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Boxes 132-137

Contents: Speech transcripts, note cards

Arrangement: This series consists of three subseries--Speeches, 1947-1970; Miscellaneous Speech Notes and Cards; and Press Releases. Speeches and Press Releases are arranged chronologically, and Speech Notes and Cards are arranged topically.

Description: Most of the speeches were delivered on the floor of the Senate, although the subseries also includes some radio speeches, commencement addresses, and presentations to civic clubs. Speeches are listed in chronological order, followed by location of speech and the speech title. The original office files, which contained multiple copies of speeches for reference or for mailing to constituents, were substantially reduced by weeding all duplicates.

The miscellaneous speech notes and cards, largely unidentified by date or location, have been arranged in topical order. The cards are mostly handwritten outlines with several recurring themes, but they reveal Senator Williams's personal style and his primary interests.

Senator Williams never had a press secretary or public relations officer, so the press release files are relatively small. Generally, the office seems to have supplied copies of speeches delivered on the Senate floor to the press.

Common topics of the subseries are the problems of corruption in government, the need for financial accountability in government, concern for inflation and the federal budget deficit, and the responsibility of all American citizens to participate in their democratic system of government.