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Series I. Maps

Contents List

Map No. -- Contents

          Maps 413 - 448
          Housed in oversize map drawers

413       Map showing property of D.C. Rose and George H. Huber, on Continental St.,
          Newark, Del.  n.d.
          39 x 16.5 cm.  Scale: 1"=20'.  ms.

414       Map showing property conveyed from James A. Wilson to Misses Ellen T.
          Naudain, Annie M. Naudain, Elizabeth Naudain on E. Main St., Newark, Del. 
          30 x 33 cm.  No scale. blue print. 
          Also shows: property of Robert Potts.

415       Map showing property of Charles M. Hitchens, Wilmington Gas Co., J. Herbert
          Hitchens, Meade Regan, on the Elkton Road.  1931.
          27.5 x 20 cm.  Scale: 1"=25'.  ms.

416       Map showing property of James A. Wilson heirs, J. Clifford Willis, Frederick
          Jamison.  1923.
          17 x 25.5 cm.  No scale.  ms.

417       Map showing property of Theo. F. Armstrong, S.E. Kilmon, Angelo Capaldi,
          Basilio Cossetti, David Rose, James E. Tasker, Ottiaro George, bounded in part
          by North St., Wilbur St., and P.& N.R.R., Newark, Del.  1922.
          28 x 23 cm.  Scale: 1"=30'.  ms.

418       Triangulation of a portion of White Clay Creek above the Paper Mill Road dam,
          Newark, Del.  n.d.
          18 x 55 cm.  No scale.  ms.

419       Map of property west of Old Oak Road, Newark, Del.  n.d.
          32 x 52 cm.  Scale: 1"=30'.  ms.
          Shows: Old Oak Road, Newark Trust.
          Property of Rathmell Wilson.

420       Map of Property of J. Pearce Cann on Main St, Newark, Del.  n.d.
          17.5 x 24.5 cm.  Scale: 1"=20'.  ms.

421       Map showing property of Curtis & Brother, John Frank Willis on Cleveland Ave., 
          Newark, Del.  n.d.
          27 x 20.5 cm.  Scale: 1"=20'.  ms.
          Also shows: B.& O.R.R.

422       Map showing property of Dr. H.G. M. Kollock, Edward Armstrong, Annie M.
          Evans, Samuel J. Wright.  n.d.
          45.5 x 17 cm.  Scale: 1"=30'.  ms.
          Shows: property of David Black, Newark Board of Education.

423       Map showing property of George Leak on the Lincoln Highway, Newark, Del. 

424       David C. Rose property on Continental Ave., surveyed June 21, 1920.
          16.5 x 9.5 cm.  No scale.  ms.

425       Map of property of Dr. Walter H. Steel, Joseph Dean, and Geo. W. Stewart,
          bounded in part by the Paper Mill Road, Annabella St. and Margaret St., Newark,
          Del.  1911.
          39 x 44.5 cm.  Scale: 1"=50'.  ms.

426       Estelle Campbell estate to Mrs. Alice B. Dorsey...Wilmington, Del.  Surveyed
          Oct., 1935.
          16 x 36 cm.  Scale: 1"=25'.  ms.
          Shows: Property of Chester E. Ewing, Henry F. Mote, Mrs. Alice B. Dorsey,
          Estelle Campbell, on Amstel Ave. 

427       Map of property between Main St. and Delaware Ave. 1936.
          27 x 43.5 cm.  Scale: 1"=30'.  Tinted ms.
          Shows: property of United School Districts 39 & 41, Albert G. Lewis, heirs of
          Albert G. Lewis, I. Newton Sheaffer, Estelle Campbell, M.E. Church, Diamond
          State Telephone Company and Daisy Heavelow.

428       Wm. Barton to Robert T. Jones...Lot running from Main St. bound on west by Dr.
          Blake, on east by Rob't Jones.  n.d.
          17 x 19 cm.  Scale: 1"=10'.  ms.

429       Property of Miss Annie Hossinger, June 23, 1911; Now -1930- Delaware 
          University on Delaware Ave.
          18 x 13 cm.  No scale.  ms.

430       Map showing property of Ezekiel Smith to Robert Jones, on Delaware Ave., and
          Depot Road, Newark, Del.  1911.
          10 x 18 cm.  No scale.  ms.

431       Map showing property of the Episcopal Church and Mrs. Abagail Scott.  n.d.
          10.5 x 18 cm.  No scale.  ms.
          Shows: Road to Newark.

432       Property of Wm. P. Wollaston, on Main St., Newark, Del.  n.d.
          17.5 x 13 cm.  No scale.  ms.

433       Map showing property of John P. Pogue, August Coleman, and Barnard on the
          Baltimore Pike.  n.d.
          25.5 x 34 cm.  ms.

