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Series II. Notebooks

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1         Series II.  Notebooks
          There are 74 volumes as labeled by a later cataloguer, though the first volume is
          apparently unaccounted for.   Project names, or at least the larger ones contained
          in the notebooks, are written in ink on front covers, though the covers of several
          notebooks are left blank, and several others are very difficult to read due to faded
          ink.  These are mostly small, leather-bound notebooks, generally 5 x 7" or 3 x 5"
          in size.  The following list is a reckoning of the names found on the front cover of
          each volume.

1    44   Volume 2
            no title (includes Lewis B. Morrow to George H. Huber; Elizabeth Whann to
            Helen Cooch; James H. Ray to Frederick A. Curtis; Samuel M. Donnell and
            George J. Porter to Frederick A. Curtis; Allen G. Oliver to Anna May Wilson,
            Elizabeth E. Wilson, Martha R. Wilson, & Alice Wilson; Theodore Armstrong

     45   Volume 3
            Notes for Proposed Street through Ma[r]sh, Elkton, Md. (Aug 1900)
            Shew, Wilson, Jas., & Mrs. F. Kierskis' lots on south side Del. Ave., east of
            Academy St.    

     46   Volume 4
            Jas. A. Wilson to Mrs. Kierski

     47   Volume 5
            John E. Lewis Estate, West B.& O.R.R.

     48   Volume 6
            Robert Frazer, Elkton, Md.
            Donnell Survey at Casho machine shops (April 14, 1897)
            Fibre Mill notes -- excavations
            Mrs. Wm. Morrison (land reserved from Scott sale)

     49   Volume 7
            J. Kinsey Chambers (Nov. 4, 1897)

     50   Volume 8
            Boogy Run survey
            Rathmell Wilson land, bounded by Cherry Hill Rd, Elk Rd., Burk property, and
            B.& O.R.R.  Surveyed Aug. 20 1889

     51   Volume 9
            Lewden Survey

     52   Volume 10
            Survey of St. Georges First Packing Co.'s land, St. Georges Del. (surveyed Jan.
            29, 1896)
            Rose property, South Chapel at P.B & W.R.R.

     53   Volume 11
            Lot at angle of Creek Rd. & Pomeroy R.R.
            J. Kinsey Chambers
            Whiteman to Ebenezer Church (May 20, 1901)
            New road above Corner Ketch (May 1901)

     54   Volume 12
            Thos. Pilling (Vandegrift) lot, East end North side St. (Aug. 13, 1889)

     55   Volume 13
            Campbell & Parrish survey (Nov. 27, 1894)
            Husler property on Elkton Rd.

     56   Volume 14
            White Clay Creek from Fibre Mill to Roseville
            Survey of Wm. Dean's land & Joseph Dean's land on south side of White Clay
            Creek (surveyed Aug. 20 & 21, [188]3)

     57   Volume 15
            McPike survey

     58   Volume 16
            Measurements to curb line and fences from center R.R. to Mrs. Margaret Evans
            John E. Lewis, Elkton Rd.

     59   Volume 17
            Finley land to E. McKee (surveyed May 2, 1890)

     60   Volume 18
            John E. Lewis next [to] Mrs. Southard

2    61   Volume 19
            no title (includes Amstel Avenue; Chestnut St., north; Main St.)

     62   Volume 20
            Albert Lewis to J. P. Wilson, Depot Rd.
            Malone to Lyle, Elkton Rd.

2    63   Volume 21
            no title (includes Wm. M. McKay, Cumberland, MD.; Benj. R. Handy to Wm. M.
            Wilson; Artisans Savings Bank to Leonard W. Lovett; Kate L. Malone & husband
            to Jos. T. Willis; David W. Caskey & wife to Hudson Steel)

     64   Volume 22
            no title (miscellaneous transactions)

     65   Volume 23
            Soundings for fibre works

     66   Volume 24
            Thos. Maxwell N. side Main St. ___ tank & Wilson property
            Caulk property
            Evans property
            Notes for Gradding Lawn at John E. Lewis Farm
            McKee - formerly Finley
            College Deeds
            From Rathmell Wilson & wife to Margaret Dean
            From Sam'l Thomas & wife to Jos. Dean [Jr.?]
            Wright? ____ Dean's Dam
            Geo. G. Evans to Wilbur T. Wilson

     67   Volume 25
            Marrow Rd. (surveyed Sep. 1892)
            Town Lines (Jul. 6-9, 1903)
            Elliott & Evans (for College), Aug. 9, 1903
            Holston to Malone

     68   Volume 26
            Churchman [Henry L.]
            Town Well, at east end
            Blandy property
            New Index for notebooks (vols. 1-27)
               - index is categorized by the original journal numbers and letters listed at
               top right corner

