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World War II
Maps and Radio Broadcasts

1940 - 1945

Manuscript Collection Number: 325
Accessioned: Gift of the Stump Family, June 1994.
Extent: 2 linear ft.
Content: News clippings, typescripts of radio news broadcasts, and manuals.
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: December 1995 by Jennifer Paul.

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Table of Contents

Introductory Note

Extending two linear feet and spanning the dates 1940-1945, this collection of World War II Maps and Radio Broadcasts primarily consists of material collected by Emily C. Stump, a Wilmington, Delaware, area resident employed by the Hercules Powder Company. Like the Du Pont and Atlas companies, Hercules operated government-owned munitions plants during the War and also pursued development of other war-related products. As an executive secretary at Hercules, Mrs. Stump compiled for the company briefing notebooks of newspaper clippings which tracked military progress of Allied and Axis powers throughout World War II. She also collected transcripts of daily radio news broadcasts from stations WOR and WDEL. A gift from the Stump family, this collection also includes several military manuals which belonged to Emily Stump's husband, E. Charles Stump, III, a lieutenant in the Personal Affairs Office of the Army Air Forces.

The collection is organized in three series: I. Maps and News Clippings, II. Radio Broadcasts, and III. Personal Affairs Office Manuals.

The maps and newspaper clippings are arranged chronologically, providing almost daily documentation of war operations in the European and Pacific theaters, from December 1941 to September 1945. The maps were originally kept in five dated notebooks, the first of which (December 1941 to March 1943) includes a detailed title index of the 486 maps contained therein. None of the other notebooks contains an index, although the majority of maps are clearly captioned. Interfiled with the newspaper clippings are transcribed speeches presented by Churchill, Roosevelt, and Hitler; as well as photographic clippings of tanks, aircraft, battleships, and other war materiel. From mastheads partially visible on the verso of many of the clippings, it appears that they came from the New York Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, and Philadelphia Recorder. Emily Stump maintained the notebooks until September of 1944, when the responsibility fell to Eloise Adams.

The radio news broadcasts appear in reverse chronological order, reflecting Emily Stump's original organization. The carbon typescripts and mimeographs are dated and headed with station name and time of broadcast: either WOR 11:00 a.m. or WDEL 2:45 p.m. The WOR broadcasts also report stock market activity for the day (usually including Hercules).

The third series comprises Personal Affairs Office manuals and related materials, 1944-1945, which belonged to Lieutenant Stump. Stump appears to have attended training at the AAF Personal Affairs School at 141 Broadway, New York City, and some of the manuals bear his underlines and annotations. The Personal Affairs Office of the Army Air Forces notified families of casualties and provided information about benefits, health and life insurance, and restitution to veterans, widows, and families of deceased soldiers. Other Office areas of responsibility included the transportation corps, the female volunteer corps, prisoners of war, and the reintegration of soldiers into civilian life following military service.

The manuals, sample forms, memoranda and circulars, and pamphlets in this series represent administrative procedures for services provided by the Personal Affairs Office. As a whole, the series documents the Army Air Forces' efforts "to render every assistance possible to the next of kin of AAF military personnel listed as casualties." There are sample sympathy letters for notification of death, sample telegrams for reporting abandoned searches for missing servicemen, flow charts of services for prisoners of war, a map of camps and hospitals in Germany with POWs, and illustrations of Red Cross food parcels for POWs.

Other materials in the series relate to transportation of individuals, flow charts and guidelines for utilization of AAF women volunteers in the Personal Affairs Office, separation policies for military personnel, and benefits and insurance for veterans and their dependents. One brochure is titled "The Gateway to Opportunity for Veterans of World War No. 2" with "Questions and Answers for G.I. Joe and G.I. Jane," and another pamphlet is "Information for Soldiers Going Back to Civilian Life."

Nearly all of the original materials in this collection have been retained, but preservation copies have been made for all of the newspaper clippings in Series I.


Polk's Wilmington (New Castle County, Del.) City Directory. Boston: R.L. Polk and Co., Inc., 1944. V 32, pp.370, 768.

Series Outline

I.   Maps and newspaper clippings

II.  Radio broadcasts

III. Personal Affairs Office manuals

Contents List

Box -- Folder -- Contents

          Series I.  Maps and newspaper clippings, 1941-1945
               Note:  Preservation copies of all maps and
               newspaper clippings are available for this series
               and should be used in place of the originals.

          Notebook 1, December 1941 - March 1943
1    F1   Index

          Dec 1941 - Jan 1942
     F2   [1]
     F3   [2]

     F4   Feb-Mar 
     F5   Apr-May 
     F6   Jul
     F7   Aug-Sep
     F8   Oct-Dec

     F9   Jan-Feb
     F10  Mar

          (Notebook 1, preservation copies)
          Dec 1941 - Jan 1942
     F1a  [1]
     F1b  [2]

     F1c  Feb-Mar 
     F1d  Apr-May 
     F1e  Jul
     F1f  Aug-Sep
     F1g  Oct-Dec

     F1h  Jan-Feb
     F1i  Mar

          Notebook 2, April - December 1943
     F11  1943, Apr-Dec

          Notebook 2, preservation copies
     F2a  [1]
     F2b  [2]
     F2c  [3]

          Series I.  Maps and clippings (cont'd)

          Notebook 3, January - September 1944
1    F12  1944, Jan-Sep

          (Notebook 3, preservation copies)
     F3a  [1]
     F3b  [2]
     F3c  [3]
     F3d  [4]

          Notebook 4, September 1944 - March 1945
     F13  1944, Sep 28 - 1945, Mar 3

          (Notebook 4, preservation copies)
2    F4a  [1]
     F4b  [2]
     F4c  [3]
     F4d  [4]

          Notebook 5, March - September 1945 
     F14  1945, Mar 6 - Sep 5

          (Notebook 5, preservation copies)
     F5a  [1]
     F5b  [2]
     F5c  [3]

          Series II.  Radio broadcasts, 1942-1945
               Arranged in reverse chronological order, as per
               Emily Stump's original files.

     F15  Jun 1 - Sep 12
     F16  Jan 2 - May 31 

     F17  Sep 1 - Dec 29
     F18  Jun 5 - Aug 31

     F19  1943, Jan 4 - Nov 1
     F20  1942, Jan 2 - Dec 18

          Series III.  Personal Affairs Office Manuals

2    F21  PAO Casuality Handbook, April 1945
          With additional policy file pages.

     F22  Prisoner of War Information Manual, February 1945

     F23  Women volunteers, 1944-1945

     F24  Separation of military personnel, 1945

          Miscellaneous, 1944-1945
          Readjustment allowances, VA business loans,
          reemployment rights, training programs, the G.I. Bill
          of Rights, Transportation Corps, War Bonds, Discharges,
     F25  [1]
     F26  [2]

          National Service Life Insurance, 1944-1945
     F27  [1]
     F28  [2]
     F29  [3]
     F30  [4]
     F31  [5]

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