434       Map showing property of Dr. Charles H. Blake, Wm. Barton, Theodore F.
          Armstrong, Robert T. Jones, Samuel M. Donnell, between Main St. and the New
          London Road, Newark, Del.  1922.
          23 x 18 cm.  Scale: 1"=30'.  ms.

435       Map showing property of Calvin Worrell, Horace Davis, Wm. F. Lindell, Wm.
          Carpenter, and Theodore F. Armstrong, on or near Prospect Ave., Newark, Del. 
          24 x 19 cm.  No scale.  ms.

436       Copy of an early map showing Welsh Tract Baptist Church and property of Wm.
          Shakespear, Alexander Coulter, Ann M. Coulter, John W. Evans, Samuel
          Clendenin, Levi G. Cooch, Abraham Emmitt.  1786 survey and notes.
          27 x 33.5 cm.  No scale.  ms.

437       Map of property between Nottingham Road and Belleview Road, Newark, Del. 
          23 x 35 cm.  Scale: 1"=100'.  ms.
          Shows: Briar Lane, Tanglewood Lane, Bent Lane.
          Property of Milton Draper, C.H. Hopkins, Miss Nellie A. Mackie, Dr. A.J.
          Strikol, Rathmell Wilson, Blandy.

438       Map showing property of Sarah Williams, Sam C. Williamson, D.C. Rose, and
          Ralph Barrow on S. Chapel St. and Continental Ave., Newark, Del.  n.d.
          26 x 20 cm.  No scale.  ms.

439       Map of an unidentified plat at the intersection of two streets, Newark, Del.?  n.d.
          36 x 26 cm. No scale.  ms.

440       Map showing property of Samuel J. Wright, J. Pearce Cann and Dr. H.G.M.
          Kollock, on Main and Centre Steets, Newark, Del.  n.d.
          24 x 20 cm.  Scale: 1"=30'.  ms. on tracing cloth.

441       Map showing property of Rachel and Mary Russell, Joseph Hossinger, James
          Armstrong and James S. Martin, between New London Road and Nottingham
          Road, Newark, Del.  n.d.
          14.5 x 19 cm.  No scale.  ms.

442       Map showing property of Leon Ryan and Reba C. Ryan on W. Main St., Newark,
          Del.  n.d.
          27 x 23 cm.  Scales: 1"=250', and 1"=40'.  ms.
          Shows: Council of Newark land [water storage tanks?]
          Property of Wilson, Dawson, George Brown.

443       Map of property of James Robinson in White Clay Creek Hundred, New Castle
          Co., Del.  Surveyed 1822.
          31.5 x 19.5 cm.  Scale: 1"=10 perches.  ms.  On reverse: "Plot of Home
          Also shows: Property of Isaac Tyson, George Russell, Mrs. J. Black and Mrs.
          Note: "The above plat is a representation of a Tract of land lying in Whiteclay
          Creek hundred and county of New Castle... surveyed aug the 26th an[n]o domini
          1822  By Messrs Students"

444       Map showing property of Henry G. Krueger, Michael Keeley, Frederick D.
          Downs, Welsh Tract Meeting House, Arthur C. Rittenhouse, William Shakespear
          on or near the public road leading to Christiana Bridge.  1925.
          18.5 x 27 cm.  Scale: 1"=200'.  ms.
          Shows: Christiana Creek.

445       Map showing property (indicated by description) of Edward Armstrong, Annie M.
          Evans, John W. Evans, George G. Evans, Mary Russell, Andrew Bradley and
          David L. Choate, north of East Main St., Newark, Del.  1879.
          34 x 20.5 cm.  No scale.  ms.

446       Map of unidentified property on Nottingham Road, i.e. W. Main St., Newark, Del. 
          n.d.  (2 copies on one sheet)
          42.5 x 10.5 cm.  No scale.  ms.

447       Map showing triangulation of Curtis Brothers' property, Newark, Del.  n.d.
          18 x 37.5 cm.  Scale: 1"=30'.  ms.  "Sheet No. 1 Dam sec., N. Side."

448       Map showing property of George P. Whittaker, James Coombs, and William
          Kincade.  n.d.
          43.5 x 22 cm.  No scale.  ms.

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citation and reference information

Wilbur T. Wilson
Map Collection

c. 1886 - 1941

Manuscript Collection Number: 377
Accessioned: Gift of the Estate of Wilbur T. Wilson, 1942
Extent: 4 linear ft. and ca. 500 maps
Content: Maps, notebooks, ledgers, directory, and narrative.
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: August 1998 by Arthur Siegel; completed by Tabitha Groh, February 2000

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