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Boxes 50 - 53

Contents: Staff-compiled indices, tear-sheets from the Congressional Record.

Arrangement: Two sequences of material, Office Index and Tear- sheets, are arranged in chronological order by congressional session.

Description: This series consists of indices to the remarks of Senator Williams in the Congressional Record, 1947-1970, and tear- sheets of his remarks from the years 1954-1970. Generally, the Senator's remarks made on the Senate floor may also be found in the Speeches series, so those made prior to 1954 which are missing from this series are still available in this collection of papers. The indices were compiled by the office staff, listing subject and page number of the remarks in chronological order. A separate index was created for each session of Congress from 1947-1970. This series also includes tear-sheets from retirement tributes to Senator Williams delivered by his colleagues on the floor of the Senate.