the country music capital. A penetrating and multilevel portrait of America.

Robert Altman, USA, 1975, 159 mins.

The Night of the Hunter -- VHS 1700

Atmospheric, frightening story of a psychotic, self-styled preacher (Robert Mitchum) who searches for the hidden, stolen money of a hanged man. Charles Laughton makes the most of his only screen credit as a director.

Charles Laughton, USA, 1955, 93 mins.

North by Northwest -- VHS 1004

A classic thriller by the master of suspense. Cary Grant stars as the victim of mistaken identity who becomes the target of an international espionage ring. With Eva Marie Saint.

Alfred Hitchcock, USA, 1959, 136 mins.

Nosferatu -- VHS 3105

Eerie telling of the Dracula story is richly infused with the subtle tones of nature: both pure and fresh, as well as twisted and sinister. Newly restored, this version was remastered from a 35mm negative and includes recently discovered scenes and inter-titles freshly translated from the original German script.

Friedrich W. Murnau, Germany, 1922, 84 mins.

Notorious -- VHS 567

Classy, complex thriller set in Rio de Janeiro at the height of World War II. Ingrid Bergman is involved in an espionage scheme to marry a Nazi spy (Claude Rains) in the hope of helping American spy agent Cary Grant.

Alfred Hitchcock, USA, 1946, 102 mins.

Official Story -- VHS 636

Winner of the Oscar for best foreign-language film unforgettably details the destruction of a middle-class Argentinian family. Spanish with English subtitles.

Luis Puenzo, Argentina, 1985, 110 mins.

On the Waterfront -- VHS 368

A tough uncompromising look at corruption on the New York waterfront. Marlon Brando plays Terry Malloy a one-time prize fighter who is now a longshoreman. A classic American film.

Elia Kazan, USA, 1954, 108 mins.

Open City -- VHS 373

This key film of Italian Neo-Realism, shot largely during the Nazi occupation of Rome, tells of two resistance leaders, one a Communist, the other a priest, who work toward weakening the German occupation. With a great performance by Anna Magnani, Italian with English subtitles.

Roberto Rossellini, Italy, 1945, 103 mins.

Passion of Joan of Arc -- VHS 390

One of the most poignant, terrifying and unrelentingly emotional historical documents ever filmed. Called an austere masterpiece in reference to the stark sets and extreme close-up photography, Joan of Arc is beautifully portrayed by Renee Falconetti. Silent.

Carl Theodor Dreyer, France, 1928, 114 mins.

Persona -- VHS 1347

Ingmar Bergman's greatest achievement, a study of madness, breakdown and transference of identity, the story concerns an accomplished actress who unaccountably loses her will to speak, and her shifting, intricate and elaborate relationship with the nurse assigned to her rehabilitation. Swedish with English subtitles.

Ingmar Bergman, Sweden, 1967, 81 mins.

Philadelphia Story -- VHS 318

One of the most charming romantic comedies ever to grace the screen, with a splendid cast, including Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant, and James Stewart.

George Cukor, USA, 1940, 118 mins.

The Producers -- VHS 2514

Mel Brooks' hilarious hit about the plot to produce a Broadway bomb titled "Springtime for Hitler." Unfortunately, the play is a smash. With Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder.

Mel Brooks, USA, 1968, 88 mins.

Psycho -- VHS 569, VDISC 61

A masterpiece of madness and terror, this film singlehandedly changed the Hollywood horror film forever.

Alfred Hitchcock, USA, 1960, 109 mins.

Public Enemy -- VHS 2022

James Cagney explodes on the screen in one of his most famous roles as a notorius criminal. This is the film with the infamous "grapefruit scene!"

William Wellman, USA, 1931, 83 mins.

Raging Bull -- VHS 105, VHS 2605

Scorcese's magnificent take on the decay of the American Dream. Robert DeNiro gives an incredible performance as Jake LaMotta, the controversial middleweight fighter of the 1940's. Breathtaking cinematography.

Martin Scorsese, USA, 1980, 127 mins.

Rashomon -- VHS 369

The brilliant study of truth by Japan's Akira Kurosawa. Four people are witness to a rape, but each retells the event differently. Best Foreign Film of 1951. Japanese with English subtitles.

Akira Kurosawa, Japan, 1951, 89 mins.