     69   Volume 27
            Pusey Pemberton
            school Districts 39 & 41
            Dr. Clark & Rev. Jos. S. Malone
            Dr. Haines
            J.J. Pie
            Deed from Rath. Wilson to Wm. Dean
            E. Porter farm
            Joseph H. Caleb (Ray St.)
            Geo. Dougherty on Rd. from Depot Rd. to Elkton Rd.
            A.U.M.E. Cemetery

     70   Volume 28
            Caulk property

     71   Volume 29
            [Frank Park] land....east side Elkton Rd.
            College surveys
            N. Chapel from Main to R.R.
            E. Main from P.& N.R.R. to east limits
            Hotton to Ritter Co.
            Academy St. from Del. Ave. to south limits
            Estelle Campbell estate to Sheaffer

     72   Volume 30
            Perry Point
            Russell survey above Strickersville
            J.F. Elliott to Samuel Heiser

     73   Volume 31
            Big Elk elevations. Woodward (Chas. Lewis) watertight purchased by Barnard
            Big Elk Power Co. survey
            E.J. Cranston to Klait [?] & Tanall
            New London Rd. from B.& O. to Cleveland Ave.

     74   Volume 32
            Extension of Pencader Rd. from Clarkdale to Glasgow (Jun. 11-12, 1909)
            Extension of St. Anne's Rd. south from bridge...
            Paper Mill Rd. from south limits to P. & N.R.R.
            Cleveland Ave. from Creek Rd. to Chapel St. (see Frazer Field notebook for
          elevations taken Jun. 29, 1912)

     75   Volume 33
            Depot Rd; Cleveland Ave; & Delaware Ave; & Elkton Rd.
            Depot Rd. from southern limits of town to Pencader line
            Depot Rd. from Pencader line to R.R.
            McDaniel Elevations, northeast
            Elevations for Belmont & Wilson lanes

     76   Volume 34
            Newark benches taken January, 1911.  Established from mean low water at
            Sandy Hook

     77   Volume 35
            Joe Frazer Field
            Cleveland Ave. elevations & cross-sections

     78   Volume 36
            Levels for North Ave.
            Amstel Place
            Latta St.
            Kerkwood & St. Georges Rd.
            Levels for curb from A. A. Curtis to Wilson Lane
            Levels for North College Ave.

     79   Volume 37
            2.43 Miles Rd (State Rd.)  Begin 2:00 Miles north of Duck Creek
            Welsh Tract notes (p.124)
            Jones & Downes lot from Dr. Casperson

     80   Volume 38
            Main St. from B.& O.R.R. to west limits
            Elevations for college campus from Main St. to Women's College -- cross-sections
            Thomas Young survey (May 10, 1921)
            Albert Lewis reservation from College sale & Academy St., Middle line notes

     81   Volume 39
            Creek Rd., Prospect Ave., & Wilbur St.
            Road from Westerly limits Newark to Maryland line
            Mrs. Laura Hosinger to Anderson (Cleveland Ave.)
            Lamb to Thomas Young
            American Fibre Mill -- exterior Tub Building
            Harry Brown to Greater Newark Development Co.

     82   Volume 40
            Elevations for Newark, Delaware, No.1

2    83   Volume 41
            Elevations for Newark, De., No. 2

     84   Volume 42
            East Newark to St. James from Sta. 228 to 288 + 62
            Pencader Rd. from P.B.& W.R.R. to Clark's Dale from Sta.0 to 183

     85   Volume 43
            St. James Road -- East Newark to Sta.227

3    86   Volume 44
            Blackbird and Blackbird R.R.  Sta. Road
            Cross-sections for Main St. from B.&O. R.R. to Newark Center R.R.
            Elkton Road from Main to town limits
            Elkton Road from southerly limits of Newark to Maryland line

     87   Volume 45
            Elkton Rd. from southerly boundary line of Newark to Maryland line
            Ritter Co. levels for drain from works to Run-west end property
            Delaware Ave. & New London Rd.

     88   Volume 46
            Road from Fairview School to Union -- 13500ft. = 2.557 miles

     89   Volume 47
            Road from Lumbrook to Ogleton (pg. 1 to 71)
            Road from north end of Paper Mill Bridge to Milford Cross Roads (pg. 72-160)

     90   Volume 48
            Pencader Hundred from______Clarksdale - Sta.164 to 264
            Philadelphia & Baltimore Pike from Christiana, 1.5 miles west
            Philadelphia & Baltimore Pike from Creek Bridge to Hundred line (W.C. Creek

     91   Volume 49
            State Road, 2 miles north from Duck Creek, Smyrna
            Elkton Road from southerly limits Newark to Maryland line
            Clarence O. Magargal

     92   Volume 50
            Townsend Roads

     93   Volume 51
            Description of lands belonging to the heirs of Albert G. Lewis, Dr. N.H. Clark,
            Geo. G. Evans, Heirs of [stops here]

