.5 lin. ft.
Box 124

Contents: Correspondence, departmental memos.

Arrangement: The arrangement of this series reflects the original order of files by military service academy: Air Force, Maritime, Military, and Naval. Each academy subseries includes a departmental information file, a "general list," and selected individual files from the original alphabetical sequence of applicants. Dates on individual files indicate year of nomination request.

Description: A small portion of the original 7 linear feet of academy files was saved to represent the routine office task of processing constituent requests for nominations to military service academy appointments. Office staff maintained a departmental information file for each academy which included instructions for processing nominations and congressional appointment quotas for each class. Because individual applicant files were marked with a check indicating the Senator's approval for nomination or a cross indicating the applicant's failure to meet nomination requirements, it was possible to make a summary table of the Senator's annual nominations to each academy. An increase in applicants during the 1960s reflects the U.S. involvement in Vietnam. These academy summaries have been included in each departmental information file.

Pages from a miscellaneous office notebook summarizing annual nominations are in files labeled "general list" under each academy. The remainder of each academy subseries includes selected individual files from the original alphabetical sequences of applicants.

Retained files are representative of the scope of the original sequences. Correspondence requesting the Senator's nomination includes academic records and supporting letters of recommendation. Several files include post-graduation correspondence and notices of career developments from young men appreciative of the Senator's nominations. Two naval academy nominees went on to have successful careers, one with the command of a submarine and another with appointment as an astronaut trainee for NASA.