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Wilbur T. Wilson
Map Collection

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Series III. and IV.

Contents List

Box -- Folder -- Contents

4            Series III.  Residence & Property Directory, n.d.  (2 items)
          This is listed alphabetically by tenant, and includes tenant name, address, and the
          name of the landlord.   Also included is the notebook in which these pages were
          originally bound.

     117  Directory, n.d.  (33 pp.)

     118  Notebook cover
          The front and back cover of a "Sit Lux Writing Tablet," manufactured by the
                    J.C.B. Company. 

          Series IV:  Ledgers, 1886-1941  (3 items)
          There are two ledgers in this series, each containing a record of services provided
          by Wilson for various clients.  The entries are grouped by client name, though not
          in alphabetical order, and each volume has an index in the front.  Also included is
          a series of hand-written drafts of a text for "A sketch and notes defining the
          bounds of adjacent territories of Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware."

     119  Ledger, 1891-1900  (271 pp.)
          An account of charges and payments made to Wilson for surveying work.  There
          are several loose sheets inlaid between the pages of the journal.

     120  Ledger, 1886-1941  (215 pp.)
          Includes an account of charges and payments, as well as a list of accounts for rents
          paid by his tenants.  There are a number of loose sheets inlaid between the pages
          in this ledger as well.

     121  Draft, n.d.  (6 pp.)
          Written in pencil and ink, the narrative includes measurements of distance along
          boundaries, a chronology of border legislation concerning the three states (from
          1701-1983), and a description of physical markers.

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citation and reference information

Wilbur T. Wilson
Map Collection

c. 1886 - 1941

Manuscript Collection Number: 377
Accessioned: Gift of the Estate of Wilbur T. Wilson, 1942
Extent: 4 linear ft. and ca. 500 maps
Content: Maps, notebooks, ledgers, directory, and narrative.
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: August 1998 by Arthur Siegel; completed by Tabitha Groh, February 2000

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