45 Volumes
11 reels of microfilm

Contents: Scrapbooks

Arrangement: Three subseries of the scrapbook series--Pre- election, Senate Career, and Retirement--are arranged chronologically and span the years 1946-1987. Four miscellaneous scrapbooks covering three topics---the 1958 Campaign, the Delaware State Highway Department Investigation, and the Baker Trial--are arranged at the end of the Scrapbooks series. The contents of all scrapbooks are arranged in chronological order.

Description: The 45 scrapbooks in this series were carefully compiled by Senator Williams's office staff, with dates and sources included, providing comprehensive documentation of the public life of Senator Williams. The scrapbooks consist of Delaware, national, and occasionally international newspaper clippings and magazine articles which featured Williams. These were sometimes supplemented by background articles on issues and investigations which Williams helped bring to the attention of the public. Williams's involvement in civic activities and fraternal organizations is also documented with agendas and programs featuring Williams as speaker or participant. Although the scrapbooks document primarily professional rather than personal events, some clippings about family members, such as those about Mrs. Williams's leadership in the Congressional Club, are included.

The complete set of scrapbooks is also available on microfilm.