Red River -- VHS 2232

Two-fisted, Western cattle-drive classic features John Wayne as Thomas Dunson, a tyrant of the trail who alienates his foster son (Montgomery Clift) and causes a sagebrush mutiny.

Howard Hawks, USA, 1948, 133 mins.

Repulsion -- VHS 416

A study of sexual dementia by director Roman Polanski, starring Catherine Deneuve in the part of a young girl tormented by the thought of sex to the point of madness. English dialog.

Roman Polanski, England, 1965, 105 mins.

Rosemary's Baby -- VHS 1826

A young woman is forced to mate with the devil in order to bring forth his son. Ruth Gordon is wonderful as the seemingly normal neighbor who is part of a group of devil worshippers. Mia Farrow and John Cassavetes star.

Roman Polanski, USA, 1968, 136 mins.

Rules of the Game -- VHS 404

A satirical anatomy of polite society, with a mixture of farce and bitterness. Set at a weekend party at the chateau of the rich Marquis de la Chayniest, the story concerns complicated love intrigues. French with English subtitles.

Jean Renoir, France, 1939, 90 mins.

Schindler's List -- VHS 3207

The true story of the enigmatic Oskar Schindler, a member of the Nazi party, womanizer and war profiteer, who saved the lives of more than 1,100 Jews during the holocaust. Winner Oscar for Best Picture, 1993.

Stephen Spielberg, USA, 1993, 197 mins.

Searchers -- VHS 648

John Ford Western starring John Wayne as Ethan Edwards, a Civil War veteran intent on finding the daughters of his murdered brother, who have been captured by the Comanches. With Jeffrey Hunter, Ward Bond and Natalie Wood.

John Ford, USA, 1956, 119 mins.

Seven Samurai -- VHS 564, VDISC 6

A groundbreaking film set in medieval Japan, Kurosawa's epic centers on a group of impoverished peasants who enlist the protection of seven unemployed samurai to defend their property and harvest from the brutal bandits who terrorize their village. Japanese with English subtitles.

Akira Kurosawa, Japan, 1954, 208 mins.

Seventh Seal -- VHS 400

Bergman's powerful allegory of man's search for meaning in life is stunningly visualized. A knight, upon return from the Crusades, plays chess with Death while the Plague ravages medieval Europe. Swedish with English subtitles.

Ingmar Bergman, Sweden, 1956, 96 mins.

Singin' in the Rain -- VHS 998

An exhilirating and fast-moving musical comedy starring Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds which spoofs the troubles brought on by the onset of sound to motion pictures.

Gene Kelly/Stanley Donen, USA, 1951, 103 mins.

Some Like it Hot -- VHS 111

Perhaps the funniest American Film of the 1950's, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon play two second rate musicians on the run from the Chicago mob. The fun begins when they dress up in drag. Marilyn Monroe plays Sugar, the singer in an all-female band, and Joe E. Brown is an eccentric millionaire in love with Lemmon in drag.

Billy Wilder, USA, 1959, 122 mins.

Stagecoach -- VHS 1193

John Ford at his greatest in a story of nine passengers on a Cheyenne-bound stagecoach, each with a singular reason for the journey, determined to live through the dangerous trip. With John Wayne, Claire Trevor, John Carradine, Andy Devine.

John Ford, USA, 1939, 96 mins.

Strangers on a Train -- VHS 996

A complexly plotted, diabolically humorous suspense thriller about two murders planned by strangers after an accidental meeting. Hitchcock's mise-en-scene is rich in detail and subtle in its insinuations.

Alfred Hitchcock, USA, 1951, 101 mins.

Sunset Boulevard -- VHS 14, VDISC 63

Gloria Swanson is the aging silent film queen, William Holden the struggling writer, in this bizarre, dark and desperate portrait of Hollywood.

Billy Wilder, USA, 1950, 110 mins.

The Third Man -- VHS 834

Expressive, nightmarish masterpiece about an American pulp fiction writer's search for the mysterious and enigmatic war profiteer Harry Lime (a wonderful Orson Welles) in post-war Vienna. The film welds German expressionism, British classicism and American b-movie energy and motion.

Carol Reed, Britain, 1949, 104 mins.

Touch of Evil -- VHS 415

This is a complete, restored version. Welles plays a sleazy, corrupt police official in a squalid town on the Mexican border, matching wits with Charlton Heston. With Janet Leigh, Marlene Dietrich and Zsa Zsa Gabor.

Orson Welles, USA, 1958, 108 mins.

