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Southern Fodder Corn of
Superior Quality
, n.d.

Agricultural holdings in Special Collections consists of over five hundred and fifty titles published from the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries. The strength of the collection is in American works published between 1780 and 1880, but also includes representative examples of British, French, and German agricultural publications. Of these holdings over a hundred and fifty titles comprise the publications of agricultural and horticultural societies from throughout the United States, providing a record of organized agricultural cooperation and the spread of agricultural progress across the country. Among the earliest societies whose publications are represented in Special Collections are the Agricultural Society of South Carolina, organized in 1785; the Society for the Promotion of the Useful Arts, organized in 1804 as successor to the Society for the Promotion of Agriculture, Arts, and Manufactures, and predecessor to the New York State Agricultural Society; and the Chester County Cabinet of Natural History, founded in 1826 by William Darlington.

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