     94   Volume 52
            McConaughy Property & water ri[g]ht purchased from Andrew Kerr

     95   Volume 53
            Amstel Place from deflection near summit to Latta St.
            Cross-sections for Del. Ave. (pg. 104)
            Elevations for Geo. Rhodes store
            Notes for intersections from Elkton Rd. to Chapel St. on Delaware Ave.
            Notes showing angle of the W. line of Maxwell property & axes of Main St.
            Cross-sections for Academy St. from main St. to Delaware Ave.
            Elevations for Academy Grounds
            Notes locating Elliott & Maxwell lines on Main St. (pg.89)
            Glespie Ave. elevations (p.10-20)
            Notes for Depot Rd., Del. Ave., & Elkton Rd & Main St. intersections (p.102)
            Willard Dougherty to Phillips Packing Co.

     96   Volume 54
            Elkton Rd. cross-sections from intersection of Main St. to town limits taken Jun.
            18-19, 1919
            New London Rd. cross-sections from intersection of Main St. to town limits,
            taken Jun. 19-20, 1919
            S. Chapel St. cross-sections from intersect. Main St. & town limits, taken Jun.
            20, 1919
            Delaware Ave. elevation for curb & axis (see index)
            Depot Rd. cross-sections for concrete walk, on east side road from Women's
            College to Main St.

     97   Volume 55
            New walk on east side Depot Rd.
            Elevation from middle of Depot Rd. to town well -- pgs. 109 & 111.  Elevation
            from middle of Main St. to Wilson Lane & Collins Line
            Wm. P. Wollaston Cleveland Ave. lots
            Dimen. ___ ___ purchase
            Henry Warner McNeal purchase from Jacob Thomas Company (page 70)

     98   Volume 56
            Walter H. Dilks' Farm, Elk. Riv'r
            Elevations for curb on north side of prospect Ave. -- front Tweed & others
            Geo. Steel Estate survey -- W.E. Norris Wright front walk
            Kilman & Blake lines
            Colored School Tract & Gray survey
            N.E.W. east end building sights
            levels for Steam-Pipe line from Science Hall to Domestic Science Bldg.
            Wm. Dean & Rose survey at McKee lane
            School lot #2 (Huber)
            Fader, Frank curb
            Norris Wright front walk & wall (pgs. A-B near back of book)
            Notes for Academy St. from Del. Ave. (intersection) to town limits
            Academy St. from Del. Ave. beyond town limits

     99   Volume 57
            Tybout's Cor. to Bear
            Kirkwood to Glasgow Rd.
            Elevations for Roseville Dam & Tail-Race
            Chas. Seurth to Wm. A. Tierney
            James Edmanson to Dr. Moreland
            Jacob Rupp Estate to Margaret E. Rupp
            Mote to Daniel Kennedy (p.132)
            Estate of Geo. G. Evans, Del. Avenue (p. 137)
            J. Frank Elliott to_____

     100  Volume 58
            Zaranski survey -- near Porter sta.
            Cooch & Dr. Harter survey
            Cooch survey between home property & Frank Cooch property
            J. P. Wilson to Colored Baptist Church
            Frazer, Ernest to J.T. Williams
            Jos. & Elizabeth H. Dean Estate (surveyed Jul, 1918)
            J. H. Suddard Farm -- formerly Draper Farm
            Wm. J. Lovett from Albert Lewis
            Jones, Rob't. to Baptist Church

     101  Volume 59
            Width of streets &elevations for town of Newark
            Mrs. Helen C. Porter to Charles L. Penny
            Robert Jones lots on Murray development -- Park Place Rd. (p.12-13)
            Elizabeth & Benjamin Proud (p.84)
            Everett C. Johnson to Ottobine Widdoes  (p.85)
            John P. Armstrong to Newark Trust Co., Building lots (p.66)
            Mendenhall to Ryan -- John P. Armstrong Farm, formerly Samuel M. Donnell
            Miss Mackie from John P. Armstrong (p.70)

     102  Volume 60
            Hundred of Christiana Cemetery, notes

3    103  Volume 61
            Harry Brown survey on west side of Elkton Rd. & south side of Cherry hill rd. --
            back to B.& O.R.R. & Cr'am'y Property (Oct. 8, 1919, p.8-9)
            S. M. Donnell Store property
            Mrs. Jennie Jex to C. Ewing (p.19)
            School districts from Albert A. Lewis (p.21)
            Mrs. Margaret McLaughlin to Towsen & Krapp -- N. Chapel St.
            Fader & Griffin lots, from Donnell 23
            Land of the estate of Theo. F. Armstrong, decd, on North St. (p.33)
            Bower Farm -- description (pp.39-78)
            Wm. Kennedy estate

