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The Christopher Ward Papers

1894 - 1966
(bulk dates 1922-1941)

Manuscript Collection Number: 107
Accessioned: Gift of Mrs. Christopher Ward, 1947.
Extent: 11.5 linear ft.
Content: Correspondence, scrapbooks, clippings, poetry, essays, speeches, stories, novels, galley proofs, and maps.
Access: The collection is open for research.
Processed: Reprocessed December 1995 by Jennifer Paul; revised July 1996 by Anita Wellner.

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Table of Contents

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Contents List

Box -- Folder -- Contents

24        Series III.  Correspondence, 1894-1966
               Following the series order, the correspondence is arranged by writing
               projects, followed by correspondence related to contracts and royalties,
               correspondence with magazines, and personal letters.

               NOTE:  A more detailed index of correspondence 
               is available in print in Special Collections.

     F135 Gentleman Into Goose, 1923Sep - 1924 Feb

     F136 "The Three Blueberrys," 1923 Dec - 1924 Jan

          Triumph of the Nut and Other Parodies, 1924
               Correspondence regarding Ward's parody of Sherwood Anderson's
               Triumph of the Egg (1922).

     F137 1923 May-Sep

     F138 1923 Oct - 1924 Sep

24   F139 Twisted Tales, 1924 Apr - 1925 Jun

     F140 Foolish Fiction, 1925 Mar - 1926 Jun

25        One Little Man, 1926
               Correspondence regarding Ward's first full-length novel, published by
               Simon and Shuster in 1926.

     F141 1925 Jul - 1926 Mar

     F142 1926 Apr - 1930 Feb

     F143 The Starling, 1926 Jan - 1929 Jul

     F144 The Saga of Cap'n John Smith, 1927 Nov - 1932 Feb

     F145 "Mr. Powhatan," 1928 May-Nov

26        Jonathan Drew: A Rolling Stone, 1932
               Correspondence regards Simon and Schuster's publication of Ward's
               second full-length novel, which follows the adventures of a young
               American traveller from 1820-1824.

     F146 1930 Mar - 1931 Nov

     F147 1931 Nov - 1932 Mar

     F148 1932 Apr - 1935 Apr
     F149 A Yankee Rover, 1931 Nov - 1933 Jan
          Sequel to Jonathan Drew: A Rolling Stone, which continues the young man's
          travels from 1825-1829.

27        Series III.  Correspondence (cont'd)

     F150 Sir Galahad and Other Rimes, 1935 Jul - 1936 Aug


          The Dutch and the Swedes on the Delaware, 1609-1664, 1930
               Ward's comprehensive history of the original Dutch and Swedish
               settlements along the Delaware River.

     F151 1929 Jun - 1930 Aug

     F152 1930 Sep - 1931 Jan

     F153 1931 Feb - 1938 Jun

28        The Delaware Continentals, 1776-1783, 1941
               Correspondence regarding Ward's history of the activities of the Delaware
               Regiment during the Revolutionary War.

     F154 1940 Oct - 1941 Jun

     F155 1941 Jul-Aug

     F156 1941 Sep - 1942 May

          The War of the Revolution, 1952
               Historical work written by Ward and published posthumously.  Includes
               correspondence among Ward's son, publishers, and historians, regarding
               completion of the project.

     F157 1940-1941

     F158 1942

29   F159 1943-1949

     F160 1950-1953

     F161 Bills and receipts for books and research material, 1934-1942 

29        Series III.  Correspondence (cont'd)

          Contracts and Royalties, 1923-1941
               Literary contracts with publishing companies and royalty statements made
               out to Ward. 

     F162 Henry Holt and Co., 1923 May - 1932 Apr

     F163 Harper and Brothers, 1925-1930

     F164 Simon and Schuster, Inc., 1932-1937

     F165 T. Werner Laurie, Ltd., 1924 Feb - 1927 Apr

     F166 University of Pennsylvania Press, 1930-1941

30        Journals and Magazines, 1922-1935
               Correspondence with journals and magazines who either published or
               considered for publication some of Ward's literary work.

     F167 The Literary Review, 1922 Feb - 1923 May

     F168 The New Yorker, 1930 Mar - 1934 Dec

     F169 The Saturday Review, 1923-1935

          Personal correspondence, 1894-1966
               Correspondence between Ward and friends, colleagues, and fans of his
               work, as well as several letters from others to his wife.

     F170 Carl and Irita Van Doren, 1924-1932

     F171 J.L. French, 1923-1924
     F172 Rollin Kirby, 1928-1929

     F173 Isabel Paterson, 1925

     F174 Miscellaneous, 1894-1942

     F175 Letters to Mrs. Ward, 1945-1966

31        Series IV.  Newspapers and magazine clippings, 1923-1936.

     F176 Triumph of the Nut, 1923

     F177 Gentleman Into Goose, 1924

     F178 Twisted Tales, 1924

     F179 Jonathan Drew, 1932-1933

     F180 A Yankee Rover, 1932

     F181 Sir Galahad and Other Rimes, 1936

     F182 Miscellaneous, 1923-1933

          Series V.  Scrapbooks, 1922-1926
               The scrapbooks contain newspaper clippings, catalogs, letters of
               congratulations and encouragement from literary figures, programs, as
               well as poems and a speech on patriotism written by Ward.

     F183 Scrapbook regarding Triumph of the Nut, 1922-1925

32   F184 Scrapbook regarding Twisted Tales, 1924

33   F185 Scrapbook regarding Foolish Fiction and One Little Man, 1924-1926

          Series VI.  Speeches written and delivered by Ward, 1919-1935

     F186 Dinner of Epsilon Chapter of D.K.E., 1919 Apr 11
          Typescript of speech delivered at the D.K.E. Club in New York, 10 pp.

     F187 Williams College Alumni Dinner, 1920 Feb 13
          Typescript of speech delivered at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, 9 pp.

     F188 Williams College Alumni Dinner, 1935 Jan 11
          Typescript (carbon) of speech delivered at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, 20 pp.

          Series VII.  Portrait of Christopher Ward, [n.d.]

     F189 Photograph of a painting, [n.d.]
          Removed to oversize Box 35.

33        Series VIII.  Legal documents concerning Ward's estate, 1918-1944

     F190 Documents related to the sale of Realty Associates, Inc. stock, 1918-1944
          Includes affidavit, stock certificates, and Equitable Trust Company documents
          which are related to the sale of stock by the executrix of the will of Christopher
          Ward.  Also present is the original volume of unissued stock certificates for
          Realty Associates, Inc., as well as the receipt stubs for stock certificates issued.

          Series IX.  Maps

          Includes 84 maps collected by Ward and used as primary research
          materials for his military histories and fiction.  Six of the maps are
          hand-drawn by Ward and trace the movements of his fictional
          characters in the Jonathan Drew novels.  27 of the maps are
          original proofs of the reduced maps in the War of the Revolution. 
          The Ward maps are accompanied by a map index which was
          compiled by librarian William D. Lewis in 1947.  This original
          index (available in print in Special Collections) has been retained as an 
          appendix to this finding aid, but annotations have been added to accurately
          reflect the current contents of the map collection, and to supply location 

          The Ward maps are housed in two oversize boxes (Boxes 34 and
          35) and a map drawer, as indicated in the index.

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