1 lin. ft.
Box 123

Contents: Correspondence, clippings.

Arrangement: The series consists of three subseries with files in reverse chronological order: Congratulations, received, 1951- 1970; Congratulations, sent, 1956-1970; and Congratulations, received and sent, 1946-1952.

Description: The series of congratulatory correspondence includes letters and telegrams received by and sent from Senator Williams throughout his senate career. A representative sample of approximately 20 percent of the original volume of 5 lin. ft. of correspondence was retained. The three subseries represent variations in office filing practice and do not indicate substantial difference in content of correspondence.

Years with heaviest correspondence include 1952 following media coverage of Senator Williams's role in the Bureau of Internal Revenue investigations, and 1964 following Senator Williams's re-election victory over the Democratic National Committee's post-Bobby Baker-scandal attempt to unseat him. Senator Williams received congratulations from his state constituents but also from the general public nationwide. He sent congratulations for scholastic achievements, milestone birthdays, receipt of awards, and other constituent accomplishments such as winning the Pushmobile Derby.

The congratulations exchanged between Senator Williams and his senate colleagues over re-elections, birthdays, and other miscellaneous occasions give some idea of the personal relationships he established in the Senate. Many compliments were strictly protocol, but others such as those sent to Harry Flood Byrd, Sr. reveal sincere respect and affection.