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Box 145

Contents: Photographs

Arrangement: Photographs are arranged in 18 subseries in alphabetical order by topic. The contents of most subseries are in chronological order. Exceptions are: Committees and hearings (alphabetical by committee), Delaware (alphabetical by location), and Portraits of colleagues (alphabetical by last name).

Description: The photographs series documents the wide variety of official, social, and ceremonial duties performed by Senator Williams and his colleagues. Official photographs from the Presidential and Vice-presidential, Republicans, and Williams and colleagues subseries provide a pictorial supplement to the extensive documentation of Williams's Senate duties provided by the papers. Other subseries are of primary importance in documenting the social and ceremonial responsibilities which are given less emphasis in other series.

Photographic records help to illustrate Senator Williams's relationships with his Senate colleagues and other political figures of his time period. The Campaigns, Republicans, and Presidential and Vice-presidential subseries include photographs of Williams with John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Barry Goldwater, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and many other important politicians. Williams is seen in action with his peers in the Committees and hearings subseries, which records sessions of the Finance, Agriculture, and Foreign Relations committees. The Williams and colleagues and the Portraits of colleagues subseries provide additional documentation of the men and women Williams served with. Formal, signed Senate portraits (and a unique self- portrait by Senator Vandenburg) are collected in the Portraits of colleagues subseries. The Williams and colleagues subseries records informal interaction with fellow Senators such as Everett Dirksen, Mike Mansfield, and Harry Byrd, in addition to the more formal events such as Presidential addresses. Other important colleagues often photographed with Williams are fellow Delaware Senators J. Allen Frear, Jr. and J. Caleb Boggs, and Delaware Congressmen Harris McDowell, Harry G. Haskell, and William V. Roth.

Records of other aspects of Senator Williams's Senate service are included in the Banquets and Receptions, Media Appearances, and Public relations subseries. A few of the banquets and receptions pictured are formal, but gatherings of civic groups, business associations, and local political organizations are more typical. Other civic and ceremonial activities are documented in the Public relations subseries.

One of Senator Williams's public relations duties was to make Delawareans feel at home in the nation's capital, and the Delawareans subseries is one of the largest. Senator Williams is photographed with Delaware youth honored for outstanding beauty, academic success, homemaking skills, and other achievements. Photographs of local groups such as the Delaware Farm Bureau and the Delaware Federation of Women's Clubs are also included. Whenever possible, Senator Williams represented Delaware interests by promoting the poultry industry, and the poultry subseries contains pictures of Senator Williams munching chicken with fellow Senators, attending the Delmarva Chicken Festival, and posing with representatives of the National Broiler Council. Photographs of other Delaware businesses, industries, and scenic locations are found in the Delaware subseries.

Senator Williams received many honors and awards during and after his service in the Senate. The Honors subseries documents some of these ceremonial occasions and provides an excellent supplement to the Citations and Awards series. Three additional subseries help to document the span of Senator Williams's career: Williams and staff, Portraits of Williams, and Williams by Richard Frear. Another subseries, Mrs. Williams and family, contains a small collection of family photographs.