List of Senator Williams's Committees

1947         Committee to Investigate the National Defense

1947-1948    Post Office and Civil Service
1947-1948    Public Works
1949-1950    District of Columbia

1949-1970    Finance
             1957-1970  Joint Committee on Internal Revenue
             1959-1970  Joint Committee on Reduction of Non-
               essential Federal Expenditures
             1958       Joint Committee on Extension of
               Reciprocal Trade Act

1950-1952    Interstate and Foreign Commerce
             1950       Subcommittee on Merchant Marine and
               Maritime Matters

1953-1960    Agriculture and Forestry
             1954       Special Subcommittee on Price Spreads
             1956-1959  Subcommittee on Agricultural Research and
               General Legislation
             1959       Subcommittee on Agricultural Credit and
               Rural Electrification

1957         Labor and Public Welfare

1957-1958    Republican Policy Committee

1961-1970    Foreign Relations
             1961-1968  Subcommittee on European Affairs
             1961-1968   Subcommittee on State Department
               Organization and Public Affairs
             1961-1968  Subcommittee on International
               Organization Affairs
             1961-1970  Subcommittee on Economic and Social
             1969-1970  Subcommittee on International
               Organization and Disarmament Affairs

1969-1970    Republican Committee on Committees (Chairman)