     104  Volume 62
            Charles B. Evans, Admin'r of George Dougherty, to Elizabeth Sakers (p.55)
            Wm. J. Barnard to Edward and Algia Larimore (p.61)
            Newark Trust Co. to Misses Mackie (John Armstrong land)
            Mrs. Slack survey near Iron Hill Sta.
            Miss England survey

4    105  Volume 63
            Notes for Beaufort farm, Earleville, Cecil County, Md.  Taken November --
            1915.  Property of James Stanley Frazer (pp.1-27, 141-160)
            Barnard Survey (32-63)
            Norris Wright Notes for drive and walks (84 to 113) (113 to 121)
            Description of land purchased by J. Pilling Wright from Newark Trust Company
            Description of land purchased by J. Pilling Wright from Mrs. Pusey Pemberton

     106  Volume 64
            Intersections for streets and angles (sewer notes)
            Notes for axis of New Campus, Elliott & Maxwell H. Lines (pp.140-141)
            Harter Hall (p.143)

     107  Volume 65
            American Vulcanized Fibre Company

     108  Volume 66
            Lafferty survey
            John F. Richards to C.R. Thomas & M. McMullen

     109  Volume 67
            S.J. Wright Development on former Curtis property (pp.12-71)
            Country Club to Norris N. Wright (pp.88-89)
            Site for Federal Building (pp.69-70)
            Norris N. Wright Res. Notes (pp.108-13) -- see pp.88-95 for description & plan
            Description of land conveyed from George H. Huber Heirs to Board of
            Education (pp.72-74)
            Description of land conveyed from Wm. J. Lovett to Board of Education (pp.75-79)
            Agreement between Wm. J. Lovett and Board of Education for opening New
            Description Colored School property conveyed from Del. School auxiliary
            Association to the Board of Education (pp.80-81)
            David J. Murphy to Mrs.Jex (pp.82-83)
            Elizabeth Whann to E'd Wilson (pp.84-85)

     110  Volume 68
            Transit notes for Elkton Road, New London Road, S. Chapel St., Depot Road,
            and Triangulation locating houses and trees on east side of road preparatory to
            making plans for new walk
            P.W.& B.R.R. Co. Property survey for county
            Maxwell Este on Main St. conveyed to Handloff
            Frank Fader lawn elevations
            McLaughlin (Dr. Murry) property descriptions (pp.126-143)

     111  Volume 69
            Road from Kirkwood to St. Georges
            Road from Tybouts Cor. to Bear
            Road from Kirkwood to Glasgow Rd.
            Earth computations for Joe Frazer Field
            Quantities for Main St. between B.& O. & Pomeroy R.R.
            Black Bird Rd. 2 miles north Smyrna
            Cleveland Ave. from New London Rd. to Chapel St.
            Creek Rd. from Cleveland Avenue to town limits
            Prospect Ave.
            Wilbur Street
            Old Oak Road & New St. by Collins quantities

     112  Volume 70
            no title (includes St. Anne's Road towards Blackbird; State Road 2 miles north of
            Duck Creek; Telegraph Rd.; Paper Mill Rd.; Naaman's Creek Rd.)

     113  Volume 71
            Road from Paper Mill Bridge to Milford Cross Roads
            Blackbird & Blackbird R.R. Sta. Rd.
            Fairview & Union Rd.

     114  Volume 72
            New London Road & Amstel Ave., Depot Rd., Pencader Rd., Townsend Rd.

     115  Volume 73
            no title (includes East Newark to St. James; Depot Rd.; Pencader Hundred to
            Clarksdale; Rd. From Cooch Bridge to W.C. Creek Hundred line; Branch road to
            Dayett Mill; Turnpike from Christiana; extention of Pencader Rd. to Glasgow;
            Dayett Branch Rd.; Rd. from Clarksdale to Glasgow; Road from Christiana
            westerly Phila. & Balt. Pike; Rd. from Cooch Bridge to Hundred Line;
            Frenchtown Rd. West from Main Rd. Glasgow; North st. From Creek Road to
            Wilbur St.; Delaware Ave.; South Chapel St. E. side)

     116  Volume 74
            no title (includes Extention of Main St. East; Chapel St. south; Main St.; Choate
            St.; Academy Rd.; Depot Rd.; Creek Rd.; New London Rd.; Elkton Rd.; Delaware
            Ave.; levels to Christiana Creek & White Clay Creek)  

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Wilbur T. Wilson
Map Collection

c. 1886 - 1941

Manuscript Collection Number: 377
Accessioned: Gift of the Estate of Wilbur T. Wilson, 1942
Extent: 4 linear ft. and ca. 500 maps
Content: Maps, notebooks, ledgers, directory, and narrative.
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: August 1998 by Arthur Siegel; completed by Tabitha Groh, February 2000

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