Treasure of Sierra Madre -- VHS 86

Pauline Kael calls this "one of the strongest of all American movies." Three Americans strike it rich and greed takes over. With Humphrey Bogart, Walter Huston, and Robert Blake.

John Huston, USA, 1948, 120 mins.

Triumph of the Will -- VHS 457

Enormously controversial film record of a Nazi solidarity rally at Nuremberg in 1934, crafted by Riefenstahl in her second directorial assignment. A fascinating lesson in the methods used by the Nazis to inspire national support. German with English subtitles.

Leni Riefenstahl, Germany, 1936, 80 mins.

Ugetsu -- VHS 667

Kenji Mizoguchi's poetic, elliptical and ghost-like work set in feudal, war-ravaged, 16th century Japan about the opposite fortunes of two peasants who abandon their families to accumulate wealth and prestige and find emptiness and despair. Japanese with English subtitles. Newly remastered, translated and subtitled print.

Kenji Mizoguchi, Japan, 1953, 96 mins.

Umberto D -- VHS 332

Poignant film about a retired civil servant trying to maintain some sort of dignity and life for himself and his dog on his meager government pension. Italian with English subtitles.

Vittorio De Seca, Italy, 1955, 89 mins.

Un Chien Andalou/Land Without Bread -- VHS 2770

Two great early films by Luis Bunuel. The surreal Un Chien Andalou continues to shock audiences today as it did in 1928. A horrific account of one of Spain's most desolate regions, Un Chien Andalou is a documentary made all the more harrowing for its travelogue style.

Luis Bunnuel, Spain, 1928/32, 42 mins.

Vampyr -- VHS 716

Vampyr tells with extraordinary images the harrowing story of a young man who unwittingly becomes involved with two sisters and their father, all victims of a vampire. Brilliant use of shadow, light, camera movement and settings. German with English subtitles.

Carl Theodor Dreyer, Denmark, 1931, 75 mins.

Viridiana -- VHS 715

Bunuel's outrageous and devastating attack on religion and society. Full of Freudian symbolism, the film ends in a famous orgy of destruction, containing Bunuel's blasphemous scene of The Last Supper. The film that got Bunuel kicked out of Spain. Spanish with English subtitles.

Luis Bunuel, Spain, 1961, 90 mins.

Way Down East -- VHS 1361

One of the landmarks of the American silent screen; it is the powerful story of a young and beautiful girl who is seduced in the wicked city. Features the famous scene of Lillian Gish adrift on the ice floes.

D. W. Griffith, USA, 1920, 192 mins.

The Wild Bunch -- VHS 645

About a group of aging outlaws on their final rampage, this film broke new ground in the realistic depiction of violence on the screen.

Sam Peckinpah, USA, 1969, 127 mins.

Wild Strawberries -- VHS 492

An aged Stockholm professor recollects his past experiences and becomes aware, for the first time, of his failings and shortcomings. With Bibi Anderson, Ingrid Thulin, Gunnar Bjornstrand. Swedish with English subtitles.

Ingmar Bergman, Sweden, 1957, 95 mins.

Wizard of Oz -- VHS 566

Judy Garland, Ray Bolger, Jack Haley, Bert Lahr, Frank Morgan, Margaret Hamilton, Billie Burke, and Toto in the land of Oz, in MGM's great, Technicolor fantasy where Judy follows the yellow brick road.

Victor Fleming, USA, 1939, 101 mins.

Woman in the Dunes -- VHS 385

A beautiful new video master of Teshigahara's symbolic and sensual tale about the enigmatic relationship between a man and a woman living at the bottom of a sandpit. Japanese with English subtitles.

Hiroshi Teshigahara, Japan, 1964, 123 mins.

The World of Apu -- VHS 647

The final part of Satyajit Ray's stunning Apu trilogy is a lyrical, contemplative and poignant summing up of the earlier films' themes and stylistic preoccupations. Its story traces Apu's leap into adulthood, the consequences of his marriage and birth of his first child. Bengali with English subtitles.

Satyajit Ray, India, 1959, 105 mins.

Yojimbo -- VHS 1917

Kurosawa's first full-length comedy. Toshiro Mifune is the unemployed samurai warrior who comes to a small village torn apart by two warring factions, where he is hired first by one side, then by the other. Japanese with English subtitles.

Akira Kurosawa, Japan, 1961, 110 mins.