1.5 lin. ft.
Boxes 138-142

Contents: Periodicals and articles from periodicals

Arrangement: Periodicals is arranged into three subseries-- Articles featuring Senator Williams, background and reference articles, and Articles featuring Mrs. Williams. The periodicals are individually foldered and arranged chronologically within each subseries.

Description: Periodicles series consists of magazines, bulletins, and newsletters that feature articles on Senator Williams or news that mentions Senator Williams's involvement with a certain issue. The series includes popular national publications such as Forbes, Fortune, Reader's Digest, and Newsweek, as well as trade magazines such as Feeds Illustrated. Generally, the individual folders include the magazine cover and tear sheets of the article concerning Senator Williams, although complete magazine issues are also included.

The largest subseries, Articles featuring Senator Williams, includes articles which document his involvement with investigations and issues of government waste, and significant political events such as campaigns.

The background and reference articles subseries supplements the primary topics of the first subseries, providing in-depth coverage on Adam Clayton Powell, Billie Sol Estes, and Bobby Baker.

Captioned photographs predominate in the subseries of Articles featuring Mrs. Williams. In magazines such as Promenade and The Diplomat, Mrs. Williams is shown in her role as leader of the Congressional